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Found 12 results

  1. Verse 1: I can’t help but to constantly feel This pain that you won’t allow me to heal My will to live diminishes every day From the mean spirited comments you always say Chorus: Why do I feel as if I can never think? Why do I feel like I’m always clueless? My will to live will always shrink As long as you keep making me feel useless. Verse 2: I feel so alone, like no one understands me. I feel as if my mistakes and failures are all they see. I no longer feel any fear or anger or any kind of emotion, whatsoever, Cuz my feelings have always been suppressed, always told I should never Put my feelings ahead of anything that they feel is important But what good will all of that be when you’re all ignorant? You only see my undoings, failures and mistakes That I never get the chance to show you that I have what it takes (Chorus) Verse 3: Why do you expect so much of me When I’m not even at the point of my life where you want me to be. Like I said, I’m slowly losing my will to Live as long as I have to always hear you Screaming and shouting vulgar things at me Just because things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be (Chorus)
  2. Two things, and I would LOVE it if you guys could help me out! 1. How does pen pressure work? My tablet is plugged into my laptop and everything, but pen pressure isn't working, and it's starting to really frustrate me... And 2. I bought a license for Paint Tool SAI but it still says '5 trial day' in the right corner, is it suppose to do that...?
  3. still trying to get used to this place x,3 so, how do I earn points? I get that I must make topics like these, but I wonder if it´s the only way. I´ve heard giving comments to the other topics add points, but no good. also, do I gotta have atleast the muffin mark to get a "reply" button? I draw and draw on my pc screen but the button drawing I make doesn´t work! aaarrffhgudiodhuodrgo D8< *throws noodle arms around and stuffing my face with a big muffin* help me D:> -Weak Freak
  4. I'm working on a Spanish presentation for my Intro to Spanish 1 class in college. I'm in need of some help. English is the first draft, Spanish was the revised version.
  5. NO IDEA if this is the right place for this. But I'm trying to find a tutorial on the most efficient way of drawing interiors. Practice yes but is there better ways then being too meticulous on backgrounds that would take me weeks to a month to finish? The types of backgrounds I'm trying to make is for my ask blog. However I just want to improve in general.
  6. So I am currently a little bit bored and looking for something to work on. If anybody has an idea of something that I could create, that would be nice. It can be anything really, an MLP inspired game, a text editor, music player ect. c:
  7. Either something's wrong my PC or this site is having trouble remembering my username and password. I used to be able to log in by pressing the button "sign in" and that was that. For the past few days now however I would be taken to the Poniverse site to log in and when I would press remember me after I fill in my info whenever I log out and log back in I have to do it all over again. What's going on? Is it me?
  8. Hey guys. I've been trying to get into D&D out of curiosity. I'm good at making up stories on the fly, and I love games where I have to build it as I play. But... the rules could fill up a book that could put the bible to shame when it comes to shame. So, I was hoping there was someone who could help me out on the basics in making a character and playing the game. If you can help me, then PM so we can talk further.
  9. Ok, sO I'm rEAAlly bOrEd Ok. sOmEOnE tAAlk tO mE..! AAnythIng wOUld dO..!
  10. I created my "Ponysona" and the only thing he lacks is a name, he plays the piano, so i'd like an music related name, please no cliche names. Please help me! i've always had problems with naming characters!
  11. I want to make an OC pony but I don't have much artistic talent so I was wondering what's the best place to make one on the internet?
  12. I'm in need of some serious help guys. I don't know where to start, so I'll start from the beginning. So here I was, standing in line for the Dark Knight Rises. I was snacking on my can of tomato sauce, excited to watch the premier. Two nice looking ladies stood in front of me, so I approached them. "Hello ladies! Fine day!" I said. "Um, what are you doing with that can, loser?" one of them said to me. I stuttered as I thought of a response. Looking up, I realized it was my turn to buy tickets. "Hello nice man! I'd like to purchase one ticket for the Dark Knight Rises!" I told him. "Isn't it kind of creepy to go to a movie by yourself?" he asked. "My friends on /tv/ said it was perfectly normal..." "You're friends on tv?" "Yes! /tv/ is a board on 4chan, an image board based on the popular japanese website 2chan." "Whatever, here's your ticket" he stated, handing me my ticket. Walking back, the two girls saw me yet again. The one from before tripped me, and I spilled my snack all over my shirt. "I can't go in like this!" I said. I tried to wipe the sauce off my shirt, before realizing the movie had already started. I decided that to avoid attention, I'd sneak in through the back door. Bursting in through the door, the cooked spaghetti I was saving for the movie started spilling out of my pockets and onto the floor. In an attempt to pick it up, I knelt down, but not before I started farting uncontrollably. The noxious gas spread through out the theater, blinding everyone. I noticed someone had dropped his American Assault Rifle, so I did the right thing for him and picked it up. But because of the gas, my fingers randomly gripped the trigger, spraying bullets through the theater. By the time it was done, a SWAT team was called. They stood just outside the entrance, preparing to arrest me. "Open the door!" they screamed, rushing at me. "Get on the floor!" scared, I complied to them. EVERYBODY WALK THE DINOSAUR