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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 99 results

  1. Sleep is very important for good health. So, what time do you go to bed, and what time do you wake up?
  2. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    Health “Zombie Deer Disease”

    Yes, that is the title. For those of you unaware, there’s a deadly disease spreading among elk and deer in the United States, and now experts are warning that it may one day be transmittable to humans who eat meat from wild game. The infection, known as chronic wasting disease, is related to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease—which explains the equally terrifying nickname this illness has been given: zombie deer disease. More general information (recommended): More details regarding the disease: Do you think that we, as humans, should be worried about this disease? I am a veterinary technician so my knowledge on zoonotic diseases is pretty fair. With that being said, I do not believe that we have reason to worry about this disease spreading to us at the moment.
  3. Experienced bronies welcome, military or civilian. Lately my body has been showing some obvious and painful cues that 2-2-2 training (2 mile run, 2 minute push-up, and 2 minute sit-up. I usually follow with some pull-ups), also the standard for the Army Physical Fitness Test, is starting to take its toll. As much as I want to reach military physical standards I feel like if I keep training in this manner it might do more harm than good. So I went and did a little more online research and came across 1-1-1 training, literally 2-2-2 cut in half (1 mile run, 1 min push-up, 1 min sit-up), and the prerequisite for the APFT/2-2-2. As much as my body is telling me to cut down and perhaps go with 1-1-1 instead, I really don't want to just throw in the towel for something easier. That was until I had an idea, what if instead of training the regular 2-2-2 which seems to me to have a heavier emphasis on endurance. I train 1-1-1 in a significantly more intense manner for cardio, strength, and speed? (of course, it would still train endurance to a certain extent, but not as intense as 2-2-2) On a side note, I am not exactly considering joining the army yet. I'm just looking for a training routine that is practical for both physical fitness and, just in case, combat.
  4. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of food? This is what's on my mind right now > Snow White sushi roll (YUM)
  5. Captain Whirlwind

    Health Exercise Frequently?

    Anybody here do daily workout/exercise routines to stay healthy or in shape?
  6. Br O N Y Kitty

    Health Who is autistic?

    Hello there! So I've noticed that a fair amount of people on this forum, probably like 90% have autism, most of the time asperger autism. And that's kinda interesting to me, since in the normal world, only like 0.2% of people have have asperger autism. So I wanna know, who here is autistic, and in what ways does in affect you? I for myself have asperger autism, and it probably cause me to not be interested in relationships for the first 17 or 18 years of my life, so I more or less have to learn everything about dating now, which kinda sucks, but.....yeah.... I'am also just really bad in social situations in general....and I often overshare personal stuff which can be kinda awkward for the other person sometimes.
  7. Sondash Studios

    Health How often do you have a cold?

    I tend to have a cold about 3-4 times a year, but I usually recover really fast, strep throat thought, is like 4 times a year.
  8. Sondash Studios

    Health How hairy are you?

    (Hair on your head doesn't count) Yup, I have more hair than my dad on my legs and forearms, I'm basically like an ape. (I'm joking, I'm just normal for a 15 year old.)
  9. Have you ever or do you currently struggle with bad skin? i.e: blemishes, scars, etc.?
  10. Zephyr / Karou

    Health Backwards freshman 15

    Don't freshmen usually gain weight in their first semester at college? Well, I somehow managed to lose over 10 pounds, which is actually a bad thing for me considering I was already underweight. I've actually been eating more since being on campus, so it's weird.
  11. I myself have severe generalized anxiety disorder(that in my opinion should have been diagnoses as panic disorder, but I was already on some medication when they officially diagnosed me, so they never saw it's true severity) and pretty bad depression. I was wondering if any of you guys have battled or are currently battling any mental illnesses. If you're not comfortable opening up about it in full detail, that's totally okay. But if you want to talk about it, how has it affected your life? What are some things you do to make yourself better? And do you have any tips or words of encouragement for the others here? Hugs to everyone who replies and everyone who doesn't reply but still deals with these things! You're all super strong and amazing people, and I'm proud of you!
  12. KillerKingBakudan

    Health Heat stroke or hypothermia?

    Obviously, neither is good for you. But if you were about to end up in either situation, and it was completely unavoidable, which one would you choose?
  13. As most of you might know, alcohol changes your behavour and the way you feel. For instance, it makes me a lot less aggressive, I just start to love everyone, like seriously, when I'am drunk I probably would even hug Adolf Hitler, because I just can't be angry at anyone. Anyway, I'am really curious to know how you feel when you're drunk And to the Admins, I know that might be a borderline inappropriate topic, but I really don't wanna promote drinking here, drinking is bad because the ethanol gets partly oxidized to acetaldehyde, which is toxic for the liver, so don't overdo it!
  14. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital? If so, why? Update: I have been admitted four times.
  15. I’m a person who constantly over thinks almost every aspect of my life. I overthink things as simple as gaming or TV to something personal, which usually leaves me feeling confused or a bit down. Does anyone else have this problem?
  16. heavens-champion

    Health Weird burping noises in throat?

    What does it mean when you have weird burping noises in your throat? I think you're confusing the burp-like noises with actually burping.
  17. What are you allergic to? I'm allergic to...
  18. Member Berry

    Health Do you eat healthily?

    I'm weird and go through phases where I eat quite healthily and then I'll have phases where I eat crap all the time. There's no middle ground for me. I'm going though a healthy phase again, I'm just hoping I won't stop again. I should probably eat more vegetables though, I eat a lot of fruit.
  19. Simple. How often do you shower or bath ? o-o
  20. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    Health Do You Overly Worry?

    Do you find yourself overreacting or worrying too much about everything or small things? I can sometimes be a prime example of this- as I tend to over-think things and I worry a lot about getting sick.
  21. What do you do to prepare for bed? I personally put on my boxers and my bathrobe. Then I'll make myself a cup of tea. After that I strip down and take off all my clothing and hop into bed. (which brings up the question of why I even bother putting on boxers in the first place) After that I'll lay back and relax while listening to music on my iPod.
  22. Life can be a tough task sometimes. We all face trails and hardships in some form or other, all throughout our lives. Some have it more severe than others, but we've all been there, all had that moment where we could just sink into a dark corner and cry, feeling sorry for ourselves, the world, whatever. But I believe we also often take for granted, those things that make us feel joy, hopeful, and happy to be alive. I sit here on a beautiful sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky, the greenery returned to the trees and a light breeze keeping temperatures pretty much optimum. Right now, everything just feels so tranquil, peaceful. It reminds me of the days that made me feel so positive about my life. Even through all the hardships, even through the many still to come, I've still had these wonderful moments, and nothing can take those away from me. It gives me the desire to continue, to push through the hard times in the hope of seeing more good times ahead. It really can be the smallest things that help us keep the faith. So with that said, I'm curious to hear about what sort of things keep your spirits up? What are the kind of things you find joy in? Do you maybe find it difficult to do so? Some may even find happiness in things others would think questionable. Everyone is different, and perhaps something you post here will help another who is struggling. You never know! ...And don't just say "Ponies."
  23. Member Berry

    Health Losing weight

    I seriously need to lose weight. I've never had a proper new years resolution but this is mine for 2017. I used to be thin (if anything I was too thin when I was a child and teenager) but I've gained a lot of weight since I hit my 20's. Any advice? Other than just eating less? I was thinking of doing the Atkins but I love carbs too much lol. Btw, I'm not considered obese just yet, just overweight. I will become obese soon if I don't sort it out, though >.>
  24. The title is pretty explanatory. I was just wondering what all of your accidental injuries are. I'm betting that none of yours can top how retardedly I received mine. It was my turn while my friends and I were playing pool. I had to hit a ball that was on the other side of the table, so I raised the the cue stick and put full force into it. My aim was true and the ball was pocketed. I also managed to PUNCH the pool table at full force. THAT has got to be one of the stupidest ways I had gotten an injury. Baseline, I received a cut, about a centimetre, in length, just because I sucker punched a pool table.
  25. I know some people do generally feel very bad around the hoildays, and I am not talking about feeling like you're at the edge, but, do you try to stay very happy around the hoildays, or is it hard for you, such as holiday sadness being a seasonal thing in the winter? I'm really trying to stay happy in general, but I do have seasonal depression it seems, so it's not always good for me. About 80% of the time though, I'm happy because the holidays are coming up.