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Found 98 results

  1. Spout any headcanons about the world of Equestria! The one with humans, mind you. Here's mine: EG is a parallel universe to Equestria but it is during a different time. The fact that Twilight was at a different school (as mentioned by Ponkle) at the time of the film draws a parallel between EG and FiM, since in S1E1 FiM Twilight was in a different town (Canterlot) and moved to Ponyville later. It appears in the same episode that all the others of the mane six didn't even know each other.
  2. Lightning Dust and Sunshower Raindrops are some of my favorite ponies design-wise. Then I realized that they're both teal and yellow/orange, which immediately made me think they were sisters cuz my brain just loves making up headcanons. So why not draw them together? I hope y'all like it Yes I used that one hug base that everyone's seen at least once in their lifetimes before, but there were so many bases of said pose that I can't really credit anyone. However, I didn't trace anything, simply referenced, and made my own facial expressions, and leg and wing poses.
  3. So, what do you think the Crystal Empire is to Equestria. Is it a vassal state, an ally, or an independent nation altogether? Share your thoughts and maybe we can find a conscience on this even if the writers haven't decided yet.
  4. Artwork by the very talented Justasuta Introductions: Do you think my English teacher will let me use pony character analysis as a replacement for Shakespeare? Hello, folks. My name is NavelColt, also known by my old monicker, CD, C.Discord or ~Chaotic Discord~ if you're an OG boy from 13'. I am a fanfiction writer and lore analyst who's been in this glorious fandom since the near beginning, and I am here today to bring you my first proper, lengthy lore analysis since sometime in 2015. That analysis is for the changelings - specifically, the modern changelings. The fairy bugs, the rainbow buggos, the pastel beetles and their beetlemoose overlord. The changelings have been my focus of interest since season 6, when I was catapulted back into this fandom after my initial leave in late 2015. It started with Thorax's debut, a character who quickly rose to become my favorite character in the show, even dethroning Discord, himself. Since that time I have documented nearly 120,000 words in fan fiction, exploring the changelings, their lore, their day to day lives and Thorax's role as the changeling's new patriarch. What began as a few headcanon ideas has since expanded to an entire headcanon universe surrounding the modern hive. With the show now over, and no new canon content to be introduced, I felt it was time to sit down and actually put those ideas down on electronic paper. So please enjoy my headcanon universe for the modern changelings! If you find yourself intrigued, links to specific works will be found near the end. But first...a few points. Important Pointers: The MLP Comics are fantastic. However, I do not now nor have I ever considered the comics to be on the same plane of canon as the show, so everything here is crafted exclusively from the FIM cartoon. As a writer, reader and consumer of creative content in general I am someone who enjoys Slice of Life, closeness, feel-good stories and stories that focus on relationships between characters. If you're looking for a heart attacks and humor, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for adventure and excitement, she's in another castle. At the end of the day, these are just my interpretations. Feel free to see things differently! -- Key: Red Titles - Headcanon built off of pre-established canon Blue Titles - Pure headcanon, crafted in the spirit of the show's canon -- Backstory Tie-Ins: Thorax, a Source of Inspiration: "Evil? Oh, no, not me. All I've ever wanted was a friend." ~ Thorax, 'The Times They are a Changeling' Artwork by Cloureed From the moment 'The Times They are a Changeling' aired I knew Thorax was one of my newfound favorites. Thorax is the softest, most caring male character in this entire show. Not only is that a glorious stab in the face to gender stereotype norms, not only is it a perfect antithesis to Chrysalis - possibly the most ruthless villain to come out of this show - it is also part of what makes Thorax so enjoyable as a character. He seeks nothing but to help and protect those precious things around him, while he, himself is a precious thing in need of protecting. Thorax is like a modern, male spin on the trope Fluttershy's character was initially based on. This loving, caring changeling was then made the newly-crowned king of his species - a species scarred by a long, harsh rule under Chrysalis. A species he had never truly felt a part of, but could now nurture and care for. A home where he had never felt welcome