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Found 50 results

  1. I started a thread on this before, but that was just to say I was stuck. But now that I've gotten the gumption to start this hack again, I figured I would start this anew. I am making a pony hack of Final Fantasy 1! It works out, because there are six main characters in the show, and six classes in game! I have a bunch of ideas that I would love to start working on, but the biggest issue I'm going to have is sprites, and I would love your help with that. I'm going to devote an entire section to ideas I have about who goes where, and I'm going to have a section about sprites,. If you don't know what the story of Final Fantasy 1 is: The four orbs/crystals of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, have lost their light, and the four light warriors have come to fix that. They discover that the four fiends have taken control of the elements. Their first mission is to rescue the princess from Garland, a knight who went bad. Once they get the orbs back,They head back to the temple where they found Garland, use the orbs to travel to 2000 years back, where they find that Garland is the one who set the fiends, the fiends send him back, creating a loop. Garland uses the four powers to become Chaos, the final boss, who gets defeated. For the pony version, it's going to be the powers of four of the Elements of Harmony, but it won't be specific which ones, since the player picks the characters, and the four fiends are Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra. However, the Element of Magic has been stolen too... I will post role ideas and town ideas and such soon, but first I just want to make the thread and get interest. The main thing though, is that for Garland, I wanted to pick Sunset Shimmer, particularly pre reform. They both became bad guys who turned on the kingdom. in the final fight, Shimmer would use the Element of Magic to become her powerful form like in Equestria Girls, just a pony version. Is anyone a good spriter and would like to help? I feel like seeing a good sprite is just the inspiration and motivation I could use to keep working at this. The sprite rules for the NES aren't too complicated. In general, the rule is, Four colors per sprite. three colors are used, and one transparency. For example, I wanted the Garland sprite to be Shimmer, and this is the one I seemed to like the most. The sprite would be 32x32. I could try to do it, but I don't know how well I would do. this sprite is only used once with no recolors, but most of the other sprites do that. Does anyone here have skill with sprite making? Some of them would be easier to do since I could find vectors to base from, but some would be more unique and more difficult. There are a lot of ideas I have, and I would love to discuss them with you in another post soon. Thanks! Here is a sample screenshot of what I started to work on years ago. Notice the TWO thrones? (Would this go in Trixie's Tricks since it's asking for help, or since this is a game thread, it's fine in this board?)
  2. I have an old fanfic I've left on the back burner for a long while now. I feel like I've improved enough as a writer to give it a massive reboot because it is absolute crap as it is. That being said, I'm not sure how to make the protagonist. See I've made a new OC named White Belt and I feel like he's got a cool enough goal for some fun adventures in Equestria. That being said, the original story is supposed to be about two brothers who have a massive falling out over one being a brony and the other being completely disgusted by the whole ordeal. The protagonist becomes White Belt upon arriving in Equestria. Think of it as a spin on the Human in Equestria sub-sub-sub-genre of "HiE starring anti-brony." Where it's two humans and one is a brony and the other is the anti. (Which I'm pretty sure even THAT has been done at least once, probably more times, before as well.) So do write a story about two close brothers with a serious wedge being driven between each other, a story about a pony going on Daring Do-esque adventures with a martial arts spin, or try to marry the two of them together?
  3. That's right! MLP Forums' sister social/roleplay site Canterlot Avenue is looking for talented web application developers to help fellow MLP fans just like you! You would helping to maintain and add new functionality to the site in an effort to improve the overall user experience and to help foster a more positive and inclusive environment. If you're looking to get your feet wet in the world of social networking and web development, being a Poniverse/Canterlot Avenue developer is a great resume builder! If you're already a professional, why not have a fun little side project? Please note that this is a volunteer position. Per Poniverse policy, you must be 18 years of age or older to be considered. Responsibilities: Program new "apps" and update existing ones as needed Oversee and analyze general user behavior and improve the user experience Answer user technical questions on the Canterlot Avenue Development page in a professional manner Be responsive Requirements: 18+ years of age Must have Discord, per general communication practices Experience in PHP development and comfortable working with frameworks Experience in database design and usage with MySQL Experience with JavaScript, jQuery, and possibly Node.JS for a future project Experience in HTML/CSS (LESS) design Benefits: Access to Poniverse's extensive developer tools and network Resume experience Possible god-like status If interested, please email me at for more information or reply here.
