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Found 7 results

  1. I don't know why this happens. Is it a message? Is it a sign of something such as destiny? It is starting to confuse me. I dream of my job EVERY single night, not the same actions of what I do in the dream, but the job itself. For example let's say that I am a janitor (no I am not). One night I will dream of mopping the school floor. Second night I will dream that my mop turned into a living wooden stick that is trying to talk to me. Third night I will dream that I am out drinking with my friends and someone approaches me and yells at me to mop the floor in the bar. This has been going on since the first week I started my job, which was a year ago. What about you? I heard that is normal to occur in somebody, but I see my case a bit extreme, every single night for a year now..... Share your theory if you want to, this sounds silly anyways...
  2. Oh gosh, don't take this topic seriously, it was an on top of my head kind of thing. xD I'm totally not being a creeper, I swear! Right, now, it smells like tea because that's what I was drinking an hour ago, and nothing else. lol
  3. I don't really get Twilight's sense of humor all the time. She smirks or gets annoyed everytime Pinkie, Spike, or Starlight kid around or say something sarcastic, but back in Suited for Success, she giggled when she said "don't look a gift horse in the mouth", which was probably the most cliche pun I've ever heard! XD <----- That laugh was for the irony, not because of the joke being any good. What do you think of Twilight's humor?
  4. I know people seem to think Spike is, but basically, he's the audience's thoughts said out loud, but the real comic relief is really Pinkie. I mean, she is the Element of Lolness after all. So she already has that title. I dunno, who do you think is the real comic-relief character? Unless they both are in their own way. And in another way, every character is actually funny in their own way. So basically they all are. Twilight is a nerdy comic relief in episodes she doesn't star in, Rarity is drama, Rainbow is self-centered, Fluttershy is ironic aggression, and of course Pinkie is randomess which makes her more comic-relief than any of them. AJ... she isn't really that funny, she's awesomeness, and adorable, but funny isn't her strong suit. Then of course, like I said, Spike is the audience's thoughts. So basically, most of them are comic-relief in their own way, but Pinkie pretty much takes the title for the most comedic character.
  6. Ok, I've been posting this as an answer to many topics, so I might as well make a topic for it. Discord was the ruler of Equestria before it even became Equestria. He was a nice ruler and always wanted best for his subjects, but then (as we saw in the hearths warming eve episode) Equestria was founded, seeing this new thing called friendship, he grew angry. He began performing acts of chaos on the land. He tormented the ponies so much that they were forced to leave the new country. A group of ponies ventured farther, searching for help. They came across a large village of strange ponies, known as alicorns. They were powerful in the art of magic. (At this time, Discord raised the sun and moon at random moments.) They asked their leaders for help, (Celestia and Luna) they rose and defeated Discord using the elements of harmony. The ponies rejoiced and named Celestia and Luna the rulers of Equestria. They restored balance, by raising the sun and moon at equal increments of time. Thus creating balance in Equestria. Most alicorns stayed in their village, but some remained in the Everfree (where the first castle was built.) They realized that they couldn't rule a kingdom in a heavy forest so they moved it to the mountains, where they constructed Canterlot. Far fetched... Maybe... Works for me at least.