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Found 3 results

  1. Rules: 1. Post any headcanon or theory of MLP:FiM that is considered "contradictiory" here. You can even make up your own ridiculous, random ideas that you think is "against" the premise or setting of the show. 2. One headcanon at a time. 3. Users must post any number their erroneous headcanons and theories before anyone else posts "HERESY!!!1"*, in which the game starts over again. 4. Any number of edits is allowed in your posts, in case of mistakes or changed minds. Here's mine, as an example: "Celestia's alter-ego is a black-and-red alicorn with terrible powers." Enjoy! (Inspired by the "Alphabet Game" and a certain portion of the "Banned Game" where users are "banned" for Heresy against the Imperium of Man) * When you post "HERESY!!!1", you are allowed to use pictures and gifs. if you want to.
  2. Misanthropy is heresy! You'll have to answer to Nicolas Cage, whom is the God Emperor of Mankind if your a heretic!
  3. Look at this: Then look at this: My intellectual property has been stolen! It is explicitly stated in the fine print that all blog entries in blog "Teatime Tirades" is property of Whiteshade LLC, and may not be reproduced or mimicked without the express written consent of Whiteshade LLC. This is an outrage! Cease and desist at once, or face legal ramifications! A friendly reminder from your attorney, ~Whiteshade, I will fuck you in court