  4. Alright; the long and short of it is that I have my heart set on doing this animation. Chances are you've seen this genre before, meta, actors, you know the type. I will need... A Queens/New York (female) voice (Starlight Glimmers Actress) Something along the lines of Mick Jagger/ Aerosmith lead singer (King Sombras Actor) A spoiled diva voice (female) (Sunset Shimmers Actress) An American Blonde (female) (Trixies Actress) Hulk Hogan or The Rock ( either is preferable) (Tireks Actor) Ben Stine/ Monotone (Chancellor Neighsays Actor) Two English accents; One Cockney and one Yorkshire (both male) (Flim and Flams actors) A motherly, but somewhat threatening voice (think Zira from Lion King 2) (Queen Chrysalis' Actress) A Southern Welsh accent (male) (Discords Actor) SEND ANY IN AUDACITY MP3 FILES VIA E-MAIL TO: Give your E-Mail as well I will send a full script to each after I've decided. Cheers, Lights Action
  5. Maradice Isle: Dawn of Shadows ( now simply shortened to "Maradice Isle" ) is still coming along rather well. However, we seem to be at a lack of people who can produce quality sprites of the characters. We are in need of more people to help us put the game together. If you have some time to dedicate to this project and help us bring it closer to completion, please consider volunteering some of your time to help us with the characters sprites. Thanks!
  6. Hello! So i'm working on this picture of discord and i need help figuring out what colors to make the Flying fish in it! I was originally going to give them colors themed after the Mane Six but now i'm not sure. What colors do you think i should make them? also looking for a good color for the squid, unless it looks good semi iridescent.
  7. You may have heard of this game: First of all let me state that this will be a PAID POSITION as a sprite artist for this game. I will pay per sprite sheet finished at a rate of $20 per sheet I will be commissioning 2 per month from you. I expect both done by the 1st of every month. Failure to do so will result in either a partial payment or no payment.** Payment will be sent out on the 1st of every month. If you remain consistent and provide sprite sheets on time, I will eventually offer you a raise from $20 to $30 per sheet.* Knowledge of RPG Maker MV and its sprite layout is helpful but not required. Please reply to this thread if you're interested or have any questions! *To qualify for a raise you must be able to provide good quality sprite sheets that I am happy with. **If you are only able to provide one sheet within a given month you will receive payment for one sheet but it is not advised to make a habit of this.
  8. I'm currently planning on making an MLP audio drama but I need the following in order to make it happen: Voice Actors: I don't know how much we need, but there are plenty of roles in it. Animators: If you don't know what an audio drama looks like, refer to the Daughter of Discord series on YouTube. That's what we need. Editors An extra script writer: My friend and I are planning on making the script, but we'll also need an extra set of hands to help us If you have any questions, you can contact me on skype: israelyabuki1995 Thank you for your time.
  9. Okay so I've been writing a story that's centred around my theory of MLP and because of school I've been running out of time to work on it. Plus I've had quite a bit of experience in writing because of how much I've been RPing on the forums. So basically because I simply don't have much time to work on the story because of school you'll probably write up most of the story while I'll come up with the main key events. Plus obviously you'll be featured in the story credits and you may feel free to add your OCs into the storyline if you wish! Plus I'm planning to enter the story into the Poniverse summerplaooza competition and if this is a winning entry I'll make sure to have you somehow featured in the commission I request for the cover image of the story! Like most likely it will be your OC. The theory:
  10. I'm looking for somebody that can help me out with a project I started working on. I'm wanting to make a music project based off of themes from the show and fanfictions (primarily mine, but others, such as Fallout: Equestria) are welcome. The genre I'm thinking of is drone metal, but other genres, like post metal or doom metal are welcome. (Link to Wikipedia's page on drone metal for those unaware of what it is) In case the "drone metal" thing didn't turn you off, here's what this would entail: We'd be focusing on atmosphere rather than rhythms and technicality. The atmospheres will generally be dark and scary, given the genres. This would, obviously, require you to have some sort of instrument. Electric guitar will be the primary instrument for at least the drone metal part. A vocalist is optional (I use vocalist rather than singer because it's drone metal.) The songs can just be improvisations. If you're interested in helping out, or need something cleared up, reply to this or send me a PM. More than one person can help out with this. We might even be able to cycle people out.
  11. I've been out of commission since around September due to fall quarter and this is the first thing that I've put together since winter break started. This is part of a much bigger picture but I decided to only show this part. I would like critique on the following: - Colouration of background objects as opposed to foreground objects - Placement of foreground objects relative to each other - Overall pony anatomy - Overall shading of background objects - Anything missing that I need to know Please note: I have tried to gauge whether or not there is a sizable audience who prefers flat design over other art styles but I haven't gotten any sort of data, so if you're able to, please leave a critique regardless of what art style you prefer.
