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Found 8 results

  1. So traditionally we say "The palm of our hand" but as we all know ponies of course don't have hands they've got hooves. Ponies tend to have a "frog" which is the technical name for the underside of their hoof. I'm only asking because I don't think I'd hear a pony say: "In the frog of my hoof" it just seems weird. So what I want to know is, do they say "palm of our hoof" or "frog of our hoof?" I kind of lean toward the former rather than the latter.
  2. Hand vs hoof appendage wrestle? Which hold the advantage in let's say a hoof/hand wrestling match. Remove the pony's overpowered, super strength (I'm looking at you fan fiction writers) and make both the human and pony have similar strength, so it's just hand vs hoof. Would the human hold the advantage due to dexterity and overall flexibility? Or would the pony still win?
  3. So I'm going to give an example. Write name with hands: Maysun with elbow: m,zahyxsun with foot: mjavuyjsdeiiu7nmj
  4. Ok, here goes. I'm currently taking a course in college known as "Drawing for Design", and just as it's saying, it's basically Visual Arts for the TV Broadcast/Film (Movie) Industry (along with Game Development of course). I'm fine with drawing with reference pictures (in a mediocre manner), but this course is specifically supposed to prepare students like me to draw without using references, commonly known as drawing "Free-hand" (even without rulers). I am asking any Bronies here who are good with drawing with and/or without references to please give me some tips, tricks, exercises, etc. that helped you guys to keep up to speed with your drawing skills (assuming you actually know of them) that may help me as a newbie in the long run. It'll be very appreciated. Thanks again for your time.
  5. If the avatar above you needed help or was in danger (example) If it comes to logic you can base this off the user in general. But try to stick to fun humor xD (Lets not get too dirty xP...) Would you take time out of your life to help them xD
  6. I drew this for an assignment in my Drawing 2 class, and I would really like opinions on it...constructive criticism is welcomed!
  7. So...I've decided that my favorite pony is Luna! Yes, I love Fluttershy, but she's officially been moved to #2 on my list to make room for Luna! There are a few reasons why I've really come to like Luna. Primarily because I feel that I could best be emotionally vulnerable with Luna. And I also have a tendency to talk a little too loud. I have a habit of using my football stadium voice in a room no bigger than 8 by 10 feet. But I don't know what really changed my mind. All I know now is that I freaking LOVE Luna! And I know I can really relate to Luna in many ways. And then there are also those times where I just want to give Luna a hug! I could go on all day about why I like Luna. But it's late now. So here's my fan art I just used a pencil to freehand the original lines, solidified them with a Sharpie, and then I just colored it in with colored pencils. It's nothing special. I'm no professional. This is really just a hobby I do when inspiration hits me. And that happens only every once in a blue moon. I've never taken any lessons. I know there are problems with it. The eyes aren't the same size, my lines a little heavier in areas, and so forth. I don't mind constructive criticism, but until I get to the point where I want to take some lessons in freehanding, this is real probably as good as it gets for me. But I love it! And it's going to bring me smiles! Because when Luna smiles, I smile! I hope everypony likes it!