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Found 121 results

  1. @Emerald Heart’s OCs have costumes already, and that has me thinking. What is/are your OC(s) going to wear?
  2. I'm in the 14 - 17 age group and I kind of feel that instead of crashing down peoples door steps and asking for free sweets, I seem to think that it would be a whole lot more productive of my spare time to try my best to tap coloured buttons on my Xbox controller while shouting at people in America over Headsets. But anyway. Out of interest, How old is too old for Halloween for you guys? AND IF YOU SAY YOU ARE OVER 30 AND YOU STILL STEAL FREE SWEETS FROM MOTHERS BECAUSE THEY ARE HOT...
  3. So apparently this has been happening: This is a thing everyone I know is talking about. I'm hearing a lot of people talking about shooting (or using any other methods of physical harm) to every clown they see on the street. I'm hearing that parents aren't letting their children dress up as clowns this Halloween because of this. I'm hearing that this really isn't big or worth much discussion- but it's easy to get swept into the hysteria (and it's interesting to watch the hysteria). What do you guys think about all this? Anyone actually see any clowns roaming about?
  4. Heya every pony, so, let me explain, I live in France and by walking down the street, or taking bus and train, I realise that halloween was kinda dead in my country, no decorations on house or shop, I didn't see anybody disguised, it's nearly 9:30 pm and I've seen nobody in the street, nopony ring my doorbell or anything. (MORE CANDY FOR ME !!) So I was wondering if this is specific to France or if you too feel the same in your country ? I feel sad for the kids of nowadays, halloween was a big thing when I was young (damn I feel old ^^) and it's a shame that nobody is celebrating it anymore...
  5. Let's post some Halloween-esque music. I have a few on my mind that work well this time of the year!
  6. So what do you think of the spookiest holiday? I personally LOVE Halloween! Its so much fun!!! You get to dress up as anything you want and go out in public to show off your cuteness/spookiness! Whats better is that you get treats for it!!! I may be 19 but I still go out in costume and eat delicious candy! This year I will be an anthro kitty character (not my fursona). Some people think its an "evil" holiday, which it pretty silly to me. To each their own I guess. What about you?
  7. With Halloween tomorrow, I'd thought I'd share with you several Halloween costumes that I wore from my past. I was: Mickey Mouse Milwaukee Brewers player Batman Ghostbuster Spiderman Kansas City Chiefs player Ash Ketchum Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey The Joker (standard version) Clark Kent The Riddler This year, I'm going to be a Blues Brother. What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes from your past and what are you going to be this year?
  8. Welcome to the pumpkin show-and-tell thread! Here, we show off out little pum-pum babies! All shapes and sizes are welcome as long as they are of the squash variety. Tell us how, where and why you got them! Here are mine I just got! I won them in a singing contest a few hours ago!
  9. Anyone miss Halloween after it has long passed? I miss having a lot of candy.(yes, I still trick or treat at 13 years old going on 14)
  10. Nightmare Night Fan Club... I don't know about anypony else, but Halloween Nightmare Night is my absolute Favorite Holiday of the year, and I would celebrate year round if I could. So I figured; why not a Halloween Nightmare Night fan club? I know that there was only one Halloween Nightmare Night episode, but that doesn't mean I haven't seen tons of Fan Art for it... Whether it's the original costumes... Or new ones... Pictures or figures... Or even plushies... So please, join this Halloween Nightmare Night Fan Club and share all of your favorite Halloween Nightmare Night related joy! Please note all regular forum rules apply here, including keeping things SFW for the kiddos...
  11. What halloween costumes did you wear over the years? Can you remember them all? For me it was: Simba from the Lion King Pretty sure I was Batman Darth Vader Spawn Agumon from Digimon A werewolf Yami Yugi fro Yu-Gi-Oh Darth Vader again Red Ranger from Dino Thunder A ninja A secret agent (everyone thought I was a blues brother) Inuit eskimo Wraith Guy Fawkes The Crow The Internet (fox pajamas, guy fawkes mask, giant clock on a chain, fedora, rave glasses and a derpy plush) Mic Thompson from SlipKnot Deathstroke Member of The Shield from WWE Dragon in a bathrobe handing out candy from a munitions tin. Your turn everypony. How many costumes did you have?
  12. Are you the tricker, someone who tricks and scares people every opportunity they get on Halloween. Or are you the treater, someone who collects as many treats as they can. You can even be both or neither. Happy Halloween or Nightmare Night! Whichever suits you.
