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Found 18 results

  1. It's been a while since I last updated or published a fiction, and, here it is! It took an emotional push to get this one out, so I hope everyone enjoys it for what it is! See you on the flip side! -RealityPublishing
  2. I notice they all seem and look the same (with putting Shining Armor and Flash Sentry as an exception) now before some of you direct me to a fanfic like "The golden armor" or "night guards" don't I already get the idea. the point is what are they hiding, why do most of them look the same and, where are the earth pony guards (I know what most of you are gonna say about the crystal guards) I've seen all even a changeling in armor someone tell me about them cause they're a bit secretive to me. As for the members of this forum that are and wear guard uniforms you just remind me too much of centurions. Now could knights or paladins be guards too I always wondered... Note: If there already is a topic on this sorry I just couldn't find it. I believe this is what humanoid guard's armoy consist of.
  3. Long read ahead, so brace yourselves!! So I watched the new episodes, and saw all the Royal Guard everywhere, and it seemed to me like there were TOO MANY of them. I did a little research on the matter, and some questions arose. First off, the MLP wiki on Royal Guards says: "The guards... their cutie marks are obscured by their uniforms." Also: The My Little Pony wiki page on Cutie Marks says that: "The My Little Pony franchise is famous for cutie marks, unique symbols located on the ponies' flank or haunch." Unique. This means different, original, not like others, etc. This brings to mind a certain question. If cutie marks are usually different, then how are there so many Royal Guards? They surely can't all have the same cutie mark, as they are unique. Also, since they cannot all have the same cutie mark, and their uniforms cover the area where a cutie mark is located, what if the Guards don't have cutie marks at all? Does this mean that all ponies without cutie marks must join the Royal Guard? But, also, the same MLP wiki page on cutie marks states that: "The cutie marks are obtained when ponies discover a unique characteristic that sets themselves apart from others" so does this mean that the Guards actually DO have cutie marks? Wrong! "A unique characteristic" Guards all do the same thing, so no outlying differences there. "sets themselves apart from others" Guards, once again, all do the same thing. This brings an altogether different question forth: How does a Royal Guard become a Royal Guard? Are they, as I stated above, simply cutie-mark-less ponies, or is there something else in play? Maybe the Guards aren't ponies at all, but Magical beings conjured by Celestia and Luna? Or maybe there was only one or two Royal Guards to begin with, and they were cloned to make more? Also, since the Head Guard is Twilight's brother, does this mean that all Head Guards are actual ponies, who are controlling the other Guards? Does this mean that the Head Guard knows the secret of the actual Guards? I'm just throwing ideas out there, and I have no idea what could be true. (Although the cloning thing might make for a good fan-fic) Please tell me if you've got a plausible solution for the matter? TL:DR - Royal Guards aren't real ponies.
  4. I've been working on this project for some time now, and mustered the will needed to finish it in spite of the consistent hindrances I found within my schedule. So, here it is. If you do find any inconsistency, do point it out to lend a hand to my improvement. After all, if I truly want to dedicate to art every single error must be corrected. Cheers! (Eeyup, I got remarkably lazy with the door)
  5. I was thinking should Twlight gain a small guard detachment, as my OC is a member of this unit that's fine for me and RP or headcannon. But what if the show was to do this it could add some character to the castle and EUP as a unit. give me some thoughts people and i'll sum them up and make a video next week if it's any good. what you ponies think?
  6. Hello all! I'm new here, so I'll just go ahead and share a bit of my artwork. Let's start with my OC (my ponysona to be exact) in some armour! And now, Twilight with some armour! Let me know what you think!
  7. I just randomly thought about this off-the-wall post. Mane dying is canon in the show, but do you think ponies sometimes dye their fur coats? I was thinking about the royal guards always being white (or sometimes dark gray/black.) Maybe that's a requirement (like short hair in our US military)? If not I don't think Equestria is an equal opportunity employer. Wait, never mind- I think the whole cutie mark thing kinda throws a wrench in that idea. Anyways, I'm curious to see what you guys think of this idea. I would love to see an episode where Rarity dyes her fur a slightly strange color and it goes on like a normal episode except you can tell the rest of the mane 6 think she looks weird but won't tell her.
