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Found 19 results

  1. Simply put... This topic is all about "The Cape"... Probably by far the greatest piece of garb or article of clothing ever made. The cape is also known as a cloak sometimes "royal robes". The Mexican poncho could also be a cape too, I guess? I think we'll only count the ones that either are draped over the shoulders like military personnel or Italian Renaissance men, or draped around the shoulders down the back. Let's begin... What are your thoughts on capes? Do you like capes? Do you dislike Capes? Would you like to see the cape maybe make a fashion statement come back and or could be worn daily in public like the good old noble days of lore and not just as an accessory to a child and some adult Halloween costumes? Is it a heroes best quality of do you go for "The Incredible's" clause of "NO CAPES"... Something I find ridiculous if Batman didn't have his wings, he'd look like a pointy ninja if you look at it? For me... Personally, every time I see one in film or on TV; usually worn by noble counts and royal lords of epic lands and medieval worlds, mighty warriors of the sword and shield and swashbuckling heroes. On the backs of dastardly leaders and honorable leaders and the ladies and gentlemen of the late Victorian ages and most often in films and cinema's greatest heroes and villains. One thing was certain... The cape is freaking bad ass. See them flap in the air as the dark avenger stands vigilant high over the city he protects or the watchful guardian angel floating high above the Earth with his great red wings or giving an Imperial Lord a dark and menacing, cold appearance that strikes fear in the souls of men as he moves about the halls of his galactic imperial fortress, or the daring hero as he dashes dashingly down the stone halls and corridors of a dark gloomy dungeon on a quest of thwarting a great and terrible evil and restoring hope to a heart who's hope is slowly fading from as she fears her situation is growing ever closer to darkness with fear and despair. Also I love to wear them because they always made heroes and villains look so awesome and when I'd throw one on and see for myself. I must agree, the cape does give one a certainly agreeable appearance doesn't it I mean it just seems so fashionable and good looking. I wouldn't mind seeing them become just another article of clothing people wore as they went about their daily lives. Sure people don't do that... But every year on the 31st of October I see people let loose their "cape love" they do it's just not the norm for people to wear them like out in daylight every day like someone throwing on a raincoat or a jacket. So if you have anything that you'd like to add or take away from this discussion? Feel free to... I'd love to read what you all think about this, because I'm generally curious. I really hope this catches on... because, I know people really do like capes, they just keep it deep down inside until the 31st of October comes around to unleash their cape love on the world. This has been SuperBrony87... Do you like capes... I like capes... capes, cloaks and robes it's all good. the longer, the flappier, the better, the badasser. Thanks for reading! BTW on a side note... NBC once debuted a show The Cape where the titular Hero character uses his cape as a tool to fight crime. Think of that when next time you "anti-capes" and "NO CAPES" out there who say the cape is useless and pointless. To that note, I say, yes it is useless but that cause it's true and only purpose is making the hero look good... That's the cape's only purpose... Truly, it's "cape awesome".
  2. Since My Hero: One's Justice has been out for about a month. I thought it would be cool to make a discussion for others, who may have the game, or those, who may be interested in said game. I like the cast of characters you get to play from the anime. Even certain dlc characters that are available are interesting to play as. Some characters seem to be overpowered in how they play, but they aren't unbeatable. While there is only one button for combos, I like how the game allows you to extend your combos throughout the fight. Whether it's canceling a button press or adding support sidekicks into the combo. It makes the fighting unique and interesting to make a combo seem stylish. I'm not really a fan of the online system. When playing ranked, you get paired with someone at random instead of finding someone to fight. There's only ranked and player matches. I felt there could have been more options to play online, but I guess it's better than having no game at all. Hopefully, if there's ever a sequel, the creators can fix up the online mode. I'm also surprised they didn't add a lot of music to the game. At most, I believe there is about 3 to 5 songs. I felt there would be different songs, while on a certain stage. However, I guess there may have not been enough time to make different songs for other stages. At any rate, I do like how we get to fight at certain places from the anime. What are your thoughts of the game. Have you enjoyed playing the game, so far? Hopefully, we can have a fun discussion and learn to play and have fun on the video game. I've hard from others that this game is somewhat similar to Pokken Tournament and the Naruto Storm series. Speaking of the game, who are your mains and/or what would your main be in the game. So far, my only main is Kyoka Jiro. I like her style of play and her way of fighting is pretty cool.
  3. We obviously have been in this superhero for quite sometime now, which has truly picked up in 2008, when the first iron man pretty much started of the marvel cinematic universe and the dark knight became the gold standard for superhero movies. But when will the hype for these movies stop and also, what comes after it? Superhero movies have been on the forefront of the box office every year, with Infinity war breaking all records again worldwide. But will there be anything else after that? There hasn't been alot of very original summer blockbusters in the last 10 years, when you compare it to movies from the 80s and 90s. Do we maybe face the death of the summer blockbuster, after this era comes to an end?
