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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all! Sorry in advance, as I'm a bit long-winded, but I hope you stick around long enough to read my full question. ( ; Also, apologies for the sloppy formatting. I'm actually quite good at it normally, but this interface is being difficult with me; for some reason hitting the enter key DELETES the previous paragraph, and trying to add formatting (such as bold or italics) to a highlighted section instead alters the entire paragraph. Don't ask me why the Enter key worked correctly the first few times I hit it, cause I have no freaking idea. >< Anyways, onto the heart of the matter! I've been away from active online-socializing for quite a while, and I'm still struggling to get back into the flow of things. There have been a quite a few hiccups along the way (turns out Aspergers applies to ANY kind of social interaction, in person or online...who knew?), but I think I've figured a few things out. See, most of my forum posts on various sites have been me asking for advice, requesting help or information in one way or another. It's become clear that what I REALLY need to start doing is to come at this from the other direction; I need to GIVE something to online communities, rather than take. Sadly, I have very few skills to offer. In fact, only two really come to mind! First, I'm very much a thinker, and am decently skilled at getting my thoughts across (likely DUE to my long-windedness). Second, I've got a very good grasp on media and analysis (what works, what doesn't, the places where an artist excels, and the things holding them back), so can probably offer some helpful thoughts and tips on various subjects, even though I can't put that knowledge into practice on my own. SO! I think the best way for me to contribute, especially in a fandom so focused on artist endeavors like this one, is to find a place where I can share and discuss various ideas, tips, tropes, critiques, and other aspects of art...most specifically, writing (the one artistic field I don't COMPLETELY suck at)! Unfortunately, I've had trouble finding the right place to do so; I've found a few spots on this site where people can share and discuss specific artistic works and fanfiction, but not any where they can offer advice or assistance, or discuss the craft and the work that goes into it. Is there a sub-forum I missed for such topics? If not, (and I know this is a bit of a forum faux pas), can anyone suggest another active site with a large community where I could help contribute in this way? I also wouldn't mind discussing the artistic aspects of other forms of media, such as animation, drawing, game mods, etc. Thanks for reading, and for any suggestions you can offer!
  2. Hey everypony! Just wanted to announce, I had a great idea to start a Call Of Duty Elite clan/group, for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Anypony is free to join, just have an Xbox 360, and Xbox Live. I thought that all the ponies out there that are lookin' for other ponies to play with/group up with on Black Ops 2, so anyone lemme' know whatcha' guise think, and if yall' are up for it. Any day, any time! Hope to see at least some of yall' on Black Ops 2!
  3. I already posted 5 replyies and 1 topi, but i don't get in the muffin group! I thought i done everything right. Do i have to post 5 topics? because that's hard when you only can post in the welcoming plaza, suggestions or support. Thank you! - dashedPaul
  4. Here's some questions I came up with today: Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic situation. This can be a zombie apocalypse, an extremely devastating world war, a pandemic wiping out most of humanity, maybe a widespread, devastating natural disaster, anything you want to imagine. Let's say this disaster ended for some reason or is not as pervasive as it used to be, and human civilization ended or nearly ended and the government fell. You survived through this apocalypse. If you had a group, they either all died or left you or something. Imagine what you want, but I want you to get this idea: You are a post-apocalyptic survivor, civilization has been destroyed or almost destroyed. The world is anarchic now with a much smaller population and you are alone. What will you do? You are alone and out in this wild, anarchic world to survive. Taking into consideration scarce resources, the fact that you can't trust everybody, your chances of survival, and more, answer these questions: How much will morals and ethics matter to you at this point? Will you try to manipulate, steal from, and even kill people to get what you want/need or more of what you want/need? Will you give things to anybody who asks (even if you need that stuff) and do as much as you can to help people? Something else? Where will you be? Will you be in a city, where there could be a bigger presence of people? Will you be in the countryside, where there would most likely be less people and you could grow food? Perhaps you'll be in the woods or jungle or something, where there would be more food but there could be animals that could kill you easy? How would you feel about groups? Will you try to go it alone and avoid people as much as people where you won't have to worry about trust or conflict or anything? Or would you try to find a group, where there'd be people to support you, solve problems together, even though there's the risk of being killed by someone, there being conflict, losing friends, and such? What about weapons? What would you carry? Let's be realistic and not pick any fictional weapons, rare weapons, and such. Think about easily accessible weapons. What would you carry and why? Think about weight, too. Feel free to discuss this and maybe give a critique of someone else's answers. Also, should I add a poll? Tell me if I should or shouldn't.
