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Found 8 results

  1. So I will admit that I'm doing this to show off, but I genuinely what to know how much blood have you donated all together. I hit the gallon mark yesterday.
  2. Hey guys. So Basically I finally made my First OC! * Yayy! *Party Cannons Explode* ..and I've made everything, from her design to her personality for the last 4 hours; (I lost track of time after the third cup of coffee). Yeah, so I was wondering if somepony could assist me in finding a name? --> Here is her description: Name: Something related to winter, like Blizzard (hey, that's not a bad one ) Age: Not sure about this one, about 17-25? How do you even count pony years? :scoots: Gender: Female Species: Pegasus Appearance: She has a white coat, yellow and Periwinkle-Blue mane and tail, and a cutie mark resembling an Ice cream cone with sprinkles (Yum!). Her eyes are Violet colored as well. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is a turquoise colored Ice cream on a waffle cone, with chocolate sprinkles on top. (Don't ask me why; Apparently, I was craving ice cream). Personality: She has the combined traits of the Mane 6. She is brash and reckless like Rainbow Dash, she loves having fun, playing games, and eating sweets like Pinkie Pie, and she loves costumes! Lots and lots of costumes! I'm sure Rarity would be happy to help with that! As depicted by her cutie mark, she favors winter over the other seasons and is part of the Pegasi winter team. She resides in Cloudsdale but regularly visits Ponyville. She is also a little clumsy and forgetful, and kind of an accident-prone. I'm having some trouble thinking of a really sweet name lately.. Really Really appreciate the help guys! =) ..and you're always welcome to give feedback or opinions, I'm always welcome towards critics, really I am!
  3. When I die I want to be put into a biodegradable urn with soil and a tree seed in it. I want to be planted somewhere nice and grow. To be able to be helpful to others even after my death is a nice thought. Maybe I'll have animals live on me or maybe I'll be cut down for use. Just the fact that I might help makes me feel better about my death. What about you?
  4. So I've been getting back into magic recently, and I have a new deck that I've been working on. It's not standard legal by any means, but it's as close as my current collection allows. This is what I've got so far: Creatures: Sunhome Guildmage x 3 Boros Elite x 3 Bomber Corps x 2 Foundry Champion x 2 Mardu Hateblade x 2 Fencing Ace x 4 Daggerdrome Imp x 4 Blood Artist x 4 Reckless Waif x 3 Rakdos Shred-Freak x 3 Instant/Sorcery: Act of Treason x 3 Searing Spear x 2 Lands: Mountain x 4 Plains x 5 Swamp x 5 Boros Guildgate x 3 (Replacing with Sacred Foundry) Bloodfell Caves x 4 Orzhov Guildgate x 3 (Replacing with B/W Shock land) Any suggestions on how to improve this would be helpful. Standard or not, I don't care as long as it makes this better
  5. Hey guys.. been away in the forums for quite a long time.. i kinda stumble upon this site.. i didn't really need it.. made me feels fuzzy though, nice relaxing site.. I was thinking some of us might contribute to it,, (give others some hugs and love) Here's the site: maybe share it to people that needs some cheering up.. Your thoughts?
  6. Its been a topic floating around my head for awhile: How has the show helped you emotionally, and do you have any bonds or ties to the characters of the show? Do you hear mock voices of the characters in your head sometimes? Has the show literally saved your life? Tell your story! Do you like the show because its funny and AMAZING, or is it something deeper? I guess for me it really did pull me back on the right track. I felt extremely hopeless and stopped taking my anti depression medicine. I was going to just give up, but then I started watching the show more and fell in love. I really connected with princess Luna and Fluttershy, and they gave me hope to keep going on. Sort of weird...and deep, but hey, I owe those -sadly fake- ponies my life! If there are any topics like this, sorry! Feel free to remove this one! If I posted this in the wrong spot sorry again, Im also a noob >.< Well thats enough of my blathering! Tell me about your story!
