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Found 676 results

  1. OK I just need every single one of you to post a good background pic so yay *fluttershy style* cuz all I've got is a bunny goat and planets. Also to make some entertainment what do you guys think of this. *Shoping music starts playing. Ya know with the UNCE UNCE over and over? Ya. Pinkie is that girl who shows off cars in game shows. The music stops and Gangnam style starts playing with all the vocals changed to Fluttershy's voice. A disco ball lowers and Pinkie losses it with confetti* Don't worry, you could win this song by searching for the depths of your Immmmagination. *everything warps back in my head (sorry pinkie)* Or you could just post a background that's fine to......I'm borde.....*I start beatboxing*.......*I stop*......*crickets cherp*...ok bye *end*
  2. So I recently started a blog and haven't really decided on a theme just yet, what I would like to know from those who blog is what do you write about and do you have a theme, what is your inspiration Don't worry I wont steel anything aaaaand.... GO!
  3. I'm not quite sure how promotions are done for certain but I do know that if your boss, commander or team leader gives you the chance you should take it. If you do not take the promotion chances are it'll never show up again or at least for a while. If you are not ready to move up and accept more responsibility then do not take the promotion. If you take the promotion and are not up to the added responsibility you'll put a lot of stress on yourself and you'll most likely under perform and have boss/commander/team leader regret promoting you. Don't sweat it if you miss out on the opportunity to take a promotion, if you work hard enough and be on your A-game then your boss/commander/team leader may see this and be impressed and give you another opportunity to be promoted. I remember on my freshman year I took a few SOPs to rank up from cadet to C/private then next year from C/private to C/private first class and then to C/corporal then next year to C/sergeant and C/staff sergeant. SOPs give you requirements that you need to fulfill in order to rank up. I needed to perform these requirements in front of my Company Commander, Battalion Commander and Army Instructor/ Senior Army Instructor. There are times when I have failed an SOP but I always came back after I studied a bit harder and then aced the SOP. There have been times where I was asked if I would like to be the new Battalion Commander or Command Sergeant Major. I was honored, truly, but I rejected all of the offers not because I just didn't want to but because I knew I wasn't ready for such hard and stressful positions. Sometimes you've gotta take it slow...bro. But if you're a risk taker, go full speed ahead! Summary -If you are ready for a promotion and the opportunity shows itself, go for it! -Don't force yourself to take a promotion and don't regret rejecting the offer. -Work hard for your promotions and impress your boss/commander/team leader, show them that you care about the work you do. Actions speak louder than words. -Don't go in and expect a promotion, you'll be heartbroken. -Take a chill pill and take it slow... (but be consistent).
  4. Last episode I very briefly touched upon friendly banter with your group leader or commander. Talking with your peers is a great thing but there is a time and place for speaking. I know this is common sense but you'd be surprised at how some do not know when to stop talking and pay attention. When I was 1st Sergeant for Echo Company taking role was atrocious because people would talk while I was taking role. Eventually things got better (thank you sergeant for helping me out with this situation!) and people were more quiet and people found it easier to hear their names when I called them out. Learning when to be all ears and business-like and when to be relaxed and business-like is important to keep you and your commander/team leaders from going bonkers (after all, who likes being yelled at by their commanders? Nobody. P.S. That's another topic for another day). Summary -When your commander/team leader is giving instructions, do not speak. -Listen to the instructions and do not feed into someone else's nonsense. You are more likely to be spotted goofing around than the person who started it. -After all instructions have been given, get to work but most importantly have FUN. Speak to your peers but remember that you've also got work to do so try to balance stuff out. -If your commander/team leader gives you specific orders not to talk, do not talk! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have any input or any of your own advice? Please share it with me! See you later and have a good day!
  5. If you want to become a leader the first step is to come out of your shell. Get to know everyone in your group and interact. You're probably wondering why interact is in bold, it's in bold because interaction lets others be aware of your presence and allows you to learn about everyone in your group. Knowing how everyone ticks is good knowledge to keep because when you become a leader your decisions and their outcomes depend on how others respond to your decisions. Do not be afraid to talk to your commander or group leader. Your commander's job isn't to strike fear into their group, their job is to motivate their group to get the job done and make sure they're alright in the process. Your commander should listen to you even if it's friendly banter, it doesn't always have to be about business (but that'll be touched upon in another episode if I remember). Being associated with your commander and any co-leaders is important if you hope to move up. Summary: -Do not be afraid to speak to your fellow group mates or your leader(s). -Communicating with others lets them know you exist and that you CARE. -Knowing how everyone ticks is a good way to know to handle a certain situation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this helps those wanting to become a leader. I feel as if what I typed was all over the place but I sincerely hope this info helps. Please comment if you have any suggestions or your own advice! I would love to read what you have to say.
