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Found 307 results

  1. Two things, and I would LOVE it if you guys could help me out! 1. How does pen pressure work? My tablet is plugged into my laptop and everything, but pen pressure isn't working, and it's starting to really frustrate me... And 2. I bought a license for Paint Tool SAI but it still says '5 trial day' in the right corner, is it suppose to do that...?
  2. im looking for a cheap touchscreen 13 inches on the diag (needs to be working, but laptop or whatever need not be attached), 15.6" is the maximum and 12" is the min,screen connection needs to be 40 pin LED backlight (or a 40 pin connector and no other connectors) im also looking for some 3D printing help (not right away, i need to get a few more parts before i can list the specs), lastly im looking for a soldering iron or help in turning a broken soldering gun of 80W into a 60W iron (parts are a transformer, a light bulb, 2 tips and a trigger switch, parts destroyed when it kicked the bucket are a few inches of copper wireing) shipping zip is 87305 for estimates
  3. I want to start animating, but I don't know what to start with or how to go about finding an application that will allow me to do so. Anyone that is animator could you please help me out. Thanks!
  4. Hey everybuggy, Lately i've been finding myself drawing ponies with my sister, though most of the times we do show characters, sometimes we like to do ponysona's or create OC's, in these cases coming up with mane/tail styles and colors is kind of hard, for picking color you can just use your favorite one, and for mane style we can derive from show characters, ad the ever-popular Rainbow Dash manecut. With that in mind, I ask, how you come up with mane/tail styles for your OC's? Sometimes you canderive from your own haircut but it's not that simple for males. Here is a pic of an unfinished drawing where i went with Doctor Whooves style and found myself in creative block to come up with something new, please ignore the wing, as i said it's a Work-in-progress.
  5. Let me start off by saying that this is not my project. I am a voice actor for a fan animation called "FrankenTwi's Monster". I have received permission from the creator to post a sort of cry for help on this site. Some more information: It's a miniseries, that much I do know. It's in early animatic form as of the last time I was updated. It is being animated with Toonboom Harmony. And right now, it really needs voice actresses. Right now, nobody has auditioned for the part of Celestia, which is really needed. However, the roles for Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash are all open as of the time of posting this. So feel free to drop an audition for any of them if you feel like it. Thank you kindly for your time, and I hope to see some of you give it a shot. Here's a link to the project on Casting Call Club:
  6. Steel Accord

    Civ mixing help

    So I have an original setting I'm making into an eventual series. (Webcomic is the intention at the moment.) The main idea, at least on the surface, is that each country is two real world counterpart nations fused together. Thing is, I've been trying to go with two cultures that aren't outwardly similar but actually have a lot in common beneath the surface. So the major superpower of the setting, the Leone Empire, being a mix of the Roman Empire and medieval Britain strikes me as the least creative of them. Of course there's overlap, Britain was a Roman colony! So let me pool you guys. What would make a good combo with the Roman Empire at its height or Medieval England? Preferably a culture that Rome had no extensive contact with. The following don't count because they're already being used: -Imperial China -Ancient Egypt -Feudal Japan -Viking Norway
  7. Vapor Trail

    Web attention fimfic mods

    need help recovering my fimfic account cant remember password or username, because I have not used the account since 2013, and as such cant reset with email and site always says email already in use... what do?
  8. This is a set of massive lingering questions I've had on my mind since I posted my Flat Design Pony Art Thread: What are people's thoughts on flat design and minimalist design? [Example of flat design] What do people like and dislike about flat design/minimalism? What are the pros and cons of flat design/minimalism compared to other styles? What designs do people prefer, if not minimalism/flat design? Does my own style fit the description of flat design, or something else? [Example of my own work] Are there any additional tips regarding this type of style in general? I would like to have these questions answered so I know how to improve my own style. This sounds like a lot, but I want to extremely thorough with this query. Thanks for helping.
  9. Hello! I, RealityPublishing, am looking for dedicated artists who would be willing to help me complete a fan-game titled, "Fallout: Equestrian Revolutions". The game, in its bare, dulled state, is nearing completion (mechanic and story-wise). The only problem is that we do not have sprite of any kind. I made a post about this earlier and I am please to announce that 88% of the game is complete (minus what's needed for artwork) and is awaiting help. If you are willing to lend a hoof in making this project possible, please message me when you are confident. Details of the task will be labeled below: Fallout: Equestrian Revolutions is an original story based on the ever-popular, Fallout and Fallout: Equestria crossover. Though it features none of the characters in either, it will continue to provide the apocalyptic atmosphere many have loved about the original Interplay Fallout games (link below). The engine we are using requires "sprites" and needs each animation to be separated by a single frame (similar to the ToonBoom Animator or stop-motion animation style). Vector Animation is preferred at this time, but those who are comfortable with SFM (custom models may be needed) or any other style of art is very much appreciated and (depending on abilities) may be used to change the game's face altogether. I'm sure my demanding tone isn't very "ask-worthy" of me, but I sincerely do wish this game to be finalized and played by others. Please, and thank you for your help, -RealityPublishing LINKS: (Fallout Gamplay, It's a Speed-run, but good for the perspective)
  10. Sweet Shimmer

