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Found 12 results

  1. Mine are Sony "MDRXB200L's" They couldn't pick a simpler name, it was too hard for them.
  2. So I came across these a couple weeks ago, thought they looked pretty neat. Might even pre-order a pair once their Kickstarter is up and running. Y'all's thoughts?
  3. Do you have any songs that you prefer to listen through headphones? I really love these two. With headphones you can hear everything that goes on in the background, and it separates certain instruments so they fade in and out of each ear.
  4. What do you like better Headphones or Earbuds? Personally I like Headphones, they are much more comfortable (and awesome ). What about you?
  5. Flash was very confusing to me. But I think I figured it out. I'm tempted to try doing some audio syncs now } Been thinking of using Princess Clara audio clips from Drawn Together (Tara Strong voices her using twilight's voice, so it's a perfect match) I won't link any of the audio because it has a lot of vulgar langue, (which makes it that much more funny). I'm not linking the kickstarter here because I don't think this is the right place for it, I just wanted to share the animation that few will see =\
  6. so here is also a taste of a few covers of forum mates MatrixChicken and PonyFireStone credit to them wanting to Colab with others styles rock, trance, Drum and bass, etc
  7. 'Ello! I'm a first time poster, aspiring author, and border brony who was introduced to MLP by the album The Pony Way by All Levels at Once. "Muffs" came from binging on the track Fluttershy's Lament, and I love it too much to just let it sit on my computer, but the core ideas of my some of my other projects are more promising, so I'm putting it to pasture here. Also, I'm a recent high school grad and a Mormon, which means I'll be serving a 2 year mission. I start May 28th, working in Northwest Utah. I'll be putting the internet on hold for that time, and will likely have little opportunity for writing. Which just makes me more anxious to get this in the hands of those who might enjoy it. So put on your headphones, crank up the techno, and (hopefully) enjoy Muffs-Fluttershy's Lament.pdf. Edit 1: Shortened the topic title. Edit 2: "Muffs" is set in modern Earth, albeit with a splash of fantasy.
  8. O.K., so here are a couple pairs of headphones I saw and I need help choosing which one. I'm leaning towards the RD ones, but the VS ones are cool, too. I think the VS ones are custom made by someone else, but I need advice! OR: I could make my own but I don't know how...
  9. So how much do you listen to music For me I'm a music fanatic so...On Weekends about 25 to 30 hours On school days....I can't during school so about 7 hours per day What about you guys?
  10. Okay, should this be in Media Discussion or General Discussion? Anyway, I got a nice, good quality pair of Skullcandy over-ear headphones for Christmas. I very much like the shape, color, and sound quality of these headphones, but I'm not too crazy about the small metallic Skullcandy logo just above each earpiece. I'd like to cover it with paint or a sticker, but I'd like it to not show at all, and I want to keep the white color of the headphones. Any advice? I was also thinking about personalizing them so that they have some Rarity flair, her mane and maybe her cutie mark. Any advice about that? Thank you in advance for your help. ~True Rarity
  11. The title is self-explanatory, post a picture of your headphones. With the amazing amount of music this fandom generates, you need something to listen to the music with. So what do you use, either post your own picture or simply find one on the internet. If you like you can add a little about your headphones, maybe information on them, or maybe how you got them. Let me start, I have had around five headphones, I take good care of my stuff. Three of them are earplug headphones, one of them samsung. Although, the over ear headphones I got are only two. First there is the sonoko HP-80, the first over ear headphones I got really young and they have lasted for a long time. Then there is the Sennheiser HD 202, my newest headphones, that I got for christmas last year. The sonoko, probaby have a sound pressure level of 80 dB, but they don't block the environmental sounds too well. But they're ok, they're really old. The Sennheiser, has a sound pressure level of 115 dB, which is really good and the frequency response is 18-18,000 Hz. The sennheiser has Neodymium magnets that provides powerfull bass. They are perfect, except that the caple is way to long on them. They block the outside noise very well.. The funny thing is, I got them mostly because of the fandom, with all the music. I started to get more interested in headphones. So post a picture of your headphones. Here is a picture:
  12. Yeah, this is nothing I can put aside now, I REALLY need new headphones, as well as getting contacts to fix the only functional ones left, one which I use now. Thing is, I don't know WHAT kind of headphones, so I'm looking for suggestions. Any kind of them will do, but since I'm mostly using them outside and such, I think that some decent silicone earbuds would be the best bet. I don't know what type to get, though. What should I get?