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Found 3 results

  1. OK, this is my first analysis topic. So please do constructively criticize or praise my thinking. I was watching ''Griffon The Brush Off'' and was thinking, Twilight and Pinkie are both Hypocrites. Twilight accuses Pinkie of Misjudging Gilda, Then later blames herself for Misjudging Pinkie, then a season later Shining accuses Twilight of Misjudging his wife, and then it was all clear. The problem is, everyone and anyone in Equestria can be a Hypocrite. Shining Misjudged Twilight, and Pinkie then Misjudged her. The other problem I have with the episode is the disproportionate retribution with Gilda, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash set up pranks for her simply because she was mean and rude, but she did petty actions. Such as steal an apple that cost very little, scream at Fluttershy, and accuse Pinkie, twice. Why should that involve such a cruel prank, Twilight says that the moral was that real friends are better than false friends and you shouldn't misjudge people. But that is like Celestia blatantly ignoring the note and one season later says ''You have a lot to think about''. The problem I have is that they could have shown Gilda the error of her ways through rational thinking, perhaps intimidate her about her childhood(which is not too good, I must admit), at least counsel her, and instead they cause a very mean prank on her. It's disproportionate retribution at it's finest. Do you have any thoughts on this? Because I think that in Equestria, anyone and everyone can be a hypocrite. The Mane 6, Shining and Celestia are Hypocrites. Because they all misjudge each other. What do you think? Misjudgement times in MLP. Griffon the brush off, ''You must be misjudging Gilda'' ''I misjudged you''. A Canterlot Wedding, This, The problem is every character Misjudges each other. Shining vs Twilight, Twilight vs Pinkie, Celestia and the Mane 6 vs Twilight. And No real apology at the end of the episode, so therefore. Misjudgement with no apology. Note that everytime Shining Armor gets stressed, his brain goes off, indicating the effects of the spell were making him stressed, also note that he is being extremely unnecessarily pedantic. I'm just patiently waiting for a response.
  2. Note: For the collection of other "Pick a Flaw" episode threads, head over to the "Pick a Flaw" blog portal (which'll be updated periodically) or check the list at the bottom of the OP. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is notoriously susceptible to controversy in their published episodes. This is one of the earliest in the form of Griffon the Brush Off. In it, Gilda becomes the first antagonist of the series and is met with a very mixed reception. Combined with other elements, this episode is a mix of really well-liked and really well-hated (plenty from the latter calling it one of the worst in the series). So, it's now up to you. Of the flaws or weaknesses published in the poll above, pick the one that sticks out to you most and explain thoroughly. If it's not one of the choices, pick "other" and explain. The biggest episode flaw is obvious: Gilda. One of Dragon Quest's biggest objective quality flaws is the execution of the teenaged dragons, as they were all very stereotypical, one-dimensional bullies. Gilda shares that common problem, only found very early in the series. To put it simply, she's a gigantic asshole. And a very unlikeable one at that. Her personality is a parody stereotype of dated lingo and cartoonish antagonists susceptible into using it, and it sometimes gets very repetitive. *cough*usage of "lame" and "dweeb"*cough* To make it worse, Gilda's role was very two-faced. While her actions towards Pinkie early were very aggressive, you could argue that Gilda just wanted to spend some time with Dash. (And be honest, Pinkie was being quite intrusive at the start.) Instead of having their personalities clash, have Gilda become fully fledged, and allow Gilda and Pinkie to make amends, the episode pulls the "bully" schtick and puts Pinkie completely in the right for her actions. Season 1: Friendship Is Magic, Parts 1 & 2 The Ticket Master Applebuck Season Griffon the Brush Off Boast Busters (coming soon) Season 2: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Putting Your Hoof Down Dragon Quest Season 4: Simple Ways Filli Vanilli Twilight Time It Ain't Easy Bein' Breezies Somepony to Watch Over Me Maud Pie For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Leap of Faith Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 Trade Ya! Inspiration Manifestation
  3. "NEVER BE ALONE." "Griffon the Brush Off" Written By Cindy Morrow Finally, an episode that there seems to be a considerable amount of disagreement upon outside of "this episode is pretty decent". It's not a controversial episode, per se, but it's one everyone seems to have a opinion on, or at least on the specifics of its plot and the character involved. The one thing that I think most people will agree upon is that the animation is getting good. It's still overall basic in comparison to the later seasons, but the show's animation and posing seemed to start getting more emotive and fun in this episode. There's the smaller moments like Pinkie's face when she's trying to figure out where to put the cloud, which always impressed me for some reason... Kudos to you, random animator. ...and the big, cartoony