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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everypony, and when I mean everypony I'm talking to all the mares out there on there forums! If your a pegasister and would like to join a hangout group on Skype please let me know~! It would be nice for us girls to come together in a group and have hangout calls, it's like having a online sleepover but better! If your a girl and would love to join other pegasister's don't be shy come on in! If interested please leave our Skype in the comments below this post and let the fun times and building of new friendships begin~!
  2. Do you enjoy or are active in forensics and debate? If you do this is the place for you. This is a thread we can geek out in and share not only NFL experiences but we can also converse about other cool things. In your first post please list a bit about you and you Debate or Forensics experiences. Nice to meet you all. *Twirls pen* _____________________ Temp. : Likes: Dislikes: Events: Favorite flowing pen: Experience: _________________________ Likes: NFL( National Forensics League) Video games, science, and cuddly ponies. Dislikes: Hedgemony cases, Long drives, and Mcdonalds. Events: Public Forum Debate, International Extemp, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and traditional debate. Favorite Flowing pen: Bic ball point pens in a variety of colors. Experience: NFL member 1 year, 2 first place medals at different schools across kansas, and training with a great coach. I was recently promoted from a novice to a varsity.
  3. so, i was just wondering if there was any bronies around the picayune, MS - slidell, LA area. iv been feeling like a loner bronie since i moved away from my little brother. havnt found anyone in the area that is in to this fandom. never really thought about finding any in the past as i always had my brother to share it with, but like i said. i no longer live with him so iv been feeling like a loner bronie. if anyone is reading this please reply thx! Few ways you can contact me: xbox live: xX Dr Oreos Xx email: twitter: RetroGamerGeek ~brohoof
  4. I just joined the forum community earlier today. i stumbled upon it while googling hangout groups or skype groups for MLP. but google was confusing. any tips or ideas where to find them? i'm looking to make some new friends