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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 6 results

  1. Like Yvaine, Coriakin, and Ramandu (from Stardust and Narnia) being people who are actually stars (like the ones in the night sky), sometimes I consider some ponies to be "stars in pony bodies", such as Sunset, STARlight, Twilight, and Trixie (for their names or apperances), and Double Diamond (for him being a very cute WHITE pony -- he might be bright enough to burn stuff!). May I know, which ponies do you consider to be more like "stars" than ponies, as in having some form of relation with the stars of the night sky, or actually being "fallen stars from the sky"? That is, other than Celestia and her student Twilight, who are overrated choices?
  2. It's not a question actually, I just want to start a discussion that raised from the activity on this thread: as you can see, it's "rare" (lol/wut) to find "handsome/good looking" bronies in our fandom (though I would say that ours are very similar to anime, star wars even furry etc. but this is just about the brony fandom) and when said bronies admit to "normal" people what they like, they may be like "what? but you don't look like a fat ass nerd without a life to be liking ponies. ew" <--- just to spice things up catching my drift already? why the stigma of liking cartoons, videogames and technology is biased towards (sorry to say that) ugly, ungroomed, not attractive people since there are a lot of good looking people that shares the same interests. time to discuss, I'm out of ideas XD (sorry for this crappy first post as well, I have a headache and can't word things out correctly XD) let's limit the topic to the brony fandom, even with the similarities ok.
  3. Mesme Rize

    24. Harley Race

    Harley Leland Race (April 11, 1943), is a retired American professional wrestler and current promoter. During his career as a wrestler, he amassed eight National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight Championship reigns at a time when wrestlers rarely repeated as champion, and worked for all of the major wrestling promotions, including the NWA, the American Wrestling Association (AWA), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). His ring skill, legitimate toughness, and classic matches with the icons of professional wrestling make him a legend in the business.
  4. Messershmitt

    Borderlands and ponies

    I decided to make a Borderlands 2 mix up with MLP Characters,I've mixed Zero with rarity but i don't know who to mix up next
  5. Hi, people of...wherever the hell this is. Oh, and hello to you freaky horse things. Handsome Jack here. ...what? Whaddya mean I'm I've turned into horse?! Are those-- are those hooves?! Oh, for the love of-- man, Eridium sucks. So...hey, freaky horse-things. Looks like I'm one of you now. Heh...hehehe. Ain't that awkward. Must be a side effect of being near Eridium for too long. Anyway, this isn't a problem that my ridiculous wealth and mountains of resources can't solve. So while the boys are working on turning me back into my awesome self, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to answer a few questions you people might have. You can ask questions to, you mutant, talking horses. [i was gonna post an AaP with a human Handsome Jack, but that seemed...wrong. Figures there is one good picture of a ponified Handsome Jack around. Oh, and no guarantees that language won't be a problem later on.] [Also, for those who don't know: Handsome Jack is a dick. Please don't get offended by anything said here. It's just a roleplay.]
  6. Motion Spark

    I'm beautiful

    I swear I had a realization like if he wanted me to draw him like this and I just had to obey :/ his mane was a real challenge to make, I need to practice more realistic manes (if you don't know this pony, just click the link 'Beat Spark' on my siggy)