  12. So this idea flew into my head a while back, and I thought it would be funny. Let's get minty from gen 3 and face her against Derpy/ditsy doo in a Epic rap battles of history style song. Problem is....I don't really know how to write raps well, outside of fast loosely rhyming couplets. I have a few ideas,and will elaborate if asked. Thanks,
  13. So I'm a recent graduate with a BFA in creative writing for entertainment and I have this idea for a superhero character. He's an anthropomorphic animal in a world like ours who fights evil with martial arts training. Think like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, or the Mighty Ducks. Except dissimilar to the Turtles who mutated pretty early into their lives and the Ducks who are just that way because that's there species, my character is more similar to the Sharks in being transformed later in life when they have time to grapple with their new nature. Except that dynamic is in reverse. My character was a simple beast living in the wild and was then uplifted to human level sentience, intelligence, and similar body shape. (Island of Dr. Moreau style) Who is then taken in by a kind master and taught inner discipline and control as well as ethics and humanity. His main struggle is that because he's spent most of his life with nothing but raw instinct to guide him, he has to actively suppress such instincts in order to live a life even approaching that of a human which he desperately wants to be like. Not that he hates himself but after experiencing the wonderful complexities and depth of thought and emotion that can be analyzed and understood only with sentience, he doesn't want to be the baser creature he once was. While I'm not adverse to getting a chuckle out of scenarios, I do wish that the character's instincts actually make human-like life difficult or even dangerous to himself and others. Problem now is, I can't decide which animal I would like him to be. I'm thinking dog or perhaps wolf-dog to better express his dual nature but both those seem a tad played out. I was thinking maybe an elephant since it would make fighting evil and domestic life interesting since he'd be more akin to a full sized Autobot than the Ninja Turtles, problem with that is that it becomes increasingly difficult to up the ante until he's fighting kaiju. One of my friends suggested a sloth, which was probably a joke but it did get me thinking that rather than inner savagery he's trying to battle instinctive lethargy. I was maybe considering a tiger to better tie him to his kung fu but that seems both a tad predictable and there's not much I could do story wise aside from further martial arts tropes. Which while I'm a strong proponent that the genre can be used in more ways it's often thought of, I would nominally prefer more tools to work with rather than one. What do you guys think? Do any of my stated ideas seem good or do you have suggestions for another animal he could be?
  14. I found this gorgeous gif right here, but it's too large to go in my signature. So i was wondering; could someone possibly please be so kind as to shrink this gif to the right size for me? I love it so much, i would really appreciate it if someone could do this favour for me. I don't know how to do it myself and the last time i tried, i ended up ruining the gif. URL for the gif: Gif: Thank you so much!
  15. Hey guys, I need some help with this project called Perfect Turnabout. It's a sequel to Turnabout Storm that me and my friend are making. But we don't have any animators to help us out. The animation should be similar to Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Also we still need 6 voice actresses since all the male roles are taken (Phoenix Wright might be available but we're not sure yet). So if you would kindly help us out, I'd really appreciate it
  16. Hello there and thanks for clicking on this post I hope you can help me on my project, Its called PonyDows It is based of Windows 7 and is currently in Alpha (V1.3 Trusty Trixie) The places that are currently avaliable are as followed with there requirments below it (I tried to keep the requirments as low as possible so everyone can help) Theme Creator *Moderate skills in art *Able to make .theme files not just images Custom UI Sounds *No special requirments Wallpaper Creator *Skill in photoshop, Gimp or microsoft paint Program creator *Must be able to create apps that use a installer *Must have 6 months+ expirence in creating apps (sorry I cant have buggy apps in this os ) Registery tweak creator *Must be able to make useful registery tweaks *Must have some kind of expirence in making tweaks Linux team *Must be able to competently port this to any linux distro *Must be able to work without any help from me (I wont help the linux porting team) Beta Tester *Must be able to give feedback on bugs Download current latest release:!xpZSGSZZ!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4!RcWIfFOCLVlavq6unm4IwKNdPgAatSPRKx95EGrRfI4 (Must select Windows 7 Ultimate on install screen) Youtube Playlist:
  17. I don't know if this is the right section, so I already ask pardon. So, like the title say, I need some help for a fan fiction I'm writing down on Fimfiction, but since I kinda suck in descriptions and stuff like that, a hand is accepted. In short, is an Equestria Divided story, where the four protagonists have to deal with the mad Inquisitor who rule the city, conspiracies, rebels and... other eldritch, obscure enemies. Yeah, stuff like that. I've already write down chapter one, two and three (and the fourt is on his way), but since I've decided to post the entire story once all the chapters are terminated, I don't have reports and suggestions about how to improve it. What I'm asking is: there's someone who want to help an internet friend ? I will thank anyone who is interested.
