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Found 45 results

  1. This is something random I thought about just now. Do you keep your hair neat and orderly or do you not care whatsoever and leave it messy? I don't rightfully care how my hair looks to be perfectly honest. The way it looks when I get out of bed in the morning is the way it stays for the entire day. My hair actually looks cool when it is wild and messy. Way better than when it looks orderly. Along with the goatee, it gives me a sense of coolness and makes me look a little awesome.
  2. Which pony has the cutest tail =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=) I would say Rarity =)=)=)=)=)=) Btw I like her hair =)=)=)=)=) Fan art Its pretty =)<3 :grin2:
  3. I used the search function and could not find any threads like this so if there is one already I'm sorry. Back on topic, exactly as the title of the thread says. What is your hair and eye colour? I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I feel like I should be a surfer. XD Now it's your turn. What is your hair and eye colour?
  4. Do you play with your hair, and I mean like get it between your fingers and kinda curl it around them or that kind of stuff =)=)=)=)<3 I love to play with my hair =)=)=)=)=)=) I always do like that put it between my fingers around them put it round my nose, around my mouth, around my ear aww I ts so good feeling =)=)=)=)<3
  5. So, the question is, how often do you go get a haircut? And how do you prefer your hair? I usually go to the stylist whenever I feel my hair has become very large, and personally, I prefer having short hair but sometimes I let it grow long enough before my monthly trip to the barbery
  6. Just like the title says. What is your opinion on facial hair? If you are a guy, Do you have facial hair? If so, what kind and why do you? If not, why not? If you are a girl, What do you think about guys with facial hair? Which way do you prefer males, clean-shaven or hairy? (These are just some ideas to get you going. Feel free to express your opinion on the topic.) I personally have facial hair. Have had a full beard for almost four years now. I usually keep it about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 an inch long, but I haven't trimmed it back down since No-Shave-November, so it's quite a bit longer now.
  7. I was inspired to make this. So the question goes: How long is your hair? Also are you male/female/other (I believe that makes a difference in how you define "long") Mine is long and past my shoulders. I haven't yet decided if I'll actually go back to short. I like it how it is now.
  8. This question is mainly for the ladies on the forum, do you find facial hair on guys gross or unattractive? I was curious what the general opinion was.
  9. Hello! Bad hair... I'm pretty sure most of us have experienced horrible hair days, but not all of us felt too bad about it... Well, recently, yesterday to be exact, I went to a hairstylist to cut my hair as it had grown a little long and didn't look to good... I wanted to cut my hair like I usually do, and when I sat down in that chair, I and the stylist decided to "experiment" a little bit. I can't believe I actually did that . Well, the point is, it turned out horribly to me. I think we can all imagine what hair looks like that is thought to have "Style". My sides were cut short and the middle was left longer to play around with. The stylist did a good job on the style, but it had left me with very little self confidence. I'm now just waiting for my hair to grow back as quickly as possible... Going to school on monday will be a hell of a pain and emberassment for me... So in my story being said, I want to know, If you had any bad/horrible haircuts, hairdays, that left you really dissapointed or angry? If the anwser is yes, then please, do take the time to describe it.
  10. Have you ever wanted to have a different hair color? I went from blond, to brown, to blue, to red, and now black (but I really want to go back to red. And I don't mean ginger, I mean like Mario's hat red) Got any stories or any interest to do with hair dye? I sprayed a classmates hair blue with my temporary blue dye once, looking back, I'm surprised I didn't get into trouble for it.
  11. Another Equestria Girls commission for someone over on Deviant Art. Rarity is getting creative with a reformed Adagio Dazzle's hair, which takes some doing. I've known a few people with really curly, full-bodied hair, and they've told me it takes a lot of work to tame it in any meaningful way. Several off-camera in-between panels would probably have had Rarity close to a nervous breakdown because Adagio's hair just won't behave. You're all only seeing the success shots here. The hairstyles are my own creations, but all more or less inspired by what I found online and in magazines. I've done plenty of fashion designing lately, but not too many hairstyles, so this was something new for me.
  12. Hey there! I've had the Build-a-Bear princess luna plush for some time, and I love almost everything about her. The problem is that she just has so much of that shiny hair! With tiny brushable toys, it is easier to handle (curl it up, put a rubber band around the end, etc.) but with a toy that has so much hair, it is hard for me to keep it under control. I've kept both her mane and tail in a fishtail braid since that seems to keep things the neatest, but does anyone have any other tips on how to keep it untangled?
