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  1. (C) 2014 I've always wanted to visit Equestria (what Brony hasn't), but I soon discover that things very rarely happen the way you intend for them to when I suddenly wind up there myself. The ponies all live in a constant state of fear as a dark gloom lingers over the land, many of them suffering from life-threatening afflictions. Not only that, but I find myself with strange new abilities. What has happened here? What's happening to me? I will soon discover that I play a major part in the survival of the pony race, but am I up for the challenge that faces me? Part I in the "Guardian Of Equestria" saga. Cover Art by ThePleonasticPotato Chapter I: The Adventure Begins My life has not been an easy one by any means. I’ve had to overcome many challenges that most people normally face and even a few that’re unique only to me. My Little Pony has served as an escape from life’s demands while at the same time bringing hope to me, giving me the means to face the uncertain future with a positive outlook. I’m relatively new to this whole fandom of Bronies and Pegasisters, but I’ve found much to enjoy within the show itself. The art style, the cheery songs, the well-developed characters, the clever and often funny writing, the engaging, relatable stories and the positive morals they teach. All of these and more have captured my attention ever since I first saw the 2-Part pilot back in February of 2014 on Netflix. It is during these viewings that I have often longed to be part of that world: The world of Equestria with its beautiful scenery, mythical creatures, and welcoming inhabitants. What I never realized is that this dream would become a reality, only nothing at all like I originally imagined. * * * * * * * * My average day typically follows the same routine. I work at a local amusement park during the summer anywhere from 5-6 days out of the week. On my days off, I’ll either lounge around at home, call up distant relatives for a chat, or even hang out with the few friends that have time to hang out with me. This includes my girlfriend of two years, who was actually the one to get me into My Little Pony. We discuss the show a lot in our free time, check out fan videos, listen to Brony artists, the whole nine yards. While I do like all of the Mane Six characters, mostly because I see different parts of me in each one of them, my personal favorite of them has to be Fluttershy. I’ve just always loved her soft-spoken caring nature that people are quick to point out that I share with her. Personality-wise though, my girlfriend says that I take more after Rainbow Dash; the whole Element of Loyalty thing playing very strongly into that. And she’s not the only one to say this. My mom has mentioned on numerous occasions how I have a very extreme sense of loyalty in regards to who and even what I associate myself with. Along with the Loyalty aspect, there are the occasions where I share the often brash nature Rainbow has. Me and my girlfriend had planned to take the weekend off from work and go up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine: our favorite vacation spot. We’ve been to plenty of other beaches before, but there’s something about Old Orchard Beach that always has us coming back again and again. I had just finished a long day at work and was making the final preparations before our trip tomorrow. Everything was packed up, my phone was charging overnight, and I had just gotten off a Skype call with my girl to make sure she was all set for us to leave tomorrow morning. With everything all set, I went to bed, looking forward to the coming trip the next day. What I would not expect is that I would be taking an entirely different trip that very night. * * * * * * * * Now before I had gone to bed, I knew that there was supposed to be a lightning storm that night, but this didn’t typically bother me as I’ve slept through many storms before. However, this storm was nothing like I had experienced at any time in my life. The loud booms of thunder were enough to make me toss and turn in my sleep, all the while just wanting them to stop. Suddenly, the loudest thunderclap I had ever heard startled me awake in a cold sweat. Nervously looking around, I discovered that something was wrong. My room was much too dark, as if there were no windows to let in light. Fumbling around in the dark, I reached for my clothes, my glasses, and my cell phone. After putting on my glasses and clothes, I used the flashlight on my phone to find my way to the door. Opening my bedroom door, I expected to step out into the upstairs hallway of my house. What I saw before me was something entirely different. Before me lay a small town with colorful buildings, cobblestone roads, and, off in the distance outside of town, a shining, crystalline castle, unique and impressive in design. As I was beholding this sight, something about it seemed strangely familiar to me, but what? After looking around I noticed a few places automatically. Town Hall. Sugarcube Corner. It all suddenly hit me: I was now in Ponyville and the castle I saw before me was the Friendship Castle from the Season 4 finale I just saw back in May. Looking around, though, something wasn’t right. The whole place was shrouded in a greyish-blue gloom, almost like something you’d see out of a Tim Burton movie like Sleepy Hollow or Sweeney Todd. It was also far too quiet. Where was everypony? Taking a few steps forward, I heard a creaking noise behind me. Turning, I saw the now camouflaged door I came through closing. Running towards it, I reached out my hand to catch it, but it closed before I could reach it, disappearing from my sight. It was at that moment when I made another discovery. Looking at my hand, I discovered that it wasn’t my normal hand. It was still a human hand, but the color of it was more pastel and the appearance of it was more like a drawing. I held both hands out in front of me and wiggled my fingers. Looking down at the rest of me, I discovered that everything about me was pastel and had the appearance of being drawn in the ever familiar flash animation style used in My Little Pony. “I’m a cartoon,” I thought out loud. Several other thoughts ran through my head in that moment. What is going on here? What the hell am I even doing here? I decided to head straight for the castle in the hopes of finding some answers. Maybe Princess Twilight would know what had happened. All I could do was go there and hope for the best. * * * * * * * * On my way to the castle, I discovered upon further inspection that some of the surrounding buildings had taken damage. Windows were shattered, doors were left hanging from hinges, and even some buildings had a charred smell from where a fire had been. What had happened here? I also heard the sounds of ponies closing their shutters as I walked through the empty streets; the only sign of life in this desolate location. The castle was a good walk away, but I finally reached it after a few minutes. Entering through the gleaming golden doors, I walked down a rather lengthy hallway. The interior was as quiet and ominous as a mausoleum. You could literally hear a pin drop. Suddenly, I heard a noise off to my right. Startled, I looked towards a nearby crystal pillar where I saw a small flash of light rose colored hair. I immediately relaxed when I realized who it was. “Wait,” I finally spoke. “I’m a friend.” There was a brief moment of silence and stillness before a face nervously poked out from behind the pillar. Sure enough, I found myself looking into the soft blue eyes of Fluttershy. In the yellow Pegasus’ eyes, I saw fear and uncertainty. This made sense to me; she hardly had any idea who I was. For all she knew, I was probably just some hairless ape with weird clothes. In order to try to gain her trust, I crouched down to her level to show her that I wasn’t a threat. “It’s O.K.,” I whispered, softly. “You can come on out. I’m not gonna hurt you.” After a few seconds of standing there, Fluttershy slowly but surely came out from behind the pillar towards me. “That’s it, Fluttershy. Nice and easy.” At the mention of her name, she froze in her tracks. Finally she spoke. “Wait. How do you know my name?” she asked, unsurely. “Uh… lucky guess? My name is David. Are you here alone?” “Oh no”-Fluttershy shook her head, softly-“Some of my pony friends are here also.” “Is Princess Twilight here? It’s really important that I-” My sentence died right there for at the mention of the princess, tears formed in Fluttershy’s eyes. “What is it?” I asked, concerned. “Was it somethin’ I said?” “Something… terrible… happened to her,” Fluttershy managed to utter through sobs. As of the past few months, I had learned one very important truth about life from the show: Few things are more heartbreaking than Fluttershy tears. It was in that moment that I leaned in to hug her, offering what little comfort I could. She accepted the hug willingly. As we were embracing, something strange happened. A bright colorful aura emanated from the two of us like the Aurora Borealis before vanishing. What was that? I thought to myself pulling away from Fluttershy. Aaaah!!!!-Fluttershy’s pupils dilated and she jumped backwards nervously-How did you talk just now? At that time, I was really startled to hear Fluttershy’s voice in my head especially seeing as she didn’t even open her mouth when she spoke. Wait a minute, I thought. Can you honestly hear my thoughts? Y-Yes, I heard her answer back mentally as she cautiously approached me again. Unbelievable. It’s almost like we’re linked together psychically. Um… I guess so. You said that something terrible had happened to Princess Twilight. She’s not dead is she? I thought, nervously. No. She’s just… The tears came to her eyes again. I reached out both hands to dry them for her. It’s O.K. You don’t have to tell me what happened to her, but do you think you could show me to her? Fluttershy nodded silently and led me towards a flight of stairs. As we climbed each step, I started to feel uneasy. What terrible fate had befallen Princess Twilight that it brought Fluttershy to tears like this? I would find out soon enough. * * * * * * * * Reaching the top of the stairs, we walked down a shorter hallway before coming to one of the doors. Entering, I saw Rainbow Dash and Spike over by a bed near the balcony windows. Upon our entrance, the two of them looked up in mine and Fluttershy’s direction. “Hey, Fluttershy,” Spike finally spoke before noticing me. “Who’s this with you?” “Um… this is David,” she answered back. “David, these are Spike and Rainbow Dash. Has her condition changed?” Rainbow Dash shook her head sadly. “I haven’t left her side since we first found her here like this in case she came to,” Rainbow Dash stated, “but as of this point she hasn’t even flinched.” Listening to this conversation, I could only assume that they were talking about Princess Twilight. I approached the bed and, sure enough, the Alicorn princess was lying there with her eyes closed and an unhappy look on her face. Seeing her like this was heartbreaking. I reached out to touch her. “What’re you doing?” Rainbow Dash snapped at me. “I’m sorry.”-I recoiled at the outburst- “I was… just checkin’ ta see if I could find a pulse or a heartbeat.” “Oh. O.K.,” Rainbow Dash answered a bit gentler. I pressed two fingers against the side of Princess Twilight’s neck just below the head and felt a slight pulse. I also heard a faint heartbeat when I placed my ear against her chest. “Was this where you originally found her? In bed I mean.” “No,” Spike answered. “We found her collapsed on the floor next to her mirror. After finding her there, we moved her to the bed.” “And she didn’t even stir as you were moving her?” “Not once.” What do you think is wrong with her? I heard Fluttershy ask in my mind. “I think she’s in some kind of a coma,” I replied. “What’s a coma?” Rainbow Dash asked, confused. I’ve never had to explain what a coma is to someone so I tried to think of the right words to say, but also make sure that they understood. “Well… a coma is… like sleep… but different.” I struggled to find the right words. “With sleep… the body rests for a brief period… and then wakes up either by itself or by someone waking it up. But a coma… lasts a much longer period of time and… isn’t the sort of thing that one can be woken up from. Only the body itself can decide when someone wakes up from a coma.” “So we have no idea when she’ll wake up or even if she’ll wake up?” Spike questioned, putting emphasis on if. I never meant for it to be taken that way, but since Spike had already brought it up, I found no need to sugarcoat it. “Sadly yes,” my expression dropped. Rainbow Dash stared at the comatose princess with a look of worry on her face. “She was the one who first brought the rest of us together as friends,” she stated, sadly. “To think that she might not…” As Rainbow’s voice slowly trailed off, I walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder as a way of reassuring her. “I understand how hard this must be for you… for all of you, but Princess Twilight needs y’all ta stay strong for her.” Rainbow Dash nodded as, just like with Fluttershy, the Aurora Borealis aura glowed from the two of us for a few seconds. Whoa. Déjà vu, I thought to myself as I removed my hand from Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. Sweet mother of Celestia! Rainbow Dash’s voice echoed in my head as she jumped back. How are you talking without moving your lips? Wait. You can read my thoughts now too? Umm... I guess so, Rainbow replied, a bit unsure of herself. Why are you asking? Because the same thing happened to me and Fluttershy just a few minutes ago. Who are you talking to? I heard Fluttershy think. Rainbow Dash, I answered back. What? Rainbow Dash asked. No I was talking to Fluttershy. She can talk to you this way too? Yes she can. I can what? Fluttershy thought. At that point, I’d had enough of these two’s voices inside my head. “O.K. just stop!” I finally shouted. “Enough with this… psychic talkin’ you guys.” “What psychic talking?” Spike asked, totally confused. “The psychic talkin’ that happens whenever I touch somebo- uh… some… pony. Like this.” I reached over and touched Spike. However, when I touched Spike, nothing happened. I tried touching him again and again, but still nothing, aside from him laughing. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Please stop,” he begged through a fit of cackling. “I’m very ticklish.” “That’s weird,” I remarked, looking down at my hand. “Why wouldn’t it work?” “I don’t know,” Fluttershy answered back. “Maybe it only works on ponies.” “Maybe. Is there another pony here that we can test it on?” “Well our friend Pinkie Pie is out on the balcony,” Rainbow Dash commented. “That could work.” “Fluttershy, you and Spike go with him while I stay with Twilight.” “If you don’t mind, I think I’ll stay here with Twilight also,” Spike replied. “K.” Me and Fluttershy then headed out onto the balcony where we saw Pinkie Pie sitting there all alone. Her mane and tail didn’t have their usual bouncy appearance, but instead were flat and straight. Whatever was going on, she was clearly feeling depressed. “Pinkie Pie?” I spoke. Whether she was suddenly startled by my mentioning her name or if she was just naturally high strung, Pinkie let out a “Yipe”, jumped several feet into the air, did a 180, then landed facing us. Once she saw Fluttershy, she relaxed a little more, but was still slightly tense at the sight of me. “Fluttershy, who is this and how does he know my name?” she asked, slightly suspiciously. “Um… this is David and he knows your name because Rainbow Dash told him,” she answered back. “Oh. O.K. then. Nice to meet you, Davey.” No one has called me “Davey” since about 15 years ago when I was just a kid. Strangely enough though, hearing Pinkie call me by that name was soothingly pleasant, even bringing a smile to my face. “Likewise,” I replied. “So whatcha doin’ out here?” “Keeping lookout for whenever our friends Applejack and Rarity return.” “Where are they now?” “They went into the Everfree Forest looking for their sisters, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, as well as their sisters’ friend, Scootaloo,” Fluttershy explained. “How long ago did they leave?” “It’s been almost four hours now,” Pinkie stated, nervously. “I’m really starting to worry about them. What if something terrible happened to them?” “Don’t worry. I’m sure they’re fine.” “But what if-” Pinkie’s sentence was cut off by her making a gagging noise as if choking. She collapsed to the floor as Fluttershy panicked. “Fluttershy, go get Rainbow Dash and Spike,” I told her, all the while trying to remain calm. “Tell ‘em it’s a matter of life 'n death.” Fluttershy nodded swiftly and headed back inside while I ran over to Pinkie. I panicked as she lost consciousness. Without thinking, I reached my hand out to touch her. Upon touching her, the Aurora Borealis aura appeared and then vanished. Pinkie then regained consciousness, gasping for breath. That was super scary, I heard her think, terrified. Are you O.K.? I asked mentally. I think so. Wait a minute. What’re you doing in my head? I don’t know. This has been happening with every pony I’ve come in contact with so far. First Fluttershy, then Rainbow Dash, and now you. That’s kinda freaky, but also kinda cool. Do you know what had happened to you? No. I was just talking and then I suddenly found it hard to breathe. Almost like when you laugh soo hard you stop breathing except this wasn’t funny at all. At that moment, Fluttershy, Spike, and Rainbow Dash came rushing out. “What happened?” Rainbow Dash questioned, nervously. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing now,” Pinkie answered. “Wait. Weren’t you choking when I went to get them?” Fluttershy asked, slightly confused. “I was, but then Davey here saved me.” “How?” “I’m not sure,” I spoke. “I was panickin’ and I reached out ta touch her when that strange aura appeared. When it vanished, not only could we hear each other’s thoughts, but she was also fully healed.” “Weird,” Spike commented. “Tell me about it,” I stated, frustratedly. “What’s goin’ on? Why is this happenin’ to me?” “I have no idea,” Rainbow Dash answered. “Maybe Princess Celestia will know. Spike, have you been able ta contact her at all since all this has happened?” “I sent her an urgent letter, but she hasn’t responded,” Spike replied. “It’s been almost a day now.” “Something’s happenin’.” “What do you think it is?” Pinkie asked. "I don’t know, but I don’t like it. Rainbow Dash, I need you ta fly ta Canterlot as fast as your wings can carry you. Find out why there hasn’t been any answer from her.” “You got it.” Rainbow Dash offered a salute before taking to the sky. “The three of you, stay here and keep an eye on Princess Twilight ‘til my return.” “Why?” Fluttershy questioned, nervously. “Where are you going?” “Ta the Everfree Forest. Someone needs ta make sure that the others are O.K. Besides, I think I know a pony who just might be able ta explain what’s goin’ on.” --- Author's Note: Chapter originally published September 24th, 2014 on If you enjoy this story and have a FIMFiction account, please consider supporting the original release on "Thumbs up" would help out a lot and, if you're without a FIMFiction account, don't worry. You can still look forward to chapters being released here every Friday. Same Pony Time. Same Pony Channel. Any support at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. (C)2017 A common human Alex gets transferred to Equestria. Desperate to return home at first, he starts noticing himself changing. Time comes for him to decide for Equestria destiny. Will he conform? Which path will he choose? Are Celestia's fears justified? Here is the story of a human, despite being an alien in Equestria, not being an outcast, a door mat or a toy for ponies. His misery comes from inside, painfully at first he accommodates. Equestria changes him and time will come to return the debt. 1. Arrival A fierce lightning bolt ripped thick clouds and speared into the ruined castle tower so heavily that it made debris and dust fly in the damp air. When the mess settled a bit, partially taken down by the rain, which became really strong at that moment, it revealed the electric discharge being so strong that it carved a deep notch in the stone floor of what previously had been the upper room of the tower. At least when it had a roof. Now, as the rain poured inside freely, it made the strange curled figure in the middle of the lightning carved pit feel quite uncomfortable. Because seconds later a young man gasped and cringed in pain from the feeling of a bunch of burning snakes slithering through his entire body. “Oh, my…” He wheezed faintly. “What in the name of the creator just happened?” Slowly and painfully he kneeled. Perhaps it was not the best idea, as nausea struck him mercilessly, so he almost crashed back on the floor. But lying on the stone floor in the pool of rain water, which started gathering in the pit he found himself in, was neither. He realized that he started to freeze in the cold wind, blowing through glassless windows of what he recognized to be some sort of a ruin. That wasn’t nearly nice. His skin burned and reddened, as if he had gone through some fire, but thankfully it wasn’t burnt too much, yet it hardly made the feel better. His clothes now looked like a few shreds of the shirt hanging from the collar and cuffs, some remnants of the jeans wrapping around his legs and annoyingly getting in the way, the rest was completely ruined, burned as well. The charred edges and familiar smell spoke for themselves. At least he had his boxers and boots intact, the former simply missed their chance to burn, being under the rest of the clothes, and the latter were well made of thick leather for man’s sheer luck. “Great,” He muttered to himself, shivering as another thunder strike rolled in the sky. “At least I don’t need to go barefoot…” “Go where?” A sudden uneasy thought came to his mind. “And where exactly I should go from?” Still feeling dizzy, he got on his feet and tried to look around. With the bright lightning flash he got an image of a medium size round room full of stone and wooden debris. It could be anything before, totally unrecognizable now as it was hardly the first thunderstorm hitting the unmaintained building. The roof fell in long ago, showing a few broken beams, which couldn’t stop the wind and rains from doing their destructive job. What could be some furniture, books, anything else now lay in decay. The time-worn chandelier, lying on the floor under the large boulder, appeared to be the most durable thing there. The only attention-worthy thing in that room was a square opening in the floor near the wall. Surely it looked like an entryway to a bottomless pit in the darkness, but it couldn’t be really that bad. For all, what he knew about castles… “Castle!” He caught himself screaming that in full voice. “What the flying hell is going on?” “I can’t remember any castles nearby,” He said to himself, calming down a bit. “Damn, not nearby, not in the whole region, hundreds of miles round neither. What has happened to me?” “Well,” He grinned painfully. “One step at a time, Alex, one step at a time…” At least he remembered his name. Seemed not that bad, right? If only it could be worse actually. So… For all, what he knew about castles, they were made of stone and with the priority of safety and stability in mind. So, hardly the owners, builders, whoever stupidly jumped in the pit, there must be stairs under that opening. Hopefully stone ones, which haven’t been destroyed by the time, unlike wooden hatch on the opening – a few planks still hung on the ancient door hinges. With another lightning Alex indeed saw dark, narrow stone stairs made slippery from the rain. He thought it was time to leave the open room – bombs never hit the same pit twice, but it was a lightning storm and… the day was “strange”. So he decided to err on the side of caution. He ripped the rags – which were once his shirt and pants – off his hands, neck and legs. ‘Off you go,’ Alex threw them in a pile on the floor. ‘No warmth from you anyway, yet another chance to stumble or catch something and fall all the way nobody-knows-how-far down.’ He stepped on the spiral staircase, sticking to the outer wall and touching it with his left hand. He didn’t smoke and had no lighter or matches… And even if he did, that wouldn’t have helped him as all he had vanished with his jacket. As he remembered the stairs were not wider than the hatch. God only knew if there were beams, landings or even anything in the middle. He caught himself on the feeling that the wind became chilling in the tube of the tower… or was that staircase itself to blame. Alex was afraid of heights. “I’m not taking any chances,” smirked Alex to himself sticking closer to the wall. * The car ate mile by mile of the empty Sunday road. Oncoming traffic was minimal and Alex could focus on his plans and expectations while driving. Surely not every 25-years-old man could think of a better career – benefits of the well planned and qualitative education, personal determination and, let’s be honest pure luck, but what job doesn’t require at least some luck – an IT specialist in a profit-making company capable of having personal transport, simple but comfortable apartment and no Damocles sword of debts hanging over the head. Well, he really deserved it. Starting from the “ground level”, working with hardware, through endless night shifts, he finally noticed that it naturally started paying back. He could manage everything he came across his daily routines, but sometimes the feeling of completion was slightly tinted with regret. He could have spent more time with parents, with his almost-a-girlfriend. They were neither officially engaged nor limited themselves by any obligations… yet, but Elen was just-the-right-person for Alex. They understood each other wordlessly, they always found time to help each other, they could trust themselves being a stronghold one for another and above all, they both could easily make each other laugh happily or feel safe and serene, when it was necessary. No wonder Alex wanted to give Elen more attention. But living forced him to prioritize. And it was rare chance to get to the next level of personal freedom and gain. He was offered a job in another company. Same IT field, almost the same duties, but in fact it was a direct promotion from the level he currently had. They have practically been ready to give him a whole subdivision to lead, obviously, that meant bigger income and further career opportunities. In common terms, it meant a private house after a short while and an ability to move in with his special somebody, whom he already asked about and got cheerful consent. Truth to be told, Elen would have been happy to join him in the old place without any special conditions long ago, but he didn’t ask and she didn’t find it acceptable to suggest herself. Of course, it also meant moving to another city, but wasn’t it better done, while his parents were not too old and he could freely build his life? Besides, it was a neighboring city, not another country or another planet, it was only a few hours ride. Considering all that Alex took a couple of days off to visit the new place and make the final decision. The new company was ready to give him from a couple of weeks to a month to make all arrangements at his old job and quit with as much dignity as it was possible. So he planned his days off to be Monday and Tuesday, thus having all weekend plus two days for a safe trip and acquaintance. A few raindrops fell, leaving curvy tracks on the windshield. Alex frowned and raised the side window – the wind became stronger and blew some dust inside. He heard the muffled sound of distant thunder, then a bright flash sparkled in the sky. Soon the whole road ahead was barely visible through the heavy rain. Alex slowed down his car and turned on the lights. Thunderstorms were never a rarity in May, but as long as Alex remembered, there wasn’t any in that day prognosis. They promised warm, even hot, for that time of the year, sunny day without any precipitation. The whole cataclysm started all of the sudden. A few seconds ago it was warm and clear and in a moment the storm began… and the car didn’t even cover a mile during that change. Flashes of lightning followed now one by one in a matter of a few seconds and Alex slowed down even more, when one of them lit a road sign at the shoulder – sharp turn. It was even darker here; the whole road was covered by the shadow of an enormous tree on the nearby hill. Alex could swear, he had never seen any of that size in his life. It was shimmering with millions of silvery green leaves on swaying in the wind branches. Alex thought it was very strange that no lightning yet struck that giant tree, despite it was standing as the only lightning-conductor in a few miles radius. He also thought, if that tree was guilty of quite a few road accidents every month, as the whole view was simply marvelous and there hardly was a driver, who didn’t lavish it with an extra amazed look. Next thing he saw were headlights of the oncoming car, which apparently moved considerably faster than reasonable on such a turn, with that kind of weather. The driver managed to swerve past him. Alex took a glance in the mirror and saw the car started sliding uncontrollably on the road, then it hit a smaller tree behind the road shoulder and stopped. Alex pressed the brakes all the way down, risking repeating that driver’s “trick”. He stopped at the wayside and turned off the engine. “Merlin’s pants, I hope the poor bastards are alright,” he thought, when he rushed to the crash site. “What did they think about, when they were driving that fast… or were they just looking at that damned tree mammoth only?” There was a woman behind the wheel in that car, she managed to get out herself. More shocked than hurt. She was still shaking off that dizziness, when Alex took off his jacket and pushed in her hands. “The inner pocket,” he looked in her eyes to ensure that she understood him. “Take the phone and call the emergency.” He already saw that there was one more person in the car, who definitely needed more help. A girl on the back seat, clutching something yellow and pink and evidently terrified and shocked. Alex tried to open her door, then the door on the other side to find both were jammed, while the girl’s mother was making a call. Gasoline trailed up his nose and Alex realized, it was the matter of moments. He climbed into the car through the driver’s door and took out the keys. Still, he could swear, he heard the dreading sound of the sparkles somewhere under the hood. He then turned to the girl and forced himself to smile in the most soothing way possible in that situation. “Hey, hold on, we’re going to get you and your… pony friend out,” he noticed the toy in her hands. “Just a moment longer.” He then climbed over the front seat and unlocked the belt. The poor little one clutched to him hardly less than to her pony. She didn’t cry, only whimpered like a deadly scared kitten. Alex found that it was nearly impossible to get the shocked child out of the car the same way he got into. She was near the panic attack already. “It’s raining, your pony needs some cover,” whispered he in her ear, while pulling girl’s head to his chest and covering her from any damage. He then twisted and hit the rear window with all the strength he could afford. After the second blow the glass gave up and out. Alex grabbed the girl and pushed her out of the car through the opening. “Here, take her and get away from the car,” he breathed out. “Thank you, thank you…” Tears mixed with the rain on the mother’s face, when she got her treasure. She then backed off the car with the daughter in her hands; suddenly Alex saw, how her eyes widely opened in terror. “Please, hurry, get out now!” She shrieked on the top of her lungs. Next thing he heard was a zapping sound and the car got lit from the bottom by inflamed gasoline. And then the world around him dissolved in an unendurable white flash and the sound of thunder. * So the last thing he remembered, when the world around was normal, if being fried and electrocuted in a crashed car could be considered nearly normal (well at least it was real), was bright blinding light. That was the first thing he experienced here. But wasn’t the rest around him real too? Alex stopped. Wondering how silly that idea looked he took a small portion of the skin on his arm and pinched it as hard as possible for the resulting feeling to be enough to tell if he was dreaming. “DAAAAAAMN IT!” The roar rolled down the tower, causing the rumbling echo in the corridors below. ‘Merlin’s pants, that was convincing!’ Alex cringed. He was into RPG and fantasy, so it sometimes came afloat with the strong feelings. Unsure if Merlin had indeed something to do about all that Alex noted that the feeling of burning snakes inside him didn’t go away, it simply faded, muffled by more actual problems. Besides, he realized he was freezing cold already and started to shake. Like if that wasn’t enough, his legs started feeling numb, as the whole way down the stairs wasn’t that easy, despite being only a few minutes long. He saw absolutely nothing and was to proceed really slow, trying to feel the wall with his fingers and stairs with his feet. The tower had no windows and, while it could be lit by some torches (somehow Alex felt that there were exactly the torches or candles, never the electric light), when it was in its full glory, now it was pitch black all over. ‘I must be thankful for being claustrophobic not,’ grinned Alex. ‘Otherwise, I would probably be stuck in the upper room forever.’ ‘So, what do I have now?’ he tried to summarize his score. ‘I was on the ride to a work appointment, when it started raining cats’n’dogs all of a sudden. I couldn’t see the road well enough, so I slowed down.’ ‘And there was that sharp turn. And that tree nearby!’ The memory came so vividly, almost highlighted by a thunderbolt. ‘Yeah, there was the thunderbolt, the flash which made the whole surroundings visible, despite the clouds and rain.’ ‘That tree was enormous, I wondered if it was more than a thousand years old. There were quite a few such trees in the whole country, and that was probably the biggest one,’ Alex also thought that he had wondered exactly, if many drivers got into accidents, being distracted by the mere look of that silver-green giant. ‘Then another car appeared. It was moving too fast for those road conditions, no wonder they noticed me too late.’ As he remembered, that car lost control, as its driver tried to avoid the collision on the wet road. It slid by and crashed into one of the smaller trees at the road shoulder. The woman, who drove it, got out by herself, but the rear doors jammed after the impact. And there was a girl, about eight years old, on the back seat of that car. Alex remembered that he had stopped at the shoulder, and rushed to the damaged car, risking to fall on the slippery ground. He had taken off his jacket and threw it to the woman, who seemed to be a complete wreck. There was a cell phone in the inner pocket. Alex told her to call the emergency and climbed inside her car. Taking the keys out didn’t ease the situation – he could feel the smell of gas quickly forming a pool under the car… and there were those damned sparkling sounds somewhere. Alex tried to calm himself. Panic was nowhere near useful for solving problems. And he was afraid that he could scare the girl even more. She sat there, curling almost in a small ball; she wasn’t crying or panicking, just quietly whimpering. There was hope in her wide opened eyes… He tried to open the rear doors only to find they both were jammed, then he told her to duck, and hit the rear window with his foot. It got covered in the web of cracks, but stayed, damn those tinting films. He hit once more and thankfully the whole glass flew out. Alex shouted to the woman and clicked the kid’s seat belt open. He took the girl and carefully pushed her from the rear window into her mother’s hands. The little one gripped tightly to her plush toy – a pony it was… He remembered it so clearly, perhaps for the rest of his life – the yellow pony with soft long pinkish mane and tail. The woman shouted something, while she was backing from the car with her daughter. ‘Well, at least they are on a safe distance,’ he thought. ‘Time to get out of here before all hell breaks loose…’ ‘And then the nightmare started!’ Alex closed his eyes, cringing at the memories. With another sparkling sound the whole pool of gas under the car turned into the bright oven of doom. But before Alex could think, it was the end and a really ugly one – he started feeling heat almost immediately – he heard the ear-splitting sound of thunder and a bright blinding flash filled his consciousness. Alex shivered. Was he brought here by lightning? By fire? For common sense’s sake, that was breaking the whole world order, he knew and loved. That was simply impossible. Yet it happened. The whole world around him was real. The feeling when he pinched himself was real. And the damnation, he screamed in pain, caused one damn real echo. His foot stepped on a very real small mean stone… And Alex lost his real balance rolling down the real stairs. “FUUUUUCK the castles!” He wasn’t sure, if he shouted all that in his mind or the whole castle was blessed loudly. Most likely mentally, as he was lucky to roll only a few steps. “FUUUUCK the stairs, cars and storms!!!” “… And fuck the ponies!” assumed Alex, when his head heartily “greeted” the floor. With that reassuring thought he fainted. * Darkness fell upon Canterlot, muffling all the activity on the streets. Cicadas, occasional dog barking or hurried hoofsteps of rare citizens on their late way home were the only sounds breaking the serenity of the night. Everypony slept in their comfortable beds, resting from daily routines and even leaves on the trees didn’t dare to break the silence in the complete calm. Nopony noticed the distant and violent storm, which poured tons of water and ripped the dark sky with thunderbolts above the old ruins in the middle of Everfree forest. Even the hardest blast, which could easily compete with the light of full moon rising, was most likely unnoticed by anypony. Anypony but one. “Ahem…” Luna turned one ear to the approaching delicate steps of her regal sister, but apparently her attention was otherwise completely occupied by something else, as she stayed, where she was, observing distance through a telescope. “Luna,” princess Celestia, the Ruler of the Day and Sun, called a bit louder, while she entered the observation balcony on the top of the highest tower of Canterlot castle. She waved her wings in unconscious contraction with a sudden windflaw. “Dear, are you here or several dozens of miles away?” She then approached her younger sister, princess Luna, the Ruler of the Night and Moon, Master of the Dreams. Something was apparently bothering her that much that she decided to abandon her usual patience and extended her foreleg to touch sister’s shoulder. “Oh, Tia! Mine apologies,” Luna turned her head from the telescope. “Well, of course, I’ve heard thee. I’ve been examining our… strange issue in the Everfree and slightly captured by mine thoughts about. So what didst thou want?” “So, you’ve already noticed,” Celestia nodded. “That overly strange and, I’m not afraid to call it that, impossible thunderstorm above the woods.” “Above the old castle ruins to be exact,” Luna rectified with her eyes, returning to the swirl of clouds in the distance, which meanwhile