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Found 17 results

  1. What game that you know has the hardest Learning Curve? For me, that would be Eve Online.
  2. I have a few problems, How do I stop this? It crashes Windows 7. My mouse when I hold left button and slightly move, it highlights a whole paragraph or so. It didn't do this before. It's very irritating! Please help! I've been researching and it just does not help! For a whole 1 hour... Thanks...
  3. No Touhou thread? This is my chance! Yep, one of (if not the) the most prolific doujin games made now has its own thread at the MLPForums! Discuss anything Touhou, including favorite game(s), favorite character(s), and even inside jokes like watermelon Suika and overeating Yuyuko. First question to start off the topic: What's your favorite Touhou game? Mine is a tie for either Imperishable Night or Ten Desires. I don't know why, but they both just stand out to me in their own way.
  4. So I'm currently playing through Bayonetta on the WiiU and I must say that this game is extremely unforgiving! It's really freakin' hard. It requires you to learn how to use it's dodge thing where if you dodge an attack at the last possible moment you enter into slow motion called Witch Time where you can unleash combos upon your enemies. It's really hard to do though especially when you're fighting three to five huge things at once. So I was wondering, what games have you played that have made you frustrated beyond belief?
  5. Literally everybody seems to love the "thrill of the challenge" whenever they're playing a game so to speak. But not me. I hate hard games. In my opinion when a game is hard it just feels like work...I like to relax when I play games. I can't have fun if a game is frustrating. And to me that's all a hard or "challenging" game is. It's just frustrating not fun. Because I can't win...Lots of people say they don't like "piss easy" but I'll take piss easy over shit hard any day... Everybody else seems to love those games that are hard and unforgiving like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Fire Emblem, Ninja Gaiden, Dark Souls and godforbid the old NES and Genesis games... As for me I like games that are straightforward and easy like Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Spiderman Friend or Foe, Fire Emblem Awakening or Lego Star Wars etc. Maybe the reason why I don't like hard games is just because I'm terrible at videogames but still...
  6. So most MLP episodes aim to teach us some basic level about friendship or what is right or wrong. What if they were to make an episode on something that could really go either way or was difficult to discern what is right? Can you guys think of some good examples of stuff that you can see both point of views being somewhat right? Also, are there any episodes that you think already have a tricky moral? Just trying to get a good conversation started
  7. Atomic Zombie Smasher. Just let that sink in. You're probably thinking "It's a FPS about zombies. Seen that before" WRONG! You are a military commander and your job is to evacuate as many people as possible before they are eaten alive by the purple zombie horde (Zed as the game calls them). You only have a helicopter to start with and you have to get as many yellow dots to the evac zone as possible then hope the evac zone isn't overrun. Despite the game using dots for people and zombies it a charm. They are 3D so it doesn't look tacky. It makes little moments of drama using tiny dots. A lone zombie stumbles along the street. Around the corner are dozens of civilians waiting for the helicopter to arrive. You watch the purple dot helplessly as your ground team rushes to the rescue. It appears to be turning but instead harmlessly keeps walking missing the civilians as your team takes it out. A small group runs from a single zombie backing them into the end of the street. Just as the zed is about to infect them your snipers land the shot as your helicopter lands to take them out of the city. A cluster of people run from a huge group of zombies only to be stopped by a wall you put up to stop the zed from advancing. You watch helplessly as they scatter with no hope of survival each one picked off and turned. Your helicopter hastily loads civilians as the zombies approach. With a fraction of the living loaded your helicopter takes off as the pilot shouts into his radio that the LZ is hot. You are forced to call an artillery strike killing zed and any still living people in the overrun evac zone. I could put a few more put it drags on. You may think "Okay so after a few runs I can get a strategy down then it becomes repetitive. Nope! Early game you unlock many different types of troops from minelayers to a mobile ground team to artillery but there's a catch. You are given a random loadout of units every round. You may have a crack group of a ground team, snipers, dynamite squad, and zombie bait. The next you might have mines, your slow reloading artillery, and barricades. This game is insanely hard for both the new player and the veteran. Nine out of ten times the Zed will win by either a landslide or a few precious points. With every territory they hold they get points depending on the level. For every infected individual they gain one point. It may get to the point where if a evac isn't going well you call in an artillery strike on innocents to deny the enemy points. However if you kill all the Zed before nightfall you will capture the territory giving you twenty points every round. If you simply evacuate the area it is neutralized and no longer plays a role in the game. I'll then leave the rest of that to you. The soundtrack is good with tunes that don't get old (Often becasue you're paying more attention to playing). Did i mention this is in the Cold War era? It is. You'll have period music playing in the background as you frantically order your men around. The way it puts it's story is strange. The game is very good without it nevertheless. It gives you comic like strips of info every once and a while that alone will leave you clueless. You won't get them all after a few plays though as each game can last from an hour to many more. It depends on how fast the zed win. Another thing: luck is a big factor. Since the cities are random you may get a place to have a great chokepoint or open areas with no chance of keeping the evac zone clear for long. As the points add up more things unlock on the victory track. The victory track measures points and once you get far enough you unlock more but the Zed have the same system. You unlock weapons while they get things to use against you such as giant zed that you have to use explosives to kill. Expect failure! You might not always evac the territory and you will lose the game a lot. A LOT. If this hasn't convinced you this is a good game than... meh...
