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Found 39 results

  1. Why Gummy is not a live baby alligator with no teeth? Because kids might want to grow alligators in real life? I don't know. Someone give me an answer. Pinkie Pie acting like a stuffed plushie is alive is just strange. Even in Pinkie standards.
  2. I suddenly got a little disturbed recently over Gummy. It seems really strange that he is a toothless alligator. Why is he like that? Only 3 possibilities seem likely. 1. He's young. Party of one shows that Gummy is at least one year old. While I don't know much about alligators I'm pretty sure by a full year there should be at least a few teeth there. 2. His brand of alligators are just naturally without teeth. This seems awfully strange. Going by Twilight's freaked out reaction to him in 'feeling pinkie keen' alligators are still considered a dangerous carnivorous species in equestria. So a species naturally lacking the means to attack and eat their prey doesn't seem likely. 3. Similar to a cat being declawed, Gummy was 'deteethed' so that he'll never be able to grow teeth and be a threat as a pet. This thought is what made me so creeped out as he's specifically introduced as a toothless alligator. After all, at least in the episode he's introduced in, he 'bit' pinkie all over, obviously having no effect because he only has gums. Also, looking at his name, it seems to indicate that Pinkie knows he'll never have teeth, or his name would stop making sense. Also, Gummy is quite 'blank' and reactionless, maybe from the trauma of the procedure. At the same time, Pinkie doesn't seem the type to deliberately cause harm to another creature. I may be looking too much into this, but I'd like some other people's opinions on the matter.
  3. It is shown that ponies don't eat meat in the show, making the use of a meat industry pointless. It makes sense at first, but there is one problem. There has to be some kind of meat industry or source as many ponies have pets, some which are consumers of meat. Unless they made them vegetarians in the show, I don't see how pets like Opalescence or Gummy would live without it. They never shown them eat things like that, but they must somehow. What do you guys think?
  4. I mean other than Angel, the Mane Six's pets barely had any appearances in season 6, and some didn't even appear at all! Gummy only had two appearances, so did Opal, and Winona just had one. Tank and Owlowisicious didn't appear AT ALL this season! The closest thing we got to Tank is Rainbow Dash's slippers in AJ's Day Off. We had so many Rainbow episodes this season, it is surprising we didn't see him. He could've had a cameo in Newbie Dash and 28 Pranks Later. I know some of you are thinking of "wasn't he killed off in Tanks for the Memories?" You'd think so wouldn't you! Winter's waaaay past over! Owlowiscious, I think he could've had some cameos in A Hearth's Warming Tale and Every Little Thing She Does. It's bad enough that they got rid of Peewee in the show before he got to do anything, I really hope he comes back in adult form sometime in the future helping Spike out! Also it wouldn't hurt seeing Philomena again! One thing we need when season 7 comes around: more pets appearing (other than Angel).
  5. Hi, guys! I just published a new story, same as the title above: It's my first time tackling one of the Mane 6 in such a plot-driven way. I'm a little nervous as to whether I got all of the characters right, and would love an opinion on it. Additionally, The story is rife with symbolism. I'm hesitant to say too much, as I feel like doing so could spoil the ending. That said, I would love to discuss some of the images and themes to see if I did a good job in that regard as well. The story right now is complete at just over 12,000 words, so it's not a crazy-long read (not compared to my other stuff, anyway). Please do let me know any thoughts you might have! Thanks!
  6. I'm feeling a bit 'meh' right now, so to pick up my spirits some I'm gonna be a bit spoiler-y! I few months back I finished up a 3d model of our favorite 4th wall destroyer - Pinkie Pie. After much ado.. she's finally a 3d print! I'm still working out the details, so I can't sell anything just yet, but here's the current display picture!
  7. what is gummys role in the whole cosmic picture? And what about gummys flank, forever blank? And can gummy talk, or does he only dream? And was I the only one that just watched that whole aside with the "omg" look while a grin crept wider and wider onto my face of "WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? WHAT DOES THIS OPEN UP?"
  8. I felt like my mind was entering another dimension. @_@
  9. Look at this! I want it. I NEED IT. ;~: This too! I've always wanted to be a bat pony!
  10. Some of you might have seen my test render of this... but then I spent a FULL DAY buried in tutorials and help files on lighting, and this was the result! I wonder if Shapeways would still take a pony 3d model even though Super Fan Art is gone... This is my first ever finished 3d model, and a big learning exercise in ZBrush. I'd love to hear opinions!
  11. Ok everypony, this is my first test render of the 3d model I hinted at a few days ago... but I'm still trying to work my brain around Zbrush's lighting and rendering tools, not to mention compositing them all in photoshop afterward! If any of you guys have advice on how to of that, please chime in! Also... trying to figure out a good way to give it a white background, or something similar. Black just isn't cheerful enough for Ponk!
