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Found 23 results

  1. I couldn't find any topic like this, for some reason, so sorry if it's been done before Anyhow, this is mine: Does anypony else have a calendar for this year?
  2. Very important topic, do you have a beard or if you don't have a beard do you like beards? I have a beard, reddish viking beard that I'm growing towards infinity.
  3. I'm leading towards Twi having OCD, Pinkie having Depression, and Fluttershy *maybe* having Aspergers what are your thoughts?
  4. I am preparing for a journey of epic proportions! I am going to walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean starting in the winter of 2016! I would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to accompany me; the more, the merrier!
  5. Well i just felt like asking because the idea came to me, and i'm not aware of it being a topic here. Have you ever had braces? I know alot of people have, i mean a good bit of people I know have at one point, of course I'm sure plenty haven't. I actually myself haven't had them yet. The dentist did actually say that I should have them, however I didn't get them for a few reasons. First of all, i'm a trumpet player, and playing trumpet with braces is going to impair me alot, plus I have a trio to play, and I'm definitely not going to let down people by getting braces and throwing my tone and playing away. Especially not when people are counting on me. And also, despite my dentist saying I have an underbite(I think I have an underbite, i forget which ;p, maybe I have an overbite..) i've had people actually compliment me on my smile saying its "perfect" so like what gives? I think i'll keep my "Perfect" smile thank you very much(Even if i don't see whats so special about it.) Also we don't really have the cash to throw away for that. So yeah, I guess even if my teeth aren't perfectly straight they're good enough to the point I don't feel i need or want braces. Not to mention they look painful :/. So yeah, what about y'all? Do any of you have braces? Or had them? whats your experience with them? Or are you just someone with naturally perfect teeth? ;p. I'm curious! So yeah post away! .
  7. Sorry if this thread had already been made. Couldn't find it if it has... So has anypony here went up to one of your friends, teachers, parents, siblings, etc. And said, "YOH! Check this out!" Then they actually like MLP and start watching it and stuff? Ive gotten my sister and possibly one of the teachers in my school to like MLP XD I say possibly cause i requested that he would watch A Brony Tale on netflix and he did, and he was all like "Yeah, I think im gonna sit down with the niece and watch this." I'm so excited to possibly know a brony teacher
  8. my friends and i were debating on if you had to be an adult or not to be a brony so can anypony clear that up for me? please.
  9. Hey guys! The first Brilliant Venture remix is now officially up! Enjoy!!! DL HERE!
  10. Who do you have a crush on?,Yes you may post pictures of you're crush but don't say what actor you have a crush on since I have a thread of what actor's you have a crush on. You don't have too post pictures and use the full name of you're crush,I have crushes on some people.
  11. I come here fresh after the stream and though thoroughly satisfied with Episodes 1+2, part of me is a little disappointed that King Sombra didn't have a more prominent role. All he really did was laugh and i think he had about 1 or 2 small lines. I don't know why, but i had it in my head that he was going to be really hard to beat (physically) but in the end he amounted to a bunch of smoke with his traps doing most of the work, which still wasn't that much. I have mixed feelings about him but the episodes on a whole were brilliant. What did you think of him? Was he the worst villain yet or am i underrating him?
  12. Simple game. Pony1: Have you ever eaten grass before? Pony2: Lolwut no. Have you ever stolen a toilet before? Pony 3: Yeah last night I did. And so on. Answer the question above you, and then ask another "have you ever.." question. I'll start. Have you ever ditched going out with friends to watch ponies?
  13. Dearest Feld0, It has come to my attention that your MLPForums lack taste in art. There are literally no seals anywhere here. All there is are silly ponies. Silly four-legged beasts. :c Feld0 plz, I'm begging you, add more seals. I guarantee that the Pinniped fandom is a lot bigger than the Brony fandom, and it will give you an increase in members of your glorious community. In fact, seals are absolutely magnificent, loving, and smart creatures! I really think that you should add more seals to MLPForums. Also, I think I should be a mod because I like seals and I could be your seal representitive. Thx senpai.
