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Found 17 results

  1. Title: The Fault In Our Cutie Marks Air Date: September 10, 2016 Written by: Ed Valentine Synopsis: An enthusiastic young griffin asks the Crusaders to help her get her own Cutie Mark; the Crusaders encounter a seemingly impossible problem. Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  2. So I've been thinking more about how interspecies relationships would work, and I don't just mean in shows PG/Y7 way. We could have yaks loving ponies, dragons loving ponies, hippogryphs loving griffons, but how could these relationships pan out? I'm open to any input on the topic.
  3. Before we start, i believe i should give a bit of backstory on how this topic came to be: i've recently bought a book named "King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table", the subject matter of which is made pretty clear by the title, and now that i've started reading it i've been thinking a lot about arthurian myth. As a result of that, when i rembered that there's a place in the show's universe called "The Griffish Isles": (As shown here, taken from this image) Which is clearly inspired by the British Isles, i began thinking: how strong exactly are the parallels between the griffons and the british? Are the two's histories and cultures similar? If so, then is there a griffon equivalent to king Arthur? We already know that MLP, despite not necessarily being a fantasy show, takes most of its inspiration from fantasy stories - shown by the presence of gold-hoarding dragons, the vague and mysterious nature of its magic system, its very fantasy-esque setting, races and concepts, etc. - and fantasy as a genre, as far as i know, is mainly influenced by three things: world mythology, The Lord of The Rings and, of course, arthurian myth. Plus, the universe of MLP:FIM already kind of has its very own Merlin in the form of Starswirl The Bearded, who just like Merlin is a greatly powerful wizard within his own story's universe and has a large amount of influence over the story's plot, despite not exactly being amongst the protagonists. Thus, i made this topic to ask: is it possible that, either within the show's actual universe or within the folk tales of the griffons, there is some kind of griffish parallel to king Arthur? Furthermore, what other characters from mythology and literature do you think have or could have a parallel to them within the world of MLP? I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  4. Yunno the Idol of Boreas? The very thing that keeps Griffonstone together? How did the king actually get that treasure from anyway? And why did a cyclops come to try to steal it but failed? Could he have been trying to, I dunno, steal it back? We dunno where that treasure came from, and knowing the griffon's greediness, it could've been stolen from the cyclopes in the first place. Hopefully we can have an episode that explains this. What do you think about this theory? Where did the Idol of Boreas come from and why was there a cyclopes trying to get it?
  5. Back in season 5, Equestria became allies with the griffons (The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone), and yaks (Party Pooped); and now in season 6, Equestria became allies with the dragons (Gauntlet of Fire), and changelings (To Where and Back Again). I know this is talked about time and time again, but does anyone think this all means something? You think we might get some big battle in season 7 when enemies are going to trying to take over Equestria, and they have to rely on their allies for help?
  6. Hi Everypony! Here is my newest Hearts and Hooves Day story! If you haven't read "Meet me under the Mistletoe" and/or "All I want for Christmas is you" there are some spoilers! I hope everypony enjoys it!
  7. So, after looking around some I noticed that we do not have a fan club dedicated to griffons (or gryphons; if you prefer that spelling). Considering the upcoming "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" episode I figured it was about time we introduced this into our repertoire of clubs. So, why griffons? Why not, I say! Famous examples: 1. The most obvious was the jerk Gilda; who I am hopeful makes a return. Maybe we'll see her in the upcoming episode? Heck; she even has her own fan club, so please be sure to visit it! Gilda Fan Club 2. Then we have Gustave le Grand; who I admittedly almost forgot about.... 3. Next we have the three unnamed griffons that participated in the Equestria Games. 4. Silverquill as well...if you count him. But yeah, let's discuss all things related to the race of griffons and give them some proper attention! If Hippogryphs are more your style, you can post them here, but there is also a fan club that should be ignored. Hippogryphs Fan Club So yeah, normal rules apply. Enjoy.