  12. So, as I was watching the 100th episode, which I was rather pleased with, I was also worrying. I was looking at it and thinking, "Oh no... People are going to react like [insert reaction here]." But that's not what this thread is about. That's just to describe how I was looking at the episode. 80% of me was enjoying the episode, and 20% of me was thinking about what other people would think about it, because I like analysis. And then we saw Gummy. And we heard a voice. But here's my question. Was that voice actually Gummy? As I watched, I saw two perspectives. One, the one that I was more likely to consider, was that this was a narrator, and this scene was something like a documentary. The second, which I believed more likely to be the popular consideration, was that the voice was actually Gummy's thoughts. The voice did refer to alligators, but didn't refer to itself. I.e., he didn't say, "and what about alligators like me?" which would have clearly pointed towards the voice actually being Gummy. I've only seen the episode once, and admittedly, I haven't seen the credits. I couldn't find them online after a brief search. But my leaning would be against popular opinion, that the voice wasn't actually Gummy. But I'm still curious as to your opinions, and what evidence for or against might be presented upon closer examination.
  13. tried out something thing..looks like gummie grew up and pinkie is throwing a party edit ok fixed the link ><
  14. How did the developers of the show come up with the idea of this silly alligator, Gummy? Does Gummy ever say, "NAKNAKNAK"? What will happen to Gummy in the future, as he for now is a baby alligator? Will he be something like the Cakes' personal guard dog? Or will he have to be released into the wild, as gators are also dangerous carnivores (shudders)?
  15. I was going to wait to post until I'd completed drawings for all six pets in Art Academy for Wii U, but I'm at the halfway mark and it's taking forever anyhow lol. I can wait no longer! I've completed Angel Bunny, Gummy, and Tank thus far; you may notice that I've... Messed around with their respective character designs somewhat: Angel Bunny Gummy Tank I wanted to focus on the pets rather than their owners, but I also wanted to include the Mane Six in some way. Hence the tails. Three more pets to go; Opal is likely next.
  16. Merp, felt like doodling. I'm tired. I want ice cream.
  17. iceestarz


    I was getting my hair cut earlier today and Fancy started playing in the salon place. I hate that song with a passion, but for some reason I couldn't get the image of Gummy in a top hat and monocle out of my head. Not much, but hey I'm lazy.
  18. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", the first appearance of Gummy, the color red is displayed, and so are seven ponies. Red is a color, and there are seven colors in a rainbow. Now, there are two colors in Glaze's mane, and in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twi has two eyes, meaning that Gummy worked in the rainbow factory. Now, it takes a trained eye to see this, but Gummy and Tank are both Green, both have two eyes, both owned by Helements of Armory, and are both, in fact, sentient creatures! Coincidence? I think not. There are sixteen letters in "May the Best Pet Win", the first mention of Tank's name, and there are six colors in RD's mane, the manager of the Rainbow Factory. 16 - 6 = 10. Luna was banished for 1000 years, and 10 x 100 = 1000! Luna is Celestia's sister (non-biological) and Celestia was the one who banished her. So, Luna was obviously the creator of the Pegasus Device, and the ultimate overseer of the Rainbow Factory. Gummy's pupil resembles a '1', and there are two propellers on Tanks, eh, thing. 1 + 2 = 3! What's that, still don't get it? There are six Helements of Armory, and each princess, long ago, would've gotten 3 each, which brings us back up two lines, 1 + 2 = 3. So, unless you are stupid or something, you'll understand that Hasbro has been subconsciously planting all these little hints for us to pick up, in order to understand that GUMMY AND TANK ARE CELESTIA'S BIOLOGICAL PARENTS!!! Have I opened your mind to a new world of opportunity? If I have shown even just one pony the light, my work is done, and I can die happy.
  19. Gummy is the best pet ever. Hands down so cute. Le done on my iPhone.
  20. My sister is obsessed with Gummy, and Pinkie was my favorite for a long time(now kicked to second since Twilight jacked her spot at #1) so what better duo to doodle than the party animals Background very scribbly cause I'm tired and all that jazz.
  21. We did notes in my Forensics on fingerprints then my teacher had us do fingerprint art. I only had like 15 minutes so it was pretty rushed xD It was really fun, I've never done fingerprint art before so yay I need to do it more often
  22. I made a little Gummy out of Playdoh! I don't know where my camera's USB cord is so I took the pictures with my webcam! XD A close-up of his face. I should have made his snout longer XD! His side. It's very hard to smooth Playdoh. On my ottoman. Please ignore the ugly battery charger cord. Here he is atop a ring box to show his size. He's tiny!
  23. I forgot to put this topic up, better late than never. ^^drew this around September or something. So only a few months ago. ^^drew this about a week ago. It was an early birthday doodle present to my sister since she's obsessed with Gummy. I don't exactly have money to buy her anything, so I settled on drawing her something. I'll eventually get some acrylics and a canvas and paint this beach with Gummy on a beach ball and other junk so I didn't bother coloring the drawing.
  24. Nothing too great. Just a super tiny doodle of Pinkie and Gummy. I'll still draw headshots of the other style I tried out, but this is definitely the most comfortable way I could ever draw ponies. Thank god for erasable pens though, still some lines, but whatever. Very crude, but not bad for something I spent a couple minutes on. xD