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Found 4 results

  1. Well people keep saying that the hammer would simply go through. I find it hilarious that nobody has considered that the stone corners of the pedistal might be breakable. Everyponys view on this?
  2. this is timmy, a young killer with incredible strength. he wields a 500 pound hammer called the Crater Crusher, he has a demented mind and enjoys blood being splattered everywhere. (MWHAHA this is something you guys didnt expect, every entry i get for my armory adopt, i shall redraw and use later on in a very big project of mine! lets just say, timmy will be meeting some other contestants in a short while ) armory parts 1 and 2
  3. After deciding on which to "buy" for Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer with bits, I've decided to go with both the golden sickle with his initials on it and the Christmas Spirit (a holiday seasoned vodka). It's cool with the bits and all, I still have some. Happy Early Hearths Warming Eve, Dimitri. You cherry bomb, you.
  4. I came up with this poem for Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer as a caption for his Avatar. Nothing more, Nothing less Through the brightest day, and the blackest night my love for you, is the brightest light I'm here as your guard, so evil beware I'm here cause I love you, my beautiful mare To protect you from harm, I'll lay down my life I'd willingly die, at the tip of a knife And if before my time, I should die I beg of you, please don't cry For if I find myself, before Heaven's gate I'll tell Saint Peter, I have to wait Cause one these days, we'll reunite and on the wings of our love, we shall take flight Together we'll fly, of one heart and never again, will death do us part. ______________________________________ Any and all feedback is appreciated... Feel free to leave your comments and concerns for all my work!!! I love feed back because I can't get better if I don't know what is wrong in the first place...