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Found 114 results

  1. I do however they are just reading glasses, so I don’t have them on too often
  2. What do you guys do sport wise? I used to train martial arts and now do fitness :3
  3. So I didn’t see this topic on here yet and well with me just getting eye surgery was wondering if anyone has had any surgeons that might have scared them or went badly?? I just had a Cadillac removed from my eye (that apparently I was born with) but got worse over time that I couldn’t see out of my left eye at all... but before my surgery they stuck like a numbing need RIGHT below my eye and that was one of the worst things.... they also put like a tarp thing over my head and I am highly claustrophobic (but didn’t wanna say anything) and the lady notice that I was squirming a lot and asked if I was ok and I told her that I was claustrophobic so they made me a little tent with the tarp... lol So any stories anyone else want to share?
  4. So what was it? Was it minor, major... In my case, my worst injury occoured just around 3 weeks ago. It was 1st of May, midnight. I was heading home from a BBQ party from my friend's place. I got completely drunk, and I'm talking like 4 liters of beer and 2 liters of wine... As I was heading home along with 2 buddies, we had to cross a certain bridge to get to the city transport. Out of the blue I climbed up the fence of a 50ft (15.2 meter) tall bridge and started shouting random songs and waving arms. Just as my buddy turned around to pull me back I slipped and fell all the way down to the ground. I was rushed to the hospital and had an 8 hour long surgery. Results of an accident was a broken left arm, broken left leg, nearly a broken spine, external and internal bleeding and an instant coma, lost around 20 liters of blood in total. I had over 50% chance to die since I was losing 9 times more blood than produced. Today I can walk and run normally but my arm is still a bit numb. I guess I was lucky. And I love my friend, if he wasn't there.....
  5. I've come across the MLP forums many times and I even abandoned my old account and hadn't planned to return until recently when I made this new account. My point being, I've seen a lot of depressed people on these forums. Sure there are some positive folks roaming around these parts but the depressed ones stick out like a sore thumb to me. This is part of the reason as to why I'm making this thread and is what will lead to my question which is the title of this thread. What fills you with inner strength? What makes you feel strong, determined, brave, focused, good? I don't care how depressed some of you may be, we all have moments when we experience something that lifts our spirits even if it's temporary. For me it's music, I'm easily effected by it. If I'm feeling sad or angry, music can lift my spirits and make me feel epic. It can even calm me if I'm really in a bad place. Here's an example of a current song that I'm listening to (hope it shows up in my post. lol) : This song always makes me feel epic and gets me out of a rut pretty quick. So yeah, What gives you strength when you're at your worst? Maybe this thread can become a place where we can find some strength when moods are low so share what you got!
  6. i remember when i first started running regularly i would do 1km and be limping but these days i can run almost indefinitely just before i ran 10km (no pausing 50% max effort then 100% sprint for 100 mtr every 900mtr) and the track covered going over the highest hill for 40km around by the end i was puffed out and sweating but i feel like i could do it again 20 min later its just not doing anything for me any more i used to LOVE waking up the next morning barely able to walk any suggestions?
  7. So I used to workout quite regularly, and with decent results, but sooner or later I started getting busy and I guess I just lost discipline. The other day I was thinking about how much I enjoyed watching myself improve and I figured I aught to get back into it; and what better way to get motivated than discussing it with a forum of friends. So do any of you workout or plan to? If so, do you like it? What all do you do and what motivates you? I used to do quite a bit of strength training, but admittedly lacked on cardio, so I'm hoping to find a decent regimen that balances strenth and cardio, but it will definitely be leaning toward strength.
  8. Does anyone have any allergies to a certain type of food? I have a food alergy to Gluten (wheat) called Celiac Disease, and want to know if anyone had an alergy like me.
  9. So what do you do if you're feeling nauseous and what do you eat and drink when you are? Depending on when it happens, I'll drink a lot of water. Cause sometimes I sleep in for a really long time, so the nausea might be due to dehydration. If that doesn't work, I'll take peptoismal. After that, I'll eat (if I can find them) saltines, bread and bananas, as well as drink ginger ale (if I remember to get some). How about you?
  10. How often do you visit your dentist and why?
  11. Is there anyone out there with mental health issues? I mean more like anxiety, depression etc... it doesn't just have to be autism, but I won't disregard anyone for posting about this either. I just don't want to make this thread a repeat of the autistic thread. Also, if there's already a thread about this, feel free to redirect me there. ^^ As for myself... aside from my autism, I have very severe anxiety. It's often so bad that it disables me from doing most things. A lot of medical pros tell me it's due to my anxiety, which is a little stupid. They don't really understand how hard it is or how bad it can get. I've also self-harmed before. I've been clean for several months now, and I'm very proud of myself for this!