  8. Have any of you ever heard of the evil known as Winnie the Pooh's Home-Run Derby? Well, now you will. I challenge someone to beat it ((note this speech is not mine)) In the grim darkness of the Hundred Acre Wood, there is only baseball! For more than a hundred centuries the Dark Emperor Christopher Robin has ruled over the depths of the Hundred Acre Wood. He is the master of these woods by the will of the gods and master of every hectare by the might of his dark powers. To be a silly old bear in such times is to be one alone amongst untold suffering. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime of home run derby imaginable. This game is a tale of those times. It is a forest you can live in today -- if you dare -- for this is a dark and terrible place where you will find little comfort or hope. If you wish to take part in the adventure then prepare yourself: forget the power of joy, forget the promise of peace and understanding, for there is no respite in these woods, only an eternity of strikes and fouls and the mocking laughter of thirsting gods. The Hundred Acre Wood is a big place and, whatever happens, you will not be missed... As Winnie the Pooh, you seek no less than the utter destruction of Christopher Robin in the hopes that the Hundred Acre Wood may finally be free of endless tyranny and despair. The Dark Emperor is no fool, however, and has dispatched a number of guardians to strike down any would-be challengers to his rule. Do not be fooled by the innocent facade of a home run derby: to the Dark Emperor ripping out a bear's stuffing is trivial, but to shatter his spirit is sublime... Eeyore, the Broken Some see this pathetic creature as a mere pest, a challenge only to those who know not which way to hold the bat so that the Dark Emperor's more valued minions might deal with more pressing threats. Few know that this being's suffering runs far deeper... In the mists of history, far beyond the memories of man or bear, the creature now known as Eeyore challenged the might of the Dark Emperor for dominion over the Hundred Acre Wood. He was a far more potent foe in that forgotten age, and their battle raged for days, leaving the wood broken and scarred that in some places today have yet to fully heal. The Dark Emperor might have tasted defeat in that bygone era had it not been for a well-timed betrayal from one of Eeyore's closest confidants, and in that moment of weakness Christopher Robin struck down his foe, claiming his prize and damning the wood to an everlasting age of darkness. This was not to be the end for Eeyore, for Robin thought such a fate too kind for the sin of defiance. Stripping the once-mighty warrior of all of his powers and binding him with wards of weakness and obedience, the Dark Emperor tasked Eeyore to protect his throne for all eternity. It is thus the most hellish of fates: bound to his most hated enemy and reminded of his impotence with every pitch, Eeyore takes to every battle as a lost soul unable to die, and as a warning to all those who would defy the Dark Emperor's might. Heffalump, the Myrmidon The term "Heffalump" refers not to an individual, but rather an entire race of elephant-like creatures. They are the foot soldiers and enforcers of Christopher Robin's reign, for they possess all the ideal qualities for such a task: obedient, numerous, and expendable. In addition to dealing with intruders, the Heffalumps are also tasked to keep watch over Eeyore the Broken, both to make sure that he never escapes his damnation and to remind the pitiful creature that he has been reduced to an even lesser creature than the most insignificant of the Dark Emperor's minions. Piglet, the Craven Not all serve the Dark Emperor out of blind obedience or the promises of power: some can be made to serve out of fear. The one known as Piglet was once counted as Winnie the Pooh's closest friend and ally. Seeing this bond, Christopher Robin's thoughts turned dark as he contemplated how he might twist pervert it towards his own ends. Soon, in the quiet hours alone Piglet began to receive dreams and visions of the Hundred Acre Wood drowning in blood and despair, an even more desperate and hopeless place even compared to the Dark Emperor's rule. In every dream the central cause was the same: the "silly old bear." The message was clear: would you defy me to fight to establish a darker future? Piglet tried desperately to resist, forgoing even sleep in an attempt to avoid the visions that plagued his every restful moment. His willpower had never been considered anything of note even by his closest friends, however, and soon the poor creature arrived and kneeled before his new master, a gibbering and broken shell. While he is considered a stronger foe than a Huffleump, Robin expects little from the creature and its shattered mind. He is instead a message to the bear that would defy him, a message that there is no true fidelity in the Hundred Acre Wood and that to stand against the Dark Emperor is to truly stand alone. Kanga (and Roo): The