  4. I would like to now present my very first FIMfic: "Harmony's New Heroes" It is a 4 parter. and I will post a new part every Saturday night. Here it is on Fanfiction: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Final) Here it is on FIMfiction: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Final) Please note that my username on is different than on here. That's okay right? Anyways Enjoy!
  5. You know, it's a fact that when you've been doing an extremely daunting task such as representing each of the Elements of Harmony and using them to save Equestria again and again and again, Eventually the Mane 6 are going to feel some physical and mental fatigue from this and somehow I get the feeling that they MIGHT wish at some point that somepony else could take over the helm as heroes of Equestria and save the day for once. Granted this is perhaps the greatest honor anypony could ever have. But even the status of element representative as well as Princess of Friendship isn't without it's drawbacks. Truth be told, I imagine that Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy in particular would say that they never had desires to be heroes nor did they choose to become ones. That status was bestowed upon them as well as the other 3 to stop Nightmare Moon and save Equestria. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie were chosen by the Elements of Harmony to represent them and be the heroes for all of Equestria. But even with all it's benefits, don't any of the Mane 6 at times wish that they DIDN'T have the weight of Equestria on their shoulders? Plus, one doesn't necessarily NEED the elements of harmony to be heroes. We saw Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord and Thorax become heroes in the season finale, But I'm still not satisfied. I wonder what it would be like if one or more of the Mane 6 can't perform the heroism and somepony else has to step in under the discretion of the Mane 6 member(s) that can't perform the task. -Suppose the Cutie Map summoned side characters and other non-Mane 6 ponies to various parts of Equestria to solve a friendship problem? -Could the Mane 6 become teachers to other ponies on how to be heroes like them, similar to Twilight towards Starlight? I'm not talking about which specific ponies should get it. (I've talked about that quite a bit) I'm talking about whether or not the Mane 6 feel tired of always having to be the heroes. Do you agree with any of this?
  6. Are their any horror stories where the main character has amnesia?
  7. Has anyone that you looked up to in life that has worked in the public eye, as a singer, actor, athlete, or local leader ever done something that made you loose respect for them, perhaps all of it? I'm asking cause this has happened recently to me. I'm a wrestling fan. So I respect the work of one Hulk Hogan. He's the face of wrestling. Non-fans will know who he is. Yeah, he's had issues here and there, but nothing all that detrimental. Until leaked phone messages revealed that he's actually a racist bigot, complaining about his daughter dating a black man. WWE have since gone scorched earth policy and have severed ties, publicly fired him and scrubbed his image from most of the site. More recently and hard hitting was the case of Phil Anselmo, former singer for Pantera, and one of the most respected metal frontmen around. At the Dimebash event, an annual jam show done in memory of late Pantera guitarist, Dimebag Darrel, Phil was seen doing the sieg heil salute of the third Reich, and mouthing off "white power." He says it was an inside joke for white whine, which reports claim there was none. But regardless of that, this has been cropping up once in a while. I thought he was over this, but nope. Metal is supposed to be an all inclusive genre. It takes in outsiders and knows no race, religion, gender, age or nationality. Let alone that this behavior in this day in age is uncalled for. I'm a huge Pantera fan. Who isn't? And yet this bigot is on all my favorite songs of theirs. It's gonna be a long time before I ever give any of their works another listen. So what about you guys? Any of your heroes, anyone you looked up to, do anything to shatter your confidence and respect for them?
  8. Do you think that the Mane 6 would be treated more like heroes rather than normal townsfolk if the other ponies saw that they possessed the powers of the Elements of Harmony? I'm not even sure if the ponies of Ponyville know that the Mane 6 possess the powers of the Elements of Harmony. I mean, I remember during "Putting Your Hoof Down," Fluttershy gets pushed around a lot. That probably shows that they don't know that Fluttershy contributes to the group of ponies that keep Equestria safe. It might just be me, but if I knew that certain ponies protected our land from harm I would definitely want to treat them with much more respect. What do you think?
  9. So YouTube is trying to step up their game with giving the people (with YouTube accounts whether you actively upload or not) the chance to be a 'hero'. However it involves reporting comments that would make social justice warriors proud. Not that it's a bad thing mind you. One needs to make accurate reports of malicious comments or one would not receive points. Even if you have to agree to fight 'micro-aggressions' as Google's Anti-Harassment Policy dictates. So that makes me wonder, did anyone else heard about it? Did you already sign up for it? Do you think this is going to go more haywire than Johnny 5 caught in a rain storm? As a YouTuber would say "let me know in the comments".
