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Found 19 results

  1. Vendi

    OC drawing

    So I made this for my signature and it turned out really good I think. and here's a speedpaint:
  2. YAAAY! I finally got around to finishing this. Shading is so tedious sometimes.
  3. This is something I did for a friend who loves Applejack. This is missing a lot features to be added on later, but that edit will be posted separately when it is complete. I just wanted to place up one showing the back without it being covered by the tail. Cutie Mark needs to be added along with eye details and a few other things, then clean up.
  4. What ís your favorite hat that Rarity has been wearing =)? You can pick many!
  5. This was a drawing requested of me by a family member. I think it looks pretty good, since I got it to look perfect in my 8 year old cousin's eyes, who requested it.
  6. Fluttershy with a Santa hat! Merry Christmas, everypony! Sorry about the shitty title, I didn't know what else to put >.<
  7. We live in a time period where due to influence of stuff like hip hop, snapback hats are becoming something that's highly demanded. On, snapback hats right now include Derpy face and her ears, DJ Pon-3 face and her ears and horn, one that has the word Brony on it, and one with all the characters. My question is, should there be ones for each of the Mane 6 that contain their faces the same way the Derpy and DJ Pon-3 does? Also, what other characters faces are worthy of a snapback appearance. I think there should be one for each of the Mane 6 and also one for Princess Luna because they're the most popular characters and that bronies that like to wear snapbacks will probably want to wear them. Just an idea since my understanding is that snapback hats are a big trend right now and that I've seen lots of people wear them.
  8. This is a thread devoted to everyone's best hat, Applejack's hat. Since the dawn of time, hats have been an integral part of human society. Scholars maintain that, without hats, humanity could never achieve its full potential. It is good, then, that one brave soul in Ponyville is ready to usher in a new wave of hats for a new hat filled generation. And the hat that shall begin this new hat transcendence is Applejack's hat. -Please feel free to discuss anything related to Applejack's hat, and its relation to other hats within the My Little Pony universe. -Remember to keep silliness to a minimum, as I expect that this will become a very serious discussion involving the character grown of Applejack's hat, as well as it's character strengths and flaws. We must insure that this topic is treated with the proper respect. -As always, forum rules apply. Please keep all pictures of Applejack's hat SFW. Suggestive pictures are okay.
  9. I've done about 2 videos where Henery's Animation tool for Garry's Mod was used the whole time. (These videos are also short) I hope to one day reach the ranks of other GModders one day and I was wondering what do you guys think of these videos? (Is there anything I can do to improve)
  10. I know it's been a pretty long time since I've really drawn anything, but I just thought I'd kinda remodel sole (my main oc) and make him look more unique. And for all of you one piece fans out there, that hat might look familiar. I did this on purpose to reference one of my favorite heroes. Anywho, tell me what you guys think! Also, it's in pencil, but his fur color is supposed to be black. (Constructive criticism only please.)
  11. I'm sure you've all heard about the new hat in TF2, and its strong correlation with MLP FiM. But what may come as a surprise (or not) is the amount of hate this item has garnered. I've read the posts, and now words cannot describe how much I hate haters. Thoughts on the item? The references to MLP? The hate? Valve trolling? /Discuss
  12. @sylentmana posted today: "Because Celestia didn't make Twilight and alicorn. Twilight more or less "attained enlightenment" about the nature of friendship and ascended. Celestia only guided her to that point. She's been grooming Twilight to be her replacement. Even Lauren Faust said that she always intended for Twilight to replace Celestia. The current writers thought her ascending was the best way for her to do that. Twilight earned her wings, so to speak. Also, you may be taking this whole thing way to seriously." And this got me thinking about the spoilers we saw at comic con depicting the return of "evil Luna" as I'm going to call her (In my head cannon the comics showed nightmare moon being being "freed" and even defeating the nightmare forces). Twilight is seen saying "where have you can Celestia dissapeared to". My thought: Just as sylentmana said," Even Lauren Faust said that she always intended for Twilight to replace Celestia". Maybe this is the time where they decide to kill Celestia. This would definately cause for an interesting turn of events within the world of equestria, and It would defiantly answer all of my questions as to what Twilight would now have to do with her new title. Thought this is probably to dark to be in a children's TV show, I have no doubt that Celestia will have been captured in S4E1 and Twilight will have to get her back some way. I predict this will happen weather or not the whole return of evil Luna" is a thing or a mere dream of flashback (as some have suggested), because its a great chance for Twilight to show off that, if needed she can rule equestria and that she proves Celestia right in giving her this new responsibility. So ending on a more sensible note, I can't wait to find out if my prediction holds true . We only have a few months left now till the opening episodes, and personally I know it's going to be a long hard wait with many more wacky prediction between now and then. I hope I don't lose the plot before the next season ....
  13. A nice fwiend was nice enough to give Butter Bean a delightful cookie!! It was an amazing cookie... Butter Bean loves cookies vewy much!
  14. This is me! Butter Bean! This is a really bad picture, I am sorry! But I at least tried to smile...I really don't like smiling in pictures!
  15. Butter Bean wuvs to make faces, too! She wuvs to make faces so everyone can smile! Seeing people smile makes Butter Bean smile!
  16. The Equestrian Armed forces: Where the mares are strong yet still adorable. Join us in our ongoing mission to keep Equestria safe! Basically I just felt like doing a quick sketch of one of my OC's in a military cap, It's cut off a bit because a ran out of room when drawing but I think it turned out well overall considering the amount of time it took. I still would love your opinions though.
  17. I ordered my hat from etsy 2 or 3 days ago and it's already here! I am impressed with his shipping... Here is the shop: And here are a few pictures of my new hat! (I'm sick so...meh...) Rainbow Dash-ception!!!!!! :3
  18. I LOVE Swoop's avatar, so I vectored it! It's kind of "sloppy" right now, and I plan on improving it a bit. Enjoy! Excuse the current lack of eyelashes
  19. I have awesome friends who I met on another forum who decided that they are going to mail me an Applejack toy on Friday. Yay! :3 Here's the thing... Applejack doesn't come with a hat. The only way for me to buy an Applejack hat would be for me to buy the Sweet Apple Acres barn set that comes with another Applejack and all kinds of random stuff that I don't want or have the space for. Meaning that either I could buy the set, take the hat, and sell the rest of the set on ebay, or I would have to make my own hat. I have searched high and low all over the Internet: YouTube, deviantArt, Google searches, etc. There have been zero tutorials for how to make a hat for Applejack. The closest I've found is how to make a plastic mold, but that is way too much money and work for me to do JUST to make the hat. I really, really, really want Applejack to have a hat. But I have no idea how to get one for her. Does anypony have any suggestions?