  6. (If script stuff is supposed to go in the video section, sorry. I'll delete and repost if need be.) As I'm working on developing a series of fan-produced episodes, I recently completed the script for the pilot episode, but I wanted to find someone to be a grammer and story editor for it, before I start storyboarding and recording voice lines. I'm looking for someone to edit for both grammar and story; checking for typos, proper sentence structure, and other small grammar things, as well as checking for flow of the story, making sure nopony is acting out of character, etc. Please leave a reply if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks, -Virt
  7. Hi everypony! I hope you are doing well. I need a little help with my OC. Well, maybe more than "a little." So first things first. I'm still debating on color concepts. I narrowed it down to a bat pony since I think I can relate to being a night owl and can put more love and detail into the character. I want her to be a bat pony. Not a fruit bat pony like Fluttershy was. Though I love her wings. I need help deciding on the wings since both look nice. I've been wanting to do night time / cool color palettes since they make her cutie mark pop, but I don’t want to be another purple pony though. There are already too many Twilight like ponies out there. I’ve tweaked the colors to be a bit of an ombre color effect for a unique look for both coat and hair. The one thing I want to really keep is her burgundy hair. In shorts here is what I want: Keep the Burgundy hair (burgundy can range from a dark purple to red shades) Cool tones Don’t want another purple pony/ twilight clones Here are is a couple images of the ideas I have. I’m switching and swapping colors and win types around on both samples: For base A, she is leaning more towards warmer tones to go with her cutie mark. Her burgundy hair is leaning more to a reddish tone and darker colors. I was trying to steer away from Twilights soft purple coat. I’ve put the bat wings on this one since Luna’s bat ponies seem to portray more bat like qualities. Base B I was going more of a bluish purple for a cooler tone. Both her hair and coat are leaning more towards blue. I added more blue to her hair. I add fluttershy’s bat wings with how pretty they are and with a faint transparency to them like in the show. Last thing I want to talk about is her occupancy. Maybe she can be an artist. Are there such things are graphic designers in the MLP universe? I mean, someone who helps create banners, fliers, labels that go on bottles and glasses. Maybe she can be a freelance artist. I honestly have no idea what kind of job she could have besides being a guard for Luna. I don’t want her to be a fighter really. Here is a bit about her to help with ideas: Personality: A bit of an introvert. Would like to spend her nights quietly on a cloud or in her home. She gets easily stressed out when too many things come her way, which is why she would rather stay away from a lot of ponies if possible or tries to take on one assignment at a time so she doesn’t put too much stuff on her plate. She can also get distracted easily with other things and can lose track of time. She likes to draw, play video games, or watch movies at home. When she does go out, she likes to go to late night cafes, libraries, hiking through forest, or other quiet places with not many ponies. Likes: Quiet nights, music, drawing, gaming, cool breezes, walking in wooded trails in the late evening, animals of all kinds, rainy days inside, hot drinks, and cafes. Dislikes: Loud ponies, crowds, having to do multiple things at once, spiders (anything with a lot of legs really) Cutie Mark: What do you ponies think? Any suggest would be nice since I just can’t make up my mind on which wings or colors I like best. I think more detail about her might be needed, but I'm not sure. Do bat ponies come from Cloudsdale?
  8. Hi guys, I need some help about Tails of Equestria. I'm not interested in playing (unless I'm lucky enough to find some brony friends who play it), but I'm interested in seeing the lore behind it. I dunno if the main package has it, or I if there's a book of it. I'm wondering because I don't know what can be inside in a tabletop RPG
  9. I'm writing a story about a pony's ascension to alicorn status, but I'd like to do it in a compelling way that's not going to annoy the reader/viewer. So far, he's in a Gary Stu situation. Destined to be the first (and currently only) alicorn prince, son of Starlight and Sunburst, well-acquainted with several main characters, and is the apprentice of Luna (who has had to come out of retirement to teach him.) He is not going to rule over Equestria, but he will instead fill Luna's role of helping ponies deal with their nightmares. Perhaps he'll have to deal with a larger threat, or he could become an alicorn simply by learning how to do his task well. I'm not sure which route will be received the best! I was thinking on writing him as someone with depression. Maybe he doesn't want to accept his destiny as the guardian of dreams, and would instead prefer to do something else, like bake cookies or do standup comedy. Maybe he's a chronic procrastinator, or the type of character who compulsively makes everything into a joke to cope with stress. Luna is very serious about her work, and it would cause conflict if her apprentice wasn't interested in or motivated to do the tasks she deems sacred. And, as the only pony who has ever guarded dreams, I'm sure she sees herself as the absolute expert. Alternatively, he could be overly enthusiastic about his new position, and screw things up by making all nightmares into silly, funny dreams instead of dealing with the root of the problem. Maybe he has some sort of nightmare fear of his own that he can't get rid of, and he over exerts himself trying to help others to avoid his own shadow. Once again, not sure which direction is best. Kinda leaning towards him being a bit rebellious, too. His mother and father (and Twilight and "Aunt" Trixie) are all very much intelligent overachievers with important jobs. Maybe they hold our protagonist to strictly high standards, and his dream guardian destiny is only compounding upon his stress. He has big horseshoes to fill, and perhaps he feels intimidated and/or constricted by it all. What tips, critiques, and general feedback do you all have? I really want to sharpen this story and have a well-developed protagonist!