  10. As the title states, what is your favorite hero? (Heroes are listed here, and items are here.) ------- I think my favorite has to be Nature's Prophet. There's just so many ways you can play him. (personal preferences and wall of text here) You can play him as a pusher, buying a Shadow Blade, a Necrobook (and then leveling it up), maybe even a Desolator for the minus armor on towers or maybe a Mjollnir, Assault Cuirass or a Moon Shard (thank god for new items) to just push down towers and other buildings in seconds, leaving more room for your team or helping to win the game. You can also play him as a carry, maybe rushing a Hand Of Midas, getting some attack speed from Mjollnir or Assault Cuirass (but AC is more late game-ish) or just getting some early damage with either Desolator, Monkey King Bar, Daedalus, or Orchid Malevolence. Don't forget your Black King Bar as you'll probably get targeted by spells. You can even play him as ganker, getting an early Dagon or Solar Crest, then later on you can get Ethereal Blade (you can combine with Dagon for massive damage) or Scythe Of Vyse to disable a target of choice. He's really a hero that is quite variable and can really play any role due to his Sprout and Teleport abilities allowing him to set up kills and ganks, his Teleport (again), Nature's Call and Wrath of Nature allow him to push very fast all around the map, and pretty much all of his abilities can help him to carry his team quite well. ------- What's your favorite?
  11. Marvel's Daredevil came out on Netflix on April 10th and I've watched episodes 1-9 out of 13. Anybody else watching? If so what are your thoughts?
  12. We already have a very charming, waifu stoler version of King Sombra that could rivalize Squidward´s handsomeness. So... Can you imagine alternate versions of characters like Discord, Trixie, Chrysalis, Celestia, Luna, Tirek and the mane 6 in a similar way (for the villains) or in a not-so-charming way (for the heroes)? Let your imagination flow and describe them.
  13. Since this is the media chat, I thought I'd post one of my favorite games for the iPhone. Celtic Heroes! The game has excellent graphics is a ton of fun. The game actually looks like it's concept art! The game is basically a dungeoning and boss fighting/level grinding game with PVP modes and so much more. I would encourage you to join. Here's a link to the game's website. P.S. If you want to play with me, I'm a level 150 rogue on Rosmerta.
  14. I wish to touch multiple issues with this so mods... bear with me even if the tittle doesn't touch all subjects. So... let me say a few things about myself first. My name is Dennis or Dionysios and i come from Greece. Unfrotunately while i have found some greek bronies upon the Internet i unfortunately haven't stumbled upon any of you who share the same nationality with me. I litterally feel like i'm the only greek guy out here. It's seriously baffling... maybe Mlp isn't that popular in Greece? Hmmm.... In any case let me just start to say something here. I have noticed some people here on the forums mistakenly quoting popular greek myths just from the way they have seen them from movies. I sometimes feel that shows and movies litterally KILL the myth they choose to depict. That's not just the myths though... that's history as well. Let me just say an example... The "300" movie were supposedly 300 stood up against the Persian army... was a joke... I'll have you know that there were actually over 1400. I will not delve more into the subject because i could talk hours about this i'll just say out of 1400 we glorified the time-old tradition of 300 war mongering spartans. That is all. Now back to MLP i have seen that MLP has taken a quite... better view of the mythology. In any case it at least respects and is truthful to the myth even if it changes the attitude and it's approach on the myth. So far i haven't seen a case of inaccuracy as far as i'm concerned. So question number 1:Do you feel like MLP has respected the mythos and general legends it has touched? That being said i see many similarities with the non-directly referenced things in Mlp. For example see this... In Greek mythology, Nike (Greek: ???? , pronounced [n? ?k??], meaning Victory), was a goddess who personified triumph throughout the ages of the ancient Greek culture. She is known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. Nike is the Goddess of strength, speed, and victory. She is a symbol of how fast the news of victory can travel and the fastest deity in ancient mythology. Notice the similarities anyone? Also did you know? Luna's Original name was Selena Great similarities i might add... Or perhaps Twilight as Athena with her owl Owlicious? Or Applejack as Demeter? Fluttershy as Artemis? Or Pinkie Pie as Dionysos? Or... well perhaps i don't think it fits her but Hermes Rainbow Dash? Or Aphrodite Rarity? Or Octavia/Lyra Apollo? I personally see similarities of Queen Chrysalis to Metis who is a titaness shapeshifter of cunning and wisdom. Or perhaps Proteus "God of Elusive Sea Change" who was capable into transforming anything! Question two:What figures do you see resembling acnient greek gods and why? Or in fact do you see them resembling other pantheons? If so then why... So three... i thought that MLP had stopped referencing Greek Mythology for quite some time... then comes Orthros... allegedly as the myth says brother to Cerberus two-headed dog. Well i was mistaken... it seems the Greek Myth influence is still strong with this one. There are a lot of things that could be encountered... like Scyla and Charibdys or new species like mermaids, or i don't know... anything! So here comes my third and last question... Question number 3:Do you believe that we will see more greek mythology references? Which are the ones you would like to see? What kind of creatures from said mythology would you like to see? LET THE FUN.... BEGIN!!! Note to mods... i know there might be threads about this topic but they seem to be like a year or more old so i figure it's about time i refreshed this.