    Request Attention All Animators!

    |ATTENTION ALL ANIMATORS| Hello My name is Sweet,Im a Fellow Brony from this community i make all kinds of funny things but i need your help! so ive been planning a Big Deal so this is for anyone who wants to show off their talent to the world and trust me i know you all are very talented i believe in all of you and want im trying to say is i need people to help me i will put credit in the video of everyone of you who participated! so that being said let me put in the skype or my email so you can contact me and tell me what you want your role to be! We need Animators,VA's,And a advertiser! anyways thanks for visiting and taking your time to check this out hope to see you soon! Skype Group Chat: My Email:
  11. So, i'm doing statistical test to determine if two groups of PH have a relationship between sites, which have differences in how both sites opperate So the null hypothesis would be, These two sites have no relationship between each other after doing the test, I've got to accept the null hypothesis. Since its under the crit value, so there is no relationship between these two sites, even though there is meant to be one? am i screwed?
  12. Hiya! My name's Taveris, and I'm an independent game designer, along with anonymous fanfiction author, who happens to be a brony (pegasister?). If any of you have every gone on FimFiction, you probably know what the term HiE means, but for those who don't, it's an acronym for 'Human in Equestria'. Basically, it applies to stories in which a human awakens in the magical world of ponies, and proceeds to befriend/enrage/romance the characters within. I wanted to take this and bring it to a Visual Novel style format, with separate multi-hour story arcs for each pony. That way, everyone can be the star of their own fic, that is played out before them. Now... this is quite a huge undertaking, and one that I could never do alone, but I believe the brony community is filled with amazingly talented and creative individuals. If you have any interest in helping the cause, or just interest in the progress of it, let me know immediately! What we are currently looking for: Artists Writers Composers/Musicians What we will be looking for later on: Game Testers Voice Actors The game will be released for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and of course, windows devices upon completion. If you have interest in working on the game, please PM me with samples of past or present work. We are seeking both artists in the normal MLP style, and also talented individuals to make full images of beautiful scenes. Extremely early alpha screenshots:
  13. GreenGreenWhirlWind

    Needing help with the color palette

    Hey, everyone! So, this here is one of my OCs, Mystic Rune. As you can see, she's got the same colors as Carrot Top/Golden Harvest, that was a proposital choice because i wanted her to look "autumn-ish", however i am not entirely sure of wether or not this color palette actually looks good, so...What do you say? Should i change it? If so, then to what color palette should i change it? Because frankly, i have no idea, And yes, she does kinda vaguely look like Spongebob, personally that's one of the reasons i thought it wouldn't look that great.
  14. i have until the 20th of September this year to make a pony fursuit, so basically a month, but i have never made one before and i have no experience, for the most part i want to know: -what fabric to use for the skin (so it looks the part but it doesn't turn into a crematorium, i gotta wear and walk all day in it 3 days in a row and i dont want to sweat too much XD ) -how to cut it all out properly and make it fit -how to make the head and ears stay together and look good -what glue to use to stick fabric to foam and how should i stick on extra stuff like the cutie mark so it wont come off easily -what material do i use for the eyes so i can see -best way to make the mane and tail
  15. AmarisNsane

    Need Ideas for CM!

