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Found 21 results

  1. I simply wanted to know if anyone here is in fact not currently a fan of MLP:FiM, but has been in the past, and is here because of the community or whatever.
  2. So what are your nicknames? Mine is buddy. But I changed it to Darktronic. It is such a unbelievable name. My other nickname is rellik.
  3. I am preparing for a journey of epic proportions! I am going to walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean starting in the winter of 2016! I would greatly appreciate anyone who is willing to accompany me; the more, the merrier!
  4. quit

    Ask Link

    Title says it all.... Well this went dead quickly
  5. Welcome! This is my new blog! ------------------------------------------------ I don't even know why I'm doing this but oh well. I suppose I'll be posting silly stuff here just for the sake of it, maybe even a video or two. So yeah, that's it. Um, good day.
  6. Well guys... the road to graduate studies has passed one hurdle. I've been given a conditional acceptance to University of Toronto's Graduate Pharmacology Program. I just received it in the mail today after months of stress of where I'll go after undergraduate studies and moments of worthlessness after being rejected from medical school. It'll put me one step closer to living my dream of being involved with the pharmaceutical industry when I complete my education. Now you may wonder what a conditional acceptance is. This is where the next hurdle comes along. I need to find a supervisor to work with on their research on drugs. It's huge because there's a whole new world to find when it comes to drug research. There's so many unsolved and new problems we face when it comes to removing drugs safely from our bodies and ensuring their effectiveness while minimizing their side effects. I'm sure many of you have experienced someone who underwent chemotherapy with drastic consequences. I want to be among the researchers to help alleviate the side effects of such therapies by better understanding how they operate in our bodies. Finding a supervisor will not only fund my education through grants, but also provide experience through which I can operate drug research at the industrial level. If I don't find a supervisor though, the admission is nullified... The most amazing thing about my acceptance is that the University of Toronto is among the best reputed and established universities in the world, and I'm just delighted at the fact I got accepted at such a competitive program in pharmacology. Now begins the search for a supervisor who fits well with my research interests in improving drug efficiency while also being open to potential areas in cancer and/or neuroscience research... I passed a big hurdle getting accepted, but now I have another one to pass... plus, I have other supervisors to talk with from other universities, so if I can't find one in U of T, I can always look back to the other universities . At the end of the day though... wish me luck .
  7. Alright, fellow Bronies. Lately, I've become a bit of a fan of ambient music-problem is, I don't know much. So, I made this thread so that all of you fellow ambient fans can share some amazing music! Anything that can be considered "ambient" is acceptable. Also, for those of you who are unaware of what ambient music is, Ambient music is a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbrel characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric , "visual" or "unobtrusive" quality. I'll start.
  8. I'm not sure to either be a little upset, or neutral on the fact that a ton of members, especially guys, say that girls members are more popular on here. I doubt that, since that all I see are a bunch of popular guy members. I guess that's just me. The only time I see a popular chick member, she mostly gets attention because she's hot or something. Anyways, there's my input. I rarely see any popular girl members on here...maybe the same goes for guy members. Opinions?
  9. I already made a post, but I decided to make a part two. 20,00 acres burned, evacuees arrived at the fairgrounds were I live, there homes were just a mile away from the fire. Here are some pictures that my grandpa took at town and his work, alot of smoke
  10. Ok, well, I decided to create a thread dedicated to cheetoponies. You may discuss cheetoponies here and ideas, but the main focus is to post cheetopony art. After all, I wouldn't want to keep the suffering to myself. (I'll post future works of mine here as well.) If you don't know what a cheetopony is, here are mine. Cheetoshy Princess Mi A-Cheeto Cadenza Nurse Spicycheeto sharedmedia=core:attachments:57248] Have fun. Here is a list of names you may use if you like. (Provided by the co-ruler of The Cheeto Empire; @RainbowShine ) Viva la revolución
  11. I was just wondering if there were fans of the band: Coldplay. It is probably my favorite band ever, but there seems to be very few fans other than me on this site. So I decided to create this thread to find more fans. If you are a fan, I guess post something below. Perhaps your favorite song or album. My favorite is Strawberry Swing. It is so nice and the music video is so unique. My favorite album would be Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends.