  12. Bit of a random question, especially since I almost never use painkillers because I have had little reason to do so, but recently I pulled a rib muscle and...yeah, let's just say that hurts like hell. After 3 days of hardly sleeping as a result and dealing with the pain (not very well mind you), I took an Aleve liquid release capsule and that has worked incredibly. Went from barely no sleep in 3 days to being knocked out for 11 hours with no pain whatsoever. Still not feeling much pain, just some soreness currently and for that I am quite thankful. I think I have a substantial new-found appreciation for these things. XD It makes me wonder, what painkillers do you all normally use when issues arise and have the most success with?
  13. Life can be a tough task sometimes. We all face trails and hardships in some form or other, all throughout our lives. Some have it more severe than others, but we've all been there, all had that moment where we could just sink into a dark corner and cry, feeling sorry for ourselves, the world, whatever. But I believe we also often take for granted, those things that make us feel joy, hopeful, and happy to be alive. I sit here on a beautiful sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky, the greenery returned to the trees and a light breeze keeping temperatures pretty much optimum. Right now, everything just feels so tranquil, peaceful. It reminds me of the days that made me feel so positive about my life. Even through all the hardships, even through the many still to come, I've still had these wonderful moments, and nothing can take those away from me. It gives me the desire to continue, to push through the hard times in the hope of seeing more good times ahead. It really can be the smallest things that help us keep the faith. So with that said, I'm curious to hear about what sort of things keep your spirits up? What are the kind of things you find joy in? Do you maybe find it difficult to do so? Some may even find happiness in things others would think questionable. Everyone is different, and perhaps something you post here will help another who is struggling. You never know! ...And don't just say "Ponies."
  14. Do you suffer from acne? I am and still using treatments for it
  15. General Discussion is random question so i decided this, is showering weekly gross or not
  16. I had the misfortune of needing braces twice. That was not because of forgetting to wear a retainer or anything, but because my orthodontist had a two-phase treatment plan. So I had my braces on and off twice from the time I was 8 to the time I was 15. But in the end, I think it was worth it. I finally felt confident with my smile. Plus, I used to have crooked teeth and ran the risk of permanent nerve damage if I hadn't gotten braces. Has anyone else here had braces, and does anyone currently have braces? I'm just curious to know who else has been through the same thing. :-P
  17. When was the last time you vomited? What caused it? The last time I vomited was due to a new medication I was taking. It was an unfortunate side effect.
  18. I myself have severe generalized anxiety disorder(that in my opinion should have been diagnoses as panic disorder, but I was already on some medication when they officially diagnosed me, so they never saw it's true severity) and pretty bad depression. I was wondering if any of you guys have battled or are currently battling any mental illnesses. If you're not comfortable opening up about it in full detail, that's totally okay. But if you want to talk about it, how has it affected your life? What are some things you do to make yourself better? And do you have any tips or words of encouragement for the others here? Hugs to everyone who replies and everyone who doesn't reply but still deals with these things! You're all super strong and amazing people, and I'm proud of you!
  19. Anybody here do daily workout/exercise routines to stay healthy or in shape?
  20. I'm weird and go through phases where I eat quite healthily and then I'll have phases where I eat crap all the time. There's no middle ground for me. I'm going though a healthy phase again, I'm just hoping I won't stop again. I should probably eat more vegetables though, I eat a lot of fruit.
  21. What do you do to prepare for bed? I personally put on my boxers and my bathrobe. Then I'll make myself a cup of tea. After that I strip down and take off all my clothing and hop into bed. (which brings up the question of why I even bother putting on boxers in the first place) After that I'll lay back and relax while listening to music on my iPod.
  22. What are you allergic to? I'm allergic to...
  23. The title is pretty explanatory. I was just wondering what all of your accidental injuries are. I'm betting that none of yours can top how retardedly I received mine. It was my turn while my friends and I were playing pool. I had to hit a ball that was on the other side of the table, so I raised the the cue stick and put full force into it. My aim was true and the ball was pocketed. I also managed to PUNCH the pool table at full force. THAT has got to be one of the stupidest ways I had gotten an injury. Baseline, I received a cut, about a centimetre, in length, just because I sucker punched a pool table.
  24. I get colds far too often >.> It's my first week of college and I've already caught a cold. I've started using hand sanitizer a lot more (I must look germophobic to people in college) so I'm hoping I'll get sick less.
  25. I started having some issues falling asleep a couple years ago. There were a few things I found that worked for me. I installed an app on my phone that turns the screen red after dark, and I usually wear yellow glasses about an hour before bedtime, if I'm on the computer. Another thing I did was replace my white LED lights with the antique style ones that have an amber color. They're much easier on my eyes. After doing those things, I noticed a big difference. Has anyone else had trouble sleeping due to phone screens, white lights and such? If so, what solutions worked for you?