  5. The 2014 MLPF World Cup Groups have been set! Check them out here! I'll see you in June 12th when we start the World Cup!
  6. Decided to start this topic for those that want to post about their gaming groups or clans or even both. Thought that this might be a little bit helpful for those that want to post about specific games and group up with people or to recruit more people into current clans .
  7. I was thinking about the show 'The Guild' and that episode where they went to the convention once and I then I started thinking about how I couldn't go to the convention, and probably others. So why not write a story about it? Well I mean not about not being able to go, about going on a road trip to get to the convention. And it'll be really original and easy, because the basic premises is that our characters (or just ourselves) met online, and really wanted to go to the convention so we decided to go together! It's supposed to be a comedy not like Hangover comedy because that was insane. But like a comedy filled with awkward rest stops, fandom moments and crystal hearts to crystal hearts (that was a reference to the show and also a pun *gigglesnort* did you get it? huhhuhuhuhuuh?) Anyway, what do you say? Rules (I'm sorry there have to be rules) - This is based off of real life. So no one is a pony. You can be dressed like one. Or think you are one. But no one is a pony. - This is supposed to be a lighthearted comedy, not a tragedy, a drama, or a blood fest. - Make it reaaal. - Complete the application below. EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT. - I am a beta reader on another site, but I don't want to have to edit everyone's writing, so include a writing sample in your application. - Your character can be made up, it can be you, or a character based off of you. However if you are a child (anyone below 18) I strongly suggest you do not use yourself as a character. Why? Because if anyone got a hold of this story and they happened to be a really mean person and you happen to have a name that nobody else does and a facebook to top it off...What do you think might happen? (And trust me it has happened) - Be open minded please. Some writers might have different lifestyles that they want to incorporate in their story, and if you think you'll have a problem with that, then don't apply please. - Oh and good lord in heaven, NO SEX. Application: Name: [Yours or a nickname or your username] Character Name: Age: [Your age] Character Age: (18+) Appearance: [Yours or characters] Place of Origin [Characters or yours] Character Bio: Writing Taboos [Things you stay away from in writing] Writing Sample [A paragraph or two; A paragraph is 5-8 sentences.] Questions are welcome! (With or without application) Once you apply and I accept you, feel free to discuss.
  8. So I've been throwing this idea around for a while, so here goes. I and a friend are hoping to gather 4 more or so fellow bronies and fanfic/ story writers for a writing/critique group over Skype. I'm looking for those interested. Send me a PM or reply here! We would be reading and critiquing each other's stories about biweekly. Ponyfic will play a prominent part, though other fictions and original stories would be great! Here's the rules: 1. No Clop Fics. Just no. 2. No Grimdark. I want to be able to sleep soundly. 3. Keep language and romance to a PG-13. 4. Violence is fine, I don't really care there. But gratuitious gore isn't exactly... a good writing technique, so... yeah. Thanks, --Billybobjoe47s
  9. Well, I was thinking we could have groups for the artists, musicians etc. around here on the forums. They have to earn their in the group by making a certain amount of drawings, songs, videos, stories etc. And they can do certain things. And it will make others to contribute the fandom. We can help one of our favorite fandoms out.