could now be freely crafted into something that all changelings could enjoy. It was a redemption on a kingdom-sized scale, and it was a beautiful story waiting to happen. The King of Love Bugs was my very first changeling story. It ventured to show the ongoing, day-to-day process of the changelings rebuilding their hive, and working with Equestria's princesses to become a citizenship of Equestria. The story had one goal - to stay as canonical as possible, while building lore around the changeling's daily lives, newfound forms and magic. Most of all, it ventured to show the budding relationship between Thorax and his estranged kin. From Ruthless Queen to Paternal Patriarch: "Lately you and the other nymphs have made me feel more like a dad than a king. But, you know, I don't think they have to be so different." ~ Thorax, The King of Love Bugs, 'The Summit of Love' Artwork commissioned by me, and done by the very lovely Circus-Cinnamon Perhaps the most endearing concept surrounding Thorax becoming king is that he could now act as both a leader and father figure to the changelings, both the young and mature. What else would you expect from a cinnamon roll put in charge? Thorax had always wanted friends - presumably in the hive, at first, before he'd been pushed away by the state of Chrysalis's rule. Having the chance to not only make friends with other changelings for the first time, but to help other changelings make friends, themselves would be something he'd adore doing. The changelings denounced Chrysalis after discovering a better way to sustain themselves. They followed Thorax because they were ready to finally put themselves first, to become more than an extension of Chrysalis's will. This idea of sharing love, making connections with each other and sustaining themselves without the need to prey on others had become enticing, and Thorax was the greatest expert on the subject among their entire species. This is the basis for the relationship Thorax and his subjects would build. For adult drones Thorax became a voice of reason, a gentle, guiding hand and a willing friend. To the nymphs of the hive he became a playmate, a big, exciting jungle gym, and an attentive caretaker. The traits about Thorax once seen as weak in the old hive would now become advantageous in helping the hive grow, and helping the changelings adapt to a more peaceful lifestyle. * In 'To Change a Changeling', Thorax did just this by introducing a creative renaissance to the hive. Changelings were able to think for themselves, and discover hobbies and interests they'd likely never explored, before. He also introduced a space for changelings to communicate freely about their troubles. Though comedic on the surface, this approach speaks volumes to the kind of culture shock the changelings were working through, as they adapted to feeling and sharing emotions rather than feeding on them. Wholesome buggos, 'To Change a Changeling', S8 * Thorax's caring nature with his subjects can be seen in plethora via Ocellus - a nymph of no obvious relation to him, but whom Thorax has shown parent-like affection for on more than one occasion. Ocellus & Thorax, 'School Daze', S8 Ocellus & Thorax, 'Uprooted', S9 From Swarm to Pack - the Modern Hive Social Structure: "Why are you still here?" "Because I'm having trouble leading my pack, so I don't really wanna go home." ~ Ember & Thorax, 'Triple Threat' During Chrysalis's reign the hive operated autonomously as a singular unit, a hive mind. Individual drones did not have distinguishable features, and in nearly every appearance, changelings were presented in groups, moving and attacking as one. Very few times did we get to see changelings acting as individuals, other than Thorax. During this time, the changelings were referred to as a 'swarm' by Chrysalis and other characters. But following Thorax's ascension to the throne, things changed. Changelings were encouraged to pursue individuality. They were given the opportunity to explore unique interests and enjoy things that did not directly benefit the hive or its leader. Through Ocellus, we were shown that, like ponies and other species, changelings do in fact have unique parents, rather than being spawned in mass by a singular queen. Following this logic, it was safe to assume that the hive was a large community made up of smaller groups of families, all lead by a king/queen. The hive mind mentality and community structure of insects died with Chrysalis's status as queen. With Thorax's rise to power the hive took on a social structure more similar to pack animals. A tight-knit community that lives together, and whose members look out for each other, but is ultimately made up of smaller groups of families. The changelings had evolved socially just as much as they had physically. * The topic of whether Chrysalis is every