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Found 2 results

  1. Confusion has abounded since the implementation of the new theme. Enough confusion that we've seen a substantial decrease in banner submissions, and an appreciable increase in "how do i banner?" and "whaaaaa?" Even from those who have regularly contributed in the past. Let's try to clear up any confusion that may linger with our regulars and any newbies who may be interested in trying their hand at making one for the first time. I tried to keep this as short and simple as I could because it's really not a complicated process. If you find yourself still confused about something by the end, just post whatever's on your mind. Let's take our banner as of this post, for example: Its dimensions are 999 x 254 (recommended is 1000 x 255). They don't have to be exactly that size, but one can see that it fits up there quite nicely. Use this as a starting point and play around with it a bit. It also has a transparent background. This is desirable when possible as it'll help keep the banner from appearing too obtrusive, as a rectangle hanging there in space can look a little awkward. Your individual style or the nature of the banner you're cobbling together may not be suitable for a transparency, and that's fine. Again, this is just a best practice that fits the bill more often than not. Your discretion ultimately prevails. We don't have rigid requirements for the banner, so use your imagination. Once you've finished placing the finishing touches on your masterpiece, fire it to at least one of the administrators, preferably all of them, as they're the only ones capable of making the change. After they've had a look at all submissions and had a chance to select one, it'll get tossed up there shortly. And that's it. Not much to it aside from the actual work of making a banner.
  2. THIS IS NOT TO REPLACE THE OFFICIAL BANNER! CONTINUE READING~ So as you either know or don't know, I am working on V2 of the MLPForums extension, and this version will include a 'banner changer'. Which means that you can for example, change the current banner, make it change on each request, every five minutes or day/night cycle, anything really. But this also means that I would need banners to ship with at launch! I am no real artist but I am sure you all can make a few that will be awesome! Just make one with sizes of 1000x165 and post it here! To make it all fair and community-centered, any banner that gets more than 7 brohoofs will also be included ( It has to have some attention put into it though. ) Proof of Concept: If you want you can also specify colors for the navigation, but if you have no idea what to put there I will try to find a few that look okay! Please also tell if you made it, if not the person who did. PS: There will also be a direct set for the banner, which means you can use any image you want.