moments like whatever the hell is happening to Spike here... Who wants chowder? ...and this face. "They come at dawn, technicolored mare. Prepare your kidneys." Also this perfection. Gawd, she's amazing. I don't know what happened between this episode and the first few (like this one was produced later than the other episodes or something), maybe it's because it's a Pinkie Pie episode so everything is just more eccentric, but they're certainly starting to push the flash animation. Overall, it's a fun episode at the very least, with some cute lil' moments with Dash and Pinkie throughout. The characterization for both characters is pretty good. Dash's attitude throughout feels natural and everything she does seems in character. Won't tolerate no annoyance, and when things get serious, she can be mature. I also like how Cindy Morrow writes Pinkie here: an eccentric who's air-headed enough to jump into any situation with the expectation that a little fun will solve any problem, but still grounded enough that she's sensitive to other people (like when she refuses to prank Fluttershy out of fear it will hurt her feelings) and their behavior (she knows Gilda is a jerk, even if she feels a party will fix that right up). Now let's talk about Gilda. Do let's. It must be said, first and foremost, that her design is freaking sweet. Giant wings, the talons, the cool eye shadow thing, the feather bangs, the dynamic poses they give here throughout, she just a cool looking character. And you know what? I like Maryke Hendrikse's performance. Fits the character perfectly and is really good at sounding angry, In terms of writing, however, she's a bit across the board. The whole "tubular, dude" way she talks gets a bit old after awhile, with the Not-totally-lame Event Horizon being the "you're joshing me" line from later in the episode. It'd be fine if she was suppose to talk like what the New Millennium thought Generation X sounded like and that was just her character. But I get the feeling that the writers thought this is what people actually talk like, hence the random pony in the party saying "Word" after Gilda stormed out. 4 R3ALZ ALL DAY ALL NITE FUSHIZZWIZZ. I also feel as though the episode could have tried a bit harder to make her less of a stereotypical children's cartoon villain who's whole deal is being cool. I dunno, maybe have her feel kinda annoyed by Pinkie intruding on her visit with Dash but then have her go the wrong way about it, or something. That idea is kind of hinted at and it's interesting to watch her final temper tantrum with the idea that she's angry that Dash wants to associate herself with those "dweebs" instead of her childhood friend, but there really isn't an attempt to bring that to the forefront. Speaking of which, I'm not in the party who thinks Pinkie caused everything to go to shit for Gilda. She was actually willing to just leave Gilda alone, and even when she was fully aware that she was in fact a bully, her response to throw her a party with the genuine goal of making a friend. Whether that was the right route to take is up for debate, but at least I can understand why Pinkie's logic and how she reached that conclusion. I guess if I were to have a blanket opinion on Gilda, it's that while I'm not really sympathetic towards her (she did act like a jerk), I like enough of her character and I think there's enough there to make a stronger character with that I wouldn't mind a return to the show. Heck, I'd even welcome it. But "NO", says a few fans, "she's a totally irredeemable bitch who deserves to be tied up in a sack and thrown into the mouth of the nearest crocodile". It's a weird how many people seem to despise her because they think she's a horrible bully. I mean, I get somebody not liking her because they just don't think she's a good character or that she's annoying, but I see a lot of people hate her as a person. Don't get me wrong, she has a mean streak, but why is Gilda's actions any more inexcusable than any of the other bully characters on the show? What could she have possibly done that was so-- Oh, that's why. I like the moral, that true friends shine through the bad ones in the end. I've heard people make the argument that Gilda was pushed to going ballistic by the dweebs, but she was a jerk to Dash's friends regardless of what they were doing, and it was more about Dash realizing she didn't want to associate with somebody like that anymore. It does raise the interesting question of why Dash was her friend in the first place. Perhaps Gilda had changed between then and now and Dash just didn't notice? Was Gilda always like this, and Dash's life in Ponyville matured her? Maybe that's a story for another time, but for now, the message is clear: don't be a jerk. Otherwise, you won't be friends with Rainbow Flippin' Dash no more and you won't get to attend one of Pinkie's world famous parties.. "The Great Chasm must be satisfied, mortal! Prepare your kidneys." ...which just took a turn for the uncomfortable and possibly criminal. Whatever, it's a decent enough piece of entertainment. It could be worst. It could be the next review's episode. 7.5/10 Random Thoughts Not much to say, other than that this actually is a cute ship. I don't actively ship em', but I like the idea of Pinkie having a crush on Dash. Guess that means I also have no problem with gay/bi ships. However, if you say that Dash obviously has to be a lesbian, I will fight you.