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Found 12 results

  1. So what is the heaviest thing that you've ever lifted or help lift? This would definitely be work related for me, as I had to help lift this huge steel column out of the steaming wash room. There was 6 of us trying to haul that thing down the steps, and even then I felt like I was gonna have to drop that thing after just a few seconds. How about you?
  2. So it's been so long since I have posted a new topic in general, simply because I didn't really have any ideas I can bring on the forums, and the last one I did wasn't well thought (it involved a fast hedgehog and friends crossing over with adorable ponies) after the communities reaction on that forum post I was like, eh forget it, I will make a new forum post when I actually make something that I feel like is appropriate, and music is something I feel like hugely comes in, other then that, I have been busy. So I was having a nosey on the fan music forums one day because I am a music person if anything and I find a guy called "HoztileManikyn" he had a fallout equestria brostep track (I refer Brostep as the stuff you'd hear by Skrillex or Getter or something) (I refer Dubstep as the stuff you'd hear by Skream or something) called "Spellfire" I decided to listen to it and I liked the vocals, so I thought, what if I remixed this? it also happens he commented on the source of the vocals saying he made a song with those vocals, so I told him that I would be up to remix it, he responded later on asking me to hit him up and that he will give me stems, later on I did that and I got em, started doodling on FL Studio and made the remix in a day. Now something I truly loved was Deathstep, especially Minatory Deathstep, when I heard that genre I stopped relying on Brostep for a heavy electronic drop. For those who don't know Deathstep, (this is how I see it) it's basically like Brostep but is more darker and relies mostly on one note and one bass at the drop, machine gun basses are commonly used for normal Deathstep, (peps like Code: Pandorum make Deathstep) then we have Minatory Deathstep which is like normal Deathstep, but uses more noise and ambient noise elements to create a truly heavy track, Minatory Deathstep is not White Noise (peps like Influx or Fester make Minatory Deathstep) there is also Tearout Deathstep which is like normal Deathstep but uses a more heavier use of LFO growls, (peps like Nimda make Tearout Deathstep) and Hellcore Deathstep which is like Minatory Deathstep but the bass is more spaced out and the drums are used at a minimum (peps like Necrofiler make Hellcore Deathstep) I'm sure a good amount of people in the fandom listen to Brostep for a heavy drop and want relentless aggressive cool sounds no matter what, so I looked if I can find some MLP Deathstep, I only found two, that isn't a lot, wanting to spread the word of Minatory Deathstep in general, I did just that, and just recently I have made my first MLP Minatory Deathstep track. So yeah, this is a Minatory Deathstep remix I did recently under the alias I go as (Phantasmatron) and I really like it, just like my other works because I look at my works at a fans prospective and pretend if this was someone else's, I did this because 1: I want Deathstep in this community. 2: I thought the original had good vocals imo which wanted me to remix it. and 3: Ultimately for fun, I don't know too much about Fallout Equestria but I was quite dedicated to making this song and it's pretty dark and heavy I must say, and unless if you think Minatory Deathstep is just a bunch of noise, who knows? maybe you'll head bang to this. So here's the song, make sure you got bass speakers ready to vibrate for a heavy impact, and prepare for 10 minutes of Minatory madness! Yeah it's pretty long, I mean who makes a 10 minute Minatory Deathstep track? well... me. Like my other songs I did I just do what feels natural to my ears regardless how long it is unless if I wanted to do a short/radio edit, I like my drops to naturally be long and show no mercy, in the end tho, you can think what you want and maybe your feedback can help me out but ultimately I make music for my own enjoyment, I do what comes from the heart and do what I want to do, if I want to make pony vaporwave then I do that, if I wanted to make Harsh Noise Wall then I make that, if you like this track, then thank you, you really mater to me, hopefully when I finish making some videos I'm working on I'll make more of these, and if you never knew about Minatory Deathstep till now and dig it, I'm happy to hear that, give the genre a look and see if you like it, and I hope this community gets aware of this genres existence. That said, thank you for checking this out, I am a diverse musician who likes to make all kinds of music, see you whenever I make the next pony song.
  3. Ever seen big horses like drafts, Clydesdale, Shires, Percherons etc..? I don't see them commonly, but in the city I saw 2 draft horses pulling a carriage, and they where big indeed.
  4. Hey everyone, I want you all to post the heaviest song you can possibly find. And I mean HEAVY. I'm talking Infant Annihilator heavy, heavier than that, if you can. Let's see if we can find it. Oh, and don't try looking up "heaviest song of all time" on YouTube. It comes up with a bunch of troll videos, or ones that aren't entirely heavy. Good luck all. -R∆PTOR J∆YSUS
  5. I sometimes enjoy imagining a retarded Shetland pony, snorting and neighing constantly to be fed with tuna sandviches. It's really fun watching him cry and scream if people refuse to feed him with toona sandvich. One of my inspirations behind this poor character is "Heavy Weapons Guy", and another is Kate Beaton's "Hark! A Vagrant" (note the fat little Shetland Pony). I'm pretty sure bronies' fan-works are another inspiration to this lovable nonsense. Now I ask you, then, "How is a Shetland Pony like a Heavy Weapons Guy?"
  6. Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while (not that anyone reads it). Just wanted to give a quick update on my weight. To be honest, I stopped exercising in a routine fashion after school started in September. However, due to my new-found metabolism, I've been able to maintain my weight, and actually lose a bit more! As of right now, I'm hovering around 190 pounds (86 kg). I've lost around 60 pounds (27 kg) since June (when I was around 250 lb / 113 kg), and 70 pounds overall (32 kg), from when I was at my heaviest (around 260 lb / 118 kg)! The main goal now is to maintain, and perhaps, next summer, I'll try to replace some of that fat mass with more muscle mass. Good luck to anyone out there trying to improve their weight! It's totally possible, and totally worth it! I believe in you!
  7. Well, it's been nearly two months since my first "Losing Weight" blog post, and my weight loss has been going pretty well so far! As of right now, I'm about 225 pounds (102 kg), down from 251 pounds (114 kg) in the first post. That's just about 10% of my body weight! To be honest, I don't expect to hit my original 200 pound (91 kg) goal before school starts, but it doesn't really matter. Weight loss is weight loss, and as long as I keep doing what I'm doing, I should be able to keep it up during the school year. If I could give any advice to someone who wants to lose weight, all I could say is eat less and work out more. As long as you're burning more calories than you're shoving into your face, you're going to lose weight! You don't have to starve yourself, but try cutting out as many carbs as you can. White bread, crackers, and other snacks are loaded with them. Cutting down on sugar, fat, and all that other bad stuff is sort of a given, and the most important thing of all is to stay positive! Try eating some more healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables! If it weren't for this weight loss, I would've never known that I like bananas and taco salads! As far as working out is concerned, I do it for an hour every weekday. Whether or not that's enough/not enough for you depends on your body type, weight, metabolism, and a lot of other factors. Do as much as you can, but don't over-strain your body. At LEAST 30 minutes 3-5 days a week should be the minimum. It's hard at first, but once you get used to the routine, it's not so bad. Don't give up! I probably won't make another weight-related blog post soon, but I won't abandon this! See you guys later!
  8. TheTEChguy27

    Losing Weight

    I've never really participated in blog-making before, but I thought I might as well keep this information down somewhere. Not sure if I'll post other things in this blog (like my YouTube videos), but I suppose I'll figure that out as this goes along. Anyways, I want to try and lose some weight this summer. In order to keep track of my weight loss (and in order to force myself to do it), I'm posting it here for people to see. Still not sure if I'm going to make a weight-related blog post every week, or each month, or just make another one at the end of summer. For those that are interested, I'm about 6'3" and 251 pounds, as of this morning. Not morbidly obese, but fat enough to feel uncomfortable and awkward in my own body. I've been overweight since elementary school, and I want to be at a normal weight before I graduate. I plan on getting down to around 200 pounds by the time the next school year starts. That's within the average weight for someone of my height. I have about 11 weeks to do this, which gives me a goal of around 4.5 pounds to lose a week. Sounds reasonable enough for someone my age, I think. My diet isn't too bad; I just need to cut down the carbs and eat more fruits and veggies. As for exercise... well, anything is better than what I currently do. I plan on walking/jogging a lot, as well as a few crunches and push-ups here and there. I'm not focusing on gaining muscle mass as much as I'm focusing on losing fat mass, though. If you actually read all of that, kudos to you. Any health nuts out there, if you have tips or ideas, I'd love to hear them! tl;dr I'm losing weight and I felt like blogging about it for some reason. See you at the gym, everypony!
  9. So over the last week i was having the most frustrating week. I found out i wasn't working(trust me my workplace is awesome), and i found out that my instructors pushed their mid terms to this week. I also had a brutal math test, i was called racial slurs by random people; I also came to the realization that im just a speck of dust on the universes television. so to speak. So i was feeling pretty bad but i soldiered on cause i tried to put my depression behind me. Then i took a swig of forbidden nectar. Things got bad from there on out. I was constantly getting trolled on various websites and felt powerless as it was happening. On top of that my hands and feet were pretty jacked up After a while i just gave up. I did cross over to that realm of thinking. Im getting better now and should be feeling normal after a while.
  10. Now that I can finally post a bit more on here, and have been away for a fair bit. I thought I'd come back and show you all the art I've been doing whilst not posting around here. There's going to be a fair amount of artwork, so I'll spoiler tag each one! :3 Also lol sorry. LOTS of Kaze and Meep C: Also, whilst I have your attention at the top of the thread, I've created a new OC, that is based off my Wood Elf character in Skyrim. I'm having a bit of trouble naming her, and have an open poll on deviantart that I'd be pretty grateful if people replied/voted on! :3 Images of her will be at the latter end of this post, but the poll I'm on about is Here. ALSO I'm not interested in critique. Please don't comment with 'omg lol that is wrong and that is wrong'. This is my style of art. I know it is not FiM Styled. It's like that for a reason. I can perfectly see the errors in my art. I don't particularly care if you can see them, because over time it shows how people improve on things, as those errors disappear. C: So~ I had an implant inserted about a month ago, and MrMeep traveled all the way over to where I live just to be there for me Me and MrMeep had a bit of a rough time, and this is the resulting vent art I drew. This one is just a little doodle I started that ended up as one of my favorite pieces I've ever drawn. This one was lineless art that I decided to have a shot at. Y'know. Like that episode :I Titled 'Candle lit back massage'. I know the proportions are off and derp, but oh well. :I Recently it was mine and MrMeep's 6 month anniversary, so I drew him this prior to seeing him, and showed him it as a little surprise. My attempt at doing something animated using just paint tool sai and photoshop to arrange the layers. Me and SpeedyTransition spent 6 hours watching Slenderman videos together. We're like, obsessed now, so I drew this of us C: And now, here's the Skyrim character I was on about.... Refined her a little bit... So there we go :3
  11. The original post will be updated as more pages are being made. Also, feedback is welcome, critique recommended as well as greatly wanted. Story summary: Basil, a young boy cursed with a set of girly eyes and his single mother have been toughing it out since his father passed away. Until one day Basil's workplace undergoes changes when the owner changes and becomes a maid cafe. In order to keep his work and help his mother with the bills as well as fund hims music classes Basil needs to go "undercover" as a girl in the new maid cafe! Will his cover and spirit last!? Read to see. (Rest of the pages behind links) http://img.photobuck...lmaid/page2.jpg PAGE 2 http://img.photobuck...maid/page3b.jpg PAGE 3