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Found 25 results

  1. Fan made Novel "Hidden Secrets of the Potters'' Log Line ''The Greatest Threats are the ones you Can Not See and Know Nothing About.'' During the pregnancy of their second child, Harry Potter, his six year old sister Maple Rose Potter , mysteriously vanished without a trace. The Potters Consumed in grief, yet knowing the importance to make sure their second child was born healthy and well. Were forced to wait until the birth of their child, to continue their search. yet as the time grows close a new threat is made known to the Potter family. Not to long after the birth of their son, the potters fall victim to the the threat that took both their lives. Harry's mother quickly casting a magic spell protecting their child from the dangers that threaten to take his life. As Harry Grows Up, Making many friends, defeating many foe's. Successful in The final battle to help set the balance of good and evil. Harry Potter Married and had a family two sons and a Daughter... Yet this is merely the start of his life.., Late one night, Harry Potter in his study, hearing a faint knock at the door. "'Come in the door is open.'' Lilly Luna Potter quickly enters her fathers study, closing the door shut. Looking distress full of worry'' Father my friend needs your help...'' Harry looking down at his daughter, knowing the whimsical stories she would tell him, smile on his face.'' I'm not sure if I can be much help,'' seeing the sad expression on her face.wanting to give her some comfort.'' perhaps I can try.'' Lilly looking up at her father, hopeful expression on her face.'' She is trapped, lost and afraid.'' Harry getting a bit uneasy, usually his daughter would talk about fairies, mermaids, even flying unicorns, this was very unusual even for her.'' do you know where?'' Lilly, tears in her eyes worried about her friend.'' She did not say, she told me to find her brother, he would know what to do.'' Harry Potter, concerned.'' Did she tell you her name, perhaps I can look up her family history at the ministry tomorrow," Quickly Grabbing a Piece of Parchment on his desk, dabbing his quill and ink. Lilly, wiping the tears from her eyes.'' Maple Rose Potter.'' Harry finding it odd, puzzled his parents were the only known potters in the wizard world, mumbling to himself ( could there be a second potter family, perhaps our families are related in some way.) or maybe her parents were half muggles or wizzard's. Yet seeing the fear in her eyes. Knowing how important it was to her, needing more information. Questions her further.'' Did she say her parents or brothers name, when she spoke to you.'' Lilly, getting up on her fathers lap, looking down at the parchment, her friends name Written in her father's hand writing.'' She told me her parents where expecting her baby brother, at the time she was taken away from them. She cried wanting to go home with her family, yet the dark figure refused to let her leave.'' remembering the time she last saw her.'' She would secretly sneak away from him, appear in my dreams, at first we would just play dolls, skip in puddles or just skate on a frozen pond together. Yes the Last few dreams she spoke about her future baby brother.'' Harry Potter a flurry question swirl through his mind, yet not wanting to interrupt his daughter.'' can you tell me what you remember.'' Lilly drifting off into her memory of dreams. ''we are playing, taking turns on the swing, she told me her parents came to her, said she was going to be a big sister. She was so happy, during the early days they were deciding on a name.. For their child...Maple Told me she helped them with a name for her baby brother, she had a plush puppy her parents bought for her for her 5th birthday, seeing his long harry look. That is when she made the Suggestion. Harry. I asked her what if the baby was a girl, she said no. The baby was a boy. How could you tell, she said she knows. Her parents decided the full name would be Harry James Potter.'' Harry Potter, Overwhelmed, he was kept in the dark all his life about his parents, family members and their friends, having only the memories of the final moments he last saw his mother alive remembering the sound of shrieks of pain surging through his mother from Voldemort's final strike that sadly took her life. Only a photograph left behind to help remember their faces. Who was Maple Rose Potter, why did his parents kept her a secret for the outside of the home. His family had friends and knew his parents well, why would they not bring her up, and what about Serious Black why have he not mention his niece, not even once. Could she have been the first victim of Voldermort, or was there another foe hiding in the shadows yet far more sinister that the one he defeated. Lilly looking up at Him. Lost in a blizzard of Questions '' Father her brother does have the same name you do. Is it possible that she is your sister? could we be related?'' Harry Potter, snapping out of his mixed thoughts, looking at his daughter, concerned and worried look on her face. '' I don't know, but I'm going to find out.can you remember anything else.'' Lilly going back to the last dream she had.'' Maple told me she had to stay away for a while the dark shadow like figure was growing suspicious.'' Harry Potter looking up at the clock on the wall in his study, midnight. "' its getting late, your mother would be furious to see you up at this hour.'' getting off his chair picking up his daughter, bringing her to her bedroom, placing her in her bed, pulling the sheets over his daughter tucking her in snugly, kissing her on the forehead, ''get some rest, if she comes back in your dreams tell me at once.'' Lilly looking at her father standing in the door way.'' You will help Maple, Won't you.'' Harry Potter looking back at his daughter.'' I will do everything I Can.'' ...................................................... yes I just wrote this Right Now.. What do you Think about this? It open the world of Harry Potter all over again. Not going to go deeper into writing this fan fiction story, since I got my own novel series to write about. However I'm just curious to find out how many out there, like this sudden twist, on the Harry Potter series.. Written by Laurie Ann Garland
  2. Okay I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. I grew up reading the series, I swear hundreds of times over. And as a result I identify strongly with my Hogwarts house, Gryffindor. Does Equestria have a magic school with houses? I have only just start d watching FiM so I apologise for not knowing! If not, what houses would you imagine one having, and what house would you/your OC/ponysona be in and why? I imagine the Equestria School of Magic but I would like to watch more of the show to make lore-appropriate house names. Really just curious!