  13. Anyone have any fav Halloween/Nightmare Night movies that you all enjoy watching durring this time of year? Go ahead and share! And enjoy chatting
  14. I fear of plenty of things. I could explain them in a lot of detail but I think I'll just make a list of what I fear MOST. Here goes: War - War is something I've feared for years. Especially nuclear war. Hearing about it just makes my skin crawl. I actually planned an escape route out of the country if it were to happen. Disease Outbreak - I have a bit of a paranoia with germs. When I hear about outbreaks of things like Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and ect. my paranoia goes overboard! Murder - I live in a relatively safe place. Still, there are a few sketchy people that pop up around here. I'm afraid one of them will pull out a gun/knife and try to kill me. Car crashes - I usually take the bus to places but sometimes my family members offer to drive me. I fear one day some drunk on the road will kill us. Death it's self - I fear the Reaper more than anything. Life is precious. It's something you can't get back.
  15. I know for sure that I saw some lists of spooky/scary/Halloween-related MLP episodes online before, but I can't seem to find it, so I thought that I would turn to all of you for a definitive list of the show's most spooktacular, Halloween-y episodes! Luna Eclipsed and Scare Master are two of the obvious ones, but my memory needs jogging and I'd like to put some of the best Halloween-themed episodes on queue for viewing later tonight.
  16. Hello, everypony are you guys gonna try the newest Halloween burger at BK called the Nightmare King I AM ? cost about 6.39 enjoy !
  17. I mostly passed out candy although I don't wear costume in this year or not Anyway Halloween is around the corner and it's one month ahead So what are you going to do during Halloween night
  18. Ugh. I accidentally, on-purpose ponified Jamie Lee Curtis. I was trying to go for an enraged, almost psychotic look and different angle from a scene from Halloween H20: 20 years later. But she just looks like an overly-angry mother. :/ Bleh, I'll try again later.
  19. Happy, colorful, amazingly sweet Candy on Easter The taste stays on your tongue Until Halloween rolls around You're on your last breath Dying eggs turns to death You climb up those tiring stairs To your scary old neighbor's house You open the door Expect a treat but get a trick You take a gasp of air in But that dioxide don't come out Until springtime rolls around All throughout winter There was no life The flowers wouldn't bloom The trees were full of gloom You had frostbite For that whole winter season Couldn't feel any pain You had nothing to lose or gain You had nothing at all Until Easter candy hit your tongue Washed out all that Halloween gunk You live for everything You have all your leaves You started to breathe You have it all Winter will come around again But you'll be prepared With a jacket and boots And Easter Candy on your tongue Springtime stands for happy Winter stands for run
  20. Hey everypony! With Nightmare Night fast approaching, we felt it time to reintroduce an old MLP Forums tradition and get ourselves into the festive spirit with a Nightmare Night themed art contest! This contest will be open to any and all, irrespective of artistic skill. Feel like you want to make a contribution to the holidays? Well, now is your chance! However, in the time-honored sense of fair competition, we do have one simple guideline for all entries to follow: That they depict a scene featuring at least one of our Poniverse Mascots. It's entirely up to yourselves who or how many you want to include, but we want to see what scenarios you can come up with under this heading. (If you need reminders or references of what our mascots look like, images will be included in the following post.) Entries can be submitted as of this announcement going live! All entries should be submitted to: Submissions end on October 31st at 2PM EST/1PM Central SHARP. So get cracking if you want the most amount of time to work! But wait...! You may be wondering what exactly is up for grabs in this contest? Well, I'm glad you asked! If your piece is selected to be a winner, you could be in with a shot of: First Place Prize: A special "Nightmare Night" badge applied to your profile to display your victory across the forum! You will also receive a complementary $35 commissions voucher to spend as you wish within our commissions section, as well as have your piece featured! Second Place Prize: You will receive a $25 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Third Place Prize: You will receive a $10 commissions voucher to spend as you please within our commissions section. Remember that you will need an active MLP Forums account in order to claim any of these prizes! If you have any additional questions relating to the contest, feel free to leave either a comment on this thread, or contact @Heart Container for assistance. And with all that said, I now declare this contest officially OPEN! Best of luck everypony!
  21. When the costumed hordes come to your door, how do you dish out their just rewards?
  23. Halloween is tomorrow (as of the time of posting) and I'm curious to know what your Jack-O-Lanterns look like. Pictures or descriptions are acceptable. I carved Venom into a pumpkin, as shown in my profile picture!
  24. The Journal of Morning Mist A Choose your own adventure story. Hello, everypony! I have been working on this project for the last several days and I am hoping to have it done and ready by Halloween. It is to be a choose-your-own-adventure series told in the form of journal entries that will be read to the viewer via narrated youtube video. Every journal entry will have 2 choices at the end of it, and every choice leads down a different narrative path centered around a newly discovered island and the mysterious and horrific civilization that once called it home. Mainly, I am just making sure I spread word about this sucker around. It's been a pain in my buttocks to put together and I'm still working on writing out the various paths and routes the viewer can take. Just so people know, I do fanfiction readings on Youtube. I'll have a link to said channel in my signature if anybody feels so inclined to take a look at what I can do.