  14. It's going to be a new year, for better or for worse. I could go on about how much the world has changed, or maybe I should go on about something that is really important to me. You guys have made me happier than anyone outside of the internet. On the outside, I am considered a best friend by many...but never treated like one. You guys really showed me what friendship is all about, and the true meaning of it all through good time and bad times. I have made friends, I have made enemies...but who is more important? Friends, obviously...and your the ones I care for more than anything. Although, my enemies have feelings as well. Enemies...this is a new year, a new time...if you don't forgive me, even if it is one of our faults (most likely both), you are worthy of compassion. If you do, you are my family, and if you don't know, you are my best friend. I would shout names of those through the roof tops that have made me happy, but I can't possibly do that because I have came across so many wonderful people, even it it was for a time being. This year has been very rough for all of us, even those who had to leave the forums for excusable, and unexcusable reasons. I have had a rough year because of family troubles, which i'm sure many of us have, and more beyond. For those who are hurting, make a resolution for yourself tonight this New Year's Eve, set a goal for yourself to get the help you need, to be a brighter person, to fix what is broken...your heart. Your angst is not in vain, but think about how it affects others than yourselves...I'm not saying that you must be happy for everyone. Do it for yourself. Fight on, this is your life and you can't let a pointless emotion kick your butt from wall to wall. Do the positive, think of the positive, be the positive. Treat others how you would treat yourself, and treat yourself how you would treat your best friend! I really do hope 2014 will be full of happiness..come on now, members, FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC. Without that magic, there is no laughter, kindness, loyalty, honesty, and generosity. These elements would mean nothing, and neither would magic without these elements of great harmony. I HAVE WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL YEAR! MAKE IT WONDERFUL!
  15. As the title states, has anyone ever even thought about commiting a crime before. If so, and your comfortable with sharing, please do! Can be anything from stealing something as a kid, to a more serious thing, such as shoplifting. When I was around four or five, I tried to steal a candy bar from the store. I was a terrible liar, as most children are, so I was like, "Hey mom, don't check under my shirt, cause I don't have anything there," Quite funny to me. Then recently I have thought of hurting someone, not sure where that falls in on the scale.
  16. Cadance is pink, Shining Armor is blue. Out of all of the ponies, I choose you. You've got that extra sense, Like feelin Pinkie keen, Like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Wed make the perfect team. Ill stay by your side like loyal Applejack, Id love you more than apples love Big Mac. You're more amazing than Rainbow Dash, Luna, or Daring-Do, Out of all of the ponies, I choose you. <3. What do y'all think? Could I win a handsome bronys heart?
  17. ...yikes, that title was painful to write. So my lovely editor ShieldGenerator and I have been emailing back and forth about various aspects of OTSW. Back and forth a lot. A LOT. And each email is an even larger wall of text than the last. I think one of my longer emails clocked out at just over 1,000 words. Considering that is almost a quarter of my average chapter length thus far...yikes. But these emails have not been for naught. No, they have taught me many things. One: this story is really damn confusing. Two: I overlook the simplest plot holes. Three: I've bitten off a lot more than I can chew. GOOD THING I HAVE JAWS OF STEEL TO CLAMP DOWN ON THIS STORY AND RIP IT APART. Anyway. It has come to my attention that my previous methods of organizing this story has really not worked out so well. So I ask the writers of those longer fanfics: how do you keep track of every little element, motif, and symbol in your story without losing the plot? Because apparently I suck at it. - Kolth
  18. I make SFM and SFM accesories, that's all. Alright no, bad pun, baaaaaaaad pun. Anyways, as I said before in my first post in the Welcoming Plaza, i make Source Filmmaker posters, i would like to share this with all of you, and if you got any SFM requests, well, feel free to make any!
  19. How about I tell you about my trip to Little Horse Town? I was going there to meet my friend, Salmon Pastry. I think she was throwing some kind of birthday party for her pet crocodile, Toothless. Anyways, she had invited all her friends. There was Scarcity, Dawn Brilliance, Celeryjack, Apprehensive Flitter, and of course myself, Fast Color Spectrum. It was a wonderful party and after it was over, we all had a wonderful group hug. And then I proceeded to fly back home to my wonderful home in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. And this has absolutely nothing to do with My Little Pony.
  20. Sup everypony? So to put it bluntly... Have you ever stabbed yorself. If so how, was it by accident or on purpose (yes i am aware of those people) and how deep did you do it? I just accidentally stabbed myself in the hand and sweet celestia it hurt the blade went in about an inch not too far but it won't stop bleeding... uh oh. well lets hear your experiances. not too graphic please
  21. Does anyone else out there have a problem with heading to sleep when you know that a big day is ahead of you? For myself, my big day is that it is the first day of Junior year. It is not that I am nervous about going to school, but that I KNOW it is important. I've been laying awake for a few hours, and sleep is seeming like a distant memory. The reason for this is that: I have had a bad virus all weekend, and have been sleeping throughout the days. Now that I have school the next morning, I worry about how it will go. Lord knows I will not be able to rest tonight, so I am in big trouble. So, question time guys! Answer these in the comment section below: Do you have trouble sleeping (In general)? Do you have trouble sleeping when you know a big day is ahead? Thanks for reading you guys! Don't forget to follow my blog, comment, and brohoof c: Crona, out~