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Found 24 results

  1. Hey there, I was just browsing through my Tumblr and I saw the cutest thing that instantly put the biggest smile I had this year. Did it make YOU smile?
  2. Locomotives are awesome. Personally I still think steam is the better looking half of rail history. Though modern electrics are catching up... Are there any trainspotters on this forum, or rail fans?
  3. ♡ Hey friends! ♡ It's time for a simple and fun contest for everyone to join! "The Heart Contest" ____________________ What to do? Post a heart in the comment section like this ♡ and name a thing you love about the forum (or more) To show appreciation and love to the forum itself. With this event also come 3 winners and they will be picked randomly through a name picker. ____________________ What are the prizes? Number 1: A fullbody artwork drawn by me (if you do not have an oc we can discuss something else) Number 2: A custom OC by me (this comes with what you tell me to draw, we'll discuss it in DM) Number 3: A banner made by me, for you ____________________ What is the goal of this? To show some love and support to this forum and the people in it. Sometimes it is a nice way to show positivity and lighten up another persons day but mostly it's also to just have fun. ____________________ How do we know the person is the rightful winner? I will put all of your names into this name picker: The one who gets chosen for the first round is #1 the next #2 and so on. I will record and make a gif out of it so people can see ____________________ Everyone who comments will receive a badge I have designed with approval of @Lord Valtasar ____________________ End date? 03-29-2020 If you have questions, DM me directly. Do not take this post off-topic.
  4. When making any sort of decision, which do you follow: your brain, your heart, or your instincts? There are pros and cons to each. Choices made with your brain are the most well thought out and logical but can leave you unsatisfied. With your heart you will likely feel good about what you're doing, but it won't always work out. And with your instincts you can sometimes feel extremely confident in what you're doing, but your instincts aren't always right. Personally I almost always use my head, but I trust my instincts above all else. If they give me a strong feeling about something, I never ignore it.
  5. I know it's a weird topic, but this just really interests me. Did you ever had the chance (probably in your childhood) to use the stethoscope to listen to your insides? I know that alot of pediatricians do that, because it takes the fear and mystery away from the examination. I for one never had the courage to ask my Doctor/Pediatrician. I was very shy to ask and even when he offered me at one point, i didn't want to, eventhough i wanted to do it. I guess i just felt very odd about it infront of other grown ups. What is your story? Something similar, or something different?
  6. I claim Princess Flurry Heart as my personal psychotic dictator. Her nation shall be called The Winter Queendom. All hail the Winter Queendom!
  7. Spike, you really deserve more. One reason behind my sudden love for Starlight, was because you were so supportive to her and helped her when needed. You really do a dynamic duo. I'll enjoy every time you are on the same scene for sure. Not only it makes Starlight more likeable, but encourages your character to grow and improve by helping others. That's the reason behind supportive characters per se and after all. Cathy Weseluck has a lovely voice, we don't want it to go to waste, do we? All the cheers today goes to the Number One Assistant Spike. Twitter! deviantArt!
  8. So, finally got my hoofs on the blog section! Yay! It's a bit like status updates but more fun! But I needed a first post, so, here comes: Heartshaped Missklang. Why I put "multiverse" in the title? Because I'm collecting different styles to draw/make Missklang in, creating a big collection of him in different shapes and forms. You have the idea... So, here it is:
  9. Now to you impotent fools who merely glance at a fixation of the fanatacism, what doth thou contend with as the man is thrown from the back of his his horse, from which he hath contained unto thine hands as henceforth beaten beyond the disarmament of death, when every man realized his place he than became a reclusive and chimerical madness, as such was an insufficiancy to rather conceal it`self forgotten, I simply put you in your place, the rules of pundits will only further mock the innocent, as the mortality is gold upon the eyes of a pupil`s avarice, life is what you decide but only so much can be understood in the shortcomings of your insolent posturing, oh how thine child only really knows itself amen.