  10. So I decided to draw a picture that had an equal amount of earth, pegasi, and unicorn ponies. You may recognize my ponysana PittyPaws here The yellow unicorn (Howard Coltsell) and the white pegasus (Till Lindermane) are the only ones who are named. as they are ponifications of sportscaster Howard Cosell and singer Till Linderman
  11. I will rant in two parts here, don't worry. I don't like team assignments, and this has many reasons. the first reason is, I tend to have to work with people who I would say have very poor analytical skills and generally don't seem to understand how certain good practice works. At times I just think they program things willy nilly, without thinking what the hell they are doing. I constantly feel like these people don't deserve their diploma's, very simply because I cannot understand how they could possibly manage to pass courses. The very notion of this baffled me, how they continuously write poor code, fail to go through the code and use already implemented stuff. Why when they start doing stuff, they don't first ask whether I am modifying that code so I don't lose all my work for their broken as shit stuff. I don't like working in groups, especially when they lack focus and the ability to properly divide the tasks. Or think of how to complete their task. But anyway part number two. From this point on I will speak in strict programmer lingo and use programming examples. if you aren't a programmer, feel free to skip this, these are examples. Right now, I am making a chat program for school, so it's possible to send and receive messages in group chat. So what I did was look up some examples and started working, all of them having a fairly similar structure, Server side there is one thread which accepts new connections through a ServerSocket. Each ServerSocket then creates a new ClientSocket, which gets it's own thread to listen to the messages coming from a specific client. Fairly standard stuff. Now beforehand I said, we should only parse messages which are sent and received as String objects. And that anything special as a command should be preceded by a "/", like how IRC clients and Skype clients send commands through chat. But no, constantly I see code being added from a specific example I remember looking at trying to use a token, a token of the Yen symbol trying to parse fairly complicated strings and stuff. it would've been a nightmare to use. but it kept creeping in. Let's not mind the fact that this one guy insisted on sending txt files filled with code INSTEAD of using the svn server we have set up. Why I ask you are we using svn in the first place? Another guy, managed to not make one project, but add three svn projects, oops. And not even that, didn't even bother adding them to to trunk folder as you are supposed to, no, just add them to the wrong folder. Cluttering up the whole thing, i mean come on man. One of the members unknowingly messed with files, and managed to create tree conflicts in a file. Meaning I had to rename it to get it working on the svn, I mean how did you do this, why are you so incompetent? And that's just svn usage. some team members decided to commit code which I was editing, meaning I had to go through the trouble of doing revert on mine, update and then find that nearly nothing changed. And that while I told everyone I was changing code. Oh yes, before I forget, the guy who added the proper project. Added a project which was still in java 5. Good god, we are using Java 7. He derped and never updated. What an idiot, Just update to the latest gorram thing, All of those things I needed. Couldn't use diamond inference, couldn't use String in a switch case. Have you got any idea how difficult more difficult this makes certain things? Not to mention whoever kept removing the diamond inference because "we didn't see this in class". It works, it's easier, use it dammit. Also stop writing code for which there is already code. here's what you wrote: public void sendToUser(PrintWriter writer, String message){ writer.println(message); writer.flush();} You know what the problem is? you had to do the following to use this: PrintWriter writer = getUser(username).getClient();sendToUser(writer, message); I don't know where you read this, or when you thought this was a good idea. Or even why you didn't notice that you can already just do getUser(username).client because all the variables are defined as package meaning you can access them. yes, you even wrote getters and setters for something when the object in question didn't need them. But let's not mind the fact that the ClientThread object you are grabbing right there has a very nice method already implemented. called you can just do clientThread.sendMessage(message) whenever you want. On every ClientThread object you want. Why did you put this wasted effort. Your code is literally littered with this. too stuck to actually what you learned then to analyse what you need. Practices you learned in class which you implement blindly. All your incessant failures to read the code which already is there and works. And trying to fix what isn't broken. let's not forget all your favourite System.out.println() you have, not even bothering to remove them after testing and not using the showOnLog() method to actually like, put it in the GUI which we made to catch problems. To conclude, I'm not going to miss you guys, I'm really not. And I won't enjoy any other group tasks I have to do, with anyone. </rant>
  12. Is there any kind of music that you can't get into, is it a particular song, or a particular artist? It can be anyone or any song. Just please respect other peoples opinions. I honestly can't get into country... It's not like I dislike it or anything I just find it hard to listen to.
  13. Welcome all who would like to join our group a friend and I were talking just about a Let's Play group and thought, "why don't we make our own group?" I got hooked onto the Idea so here's what I'm going at with this: 1. We need at least 1 more person to join us 2. We would ask if you had the same time zone as us so you don't cause any confusion. 3. You won't have to worry about who makes the youtube channel, I will make the channels 4. we will play all sorts of games, but they will mainly be computer games. though if you have a Wii/PS3/XBOX360/ect... and we might have the same game we may take a different turn. Here is the application for the group: Name: Time zone: Skype/oovoo/ect..: what games are you most interested in?: how free are you: People who have already joined: Afro Pony, FALCON PUNCH and OlegEqualzName Heres my page to know more about me: