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Found 28 results

  1. Forgot to post this sooner! This update video was released on Friday, August 21, 2020 at midnight EDT.
  2. Seriously MLP Forums, I almost went outside today. This hiatus is driving me insane and I know I can't be the only one. How are we supposed to make it to OCTOBER. I'd have to say the exact moment we officially ran out of content to post was with this topic.
  3. with school only 2 weeks away and the soccer season even sooner, Ive notice that my free time has gotten shorter and shorter while I step into my sophomore year of high school. I have very little time to spare. I also noticed im moving farther and farther away from the actual MLP side of the forums and more towards the amazing people here, im have almost complety stopped watching the show and new interests of mine are rising, Im not saying this the end of mlp for me, just that I need a little break. I don't really know how to end this off so im going to leave this here
  4. Pretty slow work week if I'm being honest. Life got in the way and the game's delayed yet another week. You know, going in you always assume you can handle the workload but only expect it to be a certain amount of time. Then you get so far into it you can't justify changing course because the end just has to be near by now... I really wonder exactly how long it'll take for this game to be completed and how long the people supporting me or waiting for me to finish will tolerate this crazy passion project of mine. You can imagine how many times I hear "get a real job" on a regular basis. Feeling all kinds of negative things right now, but I need to carry on anyway. This game needs to be made, and I need to do it. If I can just make this super polished Alpha go even just a little viral, I'll finally know if it's all worth it. 25 thousand players is all I'm asking the cosmos for.More of this week in gamedev here.
  5. Season 5 is finally over! With a season containing so many great and memorable moments, it isn't hard to imagine why some of us may feel a little down with the lack of new episodes. But fear not! Season 6 is just around the corner, and I'm sure it'll be just as, if not more, grand as the last one. Feel free to use this thread to express your thoughts on the wait for new episodes, and to share any news regarding the new season.
  6. If not, couldn't one at least make an educated guess based on past hiatus'? Like all fans, I'm as eager about the remaining Season Seven episodes as Pinkie Pie is about throwing parties for all her friends I'm also relatively new to the fandom, hence why I'm not sure where to start myself...
  7. Yesterday I had the feeling that we might not have a mid-season hiatus. Why? Because we're starting the season mid-April and have episodes 1-4, May will have 5-8, June will have 9-13, July will have 14-18 including the EG episodes, August will have 19-23, and September will have 24-26, giving us the movie in early October! So I got the feeling this season is gonna be like season 4 - non-stop pony action without any hiatuses!
  8. Another day, another entry, hmm? Well, that's what it seems like to me. How've I been? Oh, I've been alright. Staying up 'till 3AM working on assignments, getting into fights with chatroom "friends", and all that good stuff. Do I get a break? Yeah, sometimes. The cover for today was originally going to be a picture featuring a before and after photo of my collection since being a brony, but I'm going to leave that for October 15th, and for those who read "Grand Theft Applejack", will know that's my anniversary. Go me! You can expect a photo of the collection on that day. Anyway, today's story is about pony mane styling. Now let me get this off my chest, I have a high respect for whoever can style hair. Sure, I don't like it when people touch my hair, but for those talented folks who can whip up something amazing with nothing more than a couple of combs and a pair of scissors, I tip my stat-track fedora for you guys. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! What's the first thing you do when you buy a brushable Pony doll? Criticize the bad packaging, seriously! Hasbro is the only big company who still can't pack their crap! Ahem, I'm getting off topic. The second thing you do when you buy a brushable? Hide it from your par- I mean, style the mane, probably. For those who hold pride in their collections, you're willing to go the extra mile to make sure your pony dolls are looking their best for your neighboring haters and disapproving fathers. I try to be the most "collective" brony a brony can be, (collecting merch, t-shirts, bedwear, stickers...) so I make sure my ponies are ready for the gala. The catch is that I can't style hair for crap. But I don't give up! And being oblivious, I of course turned to Youtube, your daily dose of bad memes, commentary channels and, in my suggestions, terrible pony-tubers. (WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE? UGH! They move ponies around a camera and make bad puns! UUGH! the mane styles are nice though.) So I embarked on a journey to find the most informative, english-speaking, gentlecolt who could teach me his ways of conditioner. I found him about two minutes later. Turns out, it's like real hair with the exception of large clumps of glue stuck in both the mane and tail. Knowing me, I don't have a glue remover, so I just try to cut out what I can without leaving the mane maimed (they don't grow back). One of my biggest fails this year has to be in this moment; the moment where I'm scrambling around the house looking for the tiniest rubber bands man-kind has ever conceived. It took a good ten minutes, but I eventually resorted to pulling a few strings out of my dental cabinets. Y'know, I was supposed to apply these rubber-bands for braces, but I never got around to it. I guess they went toward a better use. . . pony dolls. All in all, I think the mane styles went fairly well. I had bought two ponies (both Explore Equestria standard brushables), Starlight Glimmer and Applejack, and even though I copied everything the tutorial said, I believe I can rightfully be proud. After all, spilling conditioner on an expensive laptop while trying to perform major rubber band application is a pretty challenging feat. So what did I learn from all of this? If you need hair bands for ponies, ask your doctor. Tell them it's congenital. -RealityPublishing
  9. Hey! Have you checked out our series premiere? I'm writing blog posts everyday for the next month, so be on the look out! So how many of you own a Chromebook? Yeah? Nah? Okay. For those who are thinking of getting one, don't. For those who have them, I pity you and share your pain. And for the people who don't know what a Chromebook is, "A Chromebook is a watered down version of your Nokia 2002 Mobile set to run glorified Extensions only approved by the Google Store. No, it cannot run Android apps or any form of program built for your phone." Got it? Good. Well, I was unfortunate to overestimate the power of the Chromebook. When I heard you could mount a copy of Linux onto the Chromebook's main OS, Chromium, I jumped on it. I quickly downloaded a copy of "Chroot", a "root" or something that connects to something else. Yeah, I don't know Linux (and frankly, I don't want to [yet]). Anyway, the reason I wanted run Linux on my crappy Acer Chromebook was because I've heard that Steam is a big supporter on the Penguin platform and having been deprived of all PC games for over a month, I was at the point of modding my Aqua Blue 3DS to run EA's Battlefront. The installation took about 30 minutes. I had to wipe my hard drive, but 2 gigs of homemade vectors is hardly a loss. Afterward, I had to activate the chroot by going through the Shell. A couple lines of meaningless code later, and I was surfing on the most primitive interface I'd ever seen. Y'see, I made the mistake of installing a copy of "XFCE" which makes WinME look like Win7. Everything was just overall dull and bland. Simple Grays and Navy Blues; not very pretty. I know I probably could've changed it up, but I was too worried about overheating my Chromebook due to the OS mounting. About 15 minutes into my deep exploration, my Craptop suddenly stops and goes black. Now, my model of Chromebook, the Acer 17-inch White doesn't have a fan for the sake of size-reduction. That means my lap is on fire by the time I was even thinking of installing Steam. Not to mention the 2GBs of RAM and Intel i3 that came with the system. (Both of which are not upgradable; I couldn't even identify the 15GB HDD). So, with fuming defeat, I turn the laptop back on and try my hand again, this time making it to the point that I've successfully installed Steam. Steam was pretty much the same interface we've all come to know. The only problem is that it couldn't recognize those Unicode Characters that we all love spamming today. It was really depressing seeing familiar faces accompanied with a series of "ࡢ"s. I installed Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth without a problem. Only a few people know this, but I'm a huge BOI player. I've gotten a rough 70 percent completion, but I'm still going strong. What I can't handle, however, is when my computer crashes mid-playthrough. I know BOI is set to save every room entered, but come on, Chromebook! I think the funnier things about Linux on Chromebook, is that the hotter the Mobo got, the glitchier the game became. I started seeing weird physics placeholders in the Dank Caves. Lag became a big issue, too. I would've excused it if it were the original, "Wrath of the Lamb", but this was Afterbirth, so all that should've been fixed. I had a good time with Linux on Chromebook, but it wasn't my cup of tea, especially when the screen continued to black out every hour or so. Simply not acceptable for gaming. Ah well, more pony tomorrow. -RealityPublishing
  10. Hi everyone, So as the title suggests, which hiatus was the hardest for you to go through? For me, it's a tossup between the season 4 & season 5 hiatus. For season 4, you have to remember what everyone's mindset was like back in 2013. Twilight just became an Alicorn and the 1st Equestria Girls was released in select theaters (I remember not being able to get seats during opening weekend because the tickets were all sold out ). Let's just say that we were all antsy to see if anything would change in the show now that our titular main character had ascended. Speculation was at an all time high at this point as many people were throwing in their $0.02. Some people outright left the fandom, while others (myself included) stuck around knowing that the show was in good hands . For season 5, aside from replacing Twilight's library with her castle (R.I.P. Golden Oakes) nothing too dramatic occurred that would cause an uproar like the season 3 finale. However, I think we all remember the sheer length of the hiatus though. 11 MONTHS WITHOUT A NEW EPISODE OF PONY!?!?!?! I think many of us were nearly losing our minds towards the end (kinda like Twilight in Lesson Zero actually ). For the amount of time that they made us wait, i'm probably gonna go with the wait for season 5 as the most painful of them all! On the other end of the spectrum, which hiatus went by the quickest? That award goes to the wait for season 6. After what we went through waiting for season 5, I think it only toughened all of us for any lengthy breaks that Hasbro could throw at us. I'm curious to see what your thoughts are. Discuss away
  11. The hiatus is a dreaded time for many bronies, as they would not get their fill of new episodes, but resort to churning out fanfics and fanart and goofing around in their forums. Some would say "We're waiting to death for the newest season, seriously!" I wonder how do their Equestrian afiliates will be doing on these occasions: * During hiatuses * When a new season starts * At the end of said season and the beginning of a new hiatus.
  12. ... Is basically how the fandom will be like when MLP goes off the air except more empty.
  13. I've been reading through a lot of fanfics lately. Especially the VinylXOctavia ones. Two of my favorites involving these characters are ObabScribbler's "Playing With My Heart" ( ) and "Misadventures in Music" ( ) by VulpineHero1 (this story is actually the sequel to the equally brilliant "Music Makes The Heart" ( )). Sadly neither of these well-written stories have been updated in at least a year. I'm afraid they'll never get finished! That being said, What fanfiction do you wish would come back? What fan made story do just HAVE to know the ending to? I ask for two reasons: first, I'm hoping there are others who have read the above stories (or maybe even wrote them?) and may be as enthusiastic about them as I am; and second, I'm looking for suggestions for good fanfics!
  14. Hey there! Its been a while, huh? As you may know, I've recently been off MLPF for a few months. I guess anypony who wants to know deserves an explanation as to why I've been gone. The thing is...I don't really know. See, a few months ago (like, late last fall/early last winter) I used to be so into this forum that I would sneak on in science class and reply to my RPs. And then suddenly, it all just stopped. I became the type of member who would log in every month to briefly glance over their 500 notificatins. It was really weird. I have some vague theories as to why I just suddenly left, and the most logical answer is because I don't watch MLP much anymore. The reason for this however is SUPER weird. See, when I watch MLP, I get this strang feeling. The best I can describe it is a mixture of happiness and sadness. I REALLY don't know why I feel this. Maybe its because of how perfect Equestria can be, while Earth is a pretty shitty place and Equestria most likely doesn't exist, and if it does, we'll never find it? Man, that sounded weird. Point is, MLP makes me feel strange (in a good and bad way), but maybe I'll tie myself down and watch season 5 soon. As for my real life problems, I doubt those are really the reason for my accidental hiatus from MLPF. I have too much time on my hands, as anyone who's my friend on steam probably knows. I play too much TF2. I don't have a job yet, I'm not even in school right now, sooo...yeah. Honestly, it could be me getting lazy or bored, but this is a pretty exciting place, so it may not be the latter. I can be pretty lazy, and it sucks. Also, I assure you I didn't leave because I had a bad experience or anything. It's not you, its me! Now, for the question you've all been waiting for: Am I coming back? And, once again, I don't know. I'm going to high school in a month, so I WILL be busy then. I think it really depends if something on MLPF catches my attention, like an RP, and whether or not I let my laziness control me or not. We'll see, my Ducklings! Anyways, thanks for reading this! If you're my friend, I'm sorry for disappearing, and if you're not...send me a friend request. Also, blame my iPod for any typos, since I wrote this on that. Keep on quacking, Ducks! <3
  15. I thought it was rumor or a joke, but it happen. I was not happy about it but what can you do. Last year, when season 4 ended it then it took one week break then two weeks break after all that break. Thought they got enough time when season 4 ended. But look like it return next month, there rumor it be December. As for season 5, it been good there good episodes and bad. Slice of Life and Amending Fence are my favorite. Reason for AMending fence, it good to see Twilight’s old friends. And Slice of Life, it was 100th episode, wanted to see a episode with background ponies, got what I wish for. Not fun with Princess Skipe (don’t dislke him) and Appleloosa Most Wanted. And sence in Tank for the memories, annoyed me, it where Rarity cry cos Flutershy cry then Pinkie think Twilight not sad and say Applejack cry on the inside. Riddcules. Looking forward for it coming back and next Equestria Girls movie. I do have other interests and hobbies and life. I guess ponies are in me always and never stop thinking about it.
  16. Hiatus week 1: So far so good, this is the first week of the mid season 5 break. The Brony community seems to be takeing this in stride. Now that Hasbro has inoculated us with a panda-colinic mixture dubbed "BGP 100" and intravenous solutions of Luna-estia, They seem to be content with re-runs for the moment, but more observations are required.
  17. Hey guys, have a seat, have some refreshments. If you remember me, hey, nice to see you again. If you don't, its always great to make new friends. It's been a long while since I've been on these forums. Two years?, already? wow. Time really is relative. Anyways, what brought me back here is the fact that I took off without notice. I guess you could say I forgot. about this forum, got caught up in so many things that my brain pushed this all the way to the back. I got really lonely for some odd reason too. The newer episode, "Amending Fences", Is what reminded me... So I guess you could say the same thing that happened to Viva (Immatoonlink), happened to me: so uh hi again If you want to stay in constant contact with me, my steam is TheOneAndOnlyButtonMash, I think I have facebook stuff on my profile or whateverr , Im more active on that I guess. It's just that this forum became much less relevant in my life I would suppose. I kinda just kept to myself and my programming kinda like how moondancer did it. I guess.
  18. As we know, we are now in a hiatus for MLP. Also, recently synopses for future episodes were "leaked". With the information we have, I have come up with a possible reason why we are getting this hiatus, apart from scheduling difficulties and whatnot, and something that may confirm the leaks. Again, there will be very heavy spoilers so view at your own discretion. Also, most of these spoilers regard future events, both confirmed and unconfirmed. There's my slightly out there theory. I'll admit, there are probably many holes and my wording may be a bit confusing. I'm not usually the theory type of guy and I typed this all on my phone. Your input is welcome and encouraged.
  19. Is anyone noticing that several brony musicians are not producing mlp music anymore? I saw something on EqD about some pretty popular artist quitting (whom I can't remember the name of), and, of course, Tombstone can no longer explicitly reference the show, which means no remixes. Additionally, JackleApp and WoodenToaster are currently on a music hiatus. It would only make sense, with the pony drought and all, but do you think that's the cause, or is it only the cycle of talented people coming in and out of the fandom? Let me hear what you think. (P.S. Does anyone know what happened to the Beatle Bronies? They are all producing music separately now, but have never said they broke up the band.)
  20. So currently we're still in the hiatus for MLP:FiM which started in May and it's been going on for 10 months now. Season 5 starts in Spring though it's technically Spring already and we still don't have a date. At this rate Season 5 will start in April or May which would make the hiatus a year long. There might even be another long hiatus after Season 5 hopefully not as long though. So here are my theories to why the hiatus is so long and could even apply to future hiatuses as well: For one an episode for an animated show takes a while to make, usually several weeks or months and DHX wants to make 26 of them as good as they can. Not to mention they also have other shows to work on too. Kids watch this show too, and kids don't really have as much time to watch TV as adults do. So it can be hard to keep up with an episode every week and you missed a bunch. With a hiatus you have enough time to catch up on missed episodes without worrying about keeping up to date on a new episode every week. And if you got into the show during hiatus, you would have enough time to watch each episode before the next season. It just seems a little easier and I actually like hiatuses for that reason. Hasbro just wants to drag out the Rainbow Power toy line as long as they can like until the Holiday Season was over, then they would move on to their next theme. Even when an episode or Season of any show is completed they usually don't air it right after they complete it. They pick an airdate which works best for the network which might be a few weeks or months after completion. That's just why I think the hiatus is so long. And since Season 5 comes out Spring and it's technically Spring already, we should get an air date really soon.
  21. I appreciate the very warm welcome from my close forum friends on here. You guys sure do bring the best out of me! The reason I left for a while is not only because I was really busy and my laptop battery died (using tablet!), I felt that there was a strong vibe of negativity that I didn't approve of. Don't worry though, because I have been lurking and have seen the decline in it, so it made me eagar to come back. c: Second off, I humbly apologize for not only my absence, but my updates on QOTD (Quote Of The Day). Hopefully I'll get a new battery soon for my laptop, and when I do, I'll get right back to posting them! Again, thank you guys very much!
  22. *oh the horror, the horror!* its coming! The Hiatus. DUN, DUN, DUN!!! ( lol il stop now. XD) Every pony fan has to endear it, we all hate it! Let me introduce to you..... The Hiatus! Because after every season their is one and we all know its basically every Brony's arch nemesis. But my question to you is. What are YOU doing in the pony Hiatus wile waiting for season 5?
  23. You know, for us bronies and pegasisters, we might had an urge within us, that acts as though we cannot live without "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Whenever we are taken away from our beloved ponies; such as this half-a-year-long hiatus (we could instead reinvent) we would go nuts, daydream of the ponies as if they have consumed our minds. We would even demand and cry out for more poni: wailing in our minds our inner brony cannot restrain itself. I am sorry that I am writing this article like a frivolous poem, but I will fly like a firework when you tell me whether: do you have a "brony urge"? Thank you.
  24. I'm not doing any more marriages unti after Sept 7th. Reason being, is that I need to focus my attentions on trying to make enough extra cash to afford to go to the Brony Fan Fair in Austin, this September. Also won't be doing a lot on the forums except for chatting with a few close friends. That is all. Hail Celestia.
  25. All right, just telling you guys right now from tomorrow until Monday I'm not gonna be on the forums. Now you might think, "Oh, he's going to Bronycon!" No, I wish I could be at Bronycon. I envy people that go to Bronycon. The real reason is I'm driving up the the upper peninsula of Michigan to see some family and for the memorial for my step grandmother. And where I'm staying is out in the woods with limited internet connection. So yeah, if you guys wonder, "Where's Chikorita!" This is why. On a better note, since I'll be in a place with virtually no internet connection, I won't have to hear people talking about how awesome Bronycon is. So yeah, I might pop on with 3g depending on how good it is, but for the most of it, I won't be on. That's all I have to say, hopefully the forums isn't burned down when I get back. Oh, and I'll still be on the rest of the day just after today I won't.