  8. OK, welcome back everypony to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews". This week, we're looking at "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone". My apologies for the late review, the weekend's just been a bit wonky is all. So to start, I really liked this episode. It was our second "Cutie Mark Map" episode of the season (and the first to feature simply a pair of the Mane 6 rather than the whole bunch, a pattern that I imagine we will see repeated this season a few more times), and just like the first two episodes, it introduced us to a really cool new setting, Griffonstone. On top of that, we got some great bits of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash bouncing off of each other and working together quite swimmingly (at least in the end) as well as the return of none other than Gilda the Griffon! So let's start by talking about the new setting. I really like Griffonstone for a couple of reasons. We've never really seen a community in the show that's struggling economically, and by extension has many very apparent social difficulties as well. It was kind of jarring to see that in MLP, but kudos to the writers for not shying away from showing such an imperfect place. The history of the city-state (let's call it that, it wasn't exactly defined what kind of kingdom it was, but the griffons we saw at the Equestrian games behaved as Equestrian citizens, and it showed up on the Equestria map as well, so I'm assuming it's a part of Equestria) was very cool as well, and actually didn't do much to threaten previous head-fanon in the brony community, something I as a fanfiction writer very much appreciate. As I said, the kingdom/city-state seems to be in a very remote part of Equestria, so it's not very hard for fanfiction writers like myself to simply say that this was a splinter group of griffons that simply emigrated to Equestria, while most griffons live elsewhere. A random tangent, I know, and it probably wasn't intentional on the writers' part, but still, I appreciate it nonetheless. Look at that fly charmer of a griffon king! The aforementioned difficulties facing the community made for an interesting lesson to be learned. I understand that some bronies are upset with the fact that the episode didn't really address the economic difficulties facing Griffonstone even though it quite clearly showed they exist, but to that I say that the minimal effects of what Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash accomplished clear that up. The episode did not say that friendship alone is going to solve Griffonstone's problems, and it didn't even show them resolved. Gilda alone is right now the only griffon there committed to spreading friendship in her community, with the possibility that Greta might join her. So Griffonstone's salvation is hardly ensured at this point. What I think the episode was saying was that you cannot let material idols be the foundation, the basis of all unity and harmony in your community. One can never always rely on material things, they will wither away at some point. The foundation of a healthy community is that it must be one where the citizens inherently care for one another because it's the right thing to do, not because there's something to get out of helping one another. Such a community can carry its citizens through the good times and bad. Is the road ahead of Griffonstone going to be a long and hard one? Most certainly, and the episode doesn't deny that, or provide all the answers even. But a good place to start for a community as devastated as that place is is for griffons like Gilda to reteach its citizens what it means to care about something that truly matters, like each other. Once there's some unity in the community, then it might be able to better start meeting its pressing material needs and once more become a prosperous community as it was before when the Idol of Boreas previously brought its people together. Look at all the bronies, Dashie! Anyways, onto the characters themselves. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are always a hoot together; it was very bizarre, more than anything else, to see Pinkie Pie of all characters thinking things through more than Rainbow Dash (though that might've been Rainbow trying to get out of Griffonstone as fast as possible so she didn't have to be around Gilda), but I liked that, it showed Pinkie using her noggin in her own strange way. Both of them were wildly entertaining, no surprised there, and had great episodes in their own ways, neither really felt OOC at any point for any reason. It made perfect sense that Rainbow wouldn't want to help griffons or stick around Gilda given her previous experiences with Gilda, but thankfully she came around to seeing they were worth helping fairly quickly as well, and also made up with Gilda quite easily. Gilda, herself, though probably shined more than any other character in the episode. Not only did she take the first steps toward becoming possibly a social leader in her community, but we also got to learn about her past of all things (in an adorable flashback no less!). To put into perspective just how great an episode she had, this was a character who up until this episode I never thought I'd stop loathing, mostly because she made Fluttershy cry in Season One and was just an all around douche in her first episode. But miraculously, not only was she reintroduced, but the writers also managed to redeem her without it feeling forced in the slightest. Pinkie Pie taught Gilda about friendship by example, and really, that's the best way for Pinkie Pie to teach things. She's not so much a words-pony, at least when it comes to delivering lessons, she's a doer, and I'm certain that her treating Gilda just as friendly as she did when she first met her must have left an impression eventually on the stubborn, hotheaded griffon. Overall, Gilda's redemption impressed me more than any other aspect of this episode's writing and execution, and I'm actually really glad to have seen it happen. Buck, these two are gonna get shipped like there's no tomorrow, aren't they? Ah well, 'tis but the nature of the fandom, I suppose Not much else to say about this one. The comedy was great, be it from Gummy, Pinkie, Rainbow, the side characters, whoever. The animation as always was gorgeous (including those very cool history segments, I liked those a lot). Overall, another Season 5 episode that hit it out of the park, what else can ya really say but that it was awesome to watch! We've got a bit of a break now in the season; the next new episode won't be until June 13. But... what an episode it will be. Prepare yourselves, everypony, because the next episode... is the 100th episode of MLP. Oh yeah, 'dis gonna be good.
