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Found 8 results

  1. I have heard the number 7-12.4 million bronies thrown around. I think that it's kind of a high estimate, and I think that there are more around 2-3 million bronies, a vast majority of which being located in the United States. What do you think?
  2. Super important everyone fills this out so we know how many bronies or fans there are and so we have loads of juicy data :>
  3. I have been on this forum for about a month and I think I should bring into light a story from my past that has a big influence on my life and a whole highschool. The year was 2013, I was new to the whole brony I was a total closet brony...with that I barley talked to anybody..I kept to myself and didn't have any thought of how this fandom would forever change my life in this year and the next. As my Senior year of Highschool started I had just entered my final year of highschool with a broken heart and only like two friends...but I knew this year was going to be diffrent. See at this point in my life the fact I loved ponies was a total secret...I was afraid if anybody found out I would be shunned by everyone...that all changed after I met two guys in my class who noticed I was listening to pony music. They approched me and started talking to me telling me they were bronies as well. Oh Celestia I felt amazing I finally had two new friends that were bronies. Every day we would meet up at lunch and talk about ponies, then I brought up the idea of...hey why don't we go to a con? XD After I made that idea, we spent the whole week on my laptop at school reasearching prices for hotel,travel,and the cons around us. We ended up choosing Everfree Northwest. As we planned we faced a problem tho.....there were only 3 of us...and we were just highschoolers with no jobs..or we almost gave up. amazing idea popped up in my head, "Lets make a club!" I shouted to my two friends. Then so it was our quest started to find and unite the bronies of our highschool, and also find a teacher who would sponser a club like this. A month passed, as we rounded up 13 other bronies giving us a total of 16 members to sign to make this club offical, we only needed one more thing the teacher. Thankfully one teacher he was new..became our savior as we asked him to help us make this into a club he automaticly jumped on board :3. Everything was set in place, the members, the Teacher, and a good meaning so the school board would say yes. That meaning was friendship and how friendships and working together can get stuff done. Then of January of 2014 came The Thurston Herd was an offical club :3 and I was their founder/president. This was our logo. As the first months of our club passed we already started rasing money for our con, doing clean-up jobs or taking in cans and doing can drives. Everything was beautiful. As my school's Anti-Bullying week started, sadly also the case of Michael Morones had sprung up and was known throughout the community. The School staff had no plans for an Anti-Bullying week so they gave that duty to My club and I. You see in my 4 years of highschool I never had to face being bullied I mean some comments were said to me because I was Asian...but nothing too bad just that I knew Kung-Fu and stuff...anyways so this caused me not to really know what to do. As I read about the Michael Morones story I soon got the idea of we should put out a good message to stop bullying and also raise money for anti-bullying organizations. We soon had the ability to post a bunch of posters around my school that went against bullying (and yes they had ponies. ( I should add that My school's mascot actually was...a colt...XD so having ponies around the school was acutaly pretty was just this time it was My little ponies. XD) This is one of he posters we put around the school. and how we raised money. We ended up rasing about $120 On the final day of the Anti-bullying week I had the sole duty as leader to give a speech in front of the whole school...a 30 min speech...on anti-bullying. (I should add here...that I hated speaking in front of large crowds....and this was a whole highschool staff and all 700 students...) I went up there bit the bullet and gave an amazing speech about how I was a brony and what a brony was and what our club stood for and went on against bullying. After I was done..I was expecting to get either boo's or hate for liking ponies...but instead I got cheers from everyone as I ended my speech teaching my whole school how to Bro-hoof XD After that day I became my school's pony king, and our club was the most popular on campus. XD But I mean not everyone agreeded with the Herd or how we saw things...and I did get negative comments and hate from some people. I would never argue or yell back I would just smile. Then I graduated with the title of Princess under my belt...(and yes I am a guy...) XDD I had left my legacy at that highschool in one year I mean in one year I became a whole diffrent person. So this is why Ponies have effected my life forever. As the summer after highschool came, I went up Everfree Northwest 2014 me, my two first brony friends and my Herd as we walked into our first con, I smiled as feeling of acomplishment filled my heart. The con taught me a lot about being a brony, It also helped me find my special talent in our community, and that is getting selfies. I was given the name Selfie Pony by other bronies as I took 200 selfies at the con x333 <3. I will remember that con forever. Epiloge: Sadly, after I left the Thurston Herd....the president that took my place after I left Ressigned after a month and the new leader kinda..drove my legacy into the ground. Today, The Thurston Herd is sadly dead....but our message will always be a part of that highschool. And in my old club's ashes we ended up making something new, I am now the President of a new meet-up group named The Iron Herd, and we are the only Meet-up group in my town. We already plan on going to Everfree again, and go on many adventures. So that is my story, I hope yall enjoyed I just felt my story should be brought into light. Also Thank you for reading my long story.