  13. Hello. So I made this post because I want to dye my hair, but have no idea what I'm doing. So first off, I'm a guy, and my hair is kinda decently long, and I was going to get it cut only a couple inches and dye it in some way. The way I want to do it is kinda like how Boyinaband has it, but not necessarily with the color. Weird picture of him down there. v So kinda like that, but the difference is that my hair is parted on my left and not so near the middle as his is, and mine is really dark brown instead of black. I was originally thinking having it like that though, but just a bleach streak until I decide if I like it enough to add color at some point idk. I want the advice of someone who knows what they're doing and saying about this because I have no idea. Sorry to have to make you visualize this, but would that kind of bleach streak look good on ~1.5ft dark brown hair? I think it would and some people don't think so, so I'm conflicted. I've tried looking for pictures to show them what I mean, but I can't find literally any person with the kind of dye streak boyinaband has. So, if you know of any way to find pictures of it or anything, I'd ask you could plz send those too. Sorry, I really have no idea what I'm doing or even looking for here =P Thanks for the help
  14. This is just me doodling to bring out my ultimate pony style. There will be many more of these before I reach pony supremeness.
  15. Imagine if all the Mane 6 get new hairstyles and they're permanent. How would you feel about that? What would you want to see?
  16. In the Equestria Girls universe, every person appears to be too colourful, in that anyone can be born with something as unusual (in our world) as blue hair, pink eyes, and green skin. However, would there be any dominant hair/eye/skin colours, or behaviours, among people from this technicolour folk?
  17. Hey guys! So I have decided to use my youtube account more and upload videos about myself! People seem to like my hair and deep voice, and I got lots of art, music, and spiritual and hair care type videos I plan on making, and already have so if you wanna subscribe to me, click here! and click here to view my channel!
  18. This is a sketch I made, It took me about three days, so I hope it looks pretty good!!! The Princess Luna is my #2 favorite character in the entire show, so I just had to sketch her!!! I hope you all like it!!!
  19. Edit: Large image is large. My apologies. Salutations. I, like you, happen to have an OC of which I am relatively proud. My problem, however is that her hair seems rather...flat. It seems to me that 99% of characters, cannon or otherwise, have "lines" in their hair that are thinner and of similar colour to the overall outline. It seems to give the hair some sense of volume and easily traceable shape. To show you what I mean: Here it is seen to be "too smooth", I suppose. While that is a quality for which I am striving, it still feels a bit lacking. So for those of you who have had to deal with similar hair (or anyone else; it is an open question), how did you manage the "fill"? Also, I am not entirely satisfied with the bun and the tail. Are there, perhaps, examples of buns you have seen that would go well with this style? Thank you in advance, - Wubtavia
  20. HERE SHE IS ASK!!!!!!!
  21. Rarity angelic creature soothing love voice, beautiful long silken purple hair.<3 Most fabulous and pretty pony out there she is always there for other ponies for me and helps me, guards me . I love her. She keeps me away from my depression her angel power of love pretty pony eyes cute charming smile happy pony Rarity so rare like Jewel Like a diamond she is. Three diamonds on her sexy pony flank pretty tail divine captivating eyes of blue oceans deep gaze straight into me innto my heart. I am lonely no more. I am with you my love I am with you rarity you make me feel so peaceful world around me is always wierd you make me feel safe safe inside. in my hear I know that you are there with me my love<3 You my sweetie dear cutie belly bunny angel <3<3<3 I love your hair and cheeks all of you everything perfect ioajsfosipdgposfgoijh
  22. Rarity cute pretty soft silken mane hair, beautiful purple shiny lovely. <3 Ultimate shapely admirable style the great design in her hairstyle. Soft as silk velvet pillow to rest your head on. Lovely texture so captivating smooth and clean hair she has. Amazing curves and curls. It's a pleasure to look at such divine, elegant piece of art. Flowing in the wind slowly, angelic purple hair is one with the nature of the wind extending it such a wonderful sight. Captivating to look the radiance and the excellence of her pretty hair<3<3 The beauty of her lovely, beautiful, sexy, attractive, perfect hair cannot be fully described by word it is something so divine that it is more beautiful than any words could possibly ever describe. :grin2:
  23. This question is more directed to the guys on this site, just to see which hair type gets the most love out of you! ;3 I shall kill this cat with my curiosity, so let's try it shall we? (Votes will not be public!)
  24. I have a 15 inch tall Fluttershy, and her hair's end is all…scratchy? It seems frayed? I don't know, it's coarse, and I don't know what to do! Does any pony else own one and is dealing with the same thing? Any tips? Is there anything I can do? Any products? What should I do? I've tried brushing, she has too many tangles and it pulls out all the hair! I can see the seam of where they sewed in her hair! I don't know what to do! I just got her back in February, I don't want to think of the idea of replacing her! I just don't! (Hey, they added new emoticons!)
  25. Hello there!!! It's me Longlocks. I am here to give all of you ponies some good tips to maintain skin and hair health. Not only do I give beauty tips, but I also give inspirational quotes and simple confidence boosters! I hope you enjoy this elegant " Ask Me " topic. ● IMAGE BY ANCHORSEYE