changeling's mother is, and might always be up for interpretation. My stance is that the introduction of Ocellus's parents is proof that this concept is false. Changelings always had unique parents. Chrysalis forcefully collected all eggs birthed within the hive and had them raised together as a group of uniform warriors. In Chrysalis's hive, who you were born to or with was less important than the hive's strength. * Ocellus's parents were introduced in 'The Hearth's Warming Club', but were not titled as such until their appearance in 'A Horse Shoe-In'. Sharing Love - Modern Changeling Magic: "If my kind learned to create love for one another, maybe they wouldn't have to take it from others!" ~ Thorax, 'The Times They are a Changeling' Artwork commissioned by me, and done by the talented Underpable "After we transformed, we discovered something else," Thorax continued, looking around as the last of the group settled. With a glowing smile he rested his hoof on the head of a young changeling that had decided to curl up in front of his chest. "While long-term relationships sustain us from hunger, physical acts of affection and resting together rejuvenates our bodies from fatigue in the present." ~ 'An Elegant Discussion', The King of Love Bugs Love has evolved to be more than a food source for changelings. Like the Crystal Ponies, it has become an integral part of changeling culture, taking on a form of magic all its own. When a changeling is loved, be it through friendship, family or romance, they are eternally sustained from hunger. Though this process can occur with any sentient creature, when two (or more) changelings are each other's recipients, it creates an infinite circuit, a symbiotic relationship. Furthermore, when two or more changelings express love through affection, even simple gestures such as napping together or embracing each other, the bodies of all changelings involved are rapidly absolved of fatigue, physical pain and even minor injuries. The effectiveness of shared love magic is determined by three factors: time spent performing a loving gesture, proximity to loved ones, and the depth to which that changeling is loved. The exception to this rule is the hive's leader, Thorax, whose range of provided love magic is far wider than the average changeling. By merely being near his subjects, Thorax is able to restore their energy, regardless what he is doing. However, this process is still sped up through acts of affection and mutual rest. It is for this reason that Thorax created 'cluster naps', the concept of changelings sleeping in groups, rather than alone in individual bedhives. Perhaps the first major example of physical pack animal behavior in the new hive. Sharing Love in the Modern Hive, Reception and Adaptation: "Some changelings like the idea of communal energy restoration, while others think it's frivolous and degrading." "And others use it as an excuse to be lazy?" Twilight asked slyly. "Yeah, there are lazy changelings who try to use it as an excuse to sleep all the time," Thorax chuckled, rounding a bend in the corridor. "There are also changelings who get jealous when their friends share love with other changelings they don't know. And though I'm doing my best to curb it, there's still some bullying going on towards those changelings who enjoy communal resting. Trust me, if I'm not the one instigating it, even resting together can turn into a real mess." ~'Mornings are Never Easy, Twilight Sparkle', The King of Love Bugs Though Thorax was able to eventually convince the entire hive to accept the idea of sharing love, taking it a step further by physically spending more time together was a mixed response. During the hive's rebuilding, a massive internal chamber was built in the lower part of the hive, the part below ground. Thorax dubbed this 'the Nesting Chamber', and it would become not only the location where hive-wide cluster naps took place each night, but also a panic room of sorts, a secure place for the hive to commune in case of a large-scale threat. Thorax began to sleep here every night, along with every changeling in the hive who enjoyed the additional benefits of cluster naps. Those changelings against the concept of cluster naps remained in their individual bedhives, hollowed out holes along walls throughout the hive. Over time, as changelings grew more accustomed to spending time together, and growing as social creatures, cluster naps became more widespread. The nesting chamber is now a nightly routine for more than 80% of the hive, something Thorax couldn't be more ecstatic about. The Mental Effects of Metamorphosis & Pharynx's Relationship with Thorax: Flashes of past attempts to embrace his brother rapidly filled Thorax's head - the nightmares, fear and loneliness from his nymphhood, all met with a cold apathy. But as