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Found 18 results

  1. Yes I'm a part of the trash can known as the furry fandom. I'm a pegasister too so why not? Anyway, I love making heads, tails and paws! I do have completed ones but lately I've been making bases for people who want to try their own hand at crafts. I like supporting beginner artists after all. Pony head bases will be coming soon as well! LunaLusterdust is my Instagram.
  2. All right, I'm searching for gift ideas. Since money is tight, cheap DIY/handmade gifts would be great, but I don't want it to be something boring or tacky. You can say "it's the thought that counts" but I do want to give a good gift, you know?So tel l me: what is the best handmade gift someone has given you? What have you made for others that was truly awesome and well-received?
  3. Uhm... okay... so I'm REALLY new in here, but might as well post my ... "things" right away, I guess. xD I sew a lot (when I've got enough money to order fabric, that is). However, at least in my opinion, I'm not that good at it yet. There's always room to improve tho and experience grows with each try. And, of course, critique also helps a bunch (as long as it's constructive). But, yeh, talking is boring, have some pictures (ordered by fabrication date): Apple Bloom Radiant Hope (Or something? xD) Greyworthy Sunshine Smiles They are all completely handmade. Fabric used is (oh surprise) shannon minky. Apple Bloom was... my very first sewed thing ever (except a pillow in middle-school). Radiant failed completely (d'oh). Greyworthy was actually a commission, and the person who ordered it was satisfied, so it's okay. And Sunshine Smiles went pretty well, except for her hair which needs improvements. But overall it's okay and I know where my errors are now. So... I... hope you like them at least a bit. And as I said, critique is welcome as long as it's productive. PS: I hope I'm in the correct section, I read through the rules and stuff but... welp. xD PPS: Please don't hit me... at least not too hard. PPPS: Excuse the photo quality, I started editing the pictures with Sunshine Smiles.
  4. Hey guys! So here's a thing: Not to waste your time - my boyfriend and i made this plushie Vinyl (It was mostly my bf work). She likes to lie on coach or under the blankets and her hair is so soft, i can comb it all my life And I think thats good but what r u guys thinking ab it? c: Thanks for comments \\0 P.S. She is on eBay already and we hope that she will be purchased by someone with golden heart and caring hands :3
  5. Hello there friends!! I opened a really tiny shop on Etsy and I know that getting known takes time, but can you guys look it over and tell me whats wrong with my items?? I really want to know if the description is bad, or even if the pictures are truly that terrible. I would like constructive criticism and some opinions on where I can advertise my shop. May you please help me?? The link shall be right here; please tell me what can be improved!!
  6. So I managed to finish my first sculpture it is of Dustykatt's (of Stay brony my friends podcast) OC, Overhaul. More info and pictures over on my DeviantArt page.
  7. I saw these amazing Plushies by EpicRainbowCraft on DevianArt and I was wondering if anypony made plushies themselves! If you do make sure to tell below! I'm sure everypony would love to have one themselves!
  8. So my mom has me doing a handmade ornament for my god mother for Christmas, but I also wanted to do one for our own tree. I'll eventually do the other mane six. It's not perfect, and nowhere near as good as the sketch I used for the outline but I still love how it turned out. I was kinda sad though, the pointy bit at the end of her hair towards the bottom kinda broke off when I was getting it off a pan after it finished baking
  9. As the title suggest, I'd like to know what pony related art could be created with about 450-500 soda tabs? I have them piling up in my desk for over 2 years now and I want to do some crafty pony art out of it, only nothing good comes to my mind atm. Any suggestion?
  10. I was wondering if anyone is interested in handmade MLP merch. I have a friend who is trying to get her home business off and running and she may be able to do some pony merch like beanies and stuffies and other accessories. I don't wanna break the rules by advertising it, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested. If so message me and I'll give you the link. Also if you can think of anything you'd like let me know and I'll see if she can do it. It's all crocheted stuff so it would take a bit and there are some restrictions as for what she can do, but I'm sure she'll have something you'll like. Let me know how interested you are in this idea please! Just and FYI she hasn't made anything yet so she won't have pics of the MLP stuff. However, she does have pics of other things.
  11. I'm in a plushie making kick for MLP, but I've mostly made ladies! I'd like suggestions on a stallion I should make now! I'm partial to Pegasus ponies, but I will take other suggestions!
  12. I decided this time as I'm working on a doll, I'd go ahead and give updates in my progression! And I decided to start off with Princess Celestia... mostly because I already had most of the supplies on hand (the beauty of hoarding fabric). If you have any more suggestions for characters to make (not just the ponies but others on the show) let me know!
  13. I made some convention badges for myself and my husband. Now if only I could convince him to take some time off and go to a pony con! : ) Made from cutout paper, some gel pen, and calligraphy inks. We're still trying to work out what our cutie marks would be! Thanks for looking!
  14. Made this for my rearview mirror! Rainbow Dash sculpture by DragonSquared, on Flickr Made out of Sculpey, some acrylic paints for the rainbow hair, and Rustolium clear varnish. I haven't sculpted anything in ages, but there are so many talented pony sculptors I got inspired to dig out some of the old sculpting clays! : Another shot of her in action on my Twitter. :} Thanks for looking everypony!
  15. This is a Stuffed Rainbow Dash I sewed from a pattern I modified. It's made from flannel and felt, craft foam, thread, and hot glue. (I used Flannel due to it's low price, availability, softness, and It was pretty close tot he color I needed) The Flannel was a bit disobedient when I tried to sew it together. If I had a sewing machine, I probably would have double stitched it. Her Cutie mark is made, and will be added soon... (She didn't do the Sonic Rainboom yet
  16. Hi there! I've been working on improving my pony pattern and finally have another pony to share. MLP FIM - Lyra plush by DragonSquared Studio, on Flickr A Lyra! Her cutie mark and eyes are hand embroidered, and she still needs some finishing details like her hair attached and a smile but she's almost done! Made out of minky with felt and embroidery thread details, stuffed with polyfil, and stands about 13" tall. I'm not open for custom commissions at this time, but will announce when I do on my deviantArt account for anyone interested! Thanks for looking!
  17. My Little Pony - Blank Flank Pegasus by DragonSquared Studio, on Flickr Just finished this handsome fella! (click the image for a bigger view!) He's made out of minky and polyfill, with some felt and embroidered details. The owner hasn't decided on a cutie mark yet, so he's a blank flank! I designed and drafted the pattern myself, he stands about 13" tall. Thanks for looking! : )
  18. Hey there, I recognized there were many ponies making a new topic for every drawn picture they´re making or for asking others to draw ponys they imagine. This thread should be about your selfmade pony art, pics or whatever to share it and get new inspiration. If you for example want to see any movie or video game character or just any scene you imagined ponified post it here and me and others will do our best to amke it as fine as possible. I know there´s a topic about OC drawing and this isn´t meant to be competitive in any way but i thought one thread for drawers would be nice. Next are my two first pictures, I posted them earlier, only for you to know my style... character: Bane movie: the dark knight rises based on: Pinkie Pie character: John Dillinger movie: Public Enemies based on: Big Macintosh Looking out to see all your beautiful art. Greets and love, Yo Dawg