  4. Ok, usually I don’t go and rant about stuff. So, to keep that true about myself, I’ll list it out and give details of the events that have made me decide to open this blog. Well, to start off, this blog post is mostly for venting some built up stress over the past few days. Apparently I should do this more often as my special somepony has been noticing my lack of my usual calm attitude. Funny thing is, she is a cause of that stress. Not a big cause, but there is a bit. I’m not going to dive too heavily into my social life due to the fact that in a relationship, there is a need for confidentiality. Ok, the second place of stress this past week is an issue that has plagued many internet dwellers since the beginning of the comment button. The internet wars. Be it youtube comments to replies on a twitter post, fans always find a way to battle it out to prove there ever so slight dominance over their fellow nerd. Don’t say that there are areas of peace across the web, because no matter where you look, you will find a hater. (I think that’s a rule of the internet somewhere) So, as I was saying, a war can start with just one comment. Then, it could explode into a fury of spam, rage, and anger. In one of the recent wars, I was a mere bystander for most of it. It involved one member of a clan arguing with a another clan’s member. It then escalated for months at a time and involved both clans entirely. It probably be considered a full on war due to the fact that there even was a turncoat that nearly took out a member of a clan. I eventually was drawn into the pointless conflict. Thankfully, the first clan had silenced communications with the second. I will not give any more details regarding these events as I still feel that revealing information might bring harm to people that I trust. So ya. That’s about it from your local Equestrian wolf. If you have a comment or question, just leave a comment. Know who you trust, trust who you know. -Seth E.
  5. Since the trailer came out there seems to have been quite some rage going on. Some people are saying they will leave the fandom because of this. Some are saying that this is like "the last straw" for them. Regardless of what you may have to say about that, do you fear for the health of the fandom after EqG? Will the herd be heavily reduced in size? Or are some people just overly frustrated right now and are making empty threats? From what I've heard, there have been mass tantrums thrown previously over certain issues, and still the fandom seems to be in pretty good health. Is there any reason to worry, or am I just being silly?
  6. So, I quit being a brony in November of 2012. I just couldn't wrap my head around the appeal of the show. I don't know if much has happened since then, but Iv'e felt the need to rejoin this delightful little subculture as of recent. Is the fanbase still insane? Is the show still cute and prettyful? Where has it gone? Are the fans still making fanworks? Do people still even like this show? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  7. So I have recently felt something weird, that Brony herd is becoming more dirty(?). Really the group has no rules, no one specific goal. First I thought of starting an alternative one. But that's too hard and it needs time. I'm not even a good leader/creator/founder. Do you also feel like this? That our community is becoming less valuable, less... royal. 10 year old kids are joining just to be "k3wl". Some time ago there was only 4chan, EQD, Ponychan or some other sites. Now? Thousands of tumblr blogs, millions of wordpress pages, clones of EQD. What was also brilliant about Brony community that in 90% anypony could understand each other. But like everything which came out from 4chan was eaten by brainless sites like 9gag and people, who don't even understand what's something about, and they start doing the same things they see. It happened to lolcats, rageguy, awesome face and many other memes. At first MLP was also a meme. There was hope that it would become just an awesome hobby, interest, point, thing. For some time it was. However... It is dying. Even if the cons and meetups are becoming larger, the community is... crumbling... falling... breaking up. Also haters are more hating. And sometimes I understand them. Many fans have left the herd, explaining it with the problem of r34 or trolling. But I think they left it because... Because of this what I described. There are a lot of similar examples. When I started watching the show and then by looking on the awesome art made by fans, I started calling myself a brony. And I thought this group would be stable, long living, special. But it became just the fad. Yes, the fad a.k.a. trend. And people started watching it for mainstream. Do you also feel like this? P.S. Saying "you have only wrong day" or "look deeper and you will see the awesomeness" won't do anything. I feel so since long time. P.S 2. Sorry for possible mistakes. It's 11 p.m. and I'm not a native English speaker.
  8. I.. I just don't know what to think right now. Everyday, I get back from school, and we have at least 3 new members. The herd is growing so much faster then the week I first joined which is less than a month ago. What does everypony else think of it?