Thorax shed a tear down his brother's carapace, he could already feel the difference. No hoof pushed him away, and no disgusted tone reprimanded him. Without a word Pharynx had made him feel welcome - he was comfortable, and felt safe. The chamber, once ringing with a joyous laughter now echoed with an isolated sob. "P-Pharynx, I-I don't know what's changed with you but I'm, I'm so thankful for it," Thorax expressed, a tremble in his voice. ~ From Your Brother, with Love Artwork by my amazing friend and fellow bugbro fan, Rossmaniteanzu When a changeling undergoes metamorphosis, the very magic that allows them to consume and gain energy from love alters. It becomes a transmitter and receiver. The 'reformed' changeling is able to freely transfer love energy without conscious thought, and gains the ability to physically recover from concentrated doses of it. This is not, however, all there is to metamorphosis. By transforming and changing the very way their bodies handle love and other emotions, many changelings experience a moment of clarity upon transforming. The easiest way to describe this clarity is like stepping out of a several year long depression, and suddenly having levels of focus and patience you never thought were possible. It is a subtle, yet powerful effect. The greatest example of the phenomenon is with Pharynx. Prior to reformation, Thorax and Pharynx had a completely detached relationship. The bare extent to which Pharynx interacted with his brother was protecting him from bullies, or lightly bullying him, himself. Not long after Pharynx's metamorphosis, Thorax quickly found himself regularly interacting with an older brother that had, historically never given him the time of day. Though retaining his attitude, grumpiness and sarcasm, Pharynx's once ice cold demeanor has since thawed. The hive's guards can actually carry a half-way pleasant conversation with their captain now, and Thorax gets to revel in the joys of having a more attentive, albeit occasionally irritating big brother. * This clarity played a part in the alteration of the changeling's demeanors, going from ruthless hunters to artists, dancers and theatre performers seemingly overnight. It gave the changelings a clearer presence of mind to think about themselves, and what they wanted in life as individuals, rather than the wants and needs of warriors as part of a greater swarm. Love and Strength, Balance in the Modern Hive: "Thorax is way too touchy feely for the stricter aspects of ruling a hive," Pharynx went on. "He oversees the hive's social aspects, he resolves internal problems, and he helps look after the hive's young." ... "What Thorax lacks in toughness I make up for ten-fold. Since I...'evolved' or whatever, I've taken on all roles relating to hive defense, including training new recruits, overseeing patrol routes and maintaining the hive's grounds. But yeah, I'll also help Thorax with political tripe when he needs it, even if it's just talking him out of a panic attack every time he gets invited to a political event." ~ Pharynx, Mine is Dorkier Than Yours Another stellar artwork by Rossmaniteanzu Thorax's character was designed to be the antithesis of Chrysalis in every possible way. Where Chrysalis is self-absorbed, arrogant and manipulative, Thorax is kind, unassuming and naive in an innocent, almost childlike way. At a glance, Thorax is a far more desirable leader than Chrysalis, but his style of ruling is not without its problems. These problems came into play in, 'To Change a Changeling'. If Chrysalis is the far right then Thorax is the far left. The hive went from a group of alert, hardened warriors to utter pacifists who fell out of practice and couldn't even defend themselves. This is the basis for Pharynx's character. Just as Celestia and Luna each govern one of two important celestial bodies, together completing the night/day cycle, Pharynx completes Thorax by combining his loving nature and social wisdom with discipline, strength and pride in one's own strength. Pharynx reintroduced to the hive the only things Chrysalis had going for her entire rule, and those are security and strength. Alone, Thorax is no more efficient a ruler than Chrysalis, but together, Thorax and Pharynx are a better leadership than Chrysalis could ever be. Terminology & Fanfiction Entries: -- Conclusions: If you've made it this far, you've either skimmed and earned a hard , or you've worked your way through several years of one fan's organic interpretation of some truly adorable MLP characters. Either way, I thank you for taking an interest in this topic. Whether you've read my works or not, please feel free to provide some feedback, thoughts or your own ideas on changelings, their lore, etc. Whatever your response, here's to hoping I've had an impact on how you see the modern changelings.