    Okay, so I have this new CM that I'm SO excited for!! ;w; and I want to be sure that I look through all options before making a final decision. Of course I can't take them all but I'd love a list of ideas from everyone on what they'd think this CM can represent as a talent or skill! ANYTHING. It can range from dark, and twisted to childish and simple! With that being said, here's my new CM: And here's the list of options that I have so far. If you like any of them, feel free to let me know... that's fine too! If you suggest something new, I'll add it to the list of suggestions also! 1. Capable of speaking to deceased 2. Paranormal investigator/Medium 3. Spiritual summoner/necromancer with Grimoire as a guide 4. Talented horror/spooky/ghost story teller 5. Talented with spiritual/ghost history/knowledge 6. Pony that sets up great haunted houses/decor That's all so far! Thank you in advance for any help! I'm pretty excited, and any help will be highly appreciated.
  16. I found this gorgeous gif right here, but it's too large to go in my signature. So i was wondering; could someone possibly please be so kind as to shrink this gif to the right size for me? I love it so much, i would really appreciate it if someone could do this favour for me. I don't know how to do it myself and the last time i tried, i ended up ruining the gif. URL for the gif: Gif: Thank you so much!
  17. SticksLikeGlue

    Pony Pun Name Ideas!

    I'm looking to change my forum and YouTube name, but I'm terrible at coming up with ideas! I'd like to keep it horse/pony related. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  18. Heya! I'm writing a Slice of Life fan fiction involving a Changeling attempting to integrate himself into pony society. But trust me, the plot is a lot more interesting than this sounds. So if you're interested, just let me know. I'd really appreciate the help!
  19. I have a Great Song/Dubstep song idea so i was thinking if someone can bring it to life! to make this spectacular song i will need -A Remixer/Dubstep -Help with Lyrics -I and you people can help me with the design like pictures/animation in the background. and thats it! so please comment below if you want to join in and help me/each other to make this Amazing Project! Love you all! ~Sweet Shimmer
  20. I'm looking for 1 or 2 more animators to help me out with this sequel me and my friend are making. It's a 2 year time skip to this fanmade series called Turnabout Storm. Some of you might have heard about it or seen it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on skype: israelyabuki1995
  21. This might sound like a stupid question, but I have always written story's in the present tense, for example: 'The ship jolts as it settles on its landing legs, the engine humming as it winds down'. With my novel, I am trying to write it in the past tense, but because I have always written in present tense, I am having some trouble. ​There is a sentence in my novel that reads: “These beds are too small” she complained, shifting her position again. Is that acceptable? to say 'shifting' after she 'complained'? or should I say: “These beds are too small” she complained, and shifted her position again. Another example is: One moment she was lying on her side, her wings folded behind her. The next, she was lying on her back, one wing hanging over the side of the bed, the other creeping up the wall. Should I say 'hung' and 'crept up the wall' instead? Any advice would be helpful The first two I can understand the latter is correct, but with this example: Raven continued to stare up at the stone ceiling, studying the fine details. I feel like it explains that when she was staring up at the ceiling, she was studying the fine detail as she did, so I feel its fine. Am I correct?
  22. Autumn Velvet

    Request I need all the help I can get

    I have a colour palette now I need someone to draw the type of oc's I want I will pay if I have to I what a wolf anthro and a pokemon trainer here is the colour palette
  23. I don't know if this is the right section, so I already ask pardon. So, like the title say, I need some help for a fan fiction I'm writing down on Fimfiction, but since I kinda suck in descriptions and stuff like that, a hand is accepted. In short, is an Equestria Divided story, where the four protagonists have to deal with the mad Inquisitor who rule the city, conspiracies, rebels and... other eldritch, obscure enemies. Yeah, stuff like that. I've already write down chapter one, two and three (and the fourt is on his way), but since I've decided to post the entire story once all the chapters are terminated, I don't have reports and suggestions about how to improve it. What I'm asking is: there's someone who want to help an internet friend ? I will thank anyone who is interested.
  24. Sweet Shimmer

    Request can you draw me?

    Hey Everyponys! Sweet Shimmer here and Im gonna give a shout out to anybody who can draw my oc! as full-body or head doesnt matter but if you do ill give you shout out in my channel!<3 thank you have a nice day! picture is my profile pic!
  25. I'm currently writing a fimfic that is 4 chapters long and I've just completed the first chapter. I don't want to reveal anything about it on the board just yet. But I would like to help edit the fic and have any suggestions as to what I should change about it. If you would like to help me, please PM me and I will send you a copy of the fic. It is a docx file so you may need a word processor that can read a docx file. You can post any constructive criticism here on the board without revealing anything. Thanks. I'd appreciate the help.