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Found 1 result

  1. Read the title. Good. Now, let me tell you what my idea is. "One night, a 15-year old filly from Manehatten has a vivid nightmare which tells her of the possible future, unless she doesn't do something about it. She wakes up with a start, and finds that the dream has come real, and runs away from her home with only her favorite blue hairbrush (guess where I got that idea from) and a knife from the kitchen to defend herself after a strange transformation has come over her family and neighbourhood. She fights her way through many perilous journeys on her way to make the choice that would change Equestria forever...." TA-DA!!! Awesome, I know, right? I just love action/adventure stories that involve a female heroine phycic that has to save the world... Anyways, back to the point. I need someone to give me some tips on writing a long fiction (this will be my first fanfiction ever) and I also need someone to do a cover picture. If you are interested in doing the cover art, please PM me, and I'll tell you what I'd like it to be about. I also need some ideas for other characters. So far, I only have one: Candy: To everyone else: If you're not interested in doing the cover art, but you've written fanfics before and you have a lot of experience, please give me some tips! I'll give you some credit when I 'publish' it, and if this works out as planned, I hope to have it featured on Equestria Daily. But let's not get our hopes up too high. Please PM me if you're interested in helping!!! ~Fireball Rush