  3. You can either take this test to determine which one you'd be selected for or you can simply judge yourself based on the following houses' brief descriptions that I've taken from the Harry Potter wiki. Gryffindor Values bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry. It's emblematic animal is a lion and the house's element is Fire. Slytherin Values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. It's emblematic animal is the serpent and it's element is Water. Ravenclaw Values intelligence, knowledge and wit. It's emblematic animal is an eagle and it's element is Air. Hufflepuff Values hard work, loyalty, patience and dedication. It's emblematic animal is a badger and it's element is Earth. _____________________________ According to the test I'd be Hufflepuff which I think is pretty accurate.
  4. I was having this discussion with my sister. We were discussing if a wizard from the Harry Potter franchise would be able to fight a Jedi/Sith from the Star Wars franchise. We came to the conclusion that it would depend on if you can deflect magic with the force and if you could deflect the force with magic. In Harry Potter, spells cast with wands seem to have physical properties, so it would be fair to say you could deflect it with a lightsaber, or even the force like how Kylo Ren stops the blaster bolt with just the force in The Force Awakens. But the problem is that powerful wizards don't need wands to cast spells. This is shown more in the books than in the movies. In Star Wars, they show that the force is mainly controlled by your mind, and you can also resist or even deflect others force attacks with your own force. The main question would be can you use the force to resist non physical spells cast by a powerful wizard? Or other way around. Can you resist the force using magic? I think we would need to look at exactly what makes both there powers tick. What exactly is magic and what is the force? What makes them work? If they are similar in how they work, then I think we could safely come to the conclusion that you can combat one with the other. What do you guys think?
  5. This is a video I did involving the famous scene involving Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I did this video in memory of the late Alan Rickman, the actor who played Severus Snape on Harry Potter.
  6. So what book do you think is the best? I personally like Deathly Hallows the best. I know that this topic is about favorite Harry Potter books but nerding out in general about the series is perfectly acceptable. If you don't like Harry Potter, please refrain from adding attacking comments about the series. I really don't want to deal with those people right now (or ever). I did check for other topics about the same thing but came up with nothing so it there is, staff, by all means lock away.
  7. I have a ton of merchandise for a ton of different fandoms. Most of them are my little pony but i also take interest in alot of other things. The thumbnail is just a picture of my desk. Turn around and you see a whole room full of this stuff. Should i start a shrine, i know that sounds stupid but why not. These fandoms have become a huge part of my life and many times have helped out of dark places. What do you guys think. Also here is a little challenge, comment down below if you can find mordecai from regular show.
  8. Come and ship this fabulous OTP: Neville x Plant!
  9. What is your Hogwarts house? did you get this from Pottermore? What do you think made you a part of that house? Do you have any negative feelings towards a Hogwarts house?
  10. So what if Harry Potter Characters were pones. Who would they be and what would their names be? I have a few Celestia would be Dumbledore (haven't decided a pony name yet...) Mane six would be Harry potter (harry pony?) Ron, Hermione, (Hermione Mane-ger), Ginny, Luna, and nevvile.... lol There ya go. Anybody else have anything to add? lol
  11. Welcome Harry Potter fans. This fan club is for any thing harry potter not just him alone. crossover i deas are highly recommened( not essential). and 1 more thing have fun!
  12. So I decided to draw some Harry Potter-themed fan art. Here's me being a Hufflepuff. Sorry about the lighting... I think the eyes are sort of off. I'll post the finished picture when it's all colored and stuff. EDIT: It is now complete!