  10. I’ve tried to free up space, I’ve tried making a system restart, I’ve tried troubleshooting, and the computer still crashes and overall doesn’t work. Updates never install despite actually having just enough space left and troubleshooting hurts the computer more than it helps it. If anyone has any suggestions or has experienced this before, please feel free to share. I’m sorry that I’ve made 1 or 2 computer forums already, but I’m running out of things to try.
  11. Hi! I'm new here and I wanted to start making pony stuff like apps, games and animations, but I don't know where to start or what programs to use! If you could help me out, I'd really really love that! Thanks lots!
  12. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask such a question) I was wondering if anyone had any tips in creating a truly villainous villain, one that people dread the protagonist running into rather than just another obstacle. Might anyone have any tips on achieving such a character?
  13. Hi there I originally had this account set up with my husband's email and even though I have changed it to mine it still appears as my husband's what do I do?
  14. Ok, folks, I need your advice. I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 collector's edition to do an unboxing/review, but I don't have a camera with which to record. Any advice on video cameras (not webcams) that would be good for something like this and won't wipe my bank account? I've got till April to get one(preferably a week before April so I have time to get used to it) so, there's no rush. Thank you for your input.
  15. I hope I don't come off as an idiot in saying this, but how do I create a topic in General Discussion (food, media, etc.) or Forum Games? Do I need more posts to do that, or is it just that I can't find it? I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  16. Basically, I have a cold and I am not sure how to help myself. So I suppose I will ask you folks. ... How do you guys help a sore throat?
  17. So I'm writing a fanfiction and I have the love interest's personality fleshed out but I can't settle on a look for her. Or I should say, I have a design in mind, it's just incredibly uninspired. (Don't read until you've read the rest of the post!) To give you some idea of where to go, Saffron is a shy girl with a talent and passion for mathematics. Her mousy demeanor is not a natural disposition but a result of growing up under an abusive father. As soon as she gets away from him, she slowly starts to come out of her shell to the point where she can stand up to him when he catches up to her about his mistreatment of her. Saffron doesn't completely flip the script and become Rarity or Rainbow Dash, e.g. the self-confidence of a concrete rhino. She's still dainty and reserved, however she's also no longer terrified of the world around her and is even accepted into Celestia's school for gifted unicorns due to her math skills. Saffron's last emotional hurdle was finding her mom, who had left the family when her husband's drinking became too much. Greener Pastures deeply regrets not taking Saffron with her, but she did leave her own daughter to suffer at the hands of an abuser. Saffron understandably wants to reconnect with her mother but she doesn't instantly forgive her either. Opting instead to "work on it" from a distance and return to Canterlot with her boyfriend (the central protagonist) rather than stay with her re-discovered mom. So, when I describe this character to you, what does she look like?
  18. So I and my dad made a bet where if I save up $1200, he will for sure take me to BABSCON. He also said when I get to $500 he will book us some hotel rooms. And I need to know when the booking link goes up and how fast they sell out.
  19. Hello was thinking of advertising gmod server am active contributor of. That do allot of custom stuff for. But before i go had do as advertising about it thought better check in first if as forum post is okey our not. If get an ok, i probably write up some basic information of game format we use on server what content we have and list your steam and discord group to gather with the addon list we have. And some of general rules we have on the server.
