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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone interested in helping out a fellow brony first time going to BABSCon my flight is earlier than expected and i dont get my hotel till the Thursday and maybe check out some of California biggest thing I really want to see is the Golden Gate Bridge. Also if anyone is interested in splitting a room i have extra space available in means an extra bed in the room let me know and thanks/)
  2. Well in my last blog entry, I talked about helping my grandparents and mom clean out my great grandmas attic for her. That's still happening, expect the workload has been doubled or maybe even tripled, to instead of just cleaning out her attic we have to clean out her whole house............ because she passed away this morning. Which means that now that shes gone, we have to get her house and the rest of her property up for sale. It should only take a few hours, because we already have some rooms emptied out from when my great grandfather passed away a few years ago, she had decided to downsize on the amount of things she owned. The hard part is gonna be deciding who in the family is gonna get what, because my grandpa has seven other siblings, all of whom are somewhat greedy (a few have even served jail time for dealing drugs and tax fraud). If it were up to them, they would quite literally ransack the house of anything valuable or worth any money (I know this because they already tried it once after great grandpa passed away, and this was all while great grandma was still alive and living in the house) luckily my grandparents were there to get things back under control and tell them that it wasn't their stuff to take because great grandma was sitting on the couch right in front of them. Though now that shes gone, there's not gonna be much stopping my crooked aunts and uncles swooping down upon the property to help themselves to what ever they want. I guess this also means I'll be attending a funeral next week too, I might even be an altar server during the mass like I was for my great grandpas funeral. So anyways, yeah........ crazy times in my family right now.
  3. That moment when........ your told your going to help your grandparents and mom clean out your great grandma's attic for her..... and it's going to take all weekend. Not that I'm not happy to help, I just don't want to lift those big heavy wardrobes and have to try to somehow get them down the super narrow staircase, and I'm not all that great at lifting heavy things. Last time I was in that old attic of hers, I think there were about four of five wardrobes and several dressers and old chests, more than likely full of a bunch of old junk clothes that no one wears anymore. Not to mention all the other random stuff up there that's gonna have to get hauled to the dumpster, maybe we can just throw the smaller stuff out the window and down into the dumpster. Anyways it's not the best way to spend your whole weekend, but at least once the attic is all cleaned up, it should stay that way, meaning the next "Big project" will be to clean out all the truck tires from her shed and tear the shed itself down because it's leaning at pretty precarious angle and is an eyesore to look at.