  12. I tell. Why six is afraid seven? Because seven have many friend politburo. Man is hungry. He steal bread to feed family. Get home, find all family have sent Siberia! “More bread for me,” man think. But bread have worm. Two Latvian look at clouds. One see potato. Other see impossible dream. Is same cloud. One day, hear knock on door. Man ask "Who is?" "Is potato man, I come around to give free potato" Man is very excite and opens door. Is not potato man, is secret police. A: Knock knock B: Who’s there? A: Latvian. B: Latvian who? A: Please open door. Is cold. Latvian man not see old neighbor for many days. He go into house to see how is. Neighbor frozen to death. Man very happy. Family eat well for many weeks now. What you favorite Latvian jokes? Is post here.
  13. IDK. At first I wanna draw this dude as a pony OC, but I just wanna check on my human drawings. IDK why, I just did. :/ Here you go, I guess.
  14. Here i am, just a normal kid at a normal middle school, jerks will tease me for being a brony "Hey dude! dude! seen rainbowdash around?" They would say in my face in their most retarted mimication of me. "I wish i could vocalise the things im thinking" i would utter under my breath. why are bronies put down? why are there so many people who hate me? If only they could see past thier ignorance for a second and see that we all liked shows like that when we were young, just some idiot said it was "uncool" one day. i wish i could just go into the world of equestria, where i wouldnt have to deal with all those... i cant even say what they are! where everyone loves and tolerated, where pinkie pie is everyones friend, no matter what they like, where i would have no care in the world. but no. i have to deal with total dumb butts for over seven hours, hoping that that bell would ring, but for what? for me to go to my next class and get picked on by another group of jerks, or get a small releife from them for but 4 minutes? its like the time either goes my too slow, or runs by too fast, why cant the time stay at my pace of my slow mind? ________________________________________________________________________________ how is it going so far?
  15. I just posted an image of Scootaloo repeatedly headpianoing endlessly on loop. That only means one thing. School's around the corner for this guy. Oh, and it's also and excuse to post something so you won't think I'm dead, or anything like that. any case, I my body must be ready. And, to be honest, even though I did next to nothing over the summer (yes, I went to the exhibit aforementioned in the previous entry, for certain reasons I'm not posting anything about it yet until later this month), I'm starting to think I am. This Tuesday will mark the beginning of my sophomore high school year, and my 5th year in the school I'm currently going to. I haven't gone to many different schools in my lifetime, it feels just right to stick with one environment and have many recurring friends and teachers you will come to know for a very long time. But anyways, it'll be the first good time I'll experience something like school after my bronification in April, whereas I had such little time to adapt to myself watching ponies and doing general fan stuffs. Overall, I'll try my best not to let school get too in the way of my online activity, video games etc., as well as making sure vice versa doesn't happen. So...yeah, that's pretty much it. Just wanted to give y'all the heads for the up-and-coming school year. So, until next entry, see ya~ ~NASCARFAN160 ... Oh, almost forgot. Tiem for moar nascarzzz.
  16. Well it appears this blogging thing worked. So now I shall never use my testing blog again, until I decide to test more blog stuff out... Just wait, I shall have a new blog up eventually. And then you can take a trip though my daily life. So with that Goodnight forums.
  17. Well. Well well. Well well well. ...Looks like some punk wants ta get cut! >:U I could write a long review of my first day back, but why do that when I can make a video about it instead? Here you go: KIDS THESE DAYS! And now I wait for this to descend to the depths of irrelevant topics that last for half an hour...
  18. I need to post stuff in other parts of the forum... so much RPing. I feel like his right eye is off. By the time I noticed, I had already colored it... or did I mess it up when I colored it... Anyway this is for @Bloom De Rouge, and I hope he uses it for his avatar.
  19. Bored? Yes. Drawing skills? See for yourself. Imagination? ... Hell if I know ._. When I'm bored, have free time, or don't feel like working, I'll try to draw something and post it here for none to see. Who cares about this stuff? Me. (Not really.) I'll do the best I can with a mouse and paint! Feel free to post strange pictures of inspiration or imagination here. The more outlandish, the better. ... If I could draw half-decently (or could use a pencil and paper with mah computer) I'd take the time to accurately draw something funky for y'all. However, these are all I could muster in the long 10 minutes they took to make. (I'm no superman.) So, yeah. Post your imagination here. Herp. (You see, you don't even ave to think... or try to make sense... or add backgrounds... or dimension properly... or draw. Seriously, you don't even have to draw.)