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Found 18 results

  1. what kind of clothes do you were when you are home, at school, at work? I always wear jeans and T-shirt.
  2. Modified some hats into these cute animal ears a few month ago. I'm really happy with them! The ears in the pictures are made of fleece but I do minky and faux fur too. Enjoy!
  3. I see a lot of pictures of ponies wearing socks, but I find ponies in hats more adorable. Which do you think sounds cuter?
  4. Thoughts about the appropriate times to wear different types of hats? I personally prefer that the bowler and stovetop would be more appropriate at more formal events, while baseball caps and newsboy caps be reserved for more informal events.
  5. Hello, velcome to this thing that I am doing because I have nothing to do and am bored. So yeah, I'm Pinkie's Magic hat. Ask me something.
  6. This was a drawing requested of me by a family member. I think it looks pretty good, since I got it to look perfect in my 8 year old cousin's eyes, who requested it.
  7. In 80% of the merchandise, Applejack never has her hat. this bugs me. her hat is iconic. its like havng the doctor without a Screwdriver. i should start a petition
  8. Where can I buy mlp shirts and other cool stuff like that. I checked out my local Walmart and I can't find anything. Where I can go to get this kind of stuff?
  9. Are there hats any of you own that you consider unique? Also, where did you get them from? Here are mine: Despicable Me hat from Universal Studios Hollywood: SnapBack from World of Disney Disneyland Paris. Not sure if this is the Cheshire Cat?
  10. This is a thread devoted to everyone's best hat, Applejack's hat. Since the dawn of time, hats have been an integral part of human society. Scholars maintain that, without hats, humanity could never achieve its full potential. It is good, then, that one brave soul in Ponyville is ready to usher in a new wave of hats for a new hat filled generation. And the hat that shall begin this new hat transcendence is Applejack's hat. -Please feel free to discuss anything related to Applejack's hat, and its relation to other hats within the My Little Pony universe. -Remember to keep silliness to a minimum, as I expect that this will become a very serious discussion involving the character grown of Applejack's hat, as well as it's character strengths and flaws. We must insure that this topic is treated with the proper respect. -As always, forum rules apply. Please keep all pictures of Applejack's hat SFW. Suggestive pictures are okay.
  11. So what does wikipedia say about the town / city / village you live? Here is the town where I live =
  12. So I'm a very large fan of knitting, as some of my fellow bronies on the forums might know. I like to interweave my interests so I have devoted a lot of time to creating knitted hats in the style of My Little Pony characters. I have completed Derpy, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and now Vinyl Scratch. I have both Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna in the works. I'm working out the kinks in my Rainbow Dash design such as how to make her Cutie Mark and how to show her mane in the stripes. I also have almost everything I need in order to make an Octavia. My question to you is, would you purchase a hat, scarf, headband, or a pair of fingerless gloves? I have these items for sale on several websites, including the forums, but I've only sold two through ebay. I charge $25 which I believe is a fair price. The materials cost roughly $3-$5 depending on the character, and I spend a good 5-6 hours on each hat. I also made this topic to share my knitted crafts as they are made. Please leave your feedback and ideas. I'm also looking for ideas to make fingerless gloves and headbands in a way that will represent the pony clearly without making it too gaudy. Hats Derpy Hooves Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rarity Vinyl Scratch Twilight Sparkle Princess Luna Fingerless Gloves Princess Luna
  13. Hi Everypony! The Craft Bin here will be at BABSCON with tons of wonderfully cool products to sell! Our products that we'll have are as follows: While we won’t have our booth name can ID us by our signature blue and white stripe table cloth that will be visable. We will have the following: Keychains Pins Necklaces Magnets Pre-Orders for Decals Fleece hats Cosplay ears Prints Heating pads Eye covers and, potentially, t-shirts!
  14. My friend LOVES TF2, so I drew his OC with some swagilicious hats and miscs
  15. I started making pokemon hats not too long ago. Anyone got a request for a hat? Let me know! I'm a beginner so my hats aren't that good.Right now I have dark blue, dark green, and a beige materials. So you can base your request off of that until I get more fabric
  16. I recently learned Enderman like to visit my home in Minecraft. Learned that I like to draw cats Learned what a 30 day goal is I CAN DRAW CATS GOOD SEE?? SEE?? ^ ^ I also learned.....iPads derp often like up there |
  17. Guys if you ever wanted to have a hat of one of the mane six from my little pony then you're prayers has been finally answer this person is awesome he makes my little pony hats as well as other hats like minecraft etc. Also this person can make a hat based on you're oc as well if you want here is his link to his shop. His shop and his deviant art page.. Also upon doing some more research I also found another person who makes custom hoodies from the show as well as custom cases for laptops also if you are interested.. Here is the link to her shop vinyl scratch hoodie Luna hoodie Pinky Pie hat
  18. So was surfing the net, and while on google, a particular thread caught my attention. I immediately knew it was going to be... interesting. After all, the title of the article was "Bronies: Adult Men Who Like My Little Pony And Why It Disturbs Me". Now I always like to hear what people think, even if I disagree with what they have to say, as I feel it allows for an expansion of perspective. So naturally I clicked the link and read the article that followed. I will post the link below so you can see for yourself, but essentially the article came down to being a rant lableing all "bronies" as sexual deviants that are dangerous, and asking if she (the writer of the article) was alone in thinking this. Below the article, I saw that she had closed the article due to "threatening and hostile comments [that] have only proven to me that this whole bronie trend leaves a bad taste in my mouth". NOW THAT grabbed my attention .So I spent a good 1/2 hour reading the comments, and naturally there were several supposed "bronies" dropping the f-bomb and being disgusting, but i feel that they were trolls being trolls. Actually the majority of the comments were very postive and open-minded as well as being civil. But as I continued to read, I realised it did not matter how polite or civil the comments were. It became apparent that the writer was not truly looking for what people thought, but rather looking for opinions to confirm what she felt. Overall, the saddest thing about the whole deal is that the site the article is on,, has "It's all about the families..." for it's slogan. Really hypocritical if you asked me. Well, anyways i figured the article would make for an interesting read, and wanted your thoughts on it all. The article can be found here : Thanks for reading and as always stay pony my bronies /)