started to fade. “And what do you think about all that?..” “It started moments after I raised the Moon, escalated really fast and now, after half an hour, is fading as suddenly as it started,” Luna touched her chin with the hoof, summarizing. “With clouds so thick and swirling in a compact circle, thunderbolts of that strength and the whole amount of water, which managed to come down in a short time, one might bethink, it needed quite an army of pegasi to stage such a performance.” “Exactly,” replied Celestia with a tiny smile. “But…” “But thither were no pegasi assigned to that wide-scale duty the present day at all,” continued Luna. “I have checked the prognosis twice and thither was nothing alike planned for tonight. Besides, what was the point of pouring tons of water in the middle of nowhere practically?” Her strengthened Old language revealed Luna being a bit excited by the events, as normally she tried her best to accommodate to the modern style of talking. Being properly understood by your subjects was sometimes vital and the Royal Canterlot Voice wasn’t an ultimate tool to reach that goal. There was no point of being loud, while others were trying hard to grasp the mere sense. “The storm started completely by itself,” Celestia emphasized with concern. “And that’s not something we have been getting here for hundreds of years. Not here, in the middle of Equestria. I admit that Everfree lives by its own laws quite often, but still…” “Thou art concerned about some imminent danger,” Luna nodded in understanding. “Or rather somepony. As we hardly got something unruly without somepony’s assistance the last few times.” “Even if they were not ponies,” she smiled mirthlessly. “But I have sensed nothing. Nothing and nopony, possessing any magic at the least, be it malevolent or contrary to that,” Luna’s ears sadly flattened. “I don’t understand, Tia, what are we dealing with?” “Neither do I,” confessed her older sister. “As you said, “sensed nothing and nopony”.” “But we shan’t let it out of our attention. I wonder, if I should send some guards there right now, Luna,” Celestia threw a quick look over the distant ruins, but there was silence and peace over them at that moment, as the storm ended. “I sincerely suppose that we should just wait for a while,” Luna returned to watching the sleeping domain below. “Guards will hardly find any…pony in the middle of the night, despite mine Moon. If thither is anything to look for, I’m unsure.” “I trust your judgment of that, dear,” with a heartily smile Celestia nuzzled sister’s shoulder. “Well, I’m not insisting… but I doubt, we are capable to take any effective steps right now.” Luna leaned back to Celestia. “Have some sleep now, Tia. It’s going to be a long day ahead. And I shall return to mine nightly duty.” “Have it lightly. Good night, sister.” Luna waved her hoof in the air, showing that she returned the wish, while her attention returned again to the old ruins deep amidst Everfree. * “AAARGHH!!!” Absolute darkness of unconsciousness was changed by the slightly less thick darkness of the old castle. ‘It becomes routinely to fall and get hit. Up to no good you are, man.’ Alex sat on the floor and waited, till the walls stopped spinning around him. As he gained normal sight, he noticed that it became less dark around. There was a hallway up ahead and the moonlight patches on the floor noted the existence of windows for once. He got up to be greeted by his grumbling stomach. What a nice change: just when he realized the flaming snakes feeling was still with him, he was almost naked, cold and bruised, his stomach decided to remind that it existed and needed attention. The mere fact that the last decent, moreover any, meal Alex had, was past noon didn’t encourage as well. Trying not to think that he should rather be concerned of not being eaten in that godforsaken place, than having something to eat (the castle seemed to be abandoned for a few hundred years and could be anywhere deep in the wild), Alex proceeded to the hallway. The storm was over during his “blackout” and the full moon looked through the numerous bowed windows of the long corridor with dark regular winged statues standing in the arcs. The night seemed to be young still and Alex noticed that he shivered less here than in the tower. Strangely the storm ended without any sign of it taking place, except water, the air outside was still warm and brought the faint scent of unknown flowers. Alex looked out of the nearest window. ‘Bad, bad idea!’ He managed to notice the green sea of trees, apparently surrounding the castle and shimmering silver in the moonlight and breeze… just before the whole picture doubled or even tripled in his eyesight and his guts tried to make a backflip. ‘I’m too high above the ground,’ he said to himself, accurately backing up from the dreading opening. He then added. ‘Great, I’m in the middle of nowhere and still need to find a suitable way out of that castle.’ He was a bit ashamed to confess, he wouldn’t use the faster exit, even if it was twice lower or there was water below. Back home he was never able to enter a balcony higher than the first floor, here it seemed that he was on the fourth or something alike. And the ceilings were high given that it was the castle. The sudden memory about home was painful. Alex had no faintest idea, how he was supposed to get home without practically anything: the documents, money, his car. The thought that it would be great at the very least to define, where he was and where his home was, didn’t provide much optimism either. Without the phone, map or any clues about the area it wasn’t going to be a game. Alex released a deep sigh. It seemed, he was to stay inside till morning – he couldn’t notice anything outside, which can be used as a landmark, except the very castle, but it wasn’t enough to proceed. He was still uncomfortable about walking around in the wild in underwear only and hoped that perhaps he could find something for the covers. Finally, it was simply stupid to walk through some unknown forest in the middle of the night. ‘So let’s check the other rooms,’ he said to himself, while stepping further into the hallway. ‘If only that annoying pain inside faded, I’d be completely happy.’ The closer look at one of the statues quickly brought the now-almost-native feeling of unease back. There was something familiar in the statue, something that Alex still couldn’t remember, yet making his skin crawl. No, they were not some gargoyles or any sort of other ugly stone abominations so usual for the ancient castles. What stood in front of him was a sculpture of a… unicorn. There was something strange about it: it wasn’t of the size of a normal horse, but smaller, almost like a big pony. However, it was more slender, than a pony any of us could portray, more graceful. In addition to that, the statue was “wearing” the armour. Quick examination made clear that the armour was more like of a soldier, than a battle animal, besides, there were no saddle, no harness, in other words, nothing normally used to ride a… pony. Alex also noticed that not all the statues were the same, as it seemed to him from the first look. Half of them were unicorns, another half had wings, thus being technically pegasi. He giggled nervously. ‘Yet this feeling that I have seen those somewhere…’ “Well, dude,” Alex slapped the closest statue lightly on the muzzle with a cackle. “It seems, there going to be more ponies in my life from now on.” According to his “internal clock” Alex was wandering around the castle for about an hour already. He tried to keep the general direction of getting down to the ground floor, thus walking down every staircase, he could find not ruined. Yet he felt that he was covering much more distance horizontally than actually descending, not mentioning that he was to backtrack twice because of corridors blocked by collapsed walls. Alex completely forgot about his hunger. Now he was concerned about warming himself and getting some safe place to sleep without any risk to freeze completely till morning. He wasn’t sure if it was going to get any colder before the sunrise, considering he had no idea, where exactly the castle was situated. What he saw through the windows clearly showed that it wasn’t some polar region. For which Alex was immensely thankful. But every compartment without windows was noticeably colder; the stone walls didn’t keep warmth like probably they did, when the castle was full of life. He didn’t know if it was bad or good that he apparently was all alone there. Remembering now the yell he gave, when rolling down that stairwell in the tower, he came to the conclusion, that wasn’t the best thing to do. But the sound startled nobody and nobody came to check of the trespasser. So he guessed that tiptoeing wasn’t absolutely necessary, opening the few remaining doors, despite them screeching mercilessly, was safe as well. Next doors Alex faced were large, heavy, built of thick noble wood. Amazing ancient carving, highlighted by the moon light, coming through the high window behind his back, covered the door leafs. When he pushed them lightly, he was amazed by how easily and quietly they opened. It seemed that particular room was of great importance to the castle inhabitants, so they treated all the stuff inside with great care. The furniture stood intact in the dark room, most likely being of the finest quality, so it survived whatever disaster happened. “Gasp!” Alex stumbled in the doorway, as he noticed something deep in the room. A human figure in another passage at the far wall. At first he was worried a bit, but only for a second or two… “Hello!” Alex rushed inside the room. “I’m lost and…” He found himself staring at… Alex, same tired and bruised Alex in his dusty boxers and boots; Alex with quite a stupid look on the face, which already managed to grow some stubble. He extended his hand to touch a giant dimmed mirror about 10 feet tall. Alex gave out a deep sigh of relief and… despair. “Nasty mirror,” he muttered. “I almost thought that I found some help.” He took another look across the room, which, as he noticed, was a bedroom of some regal person most likely. Closer examination of the king-size bed revealed it being of no use, as there was nor sheets neither mattress left (they were probably that pile of dust beneath the bed). The wooden frame survived, but not the delicate cloth. Alex thought, he was going to have no sleep tonight, as other furniture in the room, at least the chairs and banquettes, were somehow not comfortable for him to relax properly. He remembered that every unbroken seat, he found previously, was as well… perhaps too low for his comfort. Other furniture like tables, cabinets seemed to be alright though. Alex proceeded through more and more rooms: spacious halls and small cabinets. Checked more bedrooms and bathrooms with the stone basins built into the floor – all with mostly time worn and broken furniture. He passed an enormous library, thinking that he probably was to wander around that castle till morning looking for the exit. He checked a couple of books (more automatically than hoping to find something helpful) one of which crumbled to dust in his hands. Nothing that could help, some historical stuff that could be interesting, if he wasn’t almost falling asleep on the spot. Well, if he wasn’t, he might have noticed that, despite understanding, what the books were telling, there was no single word written in plain English in them. But his tired mind noticed the content and completely missed, paid no attention to form – the symbols the books were written in. Finally, after one more staircase, he found himself on seemingly the first floor of the castle, in the long high hall of some regal value. High windows on both opposite narrow ends of the hall let enough light inside for him to see columns, chandeliers at the walls and ends of ceiling arcs, more sets of horse… pony armour, standing on their eternal duty along the walls, another single staircase at his end of the hall, going down and most likely to the castle front doors at some point. With the idea that going outside was definitely some daytime business, Alex headed to the opposite end of the hall, where he noticed a stepped podium with two… thrones. After approaching that three steps elevation with two large thrones Alex noticed, they were still in nice condition, not only stone frame, but also the soft seats and backrests. Another sign of those being made for the top-class noble asses, as Alex giggled inwardly. One throne was covered with a large ancient tapestry, also quite well retained. It must have fallen from the wall behind the thrones, as a similar tapestry hung behind the second throne. Alex rose the steps and took the tapestry by its edge to unfold it. The cloth was of amazing quality and lightness, unbelievable for its age, nowhere heavy and rough on touch, unlike almost every common tapestry. This one was made in black, all sorts of blue and silver colours with white outlining. Presumably night sky with stars and bright moon above and a dark blue slender winged horse figurine below facing… flying down. Another tapestry on the wall was generally in blue, white and gold, depicting the sky, sun disc high above and a white slender winged horse figurine flying up. Alex closed his eyes. The same feeling of unease flooded him again. Both images were painfully familiar, he knew he had seen them somewhere already. But they were parts of a single image in his memory. * That was one of those family days, when Alex and his parents were visiting relatives from another city. The latter lived in suburbs, without plenty means of entertaining people, especially younger ones. This and them having two daughters, 12 and 8 years old, practically meant that, while older members of the family were discussing all, what was usually discussed on family meetings, girls were totally Alex’s business. Besides cousins were under the impression of the 19 years old sibling, that sort of impression, which usually leads to looking up to with eyes wide opened, giggles, unintentional innocent flirting and tons of teasing. All harmless, at least until it starts coming at you as a storm… That day wasn’t going to be an easy one, as Alex told himself earlier in the morning. The relatives lived in a cottage with a large garden. So hide and seek, play catch, some more random running around, while both girls contrived to almost run him over a few times, made Alex finally unsure if he had two cousins only or maybe four… or even six already. “Hey, girls,” called he, getting up from the grass. “What about getting inside and having a bit quieter entertainment… before it becomes traumatic?” “Boo, spoilsport!” Older cousin bumped into him and grabbed in a bear hug. “Right when we started having fun.” “Two of you are too much for the “old Alex”,” he stuck out his tongue, teasing her. “You’re not old,” she wrinkled her nose, making her freckles jump. “Just a bit grumpy and into your computer stuff too much. Tell me the point of going to the gym, when you can just have fun outside for free with the same result.” “Yes, yes,” Eagerly jumped the younger, while Alex thought about a dignified answer to the previous question. “We can view some cartoons. Just got a new show on DVD.” She took Alex’s and her sister’s hands and rushed into the house, sweeping away all possible objections. “OK, what will it be?” asked Alex, when they sat in the living room. ‘Girly stuff,’ he shrugged mentally, while younger cousin turned the TV on and set the disc into the player already. It was the new show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As he suspected typical girly stuff. Yet despite pinkish gamma and girly hyper voices, what he watched was fun. It was the first episode, where a few pony girls were searching for some relics to prevent an evil alter ego of one of the two rulers of the land from returning from her 1000 years banishment. The land was called Equestria. ‘So original’, smirked Alex to himself. It was ruled once by two sisters: one reigned over the day and Sun, another – over the Night and Moon. The younger sister – Luna got jealous of Celestia, the older sister, thinking she was getting more attention and love, naturally being the princess of the day. Luna went completely mental, being spoiled by the shadow and turned into Nightmare Moon, who tried to take over the whole land and establish the eternal night by refusing to get the Moon down and let Celestia rise the Sun. It was impossible how Alex could still remember all those names and facts from the show. Celestia then entrapped her younger sister into the Moon, using those relics and started ruling the country on her own, day and night, Sun and Moon, while mourning of her once beloved sister. But after 1000 years certain conditions were met for Nightmare Moon to return and attempt revenge… With the help of the relics, the pony girls (main characters of the show) managed to cast out Nightmare Moon and return princess Luna as former kind and sane self. But those were details… There was the old castle of Two Sisters in that show. And there. Was. That. Sign! Of two regal sisters, rulers of the Moon and Sun. * Alex dropped the tapestry and covered his face with hands. It wasn’t obvious if he was going to shriek, cry or curl on the stone platform in disbelief and despair. ‘That simply can’t be true!’ cried his mind. ‘Come on, it was just a blasted movie, a cartoon for kids!’ Well, last time he tried to check, if he was sleeping or delusional, was painful and real. From all forms of insanity, this could be the least possible, Alex could imagine for himself, if thinking about insanity was his common practice. After a few minutes he managed to bring together, what remained of his trembling, tired and frustrated self. ‘I am regally screwed!’ he gritted his teeth heavily. ‘But, damn it, I’ll deal with this tomorrow!’ ‘I’m too tired for logical conclusions. No ponies or nightmares or else will take away my sleep. And I’ve finally found some “clothes”,’ Alex let out a sad grin. He grabbed Luna’s tapestry… ‘Oh, dear Lord, please, let me be mistaken!’ … and made some kind of toga, wrapping it around his tired body and finding it surprisingly nice and warm. He then climbed with his legs on that throne in front of him and curled, trying to find the possibly comfortable pose. Minutes later overloaded by today’s events Alex passed out. --- Author's note: If 't be true you like the story (and have FimFiction account, otherwise, you can't vote), please, take a minute to support the book hither: "Thumbs up" are very welcome, comments either. Mine most sincere gratitude in advance!
  3. (Note: She's an OC from my HiE fanfic. I wanted to make a topic for her so I made one.) Hiya! My name's Bubble Heart. But you can call me Bubble. I've been living in Canterlot and Manehattan. I'm a singer and a supermodel. But mostly I like to look simple and plain. Singing isn't only my job, it's my passion. I love to spend time with my coltfriend. (Yeah, he's a human so what!?). He's the nicest person in whole of Equestria. If you want to know something about me, my friends, or my dear coltfriend just feel free to ask. (I'm new at such things so please go easy on me.)
  4. I like to talk about ponies. Ask me about my opinion at mane 6, princesses, back ground ponies and others. Also you can even ask me my opinions about HiE. My personal fevorite is Human child in Equestria fictions. I'd love to share my opinion on writing fanfics as well. Just feel free to ask anything. Now let's start.
  5. What do you think of human turned pony stories? (Human in Equestria.... former human in Human) A human becomes a pony in a fan fiction by just being in Equestria or something. Personally, I heavily dislike such stories. I just strongly dislike ponification of a human. I much prefer the human remain human in Equestria.
  6. Here is the link to the document, it updates whenever I can... but I'd Like to hear your guys opinions on this. (Google Docs Story) Below is what I have on 6/7/2014 Warning: This contains Mature Content not suitable for younger audiences. Table of Contents Episode 0: Einleitung Episode 1: Blutbad auf dem Bauernhof. -Samantha -Established contact -The New Me(s) -Guard Dogs -The Final Countdown Episode 2: Der Engel des Todes ist gekommen. -Awakening to a New World -The Calm Before The Storm *Note “(words that are going to go here)” means internal thought. Prologue: My name is Shadow Scoundrel. I used to be a human... Funny how I’m here, in a place that I thought was only a fantasy. This place… “This” place I now call home. It’s strange… like it was made for me. A paradise, if you will. I remember how it all began. How I got here, the infestation of Zombies, the “Swarm”, Dr. Edward Richtofen, Samantha Maxis, her father, Dr. Ludvig Maxis. I once knew them as characters and species of fictional stories. Now I sit here. This is where I begin my story. It was 10th of January in the New Year. Hmff, seems like ages ago, never the less It was my Junior year at my high school, Bret Harte High, I was typing on the computer for my english project during 5th period. Suddenly the lights go out. I got pissed for a moment, then remembered that it saved right before it went out. I was fine. I was happy when I heard my teacher for that period noted that “Since of the power outage, you’ll have to contact your parents or wait for the busses and go home for the day.” I was able to call home and get a pickup. While I was heading home, I had a weird feeling, like, like, ok…for a lack of a better saying, like something bad was about to happen. Regretfully I was right. The next day, on the 11th. An Orange fog slowly rolled in. I went outside with my usual getup, my leather jacket, Gloves, and my bandana, I was a tanned caucasian, chocolate colored eyes, brown-blackish mix for my hair, and was longer than a buzz cut, but not even close to my shoulders. I decided to record a video for my channel, after the posting the video, the video got millions of views, and it wasn’t for what I was saying, it was for the fog. The CDC where confused when they searched for any edited video evidence, they found none, and decided to investigate. (This is what they told me sooo… yea…) They arrived within the next day, they got into their suits, checking to see if it was a terrorist attack or something, I went out as well, again in my getup, with my airsoft guns; A magnum, a bolt action rifle, a semi automatic pistol, and a spring action pistol, but before that the F.B.I. Was questioning me asking If I knew what it was or if this has happened before. I answered their questions. I look to the barn where the CDC were about to enter the fog to see chemical properties and the F.B.I. Agents where down there as well. As soon as they touched the fog; it explodes like a nuclear bomb. Yet there is no more fog, and I’m not dead. I look around I see parts of the earth floating in the air, the place where the CDC and F.B.I. were, gone. As if they had never existed. The Airsoft guns turn into their real versions of their counterparts. There is light spewing out of the river, and the heat, it’s like going from a blizzard to a volcano within milliseconds. It hurt a lot, and the smell, It smelt like what I imagine a rotten body going through the crematorium. That is when I saw my first “Real” Zombie. More of a “Shock and Awe” for the first thing of reanimating of a corpse, wait a minute, why is its eyes glowing? Why is its glowing orange? My mind is racing of things, then one thing of my ideas makes me almost fall flat on my face, my theory of how universes works, where anything you think, is your perspective of you happening in another universe. “Maxis.” I whispered. “NO FUCKING WAY!! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!” I screamed “Listen, I need your help. I don’t have time to explain everything. DON’T listen to Dr. Ludvig Maxis. He is sending me back to when it all started and ending the world I’m sending Samantha down there so I can buy you some time. That rat and I don’t get along but we agree on one thing, and that is to not destroy the world, and it’s survivors. You and Samantha are the only survivors left as of my knowledge. You can make some soldiers with the M40A1 Sniper Rifle Packed a Punched. They are Idiots, but they will add some protected firepower, and… they don’t move that much.” He is sending a missile down to earth to ignite the earth remaining air, I’ve slowed the launch so it will reach earth about a little bit over an hour.” Richthofen says “All right.” I reply, “Wait what? I thought you would need some convincing.” Richtofen says with confusion. “Richthofen. I know too much as it is.” Episode:1 “Bloodbath on the farm” Chapter 1:Samantha “Do you have any weapons?” Richthofen asks. “Two rifles, (Including the one in the house) two handgun, a revolver, and a bat.” I reply. “Good you will need them. You will find her near the barn on your property.” “All right. But is there any way to go back to my family here?” “What are you talking about?” “I was here but it wasn’t with a shit load of zombies Richtofen, it was nothing like this then I see an orange fog on my property, the CDC and the F.B.I. People were here as well then BOOM! I’m here.” “It sounds to me as if your world, and ours have collided, and has sent you to the future, or is it present. What year is it again? Anyway I can’t fix it. It’s physically impossible thanks to those Dummkopfs in South Africa, now there dead because of them listening to him. I’m surprised that you are here…” “No way back…” “Correct. Oh… Yea… you cannot time travel backwards, it’s , just as I’ve said before, “not possible.” That hit me like a wrecking ball. All of me just wanted to do SOMETHING! SOMETHING, Instead of nothing but I couldn’t. Even I knew it, it wasn’t going to happen. I will never see my family ever again. “Turn around.” Richtofen said, “I’ve, ah… I think I’ve found them.” I turn to see five crosses on the ground marking the five fallen. I see the names, “Mom… Nan… Sis-is…” I fall on the ground, partly for the resend of disgust, another for shock, and for that of agony. “My family forever lost…” “Look, you need to focus. Samantha will arrive any minute, forget these feelings and focus that can save the last of humanity. FOCUS!” Richthofen yelled. “FUCK YOU!” I screamed! “IT WAS YOUR FUCKING FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU GOD FORSAKEN NAZI!” I yelled. “I know, and I regret it. I never meant to do the amount of destruction that I’ve caused. But the thing was is that I wanted to end the war. The element 115 drove me insane. I had no control over myself, and I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do to change that. Two minutes till the particles of her teleportation will hit the atmosphere. Two more till she reassembles at the barn. Hurry! You, must get going, I’m fading! Good luck.” Richthofen said with with his last breath.. “May god have mercy on your sole Edward.” I said coldly. Then, with his look of sorrow,he was gone. I Hear Maxis, “What! There still is one, where is Samantha!?” I run to the barn to get to Samantha, if she dies, she heads to Maxis I cannot let that happen. I had to hold out with the few guns that I have. And find a way out. The blood dripping from all the infected, the blazing of the bullets the blood and limbs fly through the air. Through all the chaos, I don’t know, but during that moment all went black. I see a night sky surrounded by a light blue waves. What made me regain consciousness was hearing Maxis scream. “STOP!!!!!” and I wake with two fuckers just holding my intestines, I grabbed the bat of mine and slammed them into the ground, the others just standing there. Watching me, with their soulless eyes. I fall, "(Looks like the belt broke on the conveyor belt)". She was alive. Holding what looked like quick revive. As soon as it hit my mouth, it was as bad as what Dempsey has said “Tastes like red herring dipped in cat piss, blaaah...” All of a sudden I feel excruciating pain where my ribcage was... and I see everything growing back into me. I reminded me so much of “Meet the medic.” Except there is no maniacal laughing, no light show, and no Archimedes. I Picked up Samanthas hand and said. “We need to get back to the house.” she shook her head in agreement. First,I went to go grab the guns that I dropped, all my guns were out of ammo, I grabbed them and the bat, She helped me as I limped back to the house as fast as we could go, still puzzled for the thought of “(Why did Maxis stop them attacking us… because if Samantha dies, wouldn’t that mean she would be back with maxis?)” We enter the farmhouse, “Home sweet home.” I said with a mix of sarcasm and sadness. I locked the doors, barricaded the windows checked my ammo supply. I decided to rest. Still thinking this was all a bad dream. Chapter 2:Established Contact The darkness in the room is complemented by its coldness. Yet, it has one thing that I myself didn’t expect… Comfort. Yet uncertainty of the darkness as if the comfort that I have was distrusting… The mare of the night spikes through the darkness like a lighthouse in the blanket of fog. Something I don’t see clearly, till she stood at least ten yards, or was it ten feat? It was so dark I couldn't get a real measurement of the distance. This moment almost got me as much as going into entering this infested hell hole. Yet hit me harder than losing my family. It is still to me a confusing feeling that I can’t describe in great detail myself. Yet never the less, I kneel “I notice that you know me, how?” she spoke. Honestly, how do you tell royalty that you’re a cartoon character from a TV show? “I just had a feeling that you were royalty...that’s all.” was all I could say. “All… right… then….” “There is a way for you to make portal on your property, you must follow the steps that are in the scroll.” “What scroll?” “You’ll see it, but it’s now time for you to wake.” I woke with that damn Quick Revive in my mouth. “Fuck this is nasty!” “I see you're up, come in… here…” I get up to see what she is looking at, the dog. She’s lying on the ground, with her embers dying out. With a bag on her back. “What is she doing here and why is she not chewing us up at the moment?” “(Just like what happened to Richthofen, she went mad with the element. She is nearing her final breath)” She was speechless, I brush the side of the dog with my hand; a bolt lurches out like a hidden dagger. “Fuckin Hell!!!” She regained her voice. “You say “fuck” a lot don’t you?” “Yea Samantha.” “How did you know my name?” “(Shit Think of something)” “That German told me before he left.” “Richthofen”? “Yea, him.” I look in the bag. “What are you doing?” “Just looking.” I see the scroll. “What the fuck? That was only a dream.” “What was only a dream?” “When I was out did you hear anything?” “I heard you mumbling a lot” “I saw a “(don’t want her to think I’m crazy)” a… person of high importance and She” “She?” “Yes a she, anyway she said that there is a way for us to escape by a scroll that is located nearby. “Ok... I guess, that explains why the bag appeared right after you woke up.” “Wait this appeared.” “(Oh so that’s why you were speechless)” OK, that makes sense, “Let’s see what it says…” “Whatever captain.” She replied, “(Smart ass.)” Dear Stranger, I see the predicament that you are in. We need the abilities that you possess, we are also in a situation of dire need of your assistance, but first you must enter “our” realm. We have a loose connection with yours, but we need a stronger connection for you to enter our realm, but first you will have to follow the steps below if you want to escape your realm. Establish a Full connection to my realm. You Must have an ample amount of power supply Find a solid object that is wider than yourself Make (or get) a metal (any kind) rod long enough, about, 15 hooves long and connect it to the object you wish to use as a portal. Wait for us to tune it to your location Note Bring anything you want to bring; you will not be able to come back Enter the portal Good luck, PL Chapter 3:The New Me(s) “PL?” Samantha said in confusion. “That’s ‘Her’.” I replied. “Oh, she says here, “hooves”, what type of measurement is that? It’s not metric.” “I think she meant to say “palms” and did not noticed the mistake.” “(Smooth thinking)” “Hmff, I would think someone being of “high importance” would I guess, all the stuff that she is doing. “Well tally-ho.” I said with sarcasm. “Don’t ever say that again.” She said with a mother like scolding. “I know. I won't.” I chuckled. “(OK, first let's establish what we are bringing)” I check what would be my mother’s room, which is now full of dust, and see the 360, not functioning, so I grab the hard drives, and this computer, I wonder why this, the xbox hard drives, and the TV where the things that still worked. I put them in the car which was still parked outside, next to the outside restroom. I see the key on the seat and open the trunk, “Still works.” I grin as the word exit my mouth. “What’s this?” Samantha asked, “It’s a car from the time of the two-thousands.” “What year is this now?” My guess it’s still Twenty fourteen, so yea... Twenty fourteen.” “two-thousand fourteen?” Samantha Questioned. “Yea. Well, we know what to do, let’s get to it.” “All right then.” She said with a smile on her face. Then she turns back, “What about her?” The dog is now resting on the couch in the living room. “Well, if she lives, and I mean “IF” she lives, then yes we will bring her along. I’ll put her in the back seat.” Umm, what is your name by the way?” She questioned. “Shadow, Shadow… Scoundrel. Just call me that for now.” The look on her face seemed like she wanted to laugh. Almost made myself want to, “Fine, just Shadow to you, K?” “Fine.” She replied. It didn’t do anything she still had that grin on her face, well its better than being depressed. The dog now sits in the car. I feel a surge through my body after I put the dog in the car. I see a bright light. My arms and legs lock, and I’m blinded, Then there is blackness, “(Hello new “friend”)” I wake with my face on the ground Samantha shaking me for me to wake. “Get up.” She urged like a mother getting her child up for school... “Come on. What the...” “Ok, Ok, Ok, what is it Saman…tha” there were two others of myself on the ground motionless, “Samantha” I asked. “Does Quick Revive have any side effects?” “No. Not that I know of.” She said with a quiver. They slowly rise, the looks on their faces were different from that of mine. One was decaying, with the draining of sanity that you can see through his eyes and the other of machine, cold and heartless, I barely was able to say the few words that exited my lips, “Hell….O” “Hell...O” They both said at the same time, while looking as confused as myself. The decayed said with the voice of what I sounded normally, but mixed with that of a smoker’s voice, and the other my voice with it saying with mixing pitches, with a bit of electronics mixed in. I Reach out to touch them, and they disappear, “(How did this happen, how did… the shock from the dog, “Fluffy” if I remember correctly from the CoD Zombie Storyline. It transferred to me.)” “Well…. that’s…. kind of cool.” As I coughed. “Wait, what happened before they arrived?” Samantha asked, “I put the dog down then my arms and legs locked into this position.” The light is brought back, yet now I’m not on the floor eating the dirt. “I think know how I can call them out now.” “You “think.” Samantha replied. “Well,” I started “We got shit to do.” Said the decayed, “Peop-p-ple to me-eat, and thi-i-ings to sh-sh-shoot, le-et’s g-go.” Said the second. “Just another day at the office?” Samantha asked. I replied with, “Yeah, ‘cept the meeting room has changed.” Chapter 4:Guard Dogs “Well...” I started, “Do we all know what were are doing?” The nod of myselves confirming while Samantha was still looking at me confused. “What?” We asked, “Well… What can we use to make a portal, and what about this place?” She asked with a concerned look. “We are leaving, I’m afraid that this place passed being saved… I’m sorry. The fog from CoD Zombies began to show up, the perk machines didn’t show, only the “Der Wunder Fizz”, and “Quick Revive” appeared. Falling, like the nuketown zombies map. “Der Wunderfizz” landed next to the Outside bathroom, costing with a “3500” on the machine, Quick revive landed in the back yard, “2500” on the sticker replacing the 1500 that use to be on there. The Pack a punch was 10K, and landed on the roof of the house. The box spawned next to us aligned with the outdoor bathroom wall. Out of the darkness The Doc appears. “I’m sorry Samantha, but I will not be able to hold them off any longer, young man, whatever your name is, protect her.” “Fine Maxis.” I replied. All of a sudden a blue mist appears, It’s “Weasel” from “Mob of the Dead”. “Would it be fine with you guys if I stayed with your group?” “What is it weasel?” I asked “I’m guessing you broke the circle, Huh?” “How do you know that?” “I have a way of knowing, I’ll explain later.” “I’m on my last one, and I’m not able to get any back cuz, like you said, I broke the circle, hold both my hands and I'll resurrect here.” There was a bright glow where he was and on my hands. A big flash and he is now here, but also two hell hounds appears. “Wait a sec.” I shouted, they're not killing us.” I look at the other mes, they knew what I was thinking, “We should try that.” They put their arms out like I did to resurrect Weasel and four more dogs appear. The two from the mechanical, I might as well call him as I do know, Machine, and the other is Dekay, the two from Machine was more mechanical, reminded me of the Robo-Hounds from the Call of Duty: Online, the one from China, and the others from Dekay looked like the decayed horse from Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption, but as dogs. We have a little extra help, and that is needed as much as possible, it look like they will never stop coming, it’s like we will never have a “round” for us… “OK,” I start, “Weee Wi-i-ll n-n-n-eee-d-d-d-d” Machine started, “What he is trying to say,” I injected “is that we will need a few things before our escape.” “What will it be then?” Weasel asks. “A 15 Palm metal pole, something bigger then the car,” I pointed to show him, “to enter the portal and, any belongings that we can bring into the car.” “15 palm?” Weasel questions, “See my palm,” I start, “Yea.” “We need the length of 15 following each other like a conga line for it to work, like this.” “Oh, okay, make sense.” He replies. Weasel takes a look at the dogs, “Um… what are “they” doing here?” His voice quivered. “They” are apart of me.” I replied calmly, even though to myself I sounded like a lunatic. The look on his face said it all. “You’ve been “Touched”, haven’t ya pal?” “No. I’m not insane Weasel, In fact I will show you.” I said with a smirk. I called them back, the light seeping through my veins. “cool, can you put them back out, I think we will be needin them.” “You “think”.” Samantha starting to show some Lieutenant Smartass. “Why I oughta-” Weasel starts “I have lost control of them!” Maxis shouted. “Samantha, get in the car you'll be fine there!” she gets in the car, “You see the lock that is closed?” I yell, “Yes!” she yelled back muffled from the window, “Do you see the lock with it open?” “Yes!” “Good hit the locked one to lock the car and pressed the unlocked one when we want you to unlock it, OK?” she shook her head in agreement. The dogs growl as that damn orange fog comes rolling in, “Guys” I start, “Lets get the items, then get in the car, head to the barn and attach to it, its wide enough, and hold out while they locate us. Clear?” I stated. “How do you know that they are even trying to find us?” Weasel asked. “Do you belive in God Weasel?” “I don’t know, so much shit has happened that, I just don't know anymore.” “Bout an hour to do this, lets go.” “By the way, how did you know me, plus me breaking “the circle.” “Well...I’m from a different universe, where this is all a video game….that people play…for entertainment...” “Really? hows it like there.” “Well, there are no zombies, thats a start.” He chuckles, “Humff.” was the only other reply from him. “You built a plane and used it to fly off Alcatraz, but it was shot down by the lightning and you landed on the bay bridge.” The zombie groans were getting close the dogs started growling again. I put my gun up, I gave my rifle, and my now P99 to Weasel. I see the points above the box location. The names listed: Shadow Scoundrel, Dekay, Machine, Weasel; with the points underneath. “At least we will know if we have enough to buy the damn box.” I said. The boxes price was not how its normally, 950, its now 1,950, and we start out with a big fat 0. “Na uh uh. You start out with the pistol.” Maxis says. “Hey I thought you wanted us to protect your daughter!” I Screamed. “Well, a thought popped into my head, “If she dies, she will be with me no matter what in Agartha. All the weapons goes into the box. “Well, fuck.” The P99 and the “Survivor” pop back into my hand and the holster he put on all of us, and one on the back for rifles/shotguns and other bigger weapons. There was another sidearm holster on the otherside of me, well I have a place for both of my pistols. “And I’m going to be taking those dogs away, you will have to buy them off the wall. A Hellhound symbol just like in “Mob of the dead” appears on the outside wall of the front porch the price “3,000” “And One more thing”, A Price Tag appears on the car, “500,000” “And another five-grand to open the the barricade in front of the cattle guard.” I looked at samantha, “I’m sorry I wanted to make it a little more safe, so I barricaded the cattle guard while you were sleeping.” I facepalmed. “Well, we will have to buy the barricade, build the portal, then buy the car. Great!!” I said. “Well at least they can’t get into the car, right?” Weasel asked. “Ye-Ye-ye-ye-s-s-s” replied my mechanical self. Dekay stayed quiet, nodding in agreement during the conversation. “EY. Can you make the computer of mine be the easter egg song?” I asked with a bit a sarcasm. “I don’t see, why not.” All right then. At least I have music to listen to while I kill things. I made a playlist of songs. “Just press play guys.” I said to the others as I placed it on the car, everything is packed, I have the computer on the hood, I got my backpack on me, my military backpack is in the car filled with family photos and the hard drives, they have family photos digitally kept in there with a few family videos, the TV is in the back seat with Samantha, and Fluffy. The Mystery box will be placed in the trunk of the car with Der Wunderfizz as well. I want to keep it, and I will get the dog powers back after we win. but first I need him to agree. “HEY Maxis! I got a deal for ya, if we are able to buy the car we get to keep the box, including we can use it for free, and we will be able to move it anywhere with us, and is light enough to pick up, but still have all the guns, Der Wunderfizz same thing, and, I get my powers back. OK?” “What do I get then?” Maxis asked. “What do you want?” I yelled. “My daughter, without being killed by those Dummkopfs, and a slow and painful death for you and the others.” “It’s a deal!” Then the first zombie hops the barbed wired fence. “Time to nut up or shut up boys.” Chapter 5:The Final Countdown Blood draining to the river, us four are tired, down, but not out. “We have the portal ready! Check to see if how many points we need to buy the damn car!” I yelled. “1,000 Left for you Shadow!” Weasel yelled back. “I’ll Hit the box then I will buy the car! I finally get to the box,”(Two thousand, nine hundred and fifty points to get, we got this.)” All of a sudden, an old friend comes back. Hello darkness. “PL” comes out of the darkness, “We have connected to your realm, enter when ready.” “Good we will be there in a few minutes.” I replied, and the starry night fades away and I’m standing, samantha staring at me, confused again. She mouthed “What the fuck?” “We have connected, hold on Samantha.” I replied, her eyes widened up, “Finally!!” Her muffled voice through the the car. My grin begins to show as I take a look at the box, to see what I’ve spun, and My smile got even bigger, I remembered a specific quote, “A smile will take you a long way, a smile and a gun, will take you further.” I grabbed the submachine gun from good old Russia, the wood stock shines through the darkness, the drum magazine that holds Seventy-one rounds of pure head destroying awesome. The gun in the box that I now possess, was the PPSH-41. I pulled out the M40A1 and “PAPed” it. The glow that the gun made was almost awe inspiring considering the duller earth. I hear weasel screaming. “HELP!!” I look over I see him running from a herd of the basterds. I put the butstock to my shoulder, looked through the scope, I lead a little in front of them aimed a little above them to account for drop. Three shots rang, 10 bodies fell, then four came back up, shooting the zombies. “(Looks like Richtofen was right.)” Weasel ran to the box, “Ran out of ammo?” I asked, “No, I just keep getting the shitty stuff from the box.” I gave a soft chuckle. He just shook his head. The Thompson came out, “Finally an automatic!” He yells. “By the way Weasel, we are now in full connection with the new world, we just need the 50 grand to buy the car.” I mentioned. “Great” he said back. “I just need one more thing to do. You Cover me.” “All right.” he stated. I grabbed the shovel from the garage, and walked to the graves, and started digging. “They were buried for a resend you know.” “Well they weren't given a proper burial.” I snapped back, “So I’m going to do that where no zom-BASTARDS can get to them.” Where are we putting them?” he asked. “The Trunk, behind the box.” was all I could reply with. About two minutes passed and I have all four of us digging and having the dogs watching and distracting the zombies. We wrapped them in the tarp that we found in the barn and put them in the trunk. “(500 more points.)” I thought. I pull out the PPSH-41 and mow down the few that were chasing my hell hounds. “LETS GO!!!!” I called them all back except Machine. I bought the car, as Machine went and got the box, Weasel grabbed Der Wunderfizz and put them in the trunk. I drove the car. We went to the barn and got out to see if its working, to double check, I put my hand in, the wood on the barn react as if I put my hand into water. “It’s active, we can go!” I bragged. I’m about ten feet from the car, zombies fucking grab me, I left the damn gun in the car, Weasle save me with his Thompson. “Thanks.” was all I could muster up, we look up and the missile is about to enter the atmosphere. “Lets go.” but more of them surrounded us he gave me the tompson. “I’ll distract them, get to the car, I’ll meet you there.” Weasel demanded me to go. He took a deep breath as he went. I had to fight to get the car. I found out where weasel was when I got to the car. Samantha’s look said it all, “look behind you.” So I did, and I see a pile of the undead ripping his body apart. Hands going into his flesh like a hot knife through butter. His screams were muffled by the undead over him. I put a bullet into his skull from the car, I did not wish to see him suffer. I took Machine back, as I got into the car, saluting him as I drove into the portal. Inside the portal, I had excruciating pain throughout my body. It went black, I wake in a room, still in the car. I got out feeling light headed, and my visuals were blurred. I let the others stay, I found one of the guards on the ground, I checked for a pulse. “(He’s still alive.)” I stumble through the hallways, “Help.” but my voice was weak, “We… W-w-we h- We…ha… have wounded. Hello.” I fall to the ground noticing I had no hands. I was too tired to worry. I close my eyes, all I can hear is the clicking and clacking of hooves approach my body “help them first.” I pointed towards the room that I left from. “Put him in that room, and you go gather help for the others.” someone said, “Yes your majesty.” was there response. As they leave, I descend into the darkness, not being able to hear. Episode 2:The Angel of death has come Chapter 6:Awaking to a new World I’m in a giant bed, everything still blurred, I notice the black blur in front of me, I raise my arm to touch my nose, all that is there is yet another black blur, “What the fuck?” I then noticed that “Black blur” between my eyes was my mouth. “(I can’t believe it, I’m here.)” I look to see what my new setting that I’m now apart of. My vision improves over the time. I start seeing details that I did not see before. The tapestry looks impressive, I wonder who made it, the art style for the wall was something simple, though it fitted with the room. To me at least, I’m not into home decorating and shit. I see the mystery box placed on its side to the wall on the left of me, the PPSH on the top of a cabinet next to the door, the TV was also on the cabinet, and this computer was next to it. I look to the right, where a nightstand holding a glass of water, and a note. Hello “Shadow”, Your friend is recovering fine, yet she is still in shock. She is in the room across from you. in fact she is the one that said what your name was. You will be treated by our greatest doctors and nurses of Equestria. Your recovery will be within the day. The bodies we found. We guess where your family so we are going to give them a proper burial given by your permission. The dog is fine by the way. Will talk to you soon, PL “Do you want to see him.” I hear the same voice that commanded the guards. I know that voice. Now my ears take note that there was six different voices that respond. Six familiar voices, one that I can’t put my hand, wait a minute, “hoof” on it. Till they entered the room, The light blinded me, I squinted, “Looks like he still out. We should let him rest.” The door shuts, I wanted to say something, but still to no avail. My back was stuck by a hidden blade of pain, as if someone stabbed me with two blades to my back. I jerk up, but black out. “(Darkness, you should knock first at least…)” “You’re conscious I see.” I look to see her. “Yea, just a little back pain right now.” The “knives” twist, I catch myself before hitting the ground. “You seem to have wings growing in.” “Yea… hurts like hell though. Oh sorry.” “What for?” She questions, “Oh, just ah… that word is considered to be “foul.” As in something you shouldn't say.” “I see, but what does it mean?” “Its a place where… someone really bad lives… did you ever hear of “angels and demons” at all?” “No.” She replied, The room is still as dark as when we first met. “Then Nevermind what I said.” “Fine then, but there was one thing I noticed.” “What?” was all I said. “When I stated, “I notice that you know me,” you’re answer was untruthful, so my question is, “Why?” “I will tell if you promise me one thing.” Only one will know everything. “What is that you request then?” “That you never tell any…pony, right anypony about this. You can tell them the fact I am a human, well “was” human, in this conversation. Clear?” “Understood.” “Because of my universe, you…all of you…are…just… a fictional character in a TV show, and the girl… she is…just a character… in…a…game…” The look on her face was that of wanting me being thrown into the nut house. A smug look arrived onto her face, “Prove it.” “Your name is Luna your sister is Celestia, you were banished to the moon for a thousand years, twilight defeated you. Her and her friends fought Discord, returning him into stone by them, then put there elements into the tree of harmony a bit later, Now the box is here which needs six keys, they get the keys opened the box to defeat Tirek so… yea.” The face of hers was that of disbelief, but even so, she knew that I was was right. “Time for you to wake then.” “Yea.” I replied. I see door open, bluried by the light once again, “You're awake, you ok?” I see the nurse, Redheart, “Yea, just some back pain, thats all. I’ll be fine.” “Let me know if you need anything.” “One thing,” she turns back, “Do you know of anypony named “Lyra Heartstrings?” “Yea, why do you ask? “(Well I might as well tell everyone about me being in another universe and being human)” “I’m from a different universe, as a human.” “Really?” Sarcasm was strong with how she said it. “What was it like then?” “The one I escaped, or the one before that?” I replied to get close with her sarcasm. Thats when I leaned up more, and the wings showed, she kneels, “What that oh its nothing, I’m not royalty.” Then how in the hey do you have wings and a horn?” I thought for a moment, an idea hit me, “(Maybe the power from “fluffy” gave me the horn, while I was supposed to be only with wings.)” I pitch my idea to her and she just shook her head, noting what I was saying. “Hmm, looks like she and you will definitely get along.” She leaves the room, I get up about an hour later, just wanted to get used to my surroundings, and walked like I’d normally would and walked toward the mystery box, and I look towards the cabinet again, and I notice that the PPSH, and the M40A1 were sitting there, waiting to be used again. I decided to open the box, It played its old jolly tune, and traded them for my old guns, “(The PPSH, and the sniper are overkill as it is, I’ll keep the box in here till I need to use it.)” My wings put the handguns on the table, and I exit my room to check on Samantha, she looks fine, thankfully, Fluffy sitting in her dog bed, alive embers burning brightly. I go to see a guard, I asked him if he could lock the room that had the portal. He replied with a yes and went down the hall. “One more thing.” His head peaks around the corner. “Where may I find the royals?” a common seventh grade joke reminds me of the look on his face; How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poke her face. As he stared at me blankly, his response was of the tone of, “Where do you think?” Even though all he said was “Throne Room” I stared blankly back at him till he walked away, “(Smart ass, Smart asses everywhere)” I approach the throne room with the feeling of being watched, not in the sense of dread, but more on the lines of a “I got your six,” ya know? I knocked, as I did so, you could hear it echo in the next room. The door slowly opens. And some-pony comes out, “Are you the one that has “her” all upset at Luna?” he asks. He was brown with an hourglass as his cutie-mark, and he wasn’t wearing any armor, seams the Doctor is in. “Maybe, I don’t know…” I reply. He lets me in, “I will be escorting you to the throne room.” He states. “What is your name then?” I ask. “Clockwork Whooves.” “Ah,” was all I could say. “Married?” I asked. “Do I have a Missis?” he asked. “Yea.” I answered, “Her name is Derpy” “You two travel?” “Yes, quite frequently, I know the royals, and was just stopping by.” “(That doesn’t surprise me Doc)” “I have two questions for you.” “What’s that?” “Why are you on your hind hooves? And What is your name? we turn a corner as I reply with, “I once was human, now I’m here, and the names Shadow Scoundrel.” We stop at a huge doorway, “Here it is. The royal’s throne room.” I open the door, “Thanks doc.” He turns back surprised as I smiled and entered. Celestia is glaring at Luna while Twilight stares at me with a questioned look on her face, not noticing my wings. “Why are you walking on your hind hoofs?” she asks. “Why not?” I reply with a cinderblock of sarcasm. “Enough!” Celestia orders. I look at Luna, “You Good?” She looks comforted as she shakes her head in agreement. As the other two do not notice her response. Suddenly, Twilight screams, “What happening to your hoofs?!” as I look, hands. “(I lose them… and now they’re back.)” Her screams had been drowned out “I started with these, what‘s the big deal; I just got them back that’s all… Speaking of witch.” “(Might as well impress them a bit, right?)” I spawn in my companions. DeKay and Machine looked like how I do now, again, with their differences, DeKay looked as if any part of his flesh would fall off at any minute you can see the tendons flexing with every movement he makes. With Machine you could see the pipes and wires going throughout his body and his eyes glowing green. “Let’s call in the hounds.” Do I really need to describe what happens? They spawn in like they did the first time, it would be a waste of space for me, and a waste of time for you, why would I do something like that to you, honestly… Am I such a person that would do something like that to the reader? NO! Any… Way… lets continue with the story,“Sit” we three say spontaneously. All 6 sat, better behaved that any dog I owned previously. That’s when we show the wings and grabbed our handguns. Twilight seemed to be the only one frightened by the weapons that I, sorry “we”, possess. I guess there is something about humanity in her castle library, if she still lives there… “You seem to know something Twi? Please, answer so may the others know what you have noticed.” She looked around more nervous than anyone else in the room. “The weapons of humanity… They were just a legend…” Celestia notices as well “Guards get him he is armed!” they enter the room, the dogs growl were loudening. “Hold on a fucking second!” I barked, “Hear me out alright? I’m trying to figure out what the FUCK is going on here and you want to kill me while I have the upperhand, seriously, think about it, do you really want me on your bad side?” The Guards notice the hand guns. “Dooooo yooooou waaant tooo diiiie ha ha heeee? Keeeeep coooommmiinnnnng.” DeKay threatened as he twitched, aiming the guns at them. Celestia tied to… Stun at least… In the words of pokemon, “It was not effective.” Machine turns around and aims at her, “Want, to, be, a, part, of, this, to, sun, shiiiii-ii-i-i-ne?” She looks as if though she was about to say something until she noticed Machines face, noticing that he wasn’t kidding, and closed her mouth. “Be at the door.” She said with that of a sound of defeat, and mixed with that of a growl. “Well then ‘Sun-but’ what do you need help with?” Yea… I’m pushing my luck… The only response was a growl from Celestia, Twi saying that it’s “not how you behave towards royalty,” me responding to that with “You should know none of you are better than anyone else here, Twilight.” and muffled giggling from Luna. “If you're willing to work with us, we are in a war with the Changelings, they are attacking all civilisations on the planet, Dragons, Griffins, and Ponies alike.” I think for a moment, “(The Mirror Pool)” “I have an idea, I even know where the base will be at.” “Do tell.” Luna states. “Do you remember an instance with a certain pink pony that ended up destroying parts of ponyville?” Twilight surprised finally speaks up. “The Mirror pool? How did you kn-” “Ah-Ah-Ah, No time for questioning, It’s time for me to put my plan into action. Luna, would you mind accompanying me to where it is located.” She smiled as walks off of her “perch” and we walk out those damn, big ass doors. Chapter 7:The Calm Before The Storm “May I ask what is your plan?” “The plan?” “Yes.” “The plan is simple your highness, use the Mirror pool to increase soldiers and to increase weapon production, and use the overpowering force to overpower and kill the Changelings Queen. “Cutting the head off the snake” if you will.” “As in.” “Never mind” we step through the heavy forest, the heavy fog from the dew is slowly rolling in, in the color of white, surprisingly. “Its over here Shadow.” “Ah… so… what do we do? Lift it up?” “Yes its protected from any magic that would move it.” “Alright, physical work will do it…” I start to do it, “(1. 2. 3.)” I lift it over my head but the rocks weight went away and I fell into the dirt ramp down. She giggled as I heard the thud of the rock. “I tried telling you, but you would not listen.” I just shook my head and laughed it off as I got up and dusted myself as off. Then a vibration in my jacket pocket I pick it up to see what. The song from Sublime starts playin, “What I Got” and I instantly remember Saints Row The Third. I start singin it. After I turned it off. The look on Lunas face was that of looking surprised, and happy yet, confused. Most likely for the language barrier between “English” and “Equestrian”, and I’m using the dialect, in other words I’m using the newer version of what the Equestrians use. “So, about the bodies.” Luna started off, “Yea, um… you guys have resurrection spells right?” “They might be in the archives.” “After the war, I’ll check it out, to me ‘Magic’ is just science.” “How so?” “You can always invent new things with the knowledge that you gained over the years.” If its not there, experiment. And I have all the volunteers that I will need. (just adding this pic so I can have my custom banner) Chat, stuff, things!! tryin to keep this ones heart beating
  7. The Shortest Chapter I've Written (For lack of better name) Hello, do not ask me for a name, because I no longer know my own. I wake up in a meadow filled with tall dry grass and some wheat. When I wake up I notice my back is leaning on a tree. I turn my neck around to see a tree with a white trunk and yellow leaves. I can remember a few things, such as the fact that I am a boy, and that I'm somewhere in my mid-teens. I look down to see instead of my own body I'm in the body of a mutant cartoon-type pony. My new body is strange, with small wings and red coat and feathers, my mane seems to be red and black, but I can't tell for sure because it's barely hanging in front of my eyes. I take a look around before getting up and see a small town not too far away to my right hand (or is it hoof?) side and decide to walk toward it. When I a stand I feel more balanced. But when I begin to walk I fall on my wing wrong and break it, causing me to jump and scream in pain; then when I land, I fall forward and hit my head on a rock, knocking me into unconsciousness. _____________________________________________________________________ When I awaken my vision is blurry and I hear a constant beeping I look around and see that in in a hospital of some kind. That is when I remember what events occurred before my... incident. I start panicking when I look down to see two red stumps that now replaced my hands, I look over my back to see two small wings, the right one is wrapped in a bandage and fiberglass cast. I look over to the handheld mirror that someone must've left on the table next to my hospital bed. I pick it up and look into it, my eyes are a light shade of purple. I start panicking at my realisation of this dream still being a dream, but as soon as I panic, my eyes change to a light green color. I panic more and scream again as I throw the mirror at the floor causing it to shatter. Whoever was outside must've heard the noise, because as soon as the mirror breaks the door swings open and another pony rushes through the door, "Are you alright!?" She exclaims I assume it's a woman because of the voice, "I heard you scream and what sounding like gla-" she stopped when she saw the broken mirror on the floor, "What happened?" She asks me while still looking at the broken glass. I didn't know how to respond, she didn't seem mad or anything like that, I was just nervous as how to respond. When I got an actual look at her she had a white coat and pink mane and tail, she had a tattoo on her butt of a medical red cross, and lastly she had a born on the top of her head. I just sat there like an idiot for what seemed like hours. Then I decided to answer, "I saw myself in the mirror, and I guess that I looked to good for it to handle." I reply in my care free voice, though something seemed off about my voice, it seemed squeaky, almost like I was younger, but I just put it off because I could fix my voice later. But now I was a pegasus, she was a unicorn, and we were talking to each other. "Hehehe, real funny." She says sarcastically. "I will just go get the janitor." She says with a concerned voice as she takes off through the door to get a janitor. She returns later with a checklist and the janitor, when I saw the checklist I knew it could only mean one thing... a test, with questions and I want prepared. "Okay, can you please tell me your name?" She asks in a strangely playful voice. "Umm..." I didn't know how to respond to this. "What's your name?" I ask her, surely names had to be different here, and as long as I try to not be supisous, then it could work. (Yay, my very first fanfic! You guys also get to choose the "random" name he chooses)
  8. What do you hate about Human In Equestria fan fictions? I mean I like some HIE. ("I like very few of them." I voted in the poll) I like very few Human any Pony xenophilia romance stories, enough said. I think it's personally very closed minded for someone to hate all Human In Equestria fan fictions. No, they are not all the same, in fact I've read stories where the Human hates the Ponies for very good reasons, if you were a Human whose home world Earth was being attacked by The Conversion Bureau Ponies, you better bevelive you would hate the Ponies. Some crossover fan fictions can be as funny as hell too. I've read some good stories where Ponies and Humans live on the same planet, or can visit one another through a portal.
  9. Well it may not be a masterpiece but it still a fic i would like to show. I only have like 2 fics at the moment. this one i'm kind of still working on (been slow going though due to life) Type: Adventure, HIE(well human to dragon but i assume it still counts) Link: Also if you want to see a quick one shot with pinkie pie here a link to my short pinkie pie comedy link:
  10. Update! 10/10/12: Third fan-fic uploaded! Also, two new fan-fics I'll be working on are introduced. Update! 11/3/12: Doom crossover fan-fic has been uploaded! Along with another fan-fic revealed. Update! 6/14/13: Story: "Enter: Equestria" Has been completed! First one: http://www.fanfictio...Different-World Description: When one of Twilight's spells goes wrong, two humans get sent to Equestria. However, it won't all be fun and games as a certain chaotic enemy gets released. Follow these two humans as they help fight this new threat, as well as adapt to life in Equestria. Your usual HiE. Humans get into Equestria, fight evil threat, ect. Over 30 chapters on this one, and I try to update once a week. I would recommend you do not read this story yet. The first 20 or so chapters aren't of the best quality, at all. Once I complete this, they will go under heavy revision. Rated M, although thinking of lowering it to T as I don't see M necessary. --- Second one: http://www.fanfictio...ent-better-life (It is highly recommended you don't read this. This story is either going to be removed, or heavily modified.) Description: When 14 year old Brandy Mickle has nowhere else to turn, he kills himself, at least he thinks he did. However, waking up in a world filled with ponies was not expected, especially if they're all from a certain show he watched. Now in a world he has always dreamed of being in, what we will do? What will find out? Did he really kill himself? Or is something or someone behind this? Another HiE. This one should be more detailed, and have more 'ness' in it, if that made any sense. Only over five chapters on this one, and updates are random. Usually every month or so. Rated T --- Third one: http://www.fanfictio...Enter-Equestria Description: After finding out what happens when one takes a shotgun blast to the face, Jakar Krazstin, also known as Crazy Joe, ends up in Equestria. What will happen? Will the ponies be able to handle Jakar's crazy randomness? Or will it be too much? This would be considered a troll-fic. The main character, Jakar, is completely random, if not insane. It would be wise not to take this fic seriously. This story is now complete! 25K+ Words. Rated T --- Fourth one: (Not posted yet) Description: Lecan Brinsky, a hardcore clopper to ponies, somehow winds up in Equestria by unknown means while in the middle of fapping to ponies. What will happen? What will Lecan do? And more importantly, how will the ponies react? This one should be interesting, when it comes out. Not sure if the idea has been used before, although I'm sure it has. Either way, I'll be posting it up when I have time to write it. Planning on rating it: M --- Fifth one: (Not posted yet) Description: Pissed at being humiliated at the Canterlot wedding, Queen Chrysalis sends a changling to Ponyville to gather information about defenses, location of Elements of Harmony, ect. However, after spending time in Ponyville, the changling begins to realize who the real enemy is. What will he do? Sure the idea has been used before, but meh. Don't expect this to be up for a long long time, however. Planning on rating it: T --- Sixth one: X Crossover X [Doom] Description: A portal from hell opens up, causing demons to pour out uncontrollably. Princess Celestia sends the Royal Guards to try and fix the problem, but they do little to prevent it. As a counter attack, they attack Canterlot. The whereabouts of Celestia and Luna being unknown afterwards. In order to close the portal, the mane 6 must get the Elements of Harmony, located in Canterlot. But with demons at every corner, how can they manage? It seems a well known marine must get back into the fight once more. Now out. Do not expect this to be updated often, though. Rated M --- Seventh one: (Not posted yet, and cancelled until further notice.) Description: A great evil looms over Equestria. Looming during Nightmare Moon's comeback...looming during Discord's chaotic sprint...looming during the Changling revelution. This evil, after many many years, has finally decided to rise. And the ponies thought the past three battles were horrible. They haven't seen anything. But, a glimpse of hope may come through from a collection of other-worldly beings. From a cast of different worlds, these 26 characters will make a difference. Although worlds and dimensions apart, they will leave a mark on history that will forever be remembered. Basically this one has 26 characters from different games. Either it be CoD, or Golden sun. Not going to be up yet for a while though. Planning on rating it: T or M. Most likely T _____ I will be adding more when I get the time. Feedback would be appreciated, and I hope you enjoy.
  11. My story named: Enter: Equestria, is now complete and ready to be read! The story can be found in this topic: It would also be a great help if you bump that topic, but if you don't want to you don't have to. Reviews for said story can be found here if you want to check them first: I hope you all enjoy!
  12. In here we can talk about stories that relate to the whole concept of a Human being ( I like to call him Anon ) transported to Equestria. This is about the only similarity between the stories since every author has another way of tackling the problem of social differences, different laws of physics, magic, disease and similar. Why Anon? Anon which is short for Anonymous, means that you have a character who doesn't represent anything. Any other name has some subtle connotations which can make the whole thing appear fake. He is often slender, not incredibly strong, but smart. Got any stories? I haven't written any ( so far! ) but there are quite a lot out there. Search on the net or FimFiction for them. What is so interesting in this? Aren't ponies enough? Well, I can't answer this for everyone, but here is my version. The idea of being magically sent to a whole new place, so different that even the law of physics you knew are not the same, fills me joy. Like, literally joy. Since the possibilities are endless you could have Anon wake up in the middle of Ponyville, half dressed with a shopping bag next to him and then get Twilight & Co to research how he got there and how to get him back! Perhaps he won't like it here. He could go visit Canterlot. Perhaps the ponies there see him like a lesser animal? Perhaps he is also able to do Magic? Etc... As said, the whole idea is that you are stranded somewhere and that every story is completely different. ( One story I read ended up explaining how Twilight managed to contact Earth and get a Pony Ambassador down there and a Portal... ) Is Anon alone? This is of course up to the author, but usually the circumstances are so that Anon is indeed alone. The whole 'stranded' can make for some very nice emotional situations as well. A big part of why I wanted to make this thread is to get people writing! It's really a lot of fun to just sit down and think how Anon might get transported to Equestria and what he got with him. From there on it's all up to you. We can also share small parts of our stories here for some criticism since some might not feel that what they wrote is not yet worth another thread. I myself am currently plotting out the first chapter, will probably post it here once it's in a presentable state. So here is the start: It was a windy evening, I really didn't like taking the trash outside while the wind throws dust and various plant parts at me. But somebody had to do it. My roommate has always been a bit of a slacker and so far I preferred to take care of keeping the apartment clean, it wasn't much work and at least things stayed acceptable like this. I could invite people over without having to worry them making comments about the smell or pieces of leftover still being on the table. As I opened the lid to the trashcan I saw a faint glimmer in an alleyway to the left of me. As I turned my head it disappeared. "Hm, weird.", I thought to myself, "Probably just a reflection in my eyes." Once the trash in the trashcan and the lid safely placed upon it I started to go back inside only to see again that same glimmer. Since this time I was at a different angle I knew that something was not right. I was intrigued. And not knowing any other way I went and started to investigate. To my big surprise the alley was empty, nothing and nobody was in there. "This is even weirder." I gently rubbed my eyes and yawned before taking a step back, planning on getting back inside, I had my rent to pay. But behind me wasn't my building anymore. There was a big hole. And I just fell into it. I tried to yell, but there was no air, or so it seemed. I started to panic as I slowly ran out of oxygen. The infamous pounding in my head got louder and louder until 'plop', and everything went dark. As I woke up I groaned, "I told you that damn alarm won't be enough.", with my right arm I tried to grab where I thought to be my shirt and pants. I obviously overslept, or so I thought. As there is nothing where I grabbed I instinctively searched a bit higher from my position only to grab something furry. I didn't immediately realize, I was searching for clothes after all, but as the furry thing moved I panicked and shot up. The sunlight was blinding, and as soon as my eyes were accustomed to it I saw what I had just grabbed. A blue pony. A blue pony with Rainbow Hair. And it seemed to look at me. "What are you doing there lying on the ground?", from her tone of voice I figured it was female. But that's about all I could think... I was hoping I was dreaming. I probably fell on the ground earlier and hit my head and all this is just in my mind. The mare came closer now, probably curious as to why I was not answering... Wait a minute, did it just talk? "I... don't know.", I answered, it was the truth. "You look alright to me.", she then cheerfully said before starting to hover. I noticed only now her wings. "Where am I?", I asked her. The moment the words had left my mouth I felt like in a movie. I am probably reliving my mind's version of some bad flick I saw last week. "You're in Equestria, duh." she replied, seemingly annoyed by such a simple question. "Equestria, hum." was my only answer from that. She must be thinking I am challenged by now. "So.. err you will be fine on your own right? I still got a few tricks to train.", she laughed awkwardly, awaiting my answer. "I.. guess.", my answers didn't increase in size nor in complexity. Everything was still incredibly fuzzy in my mind and she seemed to have other things to do. I should have asked her for directions to the nearest city before she flew away now that I think of it. It's not much, but it's a start I guess, will keep it updated.
  13. Hello everyone. I come asking for some help here on my writing. You see, I've just cleaned up my prologue and many chapters, even just recently updating my story. I feel it could be better though. I tried going to sites like Ponychan, but all I got was someone that said it's too long for them. That's after almost a month of waiting on any reply over there. I have some people helping me, and one person that's very awesome for all the work in helping, but having more eyes on things would help this better. I'm not looking for someone to proof read everything. That's an enormous amount of work that I wouldn't ask for here. I'm just looking for a little feedback, maybe some criticism on things. If anyone likes certain things, that can help too since it would show what readers enjoy and how I can improve on that. Even ideas that people would like to see, I'd be okay with. Maybe I can find some way to write some into the story in later chapters. I started writing fanfic as a way to learn how to write better and I have improved, but I feel I can improve more. ...It seems I'm getting a bit too wordy here. Below is the link to my main story, which is also in my signature along with my Deviant Art page for artwork. If you'd rather leave a comment on my story, or even just private message me on either here or my FimFic account, that's cool as well. I read everything that's there. I'm also available to help out on looking at other peoples work too if they need it, so long as I have the time to do so. The one thing I've always strived for is a well paced story and to 'show, not tell' when writing. That doesn't mean I don't mess up though. Any help in any form is appreciated. I guess I forgot to mention. This is a comedic story that will have adventure and feels in it. By feels, I mean romance and other things.
  14. A quick question for all of you fic readers: What are story concepts that you like to see most in a fanfiction work, and what are the concepts that you think are overused? Are there any great ideas that you have yet to see in a story or haven't been used much? I wrote a HiE (Human in Equestria) fic a while back (to my surprise, it did very, very well), and now that I've improved on my prose, I'd like to write another, much larger fiction work as well. However, I want it to be something that others would really enjoy investing their time in, and for that, I need to know what the majority of people like/dislike. If I could venture out on a limb here: Overused ideas: Soldier in Equestria Humans vs. pony war Lunar/Solar Empire war (or less serious factions like that) Main antagonist is Discord/Nightmare Moon/Sombra/Chrysalis OC's (other than the human) Unique/underused ideas: An initial language barrier, preferably with a non-magic learning solution. A plausible "scientific" explanation for magic (or as scientific as one can get with such a concept). Those are just a few ideas I came up with off the top of my head, but there can always be exceptions to those as well. Thoughts?
  15. Author’s note: Hi guys! I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I’m finally doing it. Yay. So, it’s my first MLP fic, but my second total. Technically, I haven’t finished my first one, but I’ve been neglecting to work on it for a while now. I love HiE and self-insert stories, which people say there are too many of. I think there aren’t enough! Who wouldn’t want that kind of adventure in their life? It’s something we crave! But, I’m rambling. Here is the prologue to my story, Connor’s MLP diffusion. Please feel free to suggest other names. Prologue It was the 25th of October, 5:00 AM, and Connor Vincent lay restless on his bed awaiting the alarm that went off every morning at 6:20. The fan spun silently overhead, keeping him under his covers to stave off the cold air. He had just recently woken up, he didn’t know why he woke up so early, but it was clockwork. Maybe it was because he would never wake up from an alarm anyway, it was mostly just to tell him how much longer he could stay in bad. Luckily, he put his iPod on the his charger/clock every night so he could read his favorite FFs. (Don’t know if I should give the title.) He did this for about twenty minutes so he could recharge the iPod for school. He spent the rest of his time within the bed wiggling and squirming for friction. *beep**beep**beep* Connor pressed the power button. He pulled the covers off of his pajama-less body (don’t worry there’s underwear), and made a dash for the closet, since it was cold. He put on some jeans and a pacman shirt with caption nom nom nom, grabbed his backpack and made his way downstairs. His mother had already left for work and his father was out walking the dog. He made himself a waffle, poured a glass of milk and drank it with his vitamin D pill and his prozac (aspergers). At 6:57, he left to go to the bus, and start yet another school day. … The bell had rung for 6th period, his favorite. Game design. He pulled out his earbuds to listen to some music on YouTube while he worked. He started with “Pedal to the Metal” by Kazzer as he made his next level. Throughout the rest of the period, he listened to “To be Loved” by Papa Roach, and various YouTube poops. At 2:30, the final bell rang, and the students all poured out of the classroom to get back home. Connor found his bus, Route 123, and got a seat at the front. He pulled out his tablet and played some Fruit Ninja, for he was hopelessly addicted to it. “Hey, where’s Katy?” asked his sister’s friend. “Oh, um, she’s got colorguard today.” he replied. “Ok.” The bus made three stops, the last being Connor’s. “‘Kay guys, have a good day!” said his bus driver. Connor waved to her as he got off. He got back to his house and punched in the code to the garage. Once inside, he closed it and opened the door to the house. To his right was the laundry room, where his golden retriever Buddy was lying down. “Hi puppy!” said Connor cheerfully. Buddy scrambled up to his feet awkwardly like always, and began walking to the sliding glass back door. Connor let him outside, and went to go take off his jacket. When he turned around, Buddy was right at the door. “I’m not gonna give you a treat for doing nothing, Buddy...” Connor said to Buddy across the screen. Buddy started barking. Connor just turned around to ignore him until he decided to stop. However, a minute went by, and Buddy just kept barking. Connor was getting worried. Buddy never did this, never. Finally, Connor gave in and let Buddy inside. He ran up to Connor and just looked up at him while whining. “Okay, okay, I’ll give you a treat.” Connor held up a small cracker waiting for Buddy to sit. He just kept whining. Almost as if he was crying. He started walking away in circles, continuing to look at Connor with a sad- no, WORRIED look. Connor gently laid the treat on the end table and walked to the phone. This wasn’t normal, so he decided to tell his father and follow his instructions. He called the number from the directory. “...Hello?” his father answered. “Dad, something’s wrong with Buddy!” Connor said fearfully. “What do you mean?” his father asked. “Well, he’s-” Connor didn’t get to finish because there was a loud crackling noise. He dropped the phone, and Buddy started going ballistic. All of a sudden, lightning struck the inside of the house! Connor feared for his life, when he realized the lightning seemed to be coming from him! He picked the phone with extreme urgency. “Connor! What’s happening?!” his father demanded to know. “Dad! Come home now!” Connor yelled. Little did he know, he was about to be ripped away from his life. His father, mother, step-mother, step-father, Buddy, his 5 brothers, his sister Katy, everyone. There was a ghost of a rainbow, and then everything was black. “Connor? Are you there?” said the lonely, discarded phone. … When Connor woke up, he couldn’t see anything. He had trouble remembering what he was doing here. Then he remembered something crazy happening back at the house. He began feeling himself, first to make sure he was alive, second to see if he was injured. Things seemed strange. He felt unnaturally smooth. His mouth also felt weird. His braces were gone! But all of these things were miniscule compared to what he discovered next. He never felt any clothes. “Oh... Good... Grief...” Okay! I will begin episode one shortly. 3rd person seems like it is going to work this the best, by the way. Tell me what you think everyone. I kinda like this intro better than the one for my first story, if I do say so myself.
  16. So I started writing this story that people on FiMFiction really seem to enjoy. Just thought I would share it here, and see what you guys think. Mild language, but usually part of the word is blocked out. Oh, and violence. It's nothing that would bother you if you play any war games, and even though I haven't written anything extremely gruesome yet, I've been known to get a bit descriptive when it comes to fights, so watch out for the later chapters. This is Chapter 1: Arrival ------------------------- Zachariah Smith's fingers tighten around the rock as he slams it into the head of his victim. "Please... Stop..." The teenager's brown eyes pleadingly look to you for mercy. You've seen that look before. That scared, helpless look. They always have it. It comes on when someone knows that they're going to die, that they are to enter the dark abyss of nothingness. But there's always hope, the hope that dwells in the bottom of their souls. The hope that, against all odds, you would save them from this predicament, save them from being lost to the world. The hope that maybe, just maybe, you would let them go, so they can live another day. The look had long since worn off on you, at least with strangers. But this time was different. Sam, the gang's pet, the most loyal to the crew, the one that kept us all together, was now being killed by you. Because he had committed treason. When Big Shaun gave you this task, you were surprised, and a bit suspicious. Sam committing treason? That wasn't him; you all knew that. But unless he was proven innocent, orders were orders, and you didn't want to become a hit target yourself. You raise the rock high above your head again. Dammit, Sam's eyes are stopping you like a shield. It's like something's pulling your arm back, though nothing's there. Except for the one part of you that still has emotion. That little sliver of emotion is all that stands between Sam and an instant death. A tear runs down his cheek. "Please Zach..." "Dammit Sam!!" The barrier is broken. You bring down the rock as hard as you can, hitting the kill spot on his nose. His face is bashed in. His eyes are closed, with blood streaming down his cheeks like tears. Oh God why? I should've let him go. I don't care if they would've killed me, as long as Sam lived... It's as if a hurricane is coming from Sam's broken shell. A warm wind rushes over you at unimaginable speed, drying out your eyes and suffocating you. The wind died away. You just sat there, dazed. And then it hit you. Harder than the tranquilizer needle that just hit your back. Sam was innocent. Mac was the mole. Sam just took the blame for Mac. Mac is dead anyways; but now Sam too? As your vision fades to black, you cry out in anger and despair. Why? Why Sam? Why not me or someone else?? You're out before you hit the ground. You're slamming a rock into Sam. No, wait, Sam is dead. What am I doing? You snap to reality. You look at your bloody hand, holding a bloody rock. Oh, shit, did I black out? -Yeah, you did. You were hit by a tranquilizer. Oh, yeah. But how come I'm not asleep still? -Beats me. You look down at the mangled up orange mess in front of you. What the heck is that? -It's a pony, why? Ponies aren't orange. What did I just kill? -An orange pony with a purple mane. And technically, you didn't kill it, I did. Okay, what the f*ck brain? -I'm not your brain. I was here first. What? -I was just catching some food, minding my own business, when you came along and stopped me. Who are you then? -I don't know. Trixie made me. This must be some type of dream. Maybe the tranquilizer is making me trip or something. So where am I? You look around. It seems as if the dream consists of being in a forest, while beating an orange horse, with some type of conscious voice in my head. You've had weirder dreams than this. You look at your hand. Suddenly, you drop the stone. My hand... Your hand is furry, and consists of four sharp, pointy fingers, and a small amount of palm. You follow your eyes up your arm and to your chest. Your dark brown fur is spattered with blood; and what's this? Sharp teeth and an extremely strong jaw. Maybe I'm a dog or something. Nope! Not a dog not a dog! You have a long scorpion tail that you can control like an arm. Well, guess I'm a scorpion-dog then? -Yes, we must be. We are the only one of our kind; like I said before, Trixie made us. You finally speak aloud. "Who's Trixie? She must have been half-asleep when she made this- er, us. Supposing this isn't a dream." -No, you fool! This is real! I am real! Are you so foolish as to think this absurd? "I think -you're- absurd. Now, I'm in control right?" You open and close your hands. You feel a slight resistance, but that's it. "Good, now I'm going to go explore this place. Might as well have fun before I return to reality." You start walking away from the dead pony. "No, you fool! That way is Ponyville! You'll get us killed!" That was you speaking, but it also wasn't you. "Ok, I'm turning off your ability to talk. It's my body now." The voice in your head begins shouting, but you somehow find a way to seclude it to the back of your mind. "Onward and upward now..." You finally stumbled upon a small cottage in the woods. Hm. Knocking on the door probably isn't a good idea, considering I'm a dog with a scorpion tail, and this house looks like it was made for someone three times smaller than me. Curiosity draws you closer, however, and you examine the cottage. Curiosity killed the cat. Well, I'm a fricken dog. You don' t have to reach very far up to touch the roof. It feels as if it might break if you lean into it, so you decide to take your paws off of it. You look down to see a little yellow and pink pony staring at you. "Uh, hello there..." It just stares at you. You decide it would be best to go. What? I can't move. Help! I'm paralyzed! You just stand there frozen, staring at this little animal. It's pretty damn cute, but you can't enjoy that right now. Because I can't move. Suddenly, something blue hits you in the face. It knocks you over and leaves you blind in one eye. "Ow, what the fu-" It comes back in a blue-and-rainbow blur, socks you in the jaw, then flies off again. Ooh, that hurt. Okay, I'm ready for this next one. You can feel your tail getting ready. No, not yet. -What, do you want us to die? Oh, you're back. No, I would rather not make irrational decisions until I know if this place is real or not. -No, you listen— You send him back to his little corner of the mind. You see the rainbow looping around back. Ready... It's going incredibly fast. You stick out your arms. "Hhmpf!" Its chest smacked into your outstretched hands and got the wind knocked out of it. Let's see, another pony, this one a shade of cyan with wings and a rainbow mane. This could be interesting. It struggles to breathe, and is kicking around in your grip. "Woah, woah now. Take short, small breaths. Come on." It does what you say and starts to breathe normally again. Oh. So it can understand you. "Hey. Hey, you all good?" It nods. "Okay, good. Can you talk?" What the heck kind of question is that? It's a freakin pony. "Of course I can talk!" You didn't expect that. "Oh, okay good... This will make things easier then. Do you have a name?" "Yeah..." You can tell she's being a smartass. -She? Well, it had a kind of a girlish voice. Kind of like it was trying to cover it. -I've never been able to tell the difference. And please don't trap me again. If you don't cause any trouble. -Agreed. "Okay then... What's your name?" "Uh, Rainbow Dash. What's yours?" Do we have a name? -I don't. Do you? Do you like the name Zach? -Sure. Sounds foreign. "Zachariah Smith. Zach for short." She scratches her head with her hoof. "Ok... Zach. So you're not gonna eat me?" You look at her curiously. -Must be the blood splattered all over us. Oh yeah. Dammit, whoever you are. -Sorry. "No, I'm not. I can explain the blood, but first I want to know if I can let you go without you trying to kill me." She looks at you reluctantly. "Alright..." You set her on the ground next to you. "Ok, now that that's taken care of.." You look past her and at the yellow pony. She's staring at you. Sh*t! I can't move again! Rainbow jumps between you two. "Fluttershy! It's ok! Let him get up." She makes an almost inaudible whisper. "Sorry.." You get up. Something about them both makes you want to pick them up and squeeze them. Hm. I thought you lost those feelings after you hit fifteen and joined the gang. By the way, how old is this body I'm in? -In relation to your world, I'm about seventeen. Wow! Same here! the way, how do you know anything about my world? -You have the most control of the brain. You've modified me, and I was actually a mindless animal before you came along. Wow. That's pretty big. -Let's get back to the talking. Right. "Okay, now let me just make it clear that I'm not gonna hurt you. I just came here today, and really don't know where I am." Fluttershy pipes up. In her own way. "Really? You don't look like anything I've seen before. Are you hurt?" Hurt? "Well, I can't see out of my left eye, I have a pounding headache, and my arm was almost dislocated from when I caught Rainbow Dash. Is that normally okay?" -No. Dash is a little embarrassed. Fluttershy talks again. "I'm sorry, you poor thing. I would offer you a bubble bath, but you're much too big to fit into my doorway. Will this do?" "Will what-" She runs her hoof along your spine. It gives you the best feeling ever, along with the hair raising on your neck. You let out a kind of purr -Whoops. That was me. You feel like jelly, and fall down on your face into the wet grass. You and Rainbow stare at eachother. "Should we take him to town?" Rainbow finally suggests. "No," you say, "he's much too big. Bring Twilight. And Applejack. And maybe Pinkie and Rarity too." "Okay. You could've just said that." Rainbow darts off. "And please hurry" You try to say, but she's gone already. ------------------- If you like it comment for more and I'll post the next chapters.
  17. Hello all. I was sitting my AP Chem class and thinking random thoughts as the teacher droned on about something rather. Then I thought, "Hey, what if a guy who was afraid of heights and falling and such was turned into a pegasus pony and had to try flying to get a job?" So I set to work, in class, writing the first chapter, and I put it up on FimFiction. Here I am, plugging it and promoting it like a jellybean. If you could check it out and leave some constructive criticism or just a silly comment, maybe a watch, I would love it! Thanks!
  18. sup sup everypony, Storm Charger on the mic here and i gotta say fillies and gentle-colts thank ya'll for coming out. I'm kinda new to the game but I thought i'd try my hoof at brony Rappin and i started out with my favorite fanfic. Show of hoofs if ya'll recognise this guy here If not ya'll can read all about him and his wacky adventures in Through the eyes of another pony (by Card's Lafter), but for now lets concentrate on the task at hoof... I need a music synthesizer who has skills makin a beat and somepony with a good rapping voice mines shocking, nuff said... a link to my lyrics can be found here and i will attempt to sing if anypony requests it to give a general idea of the flow and cadence of the lyrics. Peace everypony and shouts out to @, thank you for all your help and friendship it was much needed. Call to firewall or Firewalls Legacy.txt
  19. I recently got an idea into my head that I absolutely had to write down, and I'm wanting both feedback and help with working on the idea so I could turn it into something great. Here's the summary for the story, which is currently titled "The Drums of War" 1000 years ago, the native human tribes of Equestria and Kara-den Kum united together and joined Nightmare Moon’s alliance to reclaim the lands they had lost to wars with Equestria. After the war, Celestia forcibly divided their confederation, forced the humans in Equestria to resettle, and sent their force back home in disgrace, leading to centuries of civil war and chaos in the land of Kara-den Kum. Now, a charismatic and powerful lord known as Berker Yunus has once again united the many kingdoms and cities of Kara-den Kum, and he has decided that the best way to cement his rule and unite this new empire is by showing the Equestrians that Kara-den Kum has not forgotten their past defeats. The idea in my head for this human civilization is to make them a psuedo-Turkish civilization, with some stuff I or other people come up with to make them unique. I'm wanting to model how they are in the prologue (which takes place after the final battle between Celestia's forces and allies and those of Nightmare Moon is ended by Celestia's use of the EoH) after the Turkish tribes of Central Asia and those of anatolia. I then wanted to base the human empire Yunus forges 1000 years later on that of the Ottomans at their height. One thing I've figured out already is humans and magic. Unlike most of the other races, magic in humans is a rare, rare gift, and those that are born with it are considered near-divine, and are generally quickly conscripted into the Sihirbaz Toplum (Mage Society) which is separate from the various human kingdoms/tribes/ or the empire. There, they either are trained in the ways of combat and become powerful arcane mercenaries which the Toplum leases out to those who can afford them, or they are trained in the realm of what they call "Divine magic" (eg, healing magics) and effectively become priests that work for the entire realm, for a small fee to the Toplum of course. Anywho, any thoughts, suggestions, or any sort of feedback or help are much appreciated. I will make sure that If I ever actually get to writing this, I will give credit to ALL who helped out, even if it was only a bit
  20. If you've been on chat, you may or may not have heard about my fanfic I'm making. I'm not finished with the first chapter yet, but I'm terribly close and so I'm posting this thread in preparation. The link can be found here, but as of this moment it is locked. However to satiate your appetites, I will provide the basic overview here as a teaser: In the meantime, I am looking for prereaders to check on the quality of my work when it is finished. If anyone is interested, then do feel free to pm me with your offer (and a description of past experience would be helpful too but not necessary ).
  21. This is totally unfinished and very rough, but I like to get feedback on what I'm writing so I'm leaving it for you guys to tear it to shreds ;D It is STRONGLY recommended that you read "My Little Dashie" before this (if you haven't read it already) as this story focuses (or is going to) on how such an event happened. I know there is a sequel to "MLD" but that has nothing to do with this. So for now, enjoy! The hill was idyllic. Lush green grass covered the mound of earth as the sun warmed the soil, fresh from the night’s rain. It provided a perfect view of the town, gazing softly at the curved roofs and roads. A bird chirped in a distant tree, the idle chatter of citizens going about their business drifted on the breeze. Then he appeared, in a flash of lightning and clap of thunder. The hill was instantly blackened and scorched, smoke curling up from the burnt grass. The sun glared harshly on the intruder, his form crouched on one knee. In his hand was a sword, bright white with a deep red hilt. His hair fell over his face as he stared at the ground. His very presence was offensive, he didn’t belong in this land. It felt like every inch of soil was trying to push him away, back to where he came from. He shook the feeling off and stood up. He was six feet tall, with sparkling blue eyes and brown hair that slanted across his brow, partially obscuring one eye. A scar traced across his cheek and curved towards his ear, a souvenir from a past journey. He looked around and smiled at the peaceful land he found himself in. It was a pleasant change for once. He saw the town and made his way there, sheathing his sword and checking his armour. It was thin but sturdy, and looked remarkably like leather, yet it was stronger, more resilient. It was a faded brown, worn down by constant use. He always liked to travel light, anything heavier felt clumsy and lopsided. He passed a group of birds in a tree and frowned slightly as they scattered as he came nearer, flying high into the branches and out of sight. This might be a problem. It didn’t take long to reach the town. He came in through a small path and made his way through, passing by the odd-looking houses (one looked like it was made of candy). His eyes picked up the movement ahead, of the citizens fleeing at the sight of him. He didn’t blame them, he was hardly a warm and friendly figure to approach right now considering he just burned an entire hill upon his arrival. It was then that he realised how threatening his weapon must be to these people, so he darted in-between some houses and held up the sword, sheathe and all. He then closed his eyes and concentrated. With a gentle hum the sword vanished from sight, though he still held it in his hands. Satisfied, he put it back in its place, then resumed his walk. Despite having never been here before, he knew where to go. He found the house in an instant, a giant tree shaped into a home. Windows protruded everywhere, some hidden between the leaves, others carved into the trunk itself. He even spotted a small balcony jutting out over one of the branches. The door was a little too small for him to fit in, so he crouched slightly and knocked. A few seconds passed, and then the door opened slowly, creaking gently as it swung inward. He stepped back slightly to allow the occupant out, which she did hesitantly. The first glaring feature was that she wasn’t human, which came as no surprise to him. Instead the man was staring at a unicorn, no bigger than three feet tall. Her coat was a light shade of purple, with her mane a dark velvet and a pink streak running through it. Her eyes were also purple, and they glistened with intelligence, though at this time they also held a hint of fear. She looked at this stranger, this intruder, and stuttered out a greeting. “H-Hello?” The man smiled softly and spoke in a calm, reassuring tone. “Do I have the honour of addressing Twilight Sparkle?” He felt her surprise as he spoke her name, and he also felt the added tension and fear. “What... What do you want?” She backed away slightly, a movement that the man noticed, so he backed away himself, giving her plenty of room. “I need to speak to you urgently, and Princess Celestia if it’s possible.” Twilight’s apprehension of this strange man faded slightly, if he knew the princess then surely he was safe to talk to? She nodded slowly and moved back into her house, looking back to see if the man was following her. He was, and Twilight wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not. Had she not met one of these creatures before then she wouldn’t have even opened the door. As the man crouched through the small doorway and entered the main room, a giant library full of shelves and books, Twilight turned and faced him. “Spike shouldn’t be back for a while, and he’s our quickest chance of getting Princess Celestia here. I hope you don’t mind waiting?” She relaxed slightly as the man nodded simply and sat down on the floor, apparently grabbing thin air by his hip and holding some imaginary object in front of him. With a small intake of air the sword appeared in his hands and he placed it on the floor next to him, gazing carefully up at Twilight to see if she would react. She seemed more curious than afraid, and she took a tentative step closer at the mans’ clear use of magic. He looked at her and motioned for her to sit in front of him. “I imagine you have a lot of questions for me already?” “Well, yes. It’s not often that a human appears in Ponyville asking to see Princess Celestia. In fact, you might be the only human to ever be seen here.” The mans’ smile faded and Twilight saw sadness flash across his face. She knows what I am. So it did happen... He quickly recovered and his smile reappeared as if nothing had changed and he held out a hand. “My name’s Aren. Well, it used to be something else but I forgot it a long time ago, so I just call myself Aren now.” Twilight reached her hoof out to meet Aren’s hand and he grasped it and shook firmly. “How do you know my name? How do you know the princess? She’s never mentioned you before...” He chuckled softly at her confusion. “That would be because she’s never met me before. Don’t worry, once I’ve explained everything then you’ll know why I’m here and what the problem is.” Her ears perked up at the word “problem” and worry began to creep across her face. “Relax Twilight, I’m here to fix the problem. It’s my job.” Something about him was reassuring and Twilight found herself relaxing around this complete stranger. “I felt something a moment ago, like a surge of magic, was that-” With sudden urgency the door opened and slammed against the inside of the house. Aren quickly rolled to his feet, his sword half-drawn while Twilight yelped and jumped back, her horn glowing faintly. Stepping briskly through the doorway was Princess Celestia. Her wings were twitching against her bright white sides and her horn hummed with magic. Her eyes were alert and staring and her nostrils flared with panic. Her usual gentle voice was etched with panic and fear. “Twilight, what happened? I felt it just a second ago, has something gone wrong? Is anypony hurt? I-” She stopped as she saw Aren calmly sheathing his sword and kneeling before her. Confusion flashed across her face as he spoke to her in a calm voice. “Princess Celestia, my name is Aren and I’m afraid I was the one who caused the disturbance. I never was very good at teleporting and it gets even worse when you don’t know exactly where to go.” Celestia looked at Twilight as if she would reveal some secret she had yet to be told of, but Twilight stared back just as confused. Aren stepped back to allow Celestia in and then resumed his seat on the floor, beckoning for both to do the same. “What is the meaning of this Aren? You know my name and evidently you have managed to convince Twilight that your intentions are good. I had half of the unicorns in Canterlot begging for an explanation to the surge of magic we all just felt.” Aren took a steadying breath, his expression grim. He stared into Celestia’s eyes as he began, his voice low and serious. “Before I tell you why I’m here, you need to know who I am. From what Twilight told me just a second ago you know about other worlds, correct?” Princess Celestia nodded elegantly, her regal composure returning after the shock of seeing a human. “Right, well the problem is that these worlds are never meant to intersect. They are all meant to exist independantly of each other, never touching and, for the most part, never knowing. However sometimes incidents occur when these worlds manage to connect, I believe you’ve already encountered this with the... the Rainbow Dash incident.” He glanced down as sadness crossed his face once more, something that both Twilight and Celestia noticed. He looked back up and coughed. “I’m part of a group, well a society really, that guards these worlds and stops these things from happening. If two worlds collide then we go in and fix it, hopefully before anything drastic happens. Sometimes we’re too late and parts of the two worlds intermingle with each other, which causes a bit more of an issue but we fix it all the same. We’re often known as the Guardians of Worlds.” Celestia’s eyes widened slightly, the only change in her stoney gaze. Aren hesitated, explaining what he did was easy, explaining why he was here was going to be more difficult. “Unfortunately we have an issue with your world. It seems to be experiencing more breaks than anybody else. We-” Twilight looked quizzically at Aren “Hold on a second. Breaks?” He hit his head with the palm of his hand. “Sorry. A break is when there’s a hole in a world. Imagine the barrier between worlds as a strip of cloth. At some point there’s going to be a rip or a tear in the cloth and whatever is on the other side will come through that tear. In this case we’re talking about elements of those worlds filtering in through the break. What we do is come in and fix the cloth, patch it up so to speak. Is that a bit clearer?” He glanced at both Twilight and Celestia, Twilight seeming more content with his answer. Celestia just nodded gracefully, retaining her royal stature. “Right, well like I said, your world is experiencing more breaks than any other world we’ve encountered. Too many, in fact. So instead of constantly reacting to whatever break happens next the people in charge have deemed it neccesary to permanently station someone here. Normally we don’t do this, we don’t get involved in the affairs of different worlds, but we just can’t keep up with the breaks being caused here.” Princess Celestia leaned forward and Aren looked at her. “Do you know why these... breaks... are happening?” “It’s a topic of debate for many of us. Some think it’s the heavy use of magic in your world that keeps affecting the barrier. Others say that your barrier is just naturally weaker than others. Nobody knows for sure, but the issue isn’t what’s causing the problem, it’s how we’re going to deal with it.” Twilight stood up, her voice questioning. “But surely you can stop it quicker by discovering what the problem is?” “Look, I don’t believe that our approach to this matter is the best, I agree with you. but I don’t make the decisions, I just do what I’m told.” Twilight and Celestia were disappointed with this answer, but they both resumed their seats and continued to listen. “So as you’ve already guessed, I’m the one they’ve sent to guard your world. I’ll essentially be Equestria’s bodyguard. I’m hoping you can understand that if it weren’t absolutely neccessary then I wouldn’t be here right now.” There was a long pause, during which Aren looked uncomfortably at Celestia, who stared back, her multicoloured mane shimmering behind her. After what felt like an age she finally spoke. “Aren, thank you for making some things clear. I knew of other worlds from the incident with Rainbow Dash, and I was never sure of how it had happened. From what you have just told me it seems like one of these... breaks...?” He nodded “...Had somehow thrown Rainbow into another world. Are you saying you could have fixed that?” Aren’s face darkened. He knew the question would eventually be asked. Better now than never. “Not that particular break, no. The break happened simultaneously with the incident that sent Rainbow Dash through to that world. However, we... could have brought Rainbow Dash back instantly.” Twilight and Celestia stood up in shock, Celestia’s nostrils flaring. Twilight’s horn began to glow as she pawed the ground. Aren raised his hands defensively as he begged them to listen. “Please it wasn’t my fault! I was somewhere else, dealing with a major problem in a different world. It’s where I got this.” He gestured to the scar on his cheek. “The person who was meant to deal with that break couldn’t bear to tear Rainbow Dash away from him. He could see the good it did for both of them, how happy they both were, and he didn’t want to take that away from them. He got punished of course, but before anything could be done you all found Rainbow Dash and resolved the situation on your own, which was a much better conclusion than to what was originally going to happen.” Celestia’s voice was low and threatening. “And just what was going to happen had we not rescued her?” “We would have simply taken Rainbow Dash out of that world and brought her back here, memories wiped for both of them as if nothing had ever happened, eradicating fifteen years of love and happiness in an instant. What you did was better and worse in many ways” Celestia’s nostrils flared once again “But I intend to fix it. It’s too late to rectify what happened, but I can make it easier on both of them. While not quite allowed by my superiors, I doubt they’d object to it, but for now we need to discuss what’s going to happen with me. I can easily stay out of sight and out of mind, away from everybody, coming to help only when needed.” Twilight and Celestia had settled down on the floor again, both calm. Twilight was finding this discussion a little too much for her to deal with in one sitting. Celestia was as regal as ever, her face as if it was carved in iron. She looked at Aren, studying him carefully. Then she spoke, her voice kind and welcoming. “No. If you are to protect Equestria from these breaks, then I think you should be involved in this world. You have been sent here to be a part of this world, to protect us from whatever worlds are out there. To simply isolate yourself from us and only come out when needed doesn’t seem like a kind gesture from us when you are trying help. We can find you a home wherever you wish to live, you can even stay in Canterlot if you want.” Aren smiled awkwardly at their generosity. He wasn’t used to people being so open towards him. “Thank you, but I think a major city like Canterlot will be a bit too much for me to handle. I’m used to being alone or in a small group, so throwing me into a city where I know barely anybody wouldn’t be best. However I’d need to be somewhere that lets me contact you in a hurry if there’s a problem, teleporting isn’t my best talent...” His mind flashed back to the charred hill overlooking the town and he grimaced as he imagined appearing in the middle of a crowded city. Twilight stepped forward hesitantly, her head hanging slightly lower as she crept between the two taller beings. “Well, I have Spike who can send messages to you, princess, why not stay here in Ponyville?” Aren glanced at Celestia, trying to see what she was thinking. Her face creased into a smile as she nodded. “I think that would be best for all of us. Aren, would you like to live here? We can find an available house for you to have.” Aren shook his head, Celestia raising her ears slightly at the gesture. “Thanks for offering me a house, but I can make my own home. I’d like to live here though, the town seems small enough for me to be able to live in and the ability to communicate with you instantly is invaluable.” Twilight smiled softly at Aren, glad to have a new friend to get to know. He could use magic, so maybe they could compare notes? Oh! I could help him with his teleporting! She couldn’t help but grin at the thought of teaching him. Aren saw her smile and grinned himself, glad that things worked out as well as they did. Princess Celestia nodded once and rose. “Well that’s settled then. While I’m sure you’ve not told us everything, I think that we have enough to try and work our heads around for now. I’ll stop by tomorrow so that we can talk properly. I still have many questions Aren, and I’m sure my student here will want to be present too.” Twilight nodded twice. “Princess Celestia, would it be possible for my friends to be present as well? This seems like something they should know about, especially Rainbow Dash...” Aren turned his head away at the mention of her name. Celestia nodded to Twilight and encouraged her to bring them all along tomorrow, then left through the door, leaving Twilight and Aren in peace. “So, Aren. Would you like a tour of Ponyville?” “Sure, would we be able to meet your friends along the way?” Twilight grinned at his eagerness to meet them. She chuckled and headed out the door, Aren trailing behind as he placed his sword and sheathe back next to his hip, the familiar weight comforting him in this odd world. He stepped outside into the sun’s rays. He closed his eyes briefly and basked in the warmth. The last world he’d visited was cold and desolate, a stark contrast to the environment he was in now. He saw Twilight waiting for him a few meters down the path and hurried to catch up with her. His smile faltered as he saw ponies hiding from him, obviously scared of this stranger who had materialised out of nowhere. Twilight saw his smile disappear and a frown flickered across her face. She jumped onto the nearest box and, before Aren could stop her, shouted out. “Listen up everypony! This is Aren, and he’s been hired by Princess Celestia for royal business! You don’t have to be afraid, he’s a friend!” She looked at Aren and grinned, obviously pleased with her tactic. Aren was secretly pleased too, the less who knew about his true role, the better. A small crowd of ponies began to form, all of them cautious despite Twilight’s reassurances. Aren crouched down so that he was level with them and held his hand out to the nearest pony. “Hi there!” The pony jumped back at the movement. Her mane was a dark pink, but her coat was a much lighter shade. The pony looked up at Twilight who nodded, then the strange pony took a deep breath. Aren looked at her, confused. “HimynameisPinkiePieandohboyamIgladtomeetyou!IhopewebecomegoodfriendsbecauseIjustLOVEmakingnewfriendsothisisgonnabesoawesome!” Aren stared. This pony (Pinkie Pie did she say her name was?) seemed totally insane. During her barrage of speech she had hopped around him, jumped onto his back and run crazily amongst the group of bystanders. She’d even managed to pull a cupcake out of nowhere and handed it to him. “Anyway I have to go! Enjoy the cupcake and I hope to see you soo-oon!” She then hopped away down the road to the building that seemed to be made of candy. Aren just stood rooted to the spot, his eyes staring after Pinkie Pie in shock. His mouth was agape and he glanced at Twilight, who could barely contain her laughter. he looked at the other ponies and saw that they too were on the verge of laughing. His eyes swung back to where Pinkie Pie had bounced off to as he said in a distant voice “Friend of yours Twilight?” She couldn’t contain it anymore. Twilight burst out laughing and rolled on the floor, her chest heaving with laughter. The other ponies followed suit and began to laugh all around him. Aren began to chuckle softly and took a bite out of the cupcake (which had a hint of apple). The two walked on through Ponyville, Twilight pointing out different places and ponies as they went. Aren relaxed more and more as their walk progressed. He could see himself settling in nicely here, there were open spaces for him to practice magic and the ponies were kind and welcoming once they overcame the shock of a human walking around town. He could see Twilight looking at him quizzically and he suppressed a grin. “I’m guessing you have more questions for me?” Twilight looked away nervously, but quickly brought her eyes back up to meet his. “Well, this is all so sudden. In an instant you’ve come into this world to protect us from something we didn’t even know about. I barely know anything about you, so naturally I have a lot of questions.” Aren smiled and bowed his head towards her. “Ask as many questions as you like, but I might not be able to tell you some things as they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” Twilight's ears perked up in eagerness as she launched into her stockpile of questions. “You mentioned the Guardians of Worlds and that you were a part of them. What makes you a guardian? Are you born into it or is it like a job you have to apply for?” “Well it’s neither really. You aren’t born into it and you don’t go around asking to be one. You get chosen by other guardians, but once you become a Guardian of Worlds then you’re in it for life. You can’t just walk away from something like this and you don’t get paid, so it isn’t a job really. I don’t know what you would call it to be honest.” They had slowed to a stop as he spoke. Aren found himself in a park full of ponies enjoying the sun, all glad of the good weather. Twilight sat down on a patch of grass and Aren did the same, taking care to remove his sword from his hip. “So, how do you get chosen then? It seems like a lot of responsibility to just give to somepo- sorry, somebody.” “Well it varies with each person. Sometimes it’s when someone acts with distinction during a break in their world, and other times it’s due to some hidden talent that nobody but the council can see.” “And how did you get chosen?” Aren grimaced as screams and pain echoed in his head, the dull ring of swords clashing. Aren shook his head firmly. “I’m sorry, I’d rather not talk about it right now, another time.” Twilight was concerned by his drop in tone, so she steered the conversation away in an effort to cheer him up. “You said you could make your own home, how?” His face brightened and Twilight was secretly pleased. “Oh it’s easy, I can show you now if you like?” She nodded eagerly as Aren rose to his knees and placed his hand flat against the soil. He closed his eyes gently and a slight hum filled the air. The soil began to twitch and shift, tearing in two like a parting sea. A small hole began to widen between Twilight and Aren, tunneling into the ground. Before the hole became too noticeable Aren opened his eyes, and with a rush of air the soil washed back into place, leaving it exactly as it had been. “I can make a home underground by using magic. I just tunnel out whatever space I need, fortify it with some permanant enchantments so that it doesn’t collapse and there we go, one house!” “Why make your home underground?” “Well when dealing with a break we sometimes have to make a temporary shelter for ourselves. Usually the land isn’t very accommodating for us so we just tunnel underground and fill it back up with soil as if we’d never been there.” Twilight glanced at him as he leaned his head back and stared at the birds in a tree overhead. She could see him adapting quickly to this new environment, he already felt like part of the landscape. This strange man had been in Equestria for a few hours yet right now he looked like he’d been here his entire life. “You like to stay hidden don’t you?” He looked back at her, a light breeze blowing his hair to the side. “Yeah, I guess I do. We never try to interfere with the people in different worlds, so we do things secretly, and if anybody sees us we just wipe their memory as if we’d never been there. If everybody in each world knew of other worlds then the consequences would be... horrific.” His face began to look downcast again, so Twilight stood up, motioning for him to follow her. “Where are we going Twi?” A huge grin spread across her face. Twi... She liked it. “I thought I’d take you to meet Fluttershy, she doesn’t live far from here.” The cottage was overgrown with plants. Bushes covered the entire house, with enough bird houses to look after the entire population of winged animals in Equestria. Burrows lay pockmarked all around the small slope leading to the cottage, with rabbits hopping to and fro as they chased each other. Chipmunks and squirrels raced around Aren’s feet as he tried carefully not to step on any of them. A stone bridge overgrown with grass spanned across a small pond where frogs and turtles swam lazily in the midday heat. Twilight and Aren crossed the small bridge and stepped up to the cottage, then knocked on the door. A squeal and a crash from inside caused Aren to look at Twilight curiously. She sighed and called out to whoever was inside the house. “Fluttershy! It’s me, Twilight! I want to introduce you to someone!” The kindest and most placid voice Aren had ever heard floated out from inside the house, and he couldn’t help but smile broadly. “Oh Twilight, you scared me! I was just feeding Angel when you knocked on the door and-” Fluttershy had opened the door and spotted Aren instantly. Aren caught a glimpse of a bright yellow pegasus pony with a flowing pink mane before she squealed and dashed back inside. Twilight sighed again and made her way inside. “Wait here Aren. It’s probably best if I bring her out here myself, she’s a very shy pony.” Aren nodded and walked over to a patch of grass near the door, sitting down carefully and gazing at the different birds flying overhead. He could hear Twilight talking from inside the cottage, and a hurried response from Fluttershy, but his attention wandered and he instead found himself watching two squirrels chasing each other up a tree. A small bump against his foot brought his gaze down to a small bunny that had edged close to him. It was bright white and had one ear larger than the other. It nuzzled against his foot and Aren couldn’t help but smile. He leaned forward and gently scooped up the bunny in his arms and cradled it softly. The white rabbit curled against his chest and closed its eyes, falling asleep instantly. He rocked it slowly, humming a song he’d heard in his travels. It was slow and calm, and while the words had been lost for many years the tune had been stuck in his head for as long as he could remember. “Trust me Fluttershy, he’s a nice person. Just give him a cha-” Twilight stopped mid-sentence as she left the cottage and saw him. She began to grin uncontrollably and hurried back inside, pushing Fluttershy out and pointing at him. If this doesn’t convince her then I don’t know what will. Fluttershy stared at Aren as he cradled the bunny as gently as if it were a newborn filly. Her pink mane obscured most of her face, but the one eye that was visible was wide and staring. A smile played across her lips and she looked at Twilight, neither of them daring to intrude upon the peaceful scene. Aren was oblivious to the two, he just gazed at the bunny and continued humming the song. The rabbit suddenly leaped out of his arms and bolted towards a bush. Aren was startled by the sudden movement and the song died in his throat. He looked around carefully, searching for whatever had scared the bunny off. Then he heard it. A rush of wind, the sound of raw speed piercing through the sky, followed quickly by a “Look out below!”. Aren turned his gaze upward and saw something bright blue hurtling towards him. He raised his hand up, palm facing the bright blue cannonball, and a magical hum filled the air. The air in front of his palm began to shimmer and the blue shape began to slow down dramatically. As it slowed it began to take shape in the form of a pegasus pony, with a short mane of every colour in the rainbow. Aren’s stomach lurched as he recognised her, and the hum of magic paused briefly, but then he regained control and brought the pony safely to the ground. Twilight and Fluttershy came running over, concern etched on their faces. Aren stood up and stepped back, allowing them to see their friend. he began to shrink away from the group, moving as far away as possible without being seen. He dimly heard Twilight talking to the cyan pony. “Rainbow Dash! Are you OK? What happened, you never lose control like that..” The pegasus stood up, her body quivering slightly. “I was trying a new move to show the Wonderbolts and I got knocked off-course by Derpy! She’s made a lightning storm over Sweet Apple Acres that isn’t due for another two weeks!” Aren was almost across the small bridge when Rainbow Dash spotted him. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped in shock. Twilight looked back and saw him trying to sneak off. A sly grin crept across her face and she walked over to him, Fluttershy gingerly following her. Rainbow Dash stood rooted to the spot, either unable or unwilling to move. Twilight nudged Aren’s leg and gave him a “Don’t-try-to-sneak-off” look. “Rainbow Dash, this is Aren. He’s here to stay a while and-” She broke off. Rainbow Dash was crying. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as her body trembled. Her wings twitched and she blinked furiously, trying to wipe away the tears. Aren looked away, this was hardly the best introduction. Fluttershy had flown back to Rainbow Dash instantly and had wrapped a hoof around her friend. She could feel tears rising herself, after all she had been there... They’d all been there. Aren backed away more, trying desperately to resist the urge to teleport away from the situation. Twilight put a hoof on his knee to stop him and looked into his eyes pleadingly. “Talk to her.” He gulped and nodded, then took slow steps back across the bridge. He crouched low so that he didn’t look as intimidating, his hair falling partially over one eye. He stopped a few feet away from Rainbow and sat down, his legs crossed and his hands resting on his knees. Then he waited. Rainbow Dash was still crying, fresh tears mixing with the ones already dripping down her face. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, another human. All the memories were flooding back to her, memories she hid during the day and wallowed in at night. The pain was still fresh in her heart and stabbed away at her, each time feeling more hurtful than the last. Aren raised his hand and turned his palm to face Rainbow Dash. With a meaningful look to her, he got Fluttershy to move out of the way. His eyes closed and the hum of magic once more coursed through the air. Rainbow Dash turned her head away slightly, her eyes still locked on him, as a wave of emotion flowed over her. It was warm and inviting, relaxed and kind. It drew her out of her sadness, and while the pain was still there it felt lessened, dulled. Whatever this man was doing it was drawing her out of this unexpected misery, bringing her back from the pain. With a gasp Aren opened his eyes and he fell back, breathing heavily. Twilight rushed forwards and tried to help him up, and Rainbow noticed how he smiled and thanked her. They clearly knew each other already, and Twilight had been halfway through introducing him earlier. Aren took a moment to catch his breath, then went towards Rainbow Dash. he knelt down and looked into her eyes and spoke in a calm yet mournful tone. “Rainbow Dash. I know how much pain seeing me has caused you. I’m sure you never thought to see another human again, and all the memories resurfaced as I know they have done every time you go to sleep at night. I know the torture you endure, having something so dear to you taken away, and all I can say is that I’m sorry.” She glanced away, the warmth and comfort of the spell fading slightly as the memories of her departure flooded back. “You... You know about it then?” He nodded solemnly. “It’s my job to know. Don’t worry though, while it hurts now, I intend to make it better. Tomorrow I’m going to fix what should never have happened.” Alarm shot across her face at those words. “You can’t! I don’t want to forget! He means so much to me! I don’t want to forget my dad...” A fresh tear rolled down her face as her mind was filled with images of this strange man ripping out her memories and leaving nothing but an empty husk behind. Aren smiled and his warm, caring voice returned. “I wont make you forget, don’t worry. I’ll just make it easier for both of you. It’ll be a big job, and I’m hoping that Twilight here will actually help me with it.” Twilight blinked and stared. This was new to her, Aren hadn’t mentioned anything about her helping with whatever he had planned. Rainbow Dash smiled slightly, her eyes still watering. Aren’s spell was wearing off, and she could feel the sadness creeping up, but a small spark of hope remained alight. If this man could come here... Fluttershy crept back into view and Twilight ran over to her. They walked over to Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy still concerned about her friend, and Twilight began to introduce them. “Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, this is Aren. He’s going to be living here, and he’s on a mission for the princess.” Aren smiled at her reluctance to tell them why he was really here. It was like she wanted to keep it a secret between just them. He pushed the thought aside as he held out a hand to Fluttershy and then Rainbow Dash. “Hello Fluttershy, I think Twilight was going to introduce us until our unexpected visitor arrived.” He gave a