  5. Season 8 has thus far been an exciting, if not controversial season for a variety of reasons, including the introduction of the antagonist Chancellor Neighsay. But we also have some other surprises including, Equally important however, is the introduction of the Young 6, a ragtag group of nonpony characters (along with Sandbar the Earth pony), who grow on each other and play a central role in Twilight's School of Friendship and are juxtaposed against Chancellor Neighsay, who doesn't trust them at all. In the past, through the film and episodes, we have heard and seen nonpony characters and their interactions, but they have rarely been the focus of the plot. Only recently since Season 6 have we begun seeing Changelings through Thorax, and dragons, through Ember start playing bigger roles. All this just scratches at the bigger picture however. We know what the Young 6 are (somewhat). But WHO are the Young 6? Well if we go by the hints we have been given, its not hard to see the picture the writers are presenting us: There's 6 friends and as we have seen, 6 is the Magic number in FiM. The Mane 6 and the Pillars of Old Equestria. And now we have the Young 6: At this point I am going off my own headcanon comparing the Young 6 to the past Elements of Harmony With Gallus, his personality strongly resembling Rainbow Dash's and his overall color scheme, I'm inclined to say he's an element of loyalty or courage. Beyond that he may be relative or close friend of Gilda based on what he's told RD. Silverstream is very bubbly, hyperactive and seems to maintain a positive attitude always. To me she's pretty much a hippogriff version of Pinkie and an element of laughter and joy, though as we have seen with Somnambula, this isn't always the case. Being the niece of the queen makes Silverstream's story even more potentially interesting. Ocellus very much seems to be a protege of Thorax. Both are very soft-spoken, conflict averse, and kind people, again like Fluttershy. This may just be something commonly found with the new Changelings though, as we've seen recently. I still say though that Ocellus is a strong candidate as the next element of kindness. Sandbar is the straight man, er pony, the odd guy out in the group. It's hard to say what role he will play, but I'd wager he will play a key role standing up against Chancellor Neighsay in the season finale. I won't say Sandbar is the leader of the Young 6, but based on his trust in his friends and the Mane 6, I'd say he's an element of friendship and trust (ironic since despite friendship being magic, Sandbar is an Earth pony ) Things get a bit hairier once we get to Yona. Her role is hard to define for me personally. She is very outspoken about Yakyakistan though, much like Applejack is about apples and her family, so I may imagine her being an element of honesty. Smolder is where things don't quite fit in. From all the Young 6 characters, I don't know much about her, except she behaves like a "typical dragon" and gets along with Gallus. She might be an element of loyalty or honesty, although a trait of dragons that stands out in the show is their "inherent greed and selfishness." We have of course, seen how Spike, and later Ember, contradict these stereotypes. Smolder will be having some interaction with Spike this season, so it may very well be that Smolder is an element of generosity in disguise, even if she shares little in common with Rarity, save a liking for gems . But again all of this is just my speculative headcanon on the Young 6. What do you folks think the Young 6, either as a group or individually will have as roles in the show, and perhaps influencing the future generation? Do you have any headcanons about the Young 6 yet?
  6. So I am wondering about the origin of Dicord, and his specie (Draconequus). What's your thoughts about this? How do you like to think Discord came into being? Share your thoughts and opinion whether they're canon, your headcanon, or even fanon (by this I mean Discord's origin which is explained by bronies or pegasisters in fanfics or art). Let's unveil the mystry behind our little draconquus.
  7. That's a question that's been bothering me for a while now. As I have plans to make my own persona of one, there is very little to go on what a draconequus actually is. From what we've seen of Discord he is clearly one of, if not THE most powerful being on Equestria. But I get the feeling we can't entirely trust completely in what Discord says, as he does seem the sort to grant himself titles of godhood or reinvent his backstory frequently to suit his whims in a very Joker-esque fashion. Have heard rumors that one of the semi-cannon books mention something about a whole race Discord once belonged to. But I find that somewhat dubious as this world is already taxed just trying to contain just one Discord. My own headcannon is that draconequui are some sort of inorganic, inter-dimensional travelers not unlike the Planeswalkers of Magic the Gathering or the Q continuum that Discord was originally based on. Just that different dimensions have different rules of what counts as existence so a Draconequus has to keep replacing their body as they age eventually becoming a being of pure thought inhabiting a self-made chimera. Look forward to your turns of logic! -WDRSHNS
  8. trixie deleted her snout symbol, how is she able to breath? the nostrils are also gone
  9. It is a common fan portrayal to depict that silly skiing white horse as if he is gay, and he tends to be shipped with either one of his friends: Party Favor, or Braeburn (less often). So, I am curious about what is it about Double Diamond that made fans depict him as a gay pony: is it that he looks as cute as Braeburn, or his light voice? I think it is funny to watch.
  10. Does anybody have any theories about Scootaloo and her parents? My theory is that Fluttershy had her and gave her up for adoption, which is why she can't fly. Rainbow Dash was the only other pony who knew about it, so she secretly takes care of her now as her big sister figure. What do you guys think?