  13. If this has already been made, I am sorry. I didn't see it when I looked. Feel free to take this down if it's happened. Anyway, this is just what the title says it is. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Just a few rules; not many: Be respectful of all opinions. Put spoiler tags where necessary. Have fun! I just read all the books in under two weeks, and saw the movies at the same time (kind of confusing trying to read Prisoner of Azkaban and watch Half-Blood Prince simultaneously!). Here are my personal opinions. Yes, it contains spoilers. Anyway, go forth and share the Potter love!
  14. Welcome to Equestria.TV Friday Movie Nights, where your fellow Poniverse community members join together to watch movies and chat, but the fun doesn't stop there! When episodes are airing, you can tune in the next morning, where we’ll all watch a new episode of Friendship is Magic together on a live stream, and you can join us on Wednesday nights for Lounge Night, where we just sit back, relax, and watch whatever we want, whether it be movies, livestreams, or ponies. And remember, even when there’s no movies or livestreams, there’s always something to watch! We keep pony videos and episodes playing non-stop, 24/7! Your a wizard derpy. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Showtimes 6:00 PM EST 12:00 AM CET Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Showtimes 8:10 PM EST 2:10 AM CET UNSCRIPTED SATURDAYS 2:00 PM EST 7:00 PM CET Unscripted saturdays is an event where us staff get together and play some videogames while talking about random topics. Its filled with action, adventure, explosions and romance! Come hop onto the chat and join us in our random antics. FAQ If we have last minute technical difficulties, the movies may be delayed for a short period of time, which will alter both of the movies’ starting times, so stay tuned to this thread for updates. If watching the movies becomes an impossibility for some reason, we will watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact the ETV staff (which will be viewable in the channel’s Message of the Day box) if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party! (All of these events will be taking place in the CMC Clubhouse.)
  15. I don't really know. Just who's your fav character? What house would you want to be in? Your opinions on the Harry Potter series. Such...
  17. I havent met many huge Harry Potter fans, so I was wondering if there are any. I'm OBBSESSED with Harry Potter XD. I have been to the exhibition in NYC the same day James and Oliver Phelps were there *eep*, but I didn't get to meet them because the line was too long. I am in love with George Weasley XD. So, are there any other people who share the same obsession?
  18. I do love harry potter! If you do then tell me, whats your favourite book/movie? Least favourite book/movie? What house your in? Quidditch position? Etc. I put this topic under books because the books came out first and i do feel it's right to put the books before the films. Anyway...I look forward to replies!
  19. I've been making a lot of acapellas in my spare time lately. Some good, some utter crap. But this one turned out pretty good... for the most part. You may remember I released a Pokemon acapella not to long ago. You can find it here; I don't know if you guys find the top part adds to it or just sounds plain annoying. But it is what it is. But anyways, enjoy it, it's yours to keep. Harry Potter Theme 2 (Custom Chords).mp3
  20. So yeah. Have a quick sketch of Harry Potter AU Twilight. Just ignore where I messed up inking the legs, it's like 1 AM and I'm too tired to care haha. Hope you enjoy
  21. Harry Potter's books and movies were super-awesome, and I was one of the biggest die-hards. Still kinda am because every time the marathons come on ABC Family I ALWAYS WATCH THEM. I know it was a reasonable ending, but I just can't seem to let the series go. I read fanfics alot and I really wish it could continue, even if it was another person.
  22. This thought suddenly came to me when I watched the first movie the other night, and imagined it that everyone had been ponies! I mean how crazy would that be? Would guys have watched it?
  23. Hey everypony! I had a look around for a thread to post our Pottermore names and share info, but I could only find a "Hogwarts House" thread and a Favourite Website thread. So here we are! Are any of you here on Pottermore? I am, and my username is NightUnicorn10773, and I would love to add anypony as a friend. I will send you potions ingredients and things. <3 Does anypony have a favourite moment or chapter? Or maybe uploaded drawings to the site? What's your most tricky potion to make? I look forward to hearing your stories.
  24. I'm such a big fan of Harry Potter, is anyone else? I love all the books, films and games. Which is your favourite film/book/game? My favourite book was probably the fourth one but my favourite films has to be one of the first 2! My favourite game was either the 2nd or maybe the third (but I haven't actually played them all yet!) The other week I actually went to the Harry Potter Studios and got to walk through the real Great Hall and lots of ther things! Also - can anyone tell me how to post images under the 'show' button. I want to share a few photos I took there but I would prefer them to be hidden under the 'show' button so they don't take up too much space! (I did a quick search and didn't find any topics on Harry Potter, sorry if I missed it!) <3
  25. Pottermore is open to the masses! Get all up on this, Potterheads, it's pretty rad! I'm CatFlight1221, send me a friend request!