Sorceress (and Apprentice) Should a challenger prove more than a match for the common rabble, Christopher Robin is not above committing his more powerful pawns to strike them down. Kanga and Roo are the first of these minions, blessed with a fraction of the Dark Emperor's power and more than willing to wield it against his foes. Like many of his most powerful servants, Kanga kneeled to the Dark Emperor of her own free will. For what reasons none can say: some claim that she joined in a selfish bid to increase her own power and standing in the Hundred Acre Wood, while others say that she was a true believer, drawn more to his vision and charisma than any temporal gain. Some go even further and claim that her son and heir was in fact sired with the Dark Emperor himself, although those fools who speak of such things openly invite only terrible reprisal. In the home run derby her power imbues the pitches she throws with what appears to be a "hopping" motion to the outside observer, although whether this is an intentional manifestation of her abilities or a subconscious manifestation of her species' proclivity to hop about is unknown. Regardless, the infernal power of these strange baseballs leave many would-be challengers baffled and broken, used to as they are the straightforward pitches of the Dark Emperor's lesser minions. Rabbit, the Betrayer Unlike Kanga, there is little doubt where Rabbit's loyalty truly lies. That is because Rabbit's betrayal was the catalyst that ensured the Dark Emperor's centuries of rule. It is said that in the distant past Eeyore called Rabbit a friend and ally. He was clever and resourceful, tempering Eeyore's raw strength with a cunning that made both a considerable threat to Christopher Robin. Alas, he was a vain and egotistical creature even in those bygone days, and grew increasingly embittered as people spoke endless praise of Eeyore as a great hero but left him condemned to the dustbin of history. It would be this wedge that the Dark Emperor would use to drive the two apart. Approaching Rabbit alone under the guise of "peaceful negotiations", Christopher Robin was able to prey upon Rabbit's bitterness and resentment, noting what an injustice it was that such a clever creature had not been given his proper due. He promised that he could ensure that Rabbit would never be forgotten, if only he would help deliver the great Eeyore into his hands. A part of Rabbit rebelled at the thought of betraying his closest friend, but the jealousy of years had poisoned his thoughts like a gangrenous limb left to rot and corrupt the rest of the body. And so was Eeyore betrayed as he prepared to deliver the deathblow to Christopher Robin: struck from behind, his momentary distraction was enough for Christopher Robin to turn the tables and thus condemn the once great warrior to endless servitude. True to his word, Rabbit has not been forgotten since then: all have heard of his betrayal, and all are wary around him less he trample them underfoot for even a momentary gain. His ego has not faded with the passing of centuries, and the Dark Emperor is said to keep him close not out of affinity, but in order to check his ambition lest he think of biting the hand that feeds... Owl, the Sage The sage is not easily roused, nor is he easily quelled. A lover of odd bibliotheca and forgotten knowledge, Owl is generally content to leave defending his master to his lessers as he pursues odd byways in his intellectual pursuits. Those who mistake his bookish ways for weakness and arouse his wrath are soon taught the foolishness of their error, as his zig-zagging pitches are known to drive lesser men to madness and despair. Owl revels in his authority as the Dark Emperor's sage, able to go where and when he wills, unconstrained by petty morality or mortal will. To Christopher Robin he is an ideal servant: powerful and compelled by initiative, yet content to obey and serve in exchange for his liberties. Thus, he is committed to the pitcher's mound only against opponents where his cunning justifies the risk: it is cold comfort to meet him on the field of battle, for it means that the Dark Emperor has dropped all pretense of restraint. Tigger, the Dark Trickster Woe betide any who would draw the attention of the Dark Emperor's most feared servant. Tigger serves not for power, but only so that he may partake of the cornucopia of suffering that such power enables. A cheerful facade and seemingly foolish demeanor disguises a bitter contempt for all life and a joy in the misery of others. None can say where the facade ends and the real Tigger begins, for he has played the role so long that the lines have blurred and even he has forgotten where the mask meets the monster beneath. Such questions are meaningless to his victims, as they are left impotent by thrown baseballs that seemingly disappear from sight with no apparent explanation. No one believes that Tigger serves Christopher Robin out of any true loyalty, but to a creature who is both empowered and compelled