  9. In the new episode Griffonstone is clearly not what it used to be, Rainbow Dash accurately described it as a "dump". It heavily implies in the episode that Griffinstone fell due to the unity of its citizens being shattered due to the Idol of Boreas being stolen and still missing after many years (though I am sure there were other factors at play as well). It said that this treason and the king who found it and passed it onto his successors was the "pride of Griffonstone." Before this it was said that the Griffons were "as greedy as the dragons" this of course in the ponies very biased opinions. In the episode we see this greed though some argue that this greed is simply the result of desperation but the question is what caused the situation which could lead to said desperation? If history is our guide Griffonstone likely experienced a bloody civil war after the theft which has very likely left Griffonstone in shambles. There could still be warfare and conflict going on between the Griffons right now. This is likely due to a case of history repeating itself, Rome united much of Europe under its empire and after the Roman Empire fell it caused a significant power vaccum which lead to centuries of violence. You had Slavic and Germanic tribes invading from the east, Muslims invading from the east and south, and the Vikings coming in from the north. We know that before the Idol of Boreas was found that the griffons were divided and is likely that they much like the ancient Greeks, Chinese and other peoples had city states that often fought with each other. So where does this bring us today? Griffonstone is in dire poverty and desperation is quite high, there is no doubt of that. We saw that with Gilda trying to sell very bad tasting griffon scones so she could "get out of this dump". But we also saw some legitimate greed that seems to go beyond just mere desperation like when Rainbow Dash injured herself and needed a rope to help herself back up. The griffon's first response was "got any bits?" And at the beginning of the episode Twilight did advise Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to "bring plenty of bits" which implies that the griffons former unity did not completely solve the greed problem. This of course didn't mean all griffons were greedy but does mean that it was and still is endemic in their culture. What irks me about that episode is that we saw plenty of greed but not that much desperation aside from maybe a hint of it with Gilda which is a bit unrealistic even with greed being so endemic in the culture.
  10. If you were to go to equestria would you rather stay as a human or would you rather be changed into a pony or a griffon? and why would you want to be changed? ( Not sure if this has been done before. And I also wasn't to sure were to put this topic )
  11. Just like the title says. I recall Gilda was taking flight lessons with RD being brought up, but what about the Griffons who participated in the Equestria Games? Are griffons citizens of Equestria then?
  12. Am I the only one who would love to see more griffons in the show? I have watched almost every episode of the show and I'm fairly sure gilda is the only griffon ever shown. There arent even that many griffon oc's, and even less fan art, fan fiction and respect in general. If anyone else agrees with me, then help me start a griffon uprising with your griffon oc's! Muahahahahaha!! But seriously, if you guys agree with me, then post it! Calling all griffon fans, I wanna hear your guys opinions, theories and reasons for lack of griffons, and how there should be more.
