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Found 3 results

  1. If you're not sure how to change a video's speed, this explanation may help: The user above you will post a video and tell you whether to play it at half or double speed. Post your reaction after watching at that speed, and then give another video for the user below you, along with a certain speed effect to apply. Preferably, videos should be fairly short with their speed effect applied (10 minutes or less), though it's not so much a rule but a general principle I'll start with this one, then: Half the speed, if you please :3
  2. Now then, you might all be thinking, “oh look, another member complaining about warning points again! -_-” Nope, not like that. I’ve only gotten 30 warning points in total, so I’m not that bothered by them in general. you guys all know, many people DO mind warning points given to them. Especially the heavy amount of the character limit violation. In fact, I believe many newbies leave not just because they’re usually unwelcomed in the Plaza, but also because they receive 100 warning points right off the bat, and they usually don’t even have any idea what they are. Of course, I know it’s their fault. They should have been more aware of the rules. Which brings me to my point. Every time a rule has been broken (I’ll use the character violation as the example), I think we should expand the warning a bit more, but also make it more friendly. The first time someone violates the character limit (or any other rule), the points given should be cut in half. So the newbie only receives 50. The next time and consecutive times afterwards, however, they will instead be given the normal amount of points, 100. That way, it’s like “we’ll forgive you once, but the next time we’ll have to step on you.” It’ll be less likely to scare newbies away, yet at the same time keeping the warning strict. Also, it’d be quite helpful to tell the members which post they are being given warning points for. A few days ago I received a warning because I went off-topic in the Unpopular Opinions thread; however, I posted so many times in it that I don’t even know which post I’m being warned for. I had to file a support ticket, and as we all know, some of us aren’t patient enough to wait for a few days for an admin to reply to it. It’s also good to highlight which rule has been broken--a simple copy & paste will do. A link to the F.A.Q. question about how warning points work should also be provided, better so newbies understand what they’re all about so that they realize that 50 or even 100 points aren’t that bad. I would provide pictures but I don't know a fck about Photoshop But it's basically an expanded "more details" on the warnings page. Thanks for reading!
  3. just to start: jesus can walk on water, but chuck norris can swim on land. chuck norris can cut through a hot knife with butter. Death once had a near-chuck norris experience...