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Found 8 results

  1. Lots of games like to give us multiple endings, as it helps with replayability. Sometimes they're happier than the original endings, sometimes they can be complete downers. But some are more memorable than others. One of my favorites was from Ace Attorney Justice For All Hell it's not just bad endings, just some alternate endings in general can be really entertaining. For how awful Star Fox Command's story was, Ending 9 is really fucking hilarious What are some alternate endings that struck your fancy?
  2. When i first heard My_Little_Pony_Equestria_Girls:_Friendship_Games i thought that everyone was going to argue about we won this and you cheated but now that i saw the trailer i know that my prediction is wrong. Click here to watch the first trailer: Click here to watch the second trailer:
  3. Guest

    Chrysalis Anti-Spiral

    I don't even need to explain why. I'm not one to request much... They need a crossover, it fits perfectly with both universes! Just... ... Please?
  4. Hello people. What did you think was happening the first time you saw a part of a MLP episode? I remember before I was a brony I saw the Fluttershy "love me" thing. I thought something like this:
  5. Just like the title says, soory if it already exists. Right now it feels like nothing bad can happen at all here, and I am bored. Think about what is going on in the house, what is the really worst thing that can happen right now? How would you react to that and what is the best that can happen right now? the probably worst thing possible here is me falling asleep again.... -_- (soory if i placed this a bit wrong and had bad grammar)
  6. Title is self explanatory, and please don't comment saying why one of these is a faulty idea. There's a reason why it says "never happen." Just want to share my ideas for their entertainment value. (These ideas pertain to the show and other related media) •Celestia fakes her death and retires Metroman Style (Megamind Reference) •Discord fights on the good side against a villain and sacrifices himself to save Fluttershy (not necessarily a death-sacrifice) •Actors Christopher Lee or Keith David voice a villain •Luna's romantic interest in Big Mac in the IDW comics becomes cannon to the show •Mare Do Well becomes her own character, and she is not one of the Mane 6. A mysterious mare assumes the identity •The Mane 6's singing talent is acknowledged in the cannon •Lunar Empire symbol appears in cannon or has a cameo •An eventual new character for a Mane 7 •Sweetie Belle Vending Machine as a decoration in the Gameloft App game
  7. So I may be a little late on seeing this awe-inspiring video, but I've yet to see a thread that has to do with pure discussion on it which surprised me. So for anyone who hasn't seen the video its here... For me, the video certainly is inspiring and clearly defines everything that I’ve learned thus far about the brony community. It made me take a step back and realize how amazing it is to be a part of such a large group of individuals who have come together to promote tolerance and love within today’s messed up world. It's message of friendship prevailing in 2012 seemed to capture the aspect of the shows theme and apply it to today’s relevant world, with bronies as the way forward. I have a feeling that the fanbase will become much MUCH bigger and help combat hate with a simple nonviolent message of friendship. But that’s just my thoughts xD. Make It Happen Everypony!