  20. I'd like to try starting a RP, but I don't know where to begin. Any help from anyone would be great.
  21. I have this fic that's been cloying at the inside of my head for a long time now. I've come back and forth to it, it got me started on writing to begin with. Now, my protagonist is meant to travel across Equestria and look for the small bits of lore that refer to philosophical or ideological fighting systems. Hard to do in a world where magic solves most dangerous problems and violence at all rarely comes up in their history. My question is, would it make more sense for this quest to be undertaken by an earth pony, or pegasus? It seems like a comparatively small change but part of it comes from having already written a lot of scenes with the assumption that the hero is a pegasus and only reconsidered later it might make sense for him to be an earth pony. Here's a little this or that. Pegasus: -Flying adds new and cool dimensions to fighting. -Wings are another set of limbs to use. -Very specifically warrior and athletic cultural traditions. Earth pony: -Strong and athletic. -Folksier traditions lend them to the kind of mastery through repetition frameworks of Kung Fu and really all martial arts. -The Mighty Helm show they too have a distinct warrior culture of their own. One that prominently features weapons. Pegasi have a lot of physical possibility but not much spiritual rooting, while earth ponies have more limited instruments but lend themselves to the ideas a little better. Adding on to this is that there's a subtle soldier vs. warrior angle between the two. Or to put it more accurately, soldier vs. guardian. Pegasi descended from an explicitly Roman-esque society of warriors and conquerors, where the Mighty Helm were more like a chivalric order. It also comes into how they treat conflict. Pegasi are more naturally competitive and looking for a challenge where earth ponies tend to be a little more laid back and only throw down if their homes or families are threatened. Again, that latter viewpoint is very martial arts code of always seeking to avoid a fight rather than go looking for one. So yeah, I'm kind of torn on this. What do you guys think?
  22. Ok, so I know this isn't a story but i need help. I am currently working on my OC's backstory and i'm kinda stuck. So, i need another pony to write about and what i could add to help me get in the writing mind set. I have a set of ponies and a brief summary: Capricorn: Male, Unicorn: He was Starswirl's partner and was the first Changeling king. He was erased from history when he was bitten by a Changeling maggot in case the ponies would begin to fear Starswirl as well, Starswirl was ordered by King Anubis to destroy any trace of Capricorn's connection to the Royals or Starswirl. King Darus: Male, Alicorn: He was the Alicorn of Justice and the brother of Cosmos (Celestia and Lunas' father). He married Princess Nyah (The Alicorn of Nature and the cousin of Galaxia) and had a son named Otis. He was the king of Sendaria and was loved by his people yet he faced a constant struggle against the threat of war from the close West, past Orberia, by a land of dragons named Gnar (na-rr). Queen Allegra: Female, Pegasus: She was the mother of Cadence and wife of Eros (prince of Cloudsdale). She felt like an outsider as she was a Pegasus living in a world of Alicorns. King Cosmos created the Alicorn Amulets so that non-Alicorn rulers ruling beside Alicorns would be able to be on the same level. The Amulet gave Allegra magical abilities without having to possess a horn and increased strength. King Garin II and Queen Gillian: Male and Female, Griffins: They were the last monarchs of Griffonstone. They fled their kingdom after the Idol of Boreas was lost when Garin was fighting the Arimaspi. They had no children and their relatives where all murdered or they escaped. They ended up in Horseshoe Bay, then they travelled past Apple Loosa (Which used to be a kingdom named Appalia) and they finally laid to rest in Saddle Arabia. They lived there for the rest of their life. What can i do to make this more interesting and have more depth? P.S: I have the whole timeline of most species and their kingdoms and rulers from before Equestria was created, so if you want to know then i can tell you. Thanks!
  23. Hi Everypony I and I'm assuming Otherponies are looking for free and or affordable programs/apps for making art content related to MLP or anything in general. if you know of any app or program that a newbie can use to start their Ponyart please comment below, you would be helping me and Anypony interested in creating their own masterpieces. also any YouTube content related to learning about said apps or programs would be going the extra mile and now for random some Emojis
  24. Hi everyone!I'm doing my dissertation about bronies and the different elements of the series that makes it so fun to watch.To research this I need your help!I need volunteers who would be willing to do an interview with me, via Facebook Messenger or via Skype, which takes about 30 minutes. I will not put your name/screenname in the dissertation in order to protect your privacy, and you can also win a goodie bag with loads of film-related goodies :DWho'd like to help me out? It would be VERY much appreciated :D Thanks so much!Natascha
  25. So there was some sort of sountrack made for the Edowaado's comic 'Doctor Whooves' by Quiet Water, but I can't find it so I need help. What would help is a link to the song or the name of the song. I've posted the description that goes with the deviantart post (excluding the youtube link) --- A lot of technical babble. No need to understand all of it. Everypony seem to have lost some memory though. What do you think is going on? So what's new? This lovely fellow by the youtube name, Quiet Water, has made a fan-soundtrack to my comic. At 6:20 there's even lyrics to the song ''Bon Bon's Lament''. Lyrics can be found in the description below it. A wonderful fan-music gift, go check it out right here ---- Yeah, the youtube link failed :S Thanks in advance, Toon =)