  11. In the IDW comics, Pinkie Pie has unveiled that she carries live ammunition for her party cannon. She has attempted to do that even NOT AS A VILLAIN, against Iron Will. Thankfully Rarity stopped her, otherwise he'd be dead! I decided to do a few hours of speculation as to consider how powerful her cannon 290mm deliverer of fun actually is! Conclusion: she could destroy any modern tank, as her cannon is about the strength of one found on a WW2 era battleship
  12. It can be confirmed with it being mentioned in the show, one of the writers confirms it, observed in the show, or any way that shows that it is now canon.
  13. If she is, a switch from mania to depression at the end of TCRM would be a good explanation for why she decided to stop being evil in the course of a conversation, as well as her personality changes post-reformation.
  14. In the original MLP TV series, the farmgirl Megan (who was 12 years old) and her siblings, Danny and Molly, went on adventures saving Ponyland from villains. In consequent official MLP works, they were never seen again, except in one Equestria Girls comic where their names are mentioned in a leaflet (under Sunset Shimmer) as being associated with a room. In the context of daily life for people growing up through the 90's and into 2017, I wonder, how do you think Megan and her siblings would have lived to the present day (or even into the future), as they grew up after their adventures in Ponyland? The stories of their older lives, and those of their possible descendants, would be fascinating. Furthermore, how do you think they (or their future families) might have reacted to FiM and Equestria Girls, and its quirky fanbase?
  15. -----

    SS Headcanons

    [Warning: Bad English!!!] For months now, I wanted to write a fanfacion about Sunset Shimmer's past. But since I will probably never acutally write it because of...reasons, I decided to write at least my headcanons down, which would have been part of the story. Enjoy! :I Since Sunset mentioned that she has a family, but not a close realtion to them in the Equestria Girls Holiday Speacial (IDW comic), I think that her behavior portrayed in the first movie and „The Fall of Sunset Shimmer“ was a result of her parents not carring about her and/or pushing her down as a filly. When Sunset came to the human world she lived on the streets before Principal Celestia took her in and later helped her to get a job and an own apartment. Principal Celestia took Sunset in, because she reminded her of Luna, who was a „rebel“ when she was a teenager. (Since Nigmare Moon probably never happend in the human world, I think that is the closest thing to her we can get.) It was not Flash Sentry who taught Sunset how to play guitar, but Vice principal Luna during the time Sunset was living with Principal Celestia. The jacket Sunset was wearing in the first movie, was also the jacket Vice principal Luna has worn as a teenager. After Sunset moved in her apartment, the principals were still inviting her to dinner, but at time passed by the visits became less and less. Sunset used to play guitar when she needed to calm down or felt homesick. Flash became interested in Sunset because he heard her playing. Since Sunset was only using Flash due to popularity, she was only close to him during school time. In her free time and especially at the end of their relationship, she pretended often to be busy, so that she did not need to spent more time with him than necessary. (They were a couple for 2 to 3 months.) Because Sunset was never pure evil, she still felt at least a little bit bad for using Flash and during the realtionship with him she felt more uncomfortable than anything. Sunset knew where Twilight's room were and how her crown looked like, because she went through the portal already a few hours before during the same day. Sunset's plan of stealing Twilight's crown was never well thought through, but rather a rash reaction of her realizing that Princess Celestia had replaced her. After she stole the crown she had no idea what she was going to do with it. The plan of taking over Equestira was a result of her being corrupted by the crown and it was also not well thought through. Sunset had such a extrem personality change because she lost every she had built and because realized that became similar to her parents, something that she never wanted to become. Since it is confirmed that 1 moon = 1 month and that the portal opens every 30 moons (what would be 2,5 years), I think that Sunset lives in the human world for at least 5 to 7,5 years. The principals know that Sunset is a little bit older than the rest of the students. I also posted the whole thing on tumblr.
  16. Like Yvaine, Coriakin, and Ramandu (from Stardust and Narnia) being people who are actually stars (like the ones in the night sky), sometimes I consider some ponies to be "stars in pony bodies", such as Sunset, STARlight, Twilight, and Trixie (for their names or apperances), and Double Diamond (for him being a very cute WHITE pony -- he might be bright enough to burn stuff!). May I know, which ponies do you consider to be more like "stars" than ponies, as in having some form of relation with the stars of the night sky, or actually being "fallen stars from the sky"? That is, other than Celestia and her student Twilight, who are overrated choices?