by mere whimsy to inflict misery on others such a concept is a distinction without a difference. To the Dark Emperor this happily serves in the place of fidelity, and in all his years of service Tigger has yet to disappoint his master. ? Christopher Robin, the Dark Emperor of the Hundred Acre Wood Those who defy the master of the Hundred Acre Wood shall be judged harshly for their transgressions. Few have ever witnessed the Dark Emperor's power, and those few who have cannot speak of it for such a display leaves all but the strongest wills as broken husks. The Blood Games Known colloquially as a "home run derby", a euphemism encouraged by Christopher Robin himself to lead the foolish and unprepared to ruin. The game is simple: score the minimum number of home runs in a certain number of pitches. Fouls and non-home runs (hits, or ??? in the blasphemous runes of a long forgotten tongue) do not count, for such pitiful displays do not impress the master of the Hundred Acre Wood. The Blood Games end only when Christopher Robin lies shattered and broken, or the challenger does: in theory the challenger can simply walk away at any time, but all inevitably slide into insanity and despair as their ambitions are frustrated and damn themselves before they are even aware that they have traveled down a one-way path.
  9. I'll make this review short, once you pick it up, you will want to throw your phone across the room but for some reason never want to stop playing forever
  10. I'm facing somewhat hard times right now. My dad just shipped off to Afganastan for six months to help with the pullout. Despite this being the seventh time he's gone off to war it's still hard without him being around. My situation may not be as bad as others but these are some of the hardest times of my life. For those who have it worse than me: Remember. Life is like a jump rope. It'll get better.
  11. So, in todays age of games that seem to tender more towards squeezing money from the consumer rather than providing them with a quality experience, what games have you played that still provide you with a challenge when you play? You may guess what inspired me to create this, I recently purchased Bioshock Infinite, and before I play that I figured I would celebrate by going through the first 2 on Hard difficulty. It wasn't until I had to fight my first Big Daddy that I realised exactly how hard it was, and it's safe to say it's enough of a game to give me a challenge. Another would be the original Halo trilogy, Halo CE on Legendary was incredibly challenging, but doable with some perseverance, but that's an old game, much like Halo 2 - back when games at least had an illusion of wanting to be a great experience. So, any similar experiences with challenging games that break the monotony of today's 5 year old fan base?
  12. It's simple. What is the hardest thing for you to roleplay? For me, I'd have to say fighting/tournament RPs. In these RPs, it is SO tempting to godmod/powerplay/go OP. This is due to the fact that each player wants to win. I struggled with this in an RP, which sadly I had to withdraw from. The fact that you have to be fair in this type of RP constitutes to why each fight between each character is very long. They can't go for so long and soon it has to end, and this is where I struggle the most. I try to end it quickly, but I might godmod without being conscious of it, until someone catches me doing it.
  13. A remix i made of rainbow factory in less than 2 hours would love some honest feedback ,and as always i love all of you and hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it
  14. Zelda games aren't really that difficult combat wise, but they can be mentally frustrating. What's the hardest temple/dungeon to you?
  15. I am searching for someone adept in the arts to draw my newest OC, Alora. Everything necessary can be found below and, if I like your work enough, I may gift you with one of my more complex art requests. I may particularly like for someone to draw me a vector, seeing as I have all the hex codes listed and I DESPERATELY need one. She a complex character, do you have the raw talent necessary to properly re-create her?
  16. So, My school district's exam season is starting up, with two state tests in November and an ACT scheduled for sometime in December. This means my school/social life is going to slow to everything, but a halt. Since reality is going to be a bit more...for lack of a better word, Boring for a while I'll be living in these forums for a while. See you around! P.S Here's a picture of Pinkie to make you smile today.
  17. Hi, I'm hupondroid. I'm already a pretty good composer, But there's just this one thing that I can't seem to get the hang of. Dubstep. I really like dubstep, and I would like to produce dubstep, but it would seem (I think) that my only limitation is that I don't know how. So, got any resources I can learn from? Or any advice for a quasi-semi-newb? Edit: I currently have (and use) FL Studio, with Native Instruments Komplete