  15. Ever since "Pinkie Pride" aired, I've been seeing a lot of Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich 'shipping. First off, let me say that there is nothing wrong with shipping these two, or with shipping in general. They are adorable together and arguably perfect for one another. It's only a matter of personal perspective that makes this ship feel weird to me, and I'd like to explain why I don't ship it. I have two reasons. Of course, they are connected, so maybe just one two-part reason... 1. Weird Al - Maybe others don't feel the same way, but when I was watching "Pinkie Pride," I couldn't help but think of Cheese Sandwich as Weird Al, not just a pony being voiced by him. I grew up listening to Weird Al's songs and came to nearly idolize him for his talent and quirky, funny personality. He inspired me. I don't know many people who would date their heroes, guys. Maybe some would, but to me, that would be really weird. I've had fantasies of being adopted by my heroes, but never of dating them. I just can't picture Weird Al as anyone's boyfriend. 2. Heroes - After Cheese Sandwich sings his song near the end of the episode, it seems that he feels the same about Pinkie as I feel about Weird Al. She inspired him. She's his hero. I would imagine that, idolizing her the way I've always idolized him, he would also feel that sense of wrongness about dating Pinkie Pie. The thing about heroes is that they often seem unattainable, people you not only wouldn't date, but can't date. Dating a hero seems like breaking the universe. Conclusion: If Pinkie and Cheese dated, it would break the universe. So there you have it. That's just my two bits on the subject; everypony else can ignore it and continue shipping Best Pony 1 and Best Pony 2 if they want, but I'm just gonna be sitting here not reading any PinkieCheese fanfictions for the aforementioned reasons. Just out of curiosity, though... is there anypony out there who agrees with me? Feel free to comment whether you agree or disagree. Providing reasons for your opinions is always a plus. c:
  16. So I just watched this: And I got to wondering; Who's the most popular or "best" hero? I tried listing as many as I could if your favorite superhero isn't on there please understand I tried my best to include everybody. Personally for me I can't chose for Marvel. For Marvel it's a tie between Spiderman, Daredevil and Deadpool. DC wise I have to go with Batman after watching that video and seeing his story more clearly... Also he's the only one without any REAL superpowers... That's pretty damn bad-ass. For fun I added favorite superhero sidekicks, (Marvel honestly just didn't have anyone that I could name off the top of my head... and I couldn't find any "famous" sidekicks. If there are "famous" Marvel sidekicks, again I'm sorry I missed them.) as a question and hope to see the results later when lots of people have voted. TL;DR Not all superheros are listed. So comment if I missed one. Tell me your thoughts people, I'm curious on who you like the most and why!
  17. So I checked and saw there were no topics about the super sentai. So I wanted to start one up to spread the word about it and see how many people on this site knows about it. If you are a fan tell me your favorite seasons, Rangers, Robots, what is the oldest sentai you have seen, which sentai series do you want to see, and what ever else you want to talk about. To those who don't know what super sentai is, I well explain. Super Seantai is a show in Japan about a team of heroes who ware colored costumes, fight monsters, and use giant robots to fight the monsters when they get big. If you think this sounds like, Power Rangers, well it is. Power Rangers was adapted from the Sentai seres Zyurangers. Also Sentai has been doing this for 36 years longer. So they have more then us. Here is something that might help get a better idea of how many they have. U don't have to watch all of it. Just the first 5 or 10 min. Here is another one of all the teams. So I hope u like it. My favorite Sentai would have to Gekirangers. Abarangers, Gokiagers. My favorite sentai would have to be Geki red. He was just wacky and crazy. Still he would fight to protect everyone. Robot I would have to say the dinosaurs from Abaragners. They were the first robots I saw talking and I thought that was cool. The oldest one I am watching would be Jetman. I would like to see Kakurangers, and Liveman. So I hope I can meet other people who like Sentai.
  18. Anybody watch this show? I recently go into it and absolutely love it. :3
  19. The plot for this mmo game. The Cosmic Cube is a device of untold power capable of changing the very fabric of reality at the whim of its possessor. The brilliant but malevolent Dr. Doom has the Cube, and with it he aims to reshape the world in his own image. Determined to succeed where the Cube's previous wielders have failed, Doom has lined up villainous allies to prevent the super-heroes from interfering. Can you unravel Doctor Doom's sinister plan and stop him before it's too late? Ok guys Marvel is making an official mmo game that is based on marvel heroes and that is not based on the super hero squad mmo game that is already out.