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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome, Everypony, to our 4th Equestrian Cider Contest! Our Cider Contest History: Our next challenge is the Haiku challenge! This time, the score limit is only 50, but everyone has to make a Haiku for each post. A Haiku is a three line poem with 17 syllables: 5 on the first line, 7 on the second line, and 5 on the third line. Here are some examples: For more examples of Haiku, see here: If you are unsure how many syllables a word or phrase has, please use this: A few rules for our challenge: It must be related to MLP. You may not use the same Haiku twice or copy a Haiku from someone else. Our contestants for this contest are as follows: 1. Applejack 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Pinkie Pie 4. Twilight Sparkle 5. Fluttershy 6. Rarity 7. Lyra 8. Starlight Glimmer 9. Trixie 10. Princess Luna Here are the basic rules of the game: 1. All ten contestants start with zero points (i.e. no ciders drunk). 2. Make a post in support of the contestant you want to win. 3. For each post made in support of a contestant, one point will be added to that contestant (i.e. she will drink one cider). To make the game easier to keep track, I recommend counting to 50 for your pony. For example, if your post is the 12th to support Twilight Sparkle, then say something like, "Twilight Sparkle: 12" 4. Rules for posting are as follows: a. You may only give a point to one of the ten ponies, listed above. No other ponies may compete in this competition. b. You may post consecutively, as long as your replies don't merge. The time window of merging is 10 minutes, so you may only post once every 10 minutes if no one else posts. c. See above for the Haiku challenge. If you ignore the challenge, your post will not count. 5. The first contestant to get 50 points (i.e. drink fifty ciders) wins! Get Ready ... Set ... Chug!
  2. Best haiku filly Kettle Corn, here to answer All of your questions
  3. Just do what the topic says. If you don't know what I haiku is (though I suspect most of you do) it's a poem with 3 lines. First line is 5 syllables, second is 7, and third is 5 again. It doesn't have to rhyme. Example: This is a haiku It has three whole lines of text They are fun to write
  4. Haikus are simple really, You just write in five, seven, Five! And you are done. Now it is your turn, don't forget this very rule or you will lose it
  5. These are all short poems, so I thought I'd post them together. also, most of my poetry that I've posted here has had similar structure, so I wanted to add a little variety. Learn about cinquain's here. Learn about haiku's here. Cinquains: "Winter" Silent I gaze out at The falling snow and rain Beyond the frosty windowpane. Winter. "Spring" Serene, The earth is green As plants begin to sprout While small creatures scurry about. Springtime. "Summer" (Yes, the last line is a reference to Phineas and Ferb) "School's out!" The children shout And run around and play It's time for us to seize the day. Summer. "Autumn" Now all Leaves gently fall, The air fills with a chill And all the schools begin to fill. Autumn. "Love" Love burns Like a wildfire Consuming lovers' hearts. Know beauty as great as the finest art And love. "A Crash" A crash Scent of sulfur The smell of gasoline The sight of glass mixed with my red blood I scream "Love II" Your breathe, Your soft heartbeat, Your skin's sweet, gentle warmth, Your lips, which taste of cinnamon, Are love. "Night II" The dark, Enchanting world; Then soft whispering grass, The crisp Autumn night air, surrounds My soul. "Luna II" Eerie White glow above, Sphere of the dark divine, Fills my cold heart with chilly joy. Luna. Haikus: "Feline Unfriendliness" A silly creature Hiss one moment, purr the next My cat confounds me "At Least it's not a Trochee" (I wrote this after writing a couple Shakespearean sonnets ) Kudos to Shakespeare. Iambic Pentameter Is quite difficult. "Meowsomnia" My cat meows loudly Now, that's a catastrophe! He keeps me awake. Comments are appreciated. I may add more of these shorter poems to this thread in the future, rather than making an entirely new one.
  6. Welcome again to one of my create-a-poem posts! This time, It's a haiku (hey-koo)! A haiku is a poem that does not have to rhyme. It has three lines. The first line is five syllables, the next line seven, and the last is five syllables again. Make sure it's pony-related. Again, I will post who won on each page. Thank you again for writing!
  7. This is a Haiku I wrote when I first heard the leak of Smile, Smile, Smile. Deviantart link ___________________________________________________________________________________ Today I listened Balloons raised my soul up high I Love Pinkie Pie