  8. So yesterday I shared some of my drawing. Time to share another one! Here's Twilight acting all arrogant and such from having the amount of power she has. Being an Alicorn, I can see that Twilight may want to upgrade the guard armour. I think this took me about 5 to 6 hours to draw. Hope you guys like it!
  9. Been wondering for a while- ever since a few episodes after Twilight got her plastic pony playset....I mean, castle, from Hasbro....I mean, the Tree of Harmony. Where are her royal foot servants? Should her castle be that empty, without royal guard and ponies to wait hoof and hoof on the Princess? Should poor Spike REALY be the one to be doing the dishes, as seen in "Amending Fences"? Should Twilight's friends be the ones tasked with trying to repair the castle's damages, as seen in "Party pooped"? Sunbutt, Luna, and Cadance each have their own staff to tend to them and their castles. Heck, even the Yak Prince Rutherford, Duke and Duchess of Maretonia, nd Prince Blueblood do, I'm sure. So why do you think Twilight doesn't, and makes her friends- who have their own lives, work, and responsibilities, do the work that could be left to royal staff....if she had any. Why doesn't she have any, like the other royals?
  10. So... This isn't exactly what I imagined. The armor was supposed to be a bit more realistic, and the character contrast doesn't fit a lot with the background... But it could've been worse. So, here it is: What do you guys think? Any feedback?
  11. While I was looking at the armor in Castle Mane-ia, and I notice something about the armor. The muzzle piece of the helmets are pointed and curved, like a mare's, not blunt and straight, like a stallion's. With this observation, it seems that most, if not all, of the guards were females. Also, all of suits also have horns, giving the impression that they were all unicorns as well. This brings the question of when did they change from a female, singular race system to the male, multi-race system the currently have? I guessing shortly after the Nightmare Moon insentient, but feel free to give my your thoughts and theories.
  12. Greetings everypony. In accordance to executive order #2401GH-b "Like Stop Hating on the Military You Guys", I am here as spokespony of the Royal Guard to improve public perception of our esteemed organization by answering questions you all might have about us. So go ahead and ask away! I'll be here all day. (For future reference, the current guardponies are: Aevum Shield: male, 28, pegasus, currently recovering from a head injury, indicated in goldenrod. Dark Moonbeam: male, 27, batpegasus, indicated in indigo. Silver Wave: male 29, unicorn, indicated in gray.)
  13. ok so i posted before asking for help deciding on something for this and now that ive gotten enough votes i started, i just finished the helm eairler today, ill post pics as i finish each piece, the full set will consist of a helm, chest piece, back piece, shin guards, bracers, sheild, sword, cape, and possiably an armored skirt. if anyone has any questions i am more then happy to answer
  14. The first in a series of Half-Life 2 pictures that I'm doing for my world building project, 'Hoof-Life: A new dawn' which I hope to make into a role play on this very site, inspired by the Equestria Divided role-play. This is an Overwatch Elite, a pony who has been wiped of all emotion, and lives only to serve the alien combine. This Post-Stallion can be seen leading a patrol of Overwatch Soldiers around the outskirts of City 17 (formerly Manehattan), performing acts of barbaric cruelty on citizens merely for his own enjoyment. As usual, comments and constructive critisism are much appreciated!
  15. I must say... I look glorious in this photo. All right then, peasants! I shall have at your vicious questions!
  16. Three of the Guards in this picture are Alicorns (1 Grey, 2 White). The all-white Guard in this picture has no wings or a horn, making him an Earth Pony Guard (Earth Guard).
  18. Why do they always have grey guards in the intro, but white guards in the show?