  18. So, I am writing an MLP fan fic, but I need to check if my OCs are to Mary Sue (not all of them are mine, so don't blame me for all of them). The fan fic is of a war between the two sisters that's happening but it doesn't launch it straight away, it happens after three or so chapters. My first OC is Princess Noctis, my main OC that I have edited a lot over the past few years. (Please don't judge her on her sister or Spyro Jack, they are my friends' OCs) Basics Name: Princess Noctis Nickname(s): Noctis, Noc Gender: Mare Species: Bat pony alicorn Age: filly Birthday: Dec 21st (longest night) Sexuality: Straight Allegiance: Luna Republic (At first), Peace Corp (Later) Appearance Body colour: Really dark blue Body type: Tall, thin (not too thin though) Mane & tail colour/style: Dark blue, young Luna (bit more ragged, no swirls) Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever): none Eyes: Light, piercing blue Cutie mark: Crescent moons with mane-coloured, sparkly mist and bat wings Accessories: - Height: 1.3m (average fillies are about 1-1.2m) Weight: 13 KG ~ 24 KG Notable features: Bat wings, slitted pupils, fangs Other: - Personality Personality in general: shy, timid, smart, clever, intelligent, claustrophobic, cheeky Fatal flaw: shy Likes: night, the moon, the outdoors, bats, wolves Dislikes: sunlight, bugs, bullies, the colours pink and green, walking Favorite food: Apples Favorite book: Flutterbat Favorite pony: Fluttershy Favorite animal: Bats Favorite song: Twinkle twinkle little star Favorite place: outside (night time) Other favorites: racing, flying, speed, silence Least favorite Food: grass and hay Other least favorites: houses, buildings Daily life Place of residence: Canterlot/ Ponyville Occupation: S.M.I.L.E agent Talents: flying, moon-raising, bats Hobbies: flying, racing Friends and family Mother: Princess Luna Father: Prince Nyx Siblings: Princess Apocalypse Other relatives: Princess Celestia, Princess Solis, Princess Apocalypse Lover/spouse: Spyro Jack Offspring: - Friends: Sky (bat), Figura (changeling), Discord Enemies: King Sombra, Tirek, Princess Solis Pets: A blue phoenix she gains part way through the book Magic Powers: Alicorn magic Super hearing Super sight Can communicate with bats, wolves and other similar creatures Do they like using magic? Yes because it reminds her of her twin Flying Wings: Bat wings Wingspan: 3m Top flying speed: 8000+ mph (rainbow dash flys at about 7600+ mph) Does your character like flying? Yes, being pretty much raised by bats Do they use flying in their daily life? Yes, she prefers flying to walking Other info Theme song: Stop the bats ( )Quote: “YOLO!!” Any other info on your character: she gets tired during the day but awake at night Backstory: Birth Noctis was born the way most other natural born alicorns are. It is a magical event and Luna and Nyx were both ready for it. Magic spiraled up both their horns and then they touched. This sent cosmic fireworks into the air which exploded into thousands of stars that showered down all over Equestria and lit up the sky. This went on for quite a while and then the biggest one exploded far above Luna and Nyx’s head and sent a giant metor-like star slowly descend towards the two lovers. Just as it was 5 or 6 metres above Luna and her husband a group of bats passed through the light. Apon the passing, the star grew brighter. Then it touched the ponies’ horns and knocked them both backwards with an explosion. Now there was a bat shape scorched into the ground and on either wing there was a foal, one with a ragged, dark blue mane and tail and an even darker body and the other with a black and red mane and tail constantly changing colour with her black body. These cute offsprings of Luna and Nyx weren’t normal alicorns though. They had bat wings and fangs. Nyx was shocked and was scared of the child, but Luna being Luna, was kind and caring to her her newborn foal. 2 yrs Noctis had always had speech problems, if it wasn’t for her tutor, Fluttershy, she probably would still be speaking high pitched squeals which only Fluttershy, bats and other bat-ponies understood. You see, this young filly had been having secret midnight outings to see the bats, who had taught her their language. They also taught her to fly. 5 yrs Now she was starting preschool, the filly had learnt most the pony language and could speak it fluently. She now spends most her time with Fluttershy or out at night and now sleeps upside down. She was quite lucky to have such an amazing sister who stood up to the bullies for her. Her twin also teaches her magic. 8 yrs The age she was when she got her cutiemark, she was flying out at sun-set, but Luna, her mum, had overslept so she couldn’t raise the moon. Noctis was worried, so decided to take matters into her own hands and raise it herself. She brought up the large silver ball and when she came down, she noticed something. Her cutiemark! 12 yrs Now, Noctis was at the same social level as the others (pretty much) and is starting school. Luna at first tried to get them into Canterlot High, but they were full. Luna realised that schooling in Ponyville would be the only other option, so she sent them there. Luna told the CMC (they had grown up to about 17 horse years) that they had to help look after the younger counterpart of their club. I might have to edit the backstory a bit, oh and she's the element of peace (new set of elements) (credit to the maker of the form:
  19. Long story short, I have been a brony for a year and a few months and I still do not have a ponysona. I have no art skills, but that is okay, I found this - I was never one for these little character creation flash games, but my past attempts to get help with a ponysona have failed, so I decided this was good enough. The thing is this doesn't exactly come with a manual - that was sarcasm, I don't need a manual, I just have a few questions. I'll list them - How should I make him? - The first time I tried making an OC someone else just looked at me and started drawing a pony, should I make the pony represent me IRL? - Should he be made like an avatar in a video game? - Or should he be made like how I would imagine myself into the show? - Is there a better OC Creator you would suggest? - There was some sophisticated advice color sheme, Analogous colors, monochromatic - a whole wikipedia page of information, do I take the advice or wing it with whatever colors I like? - I don't like how the male pony's muzzle is "squared off", even though it's a ponysona should I just say screw it and use a female's muzzle? - They also said something about not looking like a Mary Sue - what does this mean when referring to making a Ponysona and not an OC? (I know what a "Mary Sue" is...) Thank you for your time and help.
  20. I'm working on a Spanish presentation for my Intro to Spanish 1 class in college. I'm in need of some help. English is the first draft, Spanish was the revised version.
  21. So I am in the process of writing an FoE story, i have the first 5 chapters written, but I want to make sure what Im writing is of quality before I continue Here is the story. Any feedback would be appreciated, and if anyone would be willing to help me along as I write it i would really like that
  22. NO IDEA if this is the right place for this. But I'm trying to find a tutorial on the most efficient way of drawing interiors. Practice yes but is there better ways then being too meticulous on backgrounds that would take me weeks to a month to finish? The types of backgrounds I'm trying to make is for my ask blog. However I just want to improve in general.
  23. Here's the basic bio of my OC, Kronos: He's the prince of a powerful but heavily isolated military empire called Ragnarok. Kronos is a fitting name for a budding heir to his father's throne, is it not? I had a few ideas for names of Kronos' father and mother, but im not entirely sure if they would fit in with the characteristics of the society Kronos grew up in. To summarize his society: From the time you are born, you start your training. Foals and fillies fighting each other are a common sight to see in the streets. "Peasants" remain as workers who run the stations that provide food and water for the kingdom. High ranking officials, on the other hoof, consist of strong military officers, both colts and mares. So, coming from such a hardcore, exhalted society, what should be the names of Kronos' royal parents? I was thinking of naming them King Ulysses and Queen Joan. What do you guys think? Should I change the names of Kronos' parents? Also, if any names i have here have been used like the name of the kingdom Kronos hails from, please let me know. Im really determined to make this kind of his birthplace that he occasionally comes back to.
  24. Hello my name is Novaink and i am looking for some help with my fan fiction Fallout Equestria: Decoded i am looking for editors and proof readers if you can help out add me and i have a few chapters i am working on so help out and that would be great. Skype: Darcybelle3 Chapter 1: Chapter 2:
  25. I was inspired by a song to create an MLP OC. I decided she would be fully developed and ready to use for RP, Fanfiction, etc. The song (Izayoi Seeing by JubyPhonic) made me want to make a star-based character. Although her design is fleshed out and her relation to my other OCs is planned, I still have a crucial roadblock... What is her talent? I know this sounds odd.. I should think of the talent first. And obviously it could be something like Astronomy. The truth is, I had considered the Astronomy talent at first but I don't think I like that idea anymore. I'm not sure. I want a non-scientific talent that centers on the stars. She is a Pegasus. ALSO, I was thinking of naming her Stardust but seeing as many other OCs have this name, I wanted something else. So can anyone help me?