  10. I digitalised it hope ya'll enjoy whoops forgot the beard
  11. kinda feel like a derp for not uploading this yesterday anyway hope you guys like it not my best but I like the concept this is also for Samantha
  12. The "heart" shape, normally associated with love in Western cultures, shows up a lot in Equestria's (or Ponyville's) traditional art: you could see it atop roofs, on doors, on carts, and on a major railway express. Do you have any headcanon ideas on why the "heart" shape is a common feature in traditional Equestrian art, and a possible history behind the custom?
  13. OUR DONATION PAGE We are happily taking donations, all donations over 5 dollars will get a drawing or type of art from a randomly picked artist! You can opt out of the free drawing, however, if you would prefer! ==================================================================== More Info: Our email We are still searching for artists and people who would be willing to spare some time for the cause. Any type of art will be appreciated! This includes, but is not limited to; Visual art, Music, or even a Livestream. Our goal is to give people who donate something over a certain amount to be awarded with a free piece of art from the community to show our gratitude. ======= Can't donate art or money and want to help? You can put a link to this page in your signature or go to THIS website to help people get the food they need.
  14. This is a review on the DLC, Cold, Cold Heart that was released on 4/22/14. The DLC featured the Origin story of Mr. Freeze and other features like new upgrades to help the functioning of the new Batsuit that is featured in the DLC. I had a fun time getting all the upgrades and playing around with the HE suit. How did everyone else feel about the DLC?
  15. Hey guys!! If you've frequented DeviantArt, you may be aware of the cute little "heart ponies" that were created by BambooDog. Well he gave permission for other people to make their own. So I did!! With credit given, of course... Definitely not as good as the originals, but I think it turned out pretty cute!! Let me know what you guys think!! And here's a link to the Deviation page:
  16. Eh. Wish I could draw stuff on the computer Anyway, here's something else I spent an hour and a half on, then took a picture with my phone. It's actually a pretty personal piece, in case you couldn't tell, it's symbolic of how Rarity has been therapuetic for my heart condition. I put a lot of effort into this; this heart problem of mine is something I know I talk about a lot, but it's a big part of my life due to all of the barriers it puts up for me. I could say a million words about this goddamn heart defect I have, but I won't, so I don't bore y'all with a wall of text All you need to know is that Rarity, and getting to be the extreme fanboy of her I am, have really helped me cope with it better In the picture, it's obvious that the heart itself is beat up, and there's a big patch in the middle of it with Rarity winking, "XOXO - R" ("R" meaning "Rarity"), etc., another patch with her cutie mark on it, all that good stuff I put a lot of work into this, so if I could be given some constructive criticism where necessary, I'd be very grateful I want to get good at drawing fan art, and I need to be told where I can improve, yadda yadda yadda. Hope you like it
  17. A lesson?!? That's a lame gift. I'd rather have socks and underwear. Nah, I just have a story to share that I hope will help others learn from the mistakes I made. On August 17, 2013 I suffered a heart attack. Yep, read that right, a heart attack. I'm 24 years old. I'm not going to go into the specifics of what happened but here's the main message I want to share: Don't ever believe that you're too young to experience major health issues. I can guess that I got my heart attack from terrible eating habits, pounding down energy drinks on the daily back in college, and just plain not taking care of my body. Family history plays an important role too, but the message remains the same. Do not take your health for granted. You might think that you can get away with eating poorly because you're young and you've got time to work it out and change but I wouldn't risk it. Sorry if its a downer of a message but I wish that none of you will have to experience surgery and angioplasty like I did, or worst of all, scaring the ever living daylights out of your loving parents. - Doctor XFizzle
  18. Here is my other friends OC, Blood heart! Just to tell you guys real quick, she is not copying Luna. She has the same Cutie Mark, but not copying her. She is an alicorn. Her name is Blood Heart. She came from the moon like Luna, though. My friends idea. Do you like her color scheme? Post your opinions!
  19. Scootaloo is best CMC. Anyway, I love this wallpaper so much I'm using it as my desktop background now. You guys can use it too, the dimensions are 1920x1080. Turthfully, I didn't put too much effort into this one, I was just kind of screwing around but it ended up looking pretty good if I say so myself.
  20. Yeah, I need help naming her. As you can see, her cutie mark is a black heart, so I'd like it to revolve around that. So please, help me. ._. Eh... She's sort of like a party pony (like Pinkie), she's very sociable, kind and full of joy. She's just that person (pony) who is there to make people laugh and have fun.
  21. "Hey there miss Derpy", a song by Forest Rain inspired me to make this drawing.I listened to the song while i was drawing and had it on repeat. Im so happy that Derpy returned in the last episode. So i had to make this drawing. Here is the (link) to the drawing. Hope you like it.
  22. Hello Everyone! I woke up a little emotional this morning and I didn't know how exactly to shake the feeling off. I then decided to do a little writing in hopes that I'd feel better. luckily it somewhat worked. The poem below is a bit different when compared to the kind of poetry I like to write. The poem below is a bit of a story as well. It gives a little understanding of how my life has been going for the past few years. I know it may seem a bit sad as you read it but it has a little flare of hope in the end so no need to feel sorry for me. Forgive my spelling and punctuation if you can. I know I'm not the best when it comes to grammar but I've been trying to improve. Enjoy the poem/story and leave honest comments. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read my work. I'll be posting this poem up on my DeviantART and Tumblr if anyone is interested in checking out more of my content. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I was a young child I had friends far and near. Happy I was and grateful for the attention, until one day everyone left me for a reason still unclear. --- One by one they left me never stopping to say goodbye. Confused I was as I tried to figure out their reasons but it was all for naught as I began to cry. --- My days grew dark in the loneliness I had become. As I began to accept my fate, my features and mind began to changed at an alarming rate. --- Bitter I grew and exhausted my appearance became. As I paced back and forth in my room, I began to wonder if this was all just a game. --- My heart grew dark as I began to lose my way. I started to question my existence, after all everything was not okay. --- Restless I had become in my isolation, as I search for something to keep me going. Poetry became my interest, as I wrote and wrote and my skill began growing. --- As my inky heart began to beat, confidence grew within me, with no signs of retreat. --- Despite the darkness that I had become, I had a reason to go on, I would not run.
  23. Hello Everyone! Last night I decided to start writing a grimdark poem since I haven't written anything that involved grimdark content for a long time. I made it a mission to start writing a few (about 2 or 3) grimdark poems before I start working on my grimdark fanfictions again. This poem was a bit short but I've always believed good things always come in small packages. Most of my writing is effected by the music I listen to as I work so this poem below was effected by some dark ambient music I had playing in the background. At the moment I'm working on another grimdark poem that I hope will end up being a little longer. This 2nd poem will be about the decline of Pinkie Pie's sanity. So yes it will be connected to MLP. The poem will probably end up being a bit graphic so I probably won't post it on the MLP Forums. I'm concerned that the mods will view it as NSFW. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem below. Leave your opinions if you can. I know I'm not a pro when it comes to writing poems so I won't be offended if you don't like my work. [side note: When I post grimdark poems on the MLP Forums the text will be in red since it suits grimdark writing better.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheathed in darkness my heart shall be, never again will it be free. --- Hiding away from my own sin, afraid of the light i’ve always been. --- The empty black sky above my head, intrigued I am and filled with dread. --- My tainted heart beats strong and true, inducing fear only for you. --- The bleeding moon comes in sight, fueled by darkness it fills me with fright. --- As a grin spreads across its rocky face, disturbed I become and quicken my pace. --- As its pearcing glare stares down upon my head, my heart grows weak as I go to bed. --- My heart my heart it has grown weak, a new one I need and yours is what I seek. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit: As I was looking over this poem I ended up adding 3 more lines. To make it easier for you readers to pick out which lines I just added I've colored them in green.]
  24. Voice which heals a Heart. Within individuals exists a voice, bright as the sun in the hearts. Day by day events, which fly by are remembered and forgotten. Sometimes the hearts will dims down to a feint, wicker causing a gap. Bringing sorrow and suffering, to your door step a guest unwanted. One voice cheering to a core, ignored often do to fear of truth, unwilling to let go. Letting go motions a hand of a clock, which heals over intervals eventually, rekindling the heart With all its radiance, relationships a new passion is born, one seen with a great light. Opening a new path leading the way, to the true meaning of a heart. A path tried and true, one filled a joyous love, a voice unwavering a path right for you.