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Found 131 results

  1. Is there anyone out there with mental health issues? I mean more like anxiety, depression etc... it doesn't just have to be autism, but I won't disregard anyone for posting about this either. I just don't want to make this thread a repeat of the autistic thread. Also, if there's already a thread about this, feel free to redirect me there. ^^ As for myself... aside from my autism, I have very severe anxiety. It's often so bad that it disables me from doing most things. A lot of medical pros tell me it's due to my anxiety, which is a little stupid. They don't really understand how hard it is or how bad it can get. I've also self-harmed before. I've been clean for several months now, and I'm very proud of myself for this!
  2. Do you think or know if you have/had the coronavirus?
  3. Example, after you shower you comb/brush your hair... Do you also comb/brush your eyebrows? Do you think it matters to your looks if you keep your eyebrows neat and brushed?
  4. I come from an area where smoking is heavily stigmatized. You smoke? You're a joke (eh? eh?). But then I moved to a town where everyone and their great grandmother twice removed smokes. I don't like it at all. Smoking makes me uncomfortable. I hate the smell, I hate the idea of second-hand smoke, I hate the cigarette, I pity the smoker. Should I pity them? No, of course not, but I can't help it. What are your thoughts on smoking? Do you smoke? Do you plan on trying? EDIT: It's especially frustrating when all my neighbors smoke and I can't leave my window open for an hour before the stench gets inside. Really getting tired of that
  5. Anybody here do daily workout/exercise routines to stay healthy or in shape?
  6. Wellll here we go again, another COVID topic! So with all the COVID 19 going around dies anyone happen to know anyone with a confirmed case? While I know people that MIGHT have had it that I know of I have not meant anyone that had an official test done and tested positive!
  7. It can be mental pain, physical pain, or emotional pain. Today I've experienced some emotional pain.
  8. I do however they are just reading glasses, so I don’t have them on too often
  9. So this has been a question in the back of my mind for awhile now. I have very minor epilepsy being complex partial and a single episode of a grand mal seizure(Stopped taking my medication for 5 days with 2 meals in those 5 days). For me I have had very few limitations, but during this summer I have been mulling over trying to get my private pilots license, yet the FAA is so strict on epilepsy no matter how mild that I probably will be denied. For anyone who has had any form of epilepsy have you been barred from trying something you wanted to do or had a rigorous time achieving something due to it?
  10. I'm on a bit of a health kick right now. I'm doing surprisingly well, I worked out I had 8 of my 5 a day yesterday I'm mostly eating salads right now. I like salads but I may get bored of them soon. I'm lazy and hate cooking. I did make these a few days ago: Which were quite nice Any recipe suggestions? I'm trying to lose a bit of weight too so something low in calories would be great.
  11. Skincare is as important as any other my friends. Your skin is an organ and its important you keep it looking and feeling healthy. Not only will you feel amazing, you'll look amazing my dudes and dudettes. Your skin needs to stay hydrated and it needs to be cleaned every so often of any impurities that you collect over the course of day. The OPs is as follows, I try to drink around two liters of water every day that's a half a gallon for you ameribros. Not only will this keep you hydrated it has many health benefits as well. Then there is my choice of cleanser, usually I do wash my face with simply water but if I care to take any oils and fats I use a makeup remover yes that's right bros your emo days have come in handy after all I use a "garnier" skinactive, micelar cleansing water then after I've cleansed its time to pick a moisturizer any will do. It is a good thing if it is spf 20, I mostly use a "the body shop" coco calming face mist spray. Yet that is someone who generally does so regularly, if I haven't I may use some "clean and clear" blackhead clearing daily scrub or any other sometimes a mask mostly though I've been using a pure clay purifying cleanser by L'oréal. I do sometimes apply a face mask though not as often actually, then there is also giving yourself a massage to stimulate the blood flow in your skin. What about you dudes and dudettes, what's your skincare routine?
  12. General Discussion is random question so i decided this, is showering weekly gross or not
  13. What do you think about snuff? Do you take it? Do you have friends who take it? Maybe you think people should not snuff? Is it legal in your country, and do you think it should/shouldn't be? Do you think it's dangerous? I snuff, although really rarely - maybe once a month, or less. Also, please keep in mind that snuff is legal in many countries and is not a drug - I've met people who thought so.
  14. Anxiety is a cruel beast. It makes us a feel a multitude of things, like worry, stress, fear, and generally it makes us feel really, really bad. It's not good. I suffer from pretty severe anxiety, as it is in the 'crippling' category. I take a medicine for it that only seems to work at times, but in times like last night, the medicine had no effect. So I want to bring up the discussion, do you suffer from anxiety too? If so, how bad is it? How do you cope? Also for the record I am diagnosed with GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
  15. So i got into vaping after meeting local bronies. They said it was a healthy alternative to actual smoking. Now, they didnt say vape in place of smoking. In fact, they told me to quit instead of looking for more ways to smoke. After a long talk about smoking and why we do it, they pointed me to vaping. Less messy, less chemical's im inhaling(cause im mostly smoking vegetable oils and flavoring with a small amount of nicotine. Bought myself a 200 dollar vape pen thats top of the line(until they make a newer better one) that works well. I've been mostly vaping to get that extra energy during work. Now im flavor hunting. I dont smoke for the nictotine anymore. I use 0mg nictotine e-juices that are just flavouring. I spend close to 100 dollars a month looking for that next big flavour. (Why do i feell like this is someone's OC's backstory?). I just wanted to know, who else vapes? Maybe even start a vapers club? Do you vape to quit smoking, flavour hunt like me, or just cause?
  16. If so what was it like? I had a panic attack before, it was because I accidentally split my knuckle open. I got very shaky, felt a little numbness, felt like fainting, and I was hyperventilating. Thankfully it only lasted like 15-29 minutes.
  17. This topic is for those curious about fitness/diet, and want to ask me questions based on such. Now I'm no certified trainer/dietitian, but I know my way around much of what and what not to do when it comes to fitness. Just hit me up with some questions, and I'll be sure to reply! And it doesn't have to strictly be questions, discussions are more than welcomed too.
  18. Just curious to see if they're any bronies who eat steaks and lift weights also I wanted to see what your diet and workout routine consists of so please do share! Personally I do weighted squats, deadlifts, power cleans, bicep curls (any variation), tricep extensions, bench press. I mainly use the weights and the weights only, i some times do conditioning for cardio. I only eat 2 meals per day and I eat shit tons of protein and fat like steak, chicken, grilled salmon, etc. I usually accompany my meals with some type of vegetable (either it be a cucumber whole or a salad). But my main meal is Steak and Eggs and sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter every morning, now that's a meal fit for a king. I could safely say I eat pretty healthy so I could stay lean.
  19. So i know brushing your teeth is important day and night for every day but what about mornings ? if you brush your teeth at night and not have anything after and just go to sleep then whats the point in brushing your teeth in the morning ? why not just mouthwash in the morning since you already brushed them at night? if u guys want to know yes i do brush my teeth everyday XD lol.
  20. The title is pretty explanatory. I was just wondering what all of your accidental injuries are. I'm betting that none of yours can top how retardedly I received mine. It was my turn while my friends and I were playing pool. I had to hit a ball that was on the other side of the table, so I raised the the cue stick and put full force into it. My aim was true and the ball was pocketed. I also managed to PUNCH the pool table at full force. THAT has got to be one of the stupidest ways I had gotten an injury. Baseline, I received a cut, about a centimetre, in length, just because I sucker punched a pool table.
  21. So recently I started loving yoga because of how it's not as exhausting as 100 pushups 100 sit ups but it's still grueling and beneficial. Eating healthy is also great because when stuff has low calories, there's no excess to convert into fat. So yea this is the being healthy thread
  22. I hate exercise and get bored of it easily. I used to skip with a skipping rope a lot when I was a kid, I was quite good at it. I may just buy a skipping rope and start skipping again. The problem is my back garden is tiny and the washing line is in the way >.> I don't know where to do it. I'm just thinking I'm more likely to do exercise with something I liked doing as a kid. Any other ideas?
  23. What do you do to take care of your hair? How often do you wash it? Do you wash in hot water or cold? Do you condition? What shampoo do you use? Do you curl it, color it, style it, cut it? There are so many different ways to maintain your hair, so what's your method (or methods)?
  24. I've been debating becoming one for a while but I have finally decided to just do it. I just don't like the idea of eating animals. I've also researched into it a lot more lately and I now know what to eat and what vitamins to take to remain healthy. Any other vegetarians here? I didn't eat any meat yesterday so I guess today is my second day of being a vegetarian Any advice for a newbie? Edit: Oops. I meant to tag this under food not health. Sorry.
  25. Hey guys. Flyer here! I just have a question. Does anyone else here have Anosmia? For those who don't know what that is, let me explain: Anosmia describes a situation where a person has no functioning olfactory system. So to make a long story short, they can't smell. I myself have suffered from this since I was a baby. Is this abnormal for someone to have been born with?