  17. Since both age and transformation spells exist, could Starswirl be in retirement somewhere, perhaps in some other form? Personally, I doubt it, but is it possible?
  18. After all, their powers create small-d discord. Do you think there's a connection?
  19. Most episodes portray them as something like a sports team, but occasionally (Secret of My Excess, Testing,Testing, 123), they're portrayed as more like a military unit. So which are they? I think they're primarily a sports team now, but they have a paramilitary contract with Canterlot that originated from when they were the EUP guard.
  20. So, does anyone have any interesting theories relating specifically to the Mane Six they're dying to share? Just general thoughts, across the seasons and generations alike. I figure Twi, Rarity and Rainbow are all children of minor noble houses, myself. They and the rest of the girls shot up through the ranks, though, due to their service to the crown. Now, they all technically hold large swaths of previously-unclaimed land Celestia had taken from noble houses that proved too incompetent to keep it. I might write a story on this idea later... Got a lot more to work through first, though. Anyways, how do you think their backgrounds play out? Everyone likes to explore Applejack's history (myself included) but we tend to neglect the other five as a fandom, from what I've seen. It'll be interesting to see what people have come up with.
  21. I just re-watched the S1 E1&E2, and I noticed something odd. In the prophecy about the return of Nightmare Moon, it is said that "the stars will aid in her escape." In the symbolism of the three main Princesses, Twilight is "the stars" (her cutie mark). Does she in some sense make it possible for Luna to escape the Moon? Or could the prophecy be more directly related to the end of the episode rather than the beginning? After Nightmare Moon gets blasted by the EoH DNA Rainbow, we next see Luna huddled amidst the fragments of her Nightmare Moon self. Instead of sending her to the Moon as Celestia's use of the Elements did, the M6's use under Twilight's aegis "breaks her out." Could there also be an element of retroactive causation, in which the zap from the EoH is also the force that breaks Luna out of the Moon?
  22. Is there anything in canon/B-canon (comics, Journal of the Two Sisters, etc.) that contradicts the idea? It seems odd that neither Celestia or Luna have ever been married, that we can see, and if any stallion were worthy of marrying an alicorn, it would be the greatest wizard in Equestrian history. Maybe he was the reason Celestia started the School for Gifted Unicorns in the first place.
  23. Two questions I have about the new changeling forms: 1) What do you call the new forms? Personally I like ColorChangelings or neo-changelings as new names, but I was wondering if anyone had a name for them. 2) Are the forms intended for a new toyline, Rainbow Power-style? They seem too garishly colored to be purely a stylistic choice.
  24. It occurred to me that each of the season premiere/finale villains (not counting "Princess Twilight Sparkle or "The Crystalling", which don't have active villains in the same way) can be defined more or less as an opponent to one of the Elements of Harmony: Nightmare Moon: Selfishness, opposing Generosity Discord: Divisiveness, opposing Loyalty Chrysalis: Deception, opposing Honesty Sombra: Cruelty, opposing Kindness Tirek: Powerlessness, opposing Magic Starlight Glimmer: Insincerity, opposing Laughter. Obviously, some of these are stretches (e.g. what are the opposites of magic and laughter?), but is there any validity to this view of the world? Could having to deal with each of the antagonists be connected to a different aspect of their friendship?
  25. Here's my headcanon about that book's history. What's yours? I believe the book was created by Discord as one of his contingency plans should he be dethroned. We already saw one of his plans in "Princess Twilight Sparkle", and he probably had more than one. He seems to like complex plans. We also saw him increase in power when the CMC got into a chaotic fight in front of him. Yes, that was probably also because the EOH had been transferred to the Mane 6, but it's possible sufficient chaos surrounding him would have freed him anyway. Inspirarity's rampage was certainly chaotic in nature. I also believe Sombra was a victim of the book and an example of what the book makes its user if left unchecked. Both Sombra and Inspirarity were obsessed with shiny things (gold and jewels for Inspirarity, crystals for Sombra) and only appeared to care about themselves and their own power. Both Sombra's magic and the book's magic were referred to as dark (and note that Discord's chaos magic is literally dark, if Tirek's draining was any indication). Sombra seemed to have the power to create anything he wanted (the weird crystals, the giant staircases, the worst-nightmare door), and that last one makes me think he learned another spell (maybe more than one) from the book.