  13. Okay, so... I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this thread (if not, mods/admins will move it to the appropriate thread, I'm sure), but I am here looking for people who have original characters of unusual races / species and would like to volunteer them to make short appearances in a fanfiction I'm planning on writing sometime between now and Christmas. The general storyline: The Cosmic Owl (yes, I did just make that Adventure Time reference, don't be hatin') has called for representatives of all the major races from Equestria and surrounding lands (I may need to think of a name for their planet, because I don't think it actually has one canonically...) to gather in a peaceful meeting at the top of a mountain, an ancient tradition that fell out of practice somewhere around a thousand years ago, when Princess Celestia was just a filly. When the appointed representatives reach the meeting place, though, they suddenly remember why they don't get along so well and seem to have a bit of trouble seeing past each other's differences. Below is a list of the races that I hope to have represented and whether I need characters to fill them. If I've missed a race or species that should be on the list, please let me know. If you have characters that you'd like to see in my story, please post a request here in this thread. PONIES Alicorns - obviously, Celestia and Luna will be filling these spots (I still haven't decided whether I want this story to take place before or after Twilight's transformation) Unicorns - Mane 6, got it covered Pegasi - Mane 6, got it covered Earth Ponies - Mane 6, got it covered Crystal Ponies - I really need some crystal pony OCs to fill in this space. NON-PONIES Zebras - Zecora will be in attendance, but she will be travelling as a guest and not as a rep, so I need some zebra OCs to fill in this space, por favor. "Bat Ponies" - (I don't like that these guys don't have an official name, so I think I may come up with one of my own.) I need some of these, so if you have a "bat pony" OC, I'd appreciate it if he or she volunteered for this spot. Changelings - I think I have permission from Niaeruzu to use Suncloak here, but I need to check to make double sure. Additionally, I need some changelings who are still loyal to the queen, preferably royal guards. Gryphons - There will be a gryphon king and queen in my story, but I haven't really given much thought to their characterizations yet, so if you happen to have a gryphon character who is royal, could I please use him or her for this position? I'd be grateful. Dragons - The ancient dragons need cool names. Younger dragons are also welcome. Donkeys - I already have a noble family of donkeys in mind (Lord and Lady Ass... try not to giggle), but additional donkey characters welcome, as well as suggested names for the Ass children. (hey, I said try not to giggle!) Buffaloes - I want Little Strong Heart and Chief Thunderhooves to be there, but I would also like to see some buffalo OCs. Yes... this is going to be one hell of a party. xP Again, I apologize if I accidentally left out any important groups. Please post your characters if you have them. I don't need any alicorns or unicorns, so please don't post those. Any other story-related suggestions are welcome too. Muchas gracias in advance to anyone who helps. c:
  14. If you could choose what species/race you could be if you went to equestria (besides human) what would you be? And if you choose pony, what type? Personally, id want to be a griffon. That way I could still eat meat, I still have fingers, and I can fly! How about you guys?
  15. It seems like a lot of different races in the MLP world, don't care for the ponies that much. Like Gilda seems to look down on them. I don't know if this is all griffons seeing as there have only been 2 in the show. Dragons also seem to look down on them and just see them as weak. Seeing as they make nest where ever they feel like. Changelings just see themselves as being the superior race to all other and just see them as food. Even Zecora at times seems a little aragonite at times. Like in Swarm of the Century she did not seem to care that the Ponyville was about to be destroyed and in Magic duel it felt like she was saying her magic is better then unicorn magic. Thats just the feeling I got from her in those episodes. So why do you think so many look down on ponies? Could it be that the ponies have more of an environmental affect on the world and the they just can't do that? Griffons can lay on clouds, but we don't know if they can control the weather. Or could it be the writers are just trying to show not everyone is going to get a long at first, but in time once we get to know each other we can get a long? This is just a random thought that came to me.
  16. Does anyone here have, or happen to know where I can find, some tutorials on how to draw Griffons in the FIM style? I'm wanting to try my hands at them for a bit instead of trying to draw ponies.
  17. Something from a different scale this time And thought I'd share in progress versions this time. Sharing the adventure on a somewhat different style than usual. One I usually take when making full illustration like pieces. even though I haven't done those in a while, let alone get them out the sketching stage. Something I always noticed is how I work with very high contrast when doing my character designs. They contain almost pure black parts. But I've always had an interest in doing that differently. Though I do still like either way. Probably also look higher because everything is focused on 1 character instead of spread out like this one. Treading outside the mane 6 once again. I think the only other non-mane 6 I made was Applebloom Or well... something else than Applejack when looking at the past weeks Anyhow... basically first time doing Luna and Celestia + the royal guards and Griffons, so a bunch of them at once. Wanted to make a bit more dynamic piece, so I thought about something like a war. And because I have been thinking about all the different species and civilizations lately in FiM, and the just released Canon map, I thought about the Griffon. Since their main civilization seemed off on a different continent, I expected them to possibly have a first encounter... and with all those Sci-fi war stories, I thought... huhm yea sure. For those curious, Photoshop, Standard Brush only, 3500x2500 px (so that makes these 30% of the original) Of course if you'd like to know more, feel free to ask Please, enjoy Colour theory is a hard thing to master, same goes for lighting, though they tend to go hand in hand, especially with these kind of things. Links to update posts: Update 1: (WIP3.5 + 4) Update 2: (WIP4.5 +5) Update 3: (Final) Final: WIP: The old seperate WIPs: