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Found 44 results

  1. Is this not already a thing? Somehow I would've expected a Brony variant of the "What's your sign?" question that is common in metaphysical circles. So... what's your element? If you were a keeper of one of the Elements of Harmony, which one would it be? Which one defines you the most at the core? Much to my surprise, it seems to have turned out that Loyalty was mine. I always would've expected Laughter but that ended up coming in second place. Loyalty explains way too much about how my life has gone. (I'm a bit surprised to not have already found a thread like this. If my search-fu is just failing me, mods in the know feel free to merge.)
  2. I've bumped into something - I'll need to place BOSS HP BAR somewhere, but the current HUD gave me a bad time organizing the layout. Sooooo yeah, I've been thonking on the HUD again, because why not. For a reference, this is how it looked like so far: I was trying to put it somewhere to the right, but the screen was getting somewhat clogged up. ...So I've tried to place is somewhere at the bottom - the spells were on my way. Also I was toying with the general design (see the top-left corner). Red for the HP Bar seems to work better, considering that other bars have colors based on the icons attached to them. The green was out of place there. But getting back to the BOSS HP Bar--- I've tried to move the spells to the top, to have everything in one corner... ...and here made some more science as well, to make it all more compact. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, that IN ALL DESIGNS the breath bar disappears once Twi leaves water. You won't see that bar most of the time, hence why it doesn't have to be nicely attached to the rest of elements. Also I was thinking on the spell icons - maybe instead of these little bars representing energy, they could have that in their backgrounds? That seems to be making it easier to tell how much energy do the spells have. ...But it still appears kind of messy, doesn't it? So I took a suggestion I got ages ago into consideration - that Twi's face isn't needed there. I tried simplifying the design... ...and was checking if fancy boss hp bars would be a good idea... Looks cool! -I think, but it's too distracting, so I believe going with minimalist design will work better. As for the rest--- hmm... not sure, maybe trying something different? Let's flip some things! There, It looks really simple, but it doesn't cover that much of space. It's just practical and considering, that there may be many things happening on screen, I think this is what I'll go with, at least for now, hah; Pretty sure I'll be adjusting things again in the future. So yeah, this is what I got lately. What do you think about these funny designs? That's all for now! Thanks for visiting! Also I'm terribly sorry for my grammar and English in general, it's past 7 AM and I'm really, really tired. Going to sleep now.
  3. So the Tree of Harmony is just sitting in the Everfree Forest, completely unprotected and open for anypony to just mess with it? I would've assumed there would be some level of protection with it, at least when they were elements Celestia had them locked away. I understand that the Everfree Forest gives some protection but any ole Pegasus can just fly above it (except Fluttershy, for some reason). Dont you guys believe the Tree of Harmony should have some sort of security/protection and, if so, what kind/type?
  4. Equestria is a very powerful land/world (disclaimer: When I see Equestria I mean the planet, not the country) It has a strong force of friendship/harmony that can ward off even the most powerful other worldy foes like Discord. Harmony and the magic of friendship are one in the same and it is the most powerful magic in the MLP universe, but it is possible that Equestria is the last world with harmony, that the universe is drowned in Darkness and our lovely equines, fierce dragons, strong Yaks, and happy changelings the only thing left with light inside of them? I think it is certainly possible if you look at a few factors. One of them being Discord himself, he is not native to Equestria, is is the spirit and manifestation of chaos itself and hails from his own dimension, seeing as how he brings up the universe in casual conversation, and has access to every reality and non reality, that means he can go to any world in the universe. Yet he chose Equestria, because that is where the Elements of Harmony were, that was where any harmony was left, that was where he could actually fulfill his purpose of bringing disharmony, because it is the only place left with true harmony. The Pony of Shadows says "Once I extinguish the light, and hope of this miserable world" You could assume that means he is only after Equestria and screw the universe. Or, you could look at in a different way. Perhaps the shadow had already destroyed the light of all other worlds, and was somehow defeated before landing on Equestria, where it waited for a pony to come to it, so the shadow could take over, and destroy the last world of light. In Legends of Magic #1, Luna opens a portal to another world, and it is ridden with darkness and evil beings who want to use the evil inside of Luna for themselves, they also seem to know what is going to happen with Nightmare Moon, the same way it is implied the Tree of Harmony and the magic of Harmony itself knew that there was a greater purpose for Twilight. Starswirl says many worlds are evil. I think that during that time, most worlds were being devoured by creatures feasting off of the "light" of every world. "Many of those worlds contain evils worse than you can dream. Evils that have devoured the light of their own world, and hunger for a taste of a new world." -Starswirl I think this could imply that these "dark beings" (potentially controlled by "The Darkness" were going from planet to planet and destroying the light within them. Now very few worlds not shrouded in Darkness remain. And the only one with the power to stand against the darkness, is the world where the light shines the brightest in every pony, Equestria. I think that the light the pillars have and used to create the tree isn't so much their light magic, but the light magic of the universe being used to create a conduit for the lights power, so that it could one day gift a pony of destiny, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends. With the power to destroy (and sometimes reform) darkness for good.
  5. People have dreamed of an ultimate peaceful world with no worries, no war and absolute harmony. But when you actually think about it, most people don't really understand the true meaning harmony and rather mistake harmony with peace, considering ultimate peace is not achievable in a realistic way in our known universe. It all starts with turning on your Television and seeing war around the world, which for many people consider as a consider as a conflict. But conflicts don't just happen on the battlefield, they happen in our everyday life, be it in our jobs, when we are sick, when we argue with our friends and family, wherever you essentially go. Now you probably say, that it would be better to just go along with what the other say. But that is not good. A good argument and conflict can make you stronger physically or from a social standpoint. Believe it or not, if we look inside of our bodies there is a big conflict going on as we speak. If anyone of you have a microscope, try to squeeze out a little bit of blood and you see under the microscope that there is a big conflict is going, between millions of red and white blood cells. Without this conflict, our Body just can't work and Life as we know it would just not exist on this planet. war and peace must coexist in the same universe to create harmony, else this universe wouldn't work.
  6. Oh, Sunset. Even if you're not technically canon on the main series, you're a part of my heart. The image is not Sunset focused, nor Twilight. It's about the feeling and the spectrum of emotions that means to have someone to care about. The decisions we make are all we are, and the way we express our love and care is what defines the relations we make on this terrifying world. Don't let your love fade. Feed it. Make it grow. Maybe you'll save someone else's life. Twitter! deviantArt!
  7. Does anypony/body else think Twilight Sparkle is the embodiment of ALL the elements, after she became an alicorn? I have some evidence on it below. After Twilight's transformation Celestia tells her she's demonstrated each of the elements... The alicorn is an Earth Pony, Unicorn, and Pegasus all in one. The mane six has two of each race. Twilight's cutiemark also represents the same point (As explained in the chart, I made, below)
  8. Twilight Sparkle is the element of magic, as we all know. From a young age, she displayed phenomenal magical ability (though, inadvertently from a Sonic Rainboom), and thus was taken upon by Celestia herself to study magic perhaps for her entire life. Between the time she got her cutie mark and her arrival to Ponyville, her lack of a social life must have had a big impact on her magical ability even more - she was able to tame that magic instead of unleashing all of it in a single stroke. That said, she was too busy to make any friends. However, she finally understood what it all meant after letting "true friendship into her heart" right before she and the Mane 6 defeated Nightmare Moon. We know the phrase "Friendship Is Magic" - is it possible to be the best friend one could hope for, and that alone can constitute as being the Element of Magic? Can a unicorn become so gifted in Friendship alone that he/she can suddenly possess unbelievable magical ability?
  9. my theory is that the tree of harmony is influenced by all life, and if the balance of good and evil was shifted the tree could be destroyed or turn into a tree of disharmony. i also have another theory that the alternate timelines in the cutie remark are now alternate universes. if both these theories are true, that would mean that the tree is in trouble, because the tree of harmony exists simultaneously in every universe as seen in the cutie remark, and is thus effected by all new universes created in the finale! since there were only 2 universes before the season 5 finale, and each one was peaceful, the tree was safe and all was well, but now there are more chaotic universes than there are harmonic universes in the mlp multiverse which leads me to the conclusion that the balance of harmony has been broken and all of tartarus is about to break loose! it may take awhile, but eventually the tree will be destroyed or become the tree of disharmony! if the mane 6 cannot save the day, the mlp multiverse is doomed! according to my theory.
  10. hopkey123

    Bad Harmony

    I'm not sure if it'll pull it up here, but if not, you can click on the link. It's a My Little Pony version of "Bad Apple!!" by Touhou Project. I take no credit whatsoever, just trying to get the song around.
  11. I was kind of bored one day, and so I wrote one of my OC's studies into magical theory. This will be one of my first Orion's Headcanon episodes, detailing my thoughts on Equestria in general. On Unifying Harmony A Letter To The Equestrian Academy of Sciences, by Wilhelm de Winter Unifying Harmony is the understructure of the Equestrian universe. Some ponies have alikened it to a God, but it is in fact more akin to the electromagnetic force; equally as fundamental and omnipresent, but a force, not a sentient being. The Unifying Harmony, instead of manifesting itself through particles like other fundamental forces, manifests itself through the thoughts and actions of other sentient beings, creating a harmonic field (termed by Starswirl the Bearded) which influences all beings within it to act in a subconsciously harmony-effacing manner. The Unifying Harmony and its effects have lead to the unprecedented societal and cultural growth of Equestrian society, also causing the stagnation of military technology due to it being obstructive to harmony between races, creeds, and powers. Alicorns have the greatest presence of Unifying Harmony manifestation, and as such, are invariably good (with the exception of Nightmare Moon, which was an infection by a parasite that propagates through sentient being and feeds off of specific brainwave patterns that are akin to hate, rage, and sorrow, indirectly amplifying these traits in a way like growing food) and often extremely powerful due to fundamental changes in the fabric of reality around them, such as unicorn telekinesis and pegasus flight. While the two aforementioned races have much lower Harmony concentrations than alicorns, unicorns and pegasi are still able to affect changes in fundamental forces, such as matter and field manipulation and gravitational lessening/localized weather-related probabilistic increases, respectively. Earth ponies, meanwhile, have their Harmony predilections manifest in increased strength and endurance, which belies biological changes in the average pony body. With the notable exception of Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic, and Mi Amore Cadenza, the Princess of Love, ponies will not become an alicorn unless they possess already large concentrations of Harmony (manifested as increased power and above-average "goodness"). To a reasonable degree, Harmony manifests in probabilistically generated ways (see Chaos Theory (Non-Discord)), which some philosophers use to argue for predestination and predefined goodness or evil. The Elements of Harmony are unique artifacts which channel the Bearers' individual concentrations of Harmony (which are usually above-average but not too much so) and amplifying it with Equestria's underlying Unifying Harmonic Fields, usually resulting in at least several magnitudes of order higher power than using another artifact which merely channels normal concentrations of Harmony. However, due to the harmonic considerations of Universal Harmony, the Elements will never be able to be used against someone who has not disrupted the harmonic field in some manner; defined as a "evil" being such as Tirek or Sombra. Cutie Marks, in of themselves, are a manifestation of Harmony; once a pony discovers their unique talent, the Unifying Harmony gives them their Cutie Mark, which works as a sort of subfield tracker, causing the harmonic fields to guide that pony to quite literally do what they love doing. With a Cutie Mark, Harmony causes the average pony's surroundings to allow it opportunities to do what they do best. Due to the immense diversity of pony talents, there is usually a place for a pony everywhere in society, but if not, the Harmony-influenced Equestrian society will usually open a new position for them specifically. In certain sectors such as agriculture, this has lead to a noticeable bloat of ponies connected with the industry, but considering the rapid population growth forecasted to occur in further years (likely due to another influence of Harmony) the worker surplus will rapidly decrease due to increased demand. Scattered across Equestria are several temples which were created by primitive ponies to pray for rain or better crops or fertility; these ponies constructed these on existing Harmony Lines, where natural Equestrian harmonic fields are most present. Inadvertently, they also created foci for the harmonic fields, which many prominent Harmony scientists credit the rapid growth of Equestrian culture to its modern levels to. One formerly large but now ruined temple is located in Dunwall Province; this formerly possessed one of the greatest Harmony Line Points, but due to the wars fought over this piece of land (purportedly connected with the greatest failure of Harmony to date; namely, the chaotic destabilization caused by Discord), the Point has become shrunken and ineffective, manifesting its Harmony only in the still-immaculate condition of the ruined temple's pillars and the rampant plant life surrounding the area. Reportedly, the waters around it are also exceptionally clear, and the ponies who live in Dunwall over their lifetimes live a few months longer than usual, easily correlatable with similar results from other settled Points. It is unknown what the effects of staying within a few pony-lengths of such a metaphysically powerful object would entail, but it is theorized that it would lead to near-alicorn lifetime periods and a unquestionably good disposition. Speaking of alicorns, we may as well discuss them as our conclusion. Alicorns, while fundamentally good and also powerful, grow in power through influence of friendship and various other activities which are known to increase Harmony concentrations. Alicorns such as Celestia and Luna have lived for thousands of years, and as such, have made many friends and participated in many such activities, leading to immense growth in power over their lifetimes. Considering that alicorns are connected to things that fundamentally promote harmony, activities such as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's continuation of the day-night cycle lead to growth of concentrations of harmony in unprecedented amounts, which can be correlated with the two newly minted alicorns' demesenes of Friendship and Love. It is theorized that over time, the impressive statures, powers, and flowing manes of the elder alicorns will also appear in the younger alicorns as they grow older and more involved in the workings and propagation of Unifying Harmony. Strangely, according to the two sisters themselves, they were born with their powers over sun and moon, but this can be easily explained by Harmony being more easily facilitated with dedicated alicorns instead of a committee of unicorns to perform one of the processes most greatly associated with harmony over the ages.
  12. Re-watching a few older episodes, I got to Princess Twilight Sparkle's two-parter, and there were a few things that hit me that kinda makes me worry about the future. 1: Are alicorns evil? Are Zebra's the true masterminds? I ask this because, quite frankly- Zecora. She came onto the scene with that potion that could only respond to alicorn magic. Not to mention, that potion bottle looked straight up evil, with the figures with the red eyes and all on the rim. WHY did she have such a thing in the first place? And did anyone notice that Twilight used DARK MAGIC to activate the potion? Zecora straight up said that what was needed is Alicorn magic. So if Twilight used Dark magic, then that has to mean that Alicorn magic IS evil. And Zecora knew exactly what the potion did because she explained it to Twilight. So that would mean that Zecora made the potion herself, to know exactly the effects it'd have, AND was using dark magic- alicorn magic- to temper with it, as well. As scary as the thought is that Zebras can have the means to have the “all powerful” alicorn race wrapped around their hooves and in actuality, be the ones secretly in control; or that the Zebra's have a questionably sketchy agenda, messing with alicorn (dark) magic in the first place, it's actually an interesting prospect. 2: Celestia acting in opposition with the Tree of Harmony? Gotta question this, because I don't think anyone else has. The Tree of Harmony has only 3 cutie mark symbols on it; sun moon, and Twilight's star. This means that she tree intended for there to be 3 alicorn princesses. But yet, there are 4. Cadance. (and likely 5, eventually, if Sunset Shimmer becomes one) It was Celestia who took Cadance in as her niece, and set her up to be a princess, knowing full well that Cadance's mark wasn't on the Tree of Harmony. Is sunbutt going against the Tree of Harmony's harmonic agenda? I mean, she has to, right? Why else wouldn't Cadance's butt mark be on the tree? 3: Sunset Shimmer's lack of cutie mark on the Tree implies that she won't (or shouldn't) become an alicorn princess? Not unless sunbutt decides she should, I guess. I can just see sunbutt justifying this and doing graffiti of Sunny & Cadance's marks on the Tree. Alicorns can get away with anything, because “goddess”! 4: Now that the physical elements are back in the tree, this means that somepony else can take hold of them. While most likely that somepony else will have to be 6 who embody said elements, just as the main 6 do, it's still a very real possibility that such a situation could happen, while the Mane 6 are on the scene. And seeing as how we've been witness to magic that just plain deactivates the elements entirely, I don't even think that 6 ponies who embody their powers would be required. Some bad guy with enough magic to use the EoH for evil can just waltz up, snatch them, and use them against the mane 6. (personally, I'd like to see this happen as well, with the M6 going up against the elements that drew them together) 5: Discord is in possession of Zecora's potion. Again....this scares me. Really. The last person seen with the 'alicorn magic' potion that we saw Zecora hand off to Twilight, was Discord, near the end of the 2 parter. And the bottle still containing leftover potion. Guys. GUYS. A not-so reformed draconequuis chaos spirit has a dangerous dark magic “alicorn” potion. We. Should. Be. Wetting. Ourselves.
  13. I have always felt that while Pinkie is really valuable to her friends, for the purpose of the show, she's only ever served as a comic relief for the main cast. Her element is laughter, but that seems just so ambiguous- it's not like "happiness"/"joy", and most of the time she expresses her element through parties and her personal energy. But in the context of Equestria and its actual problems, it seems like the Element of Laughter isn't one that really helps the team all that much. I have always felt that the elements are rather mis-weighted (kindness vs. generosity? Loyalty vs. honesty? and then LAUGHTER??), and I just find it hard to say that laughter/joy is technically virtuous. The other 4 (minus TS) have character traits, but Pinkie has more of a "talent" or a mood. How often has Pinkie's element actually helped the team? :okiedokielokie: What do you guys think about this? P.S. I don't mean to bash on Pinkie- I still love her!
  14. I believe there is a lesson learned in most episodes from the show, mostly pertaining to the Elements of Harmony aka Mane Six. So I had a thought, what about the other ponies? What element would make them unique? To start off, I would say Luna is the element of Patience (being on the moon for a millennium), but other elements would link to her as well, but I think patience is more fulfilling. There are signs in the show that describes her being concerned about Twilly before she became a princess, worrying if she would fail, I assume. She seemed to let time pass her by, let things change as they will, observing her surroundings. There are times I noticed when a pony temporarily loses their element, like Fluttershy being kindness tends to show assertiveness or anger, Pinkie being Laughter, tends to show insecurity and sadness, etc. So back to Luna being jealous of her sister showed she was becoming impatient maybe? An element of harmony could mean polar opposites at times? Also, Celestia would probably be the element of Wisdom for obvious reasons. Any other ponies that come to mind being an element or sub-element? Background ponies? Anything to hint what their element would or could be.
  15. Well, I finally decided to draw this pretty pony! This OC is NOT owned by me, it is owned and designed by the wonderful Heilos on DA! - Harmony is the the ponified version of the Tree of Harmony, and Heilos did an amazing job at creating it! I've always loved this pony design, and I decided to finally draw her and have it be a Christmas gift for Heilos! c: ----------
  16. Do the Mane 6 / MLPFiM characters influence /reflect your choice of girlfriend / friends? Does anyone here have friends or want friends that have the virtues of the characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Especially the Mane 6? I wonder if, what with the inherently feminist message of MLP:FiM, that there are dudes who have been influenced by the characters on this show to have a preference for girls who have friendly, personalities. Then there's physical appearance, to some degree in the form of mane shapes and human hair... if you want to talk about that... but I personally am not so into that. I, for example adore Rarity's cuteness and beauty as a pony, but believe that her mane shape, moreso than any other pony can't truly be translated onto a human head. And females, I ask you, do you ever relate the cute adorable girlfriend moments that the ponies do here? Mane 6 or Cutie Mark Crusaders maybe? Sacred sisterly-ness?
  17. Starting off, I understand that not everyone will have the same beliefs, and I respect that, I hope you'll respect my beliefs, views and opinions. I decided to put this blog together to 1.) Share my faith in a way that is relatable, and 2.) To combine scriptures and MLP together in harmony ( like elements of harmony ). I ask that if you are going to comment, to comment in a way that won't start any unnecessary drama or hate, but to comment nice things ( channel Fluttershy).
  18. Alright guys...I need to ask a serious may not seem serious to you, but your answers will mean a lot to me. Confused? probably...let me explain. We all know the story of Discord... In "Return of Harmony" we saw him take away the very essences of our beloved ponies, we saw him turn the world upside down, ruin cherished objects of others, and just overall show no respect for people's boundaries, lives, or property. But then, in "Keep Calm, and Flutter On" we saw the reform of Discord...we saw a lot put at risk, to trust in someone's word of "I've changed...I'm good now." And to be honest, it kinda failed...Discord betrayed everypony as soon as he got the chance...He had a change of heart at the end of course...but here's the thing... Put yourself in the pony's hooves...if you had personal attacks done to you, by someone who only cared about benefiting themselves, even to the point of violence...and suddenly, he turns around and says..."I didn't mean it, you can trust me's something (money, promises, items) as a sign of friendship" Should you really trust that? I mean...I believe strongly in forgiveness...but also, in being intelligent... I'd forgive the individual, but avoid them, until I was absolutely sure there was a legitimate change... I am asking all this, because I'm going through a situation right now that mirrors EXACTLY what transpired in "Return to Harmony" and "Keep calm and flutter on"...and I don't know if I should trust this person who contacted me saying "I'm different now, here, have these things." Mainly because in "Twilights Kingdom"...Discord did some terrible damage after being trusted again...damage that included the destruction of twilight's house, loss of power to every pony in equestria, and possibly lives/civilizations at stake. Is it really worth to take such a big risk just based on someone's word/action? Especially if they're known to be devious and untrustworthy? What do you think?
  19. What do you think happens when an element of harmony no longer has a bearer? If let's say one of the bearers had a tragic change of heart and would stop representing their respective element? What would happen years into the future (as the elements do nothing to advance the ponies' longevity, obviously). Would a potential bearer need to befriend the other bearers? On a side note... could a single element have MULTIPLE ponies capable of calling on it's power?
  20. Hello! I am SparkleShy, and I have made a website called MLP Wiki is a my little pony wiki, hence the name! I need YOUR help to help make this happen! I need people experienced with the MediaWiki software to help me out with post formatting and I need some very deep anylizers that can update articles about the main charactars of the show. I currently require: Developer: I am such a noob with MWIKI, I need a developer that will be entrusted with the FTP server and SysOP privladges. (1 required) SysOP's: Help maintain posts, rollback vandilization, and protect articles with high levels of said vandilization. (5 required) Rollbacker: Rolls back vandalism. Basically a moderator. (10 required) Trusted: Can edit protected pages, (20 required, mainly maintains the mane 6 articles and other stuff.) Contributer: YOU! [hopefully] (∞ required) Ok. Fine. You can make articles about your OC's.
  21. I've been looking at the episodes list of Season 4, i.e. the season finale 2-parter "Twilight's Kingdom", and something struck me: Remember when I said in my Symbolism thread that there seems to be some correspondence between the Elements of Harmony & the stained glass in Celestia's palace and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life?Let me refresh your memory if you don't: After seeing the Season 4's opening 2-parter, "Princess Twilight Sparkle", I think this correspondence doesn't seem to be a mere coincidence anymore (as some objected in the Symbolism thread), because we've learned from that episode that the Elements of Harmony actually grows on trees Notice how they surround the "concealed" Sefirot of Magic (Da'at), where you can find Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark symbol. Below there are Sun and Moon symbols of Celestia and Luna. And guess what: they're there at the same exact places on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life! Does anyone still think that this is a coincidence? But that's not what I wanted to write about, so let's get on topic: The bottom-most Sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is called "Malkhut", which in Hebrew means "Kingdom"! And we've all seen at the end of Season 4's opening that the Tree of Harmony gave birth to that intriguing little blue box with six keyholes. It has grown from its roots, appearing inside a blue flower. We've been waiting the whole Season to see what's inside this box. Now, when almost all the keys has been completed, and there's no doubt that Twilight's key would appear in the Season 4's finale, which is titled "Twilight's Kingdom", we can safely assume, that these things will be related somehow. For me, it is now clear that the Tree of Harmony is a metaphor of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and I speculate that the title of the episode, "Twilight's Kingdom" is also not coincidental: it seems to correspond to the bottom-most Sefirot of the Tree of Life, which is also called "Kingdom"! The Kingdom is actually the first step from 10 in the path to God (called Ayn Sof in Kabbalah), which is above the top-most Sefirot of the tree, called the Crown. As you can see on the pictures above, the Kingdom Sefirot is related to the four Greek Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) and the physical world. As we seen in "Magic Duel" episode, Twilight Sparkle has already mastered all four Elements of the physical world, when she has been shown in a symbolic context of The Magician card from Tarot's Major Arcana set: (more on that here and here), which makes the correspondence even stronger. What do you think about all this stuff?
  22. Has anyone noticed the creepy hegemony justifying aspect in some fan fiction? (I shall not name it and it's in some others, not just 'that one'.) I personally find hegemony, as one of the most evil things one could ever do. Instead of trying to understand, learn and work together despite differences you destroy the other race and their culture, because they are 'inherently evil' and do not deserve mercy. What sickens me the most, in these stories the Ponies preach 'harmony', but what they actually doing is hegemony. 'Hegemony', by destroying or forcing all others to become 'perfect' Ponies to all lesser races beneath the Ponies. These fan fiction writers don't seem to realize they've just turned the Ponies into the Reapers from Mass Effect.
  23. I've been making a lot of acapellas in my spare time lately. Some good, some utter crap. But this one turned out pretty good... for the most part. You may remember I released a Pokemon acapella not to long ago. You can find it here; I don't know if you guys find the top part adds to it or just sounds plain annoying. But it is what it is. But anyways, enjoy it, it's yours to keep. Harry Potter Theme 2 (Custom Chords).mp3
  24. Here a better artwork of my pony Rocket Star is born !!!