  7. The following expresses only the opinion of the author, not necessarily that of the staff or the users. This is my guide to posting on the forums. I know that some of you cringed at the thought of some people taking my advice on posting on the forums, don't worry about it, take some anteacid and just relax. It's just for people who want a little advice on how to post, in an easy numbered list for easy viewing. I'm not plotting to destroy anyone at the moment, so you are safe. If you follow this simple guide you to can both be a reputable and valuable member of the forums while simultaneously decreasing the work load of the moderators. #1: Respect your fellow forumites This is one that a lot of people need to take to heart. The problem with not doing this is not as prevalent on this forum as it is on others I've seen, but the problem still emerges from time to time, so I'm going to talk about it. You know how it happens, you're reading through a thread and someone may say something a bit unusual and then someone comes and drills them about it. There is a fine line between correcting someone and being a complete dick, and it's a line that you need to understand before you post in any debate. The line is respect, if you do not understand what respect means to me, or how to spell respect, then you have no childhood. But you know what's an even worse and more despicable? Drilling someone for a harmless opinion. I've seen it happen, someone gingerly posts in a thread and within an hour the entire thread is a war zone. I can understand being a bit upset if someone says something that's a bit offensive, but you have to remember, it's no better to point them out on it. It's best to report them for abusive behavior, because chances are if it offends you, one of a few things are true; A.) Other People are offended to (Report them) B.) You're overreacting or misunderstanding the post (Make sure you understand what you're reading before calling judgement) Because of B, many times people who get offended by an opinion are at no fault but their own for their anger or sadness. Remember when posting that there are very real people behind every username here, and that they too have lives and feelings. #2: Don't Derail Threads Absolutely one of the easiest offenses you can make, making a pointless or off-topic post that ends up derailing a thread. Not only is doing that disrespectful to the OP, but it's not going to do anything but make you look like a fool. Making a joke is okay, if it's relevant. But do not go into a thread about the meat industry and start spurting jokes about rocket controlled flying potted plants. If you have something you need to say to someone, and it has nothing to do with the thread, I can help you out with a simple link. Send them a PM: If it's something that doesn't need to be said to anyone in particular, and may be a bit silly/doesn't fit anywhere else, feel free to use the forum lounge: At the very least, try to remember that the OP made whatever thread they did for a reason, and you'd be doing the entire community a disservice by trying to derail the discussion. #3:Don't make posts that tell people to brohoof This is going to be a short description since it's fairly simple, and it's a mistake I see a bunch of new posters making. Do not tell people to brohoof your posts, not only does it make you look desperate but I for one NEVER brohoof a post that says to, even if I would have if it did not have that bit of request at the end. And chances are, believe it or not, if you have to retroactively tell people to like your post it's probably not a very good post to begin with. People will brohoof a post if they like it, it doesn't need some kind of prompt to do it. #4:Don't discredit other people/news for no reason You know what I'm talking about. In a thread about good news, there is a guy who will say how it could have been better or how it's part of some secret conspiracy to replace us all with clones of Tom Hanks. While they may or may not be right, they are just being jerks by doing that, unless they word it a very specific way. Because unless you think about what you're typing, you could sound to be insulting a person or group that has legitimately done a good deed. And as you all know, receiving criticism for saving puppies from a burning building does not make the recipient of said criticism feel good. It also makes you look like an insensitive prick, especially if the person posting the criticism has never done such a deed themselves. Someone does not deserve criticism for donating to the rebuilding of an orphanage, and for some reason, some people seem to find that surprising, or at least their posting history implies such surprise. #5:Don't preach doom This is the one that happens all the time on these forums, and you know what I'm talking about. Twilicorn caused this on a biblical level; if you're not familiar with such things, a doom sayer's post most likely reads like some variation of this: "Guys, we have just received news that a minor plot arc is taking effect. One that nobody knows anything about except the basic outline. We all know what this means, the end of the fandom. Guys, I'm sorry about this, but I'm going to have to leave because I am a drama queen/Attention-seeker" At least, that is how I read such posts. I'm sure a lot of you read them the same way. You know why? Because most of the time, these people are attention-seekers or just being dramatic for the sake of it. You know what the best way to deal with changes to the show is? Wait until they happen to pass judgement. It's the equivalent of if Game Informer had released a review of Halo 4 saying it was the worst game ever made four months before it's release. There's no way such predictions can be accurate. #6:Use proper grammar and spelling (To the best of your ability) This is not asking you to be Einstein and be a super genius master of the English language, but please, when you post, leave your text-speak at the door and put on your proper English. You do not need to post immaculate strings of text that rival the works of Shakespear, you need to type on such a level that people know what you're saying. The average violator of this makes posts that read something like this: "OMG Guaze u no dat 4 3 yers i wuz eh enngrish teechair butt i god shott oouwt de w1nd0ww width eh bulldozer becuze mi classe cud knot stend me" I know that if English is not your first language, it can be tough, but please, if your post is so bad that when you run it through spell check it looks like the red tide because of all the red wavy lines, then please, do not post it. I'm almost one hundred percent sure that if you take your time posting you can do better. If you can't do better, improve your English before posting. #7:Do not be raunchy, disgusting, or vulgar This is one that very specific users are responsible for. I won't name names because I'm a nice person, but I'm just going to describe it. This has become increasingly prevalent in Forum Lounge and I'm sure the mods do not appreciate it. We do not need graphic descriptions (Or worse, PICTURES) of sex or extreme violence. We do not want extreme detail in your text about sexual encounters. Leave that outside the forum. Usually, sexual innuendo is okay, maybe even a joke about it here or there, but not anything extreme, and do not target a specific user. It can be okay to make mature jokes, but do not dedicate a thread to things that are best left elsewhere. I AM going to point out a particular group that's responsible for this, the #Yiff group. Please, for the love of God, leave that shit at the door, or take it to furaffinity. Nobody wants to hear about your fetishes on this site, and even if they did, discussing it off-site is the best course of action. The reason of course I pointed out #Yiff is that's a blatant offender of this. Mainly because such topics can be ideologically offensive to a large number of people. I'm not targeting it because I'm against the people in such groups, but the thing is, that does not belong here, on this site. There is a good reason why making NSFW posts earns you at least 800 warning points. If you cannot stop making vulgar posts, this probably isn't the best place for you. ______________________ Follow this guide and you to may one day be a very reputable member of the forums
  8. It just struck me that there's no such thing as a "bible" for informing people about Bronies. I suppose it's all the more contributory to the nature of "Love and Tolerate" if that we want others to know what we like about MLP, we must come up with our own way of explaining it in a personal sort of way, and there's no standardized convention for informing others about 'bronydom' beyond linking them to the KnowYourMeme video or the Wikipedia article. But I'm thinking about doing something a bit different. In all aircraft there's a thing called the QRH (Quick Reference Handbook), which gives the most essential and most important information collected into one book, and the farther back in the pages you go into one, the more detailed or nuanced the information gets. It starts out with basic checklists and operation proceedures, and then goes on to simple maintenance, emergency situations and lots of other stuff. My thinking is that we could compile a list of information that's basically the laconic version of the whole of Bronies and the MLP fandom (or at least Friendship is Magic). Essentially a 'paperback' discourse on filling in just about anyone about the most essentials. They glance it over and if they're interested enough, they go deeper into it and read from "What is a Brony" to "One-true-pairing Logic" and everything inbetween. Well it's all very well and good that people would agree, but what would help even more would be if people could contribute.One thing I would like to do is rip off NewCalamity's Acronym/Slang Guide but my intention would be to have a more comprehensive collection than even that, and I don't think I personally would be able to compile all the information that would be required. Or, more aptly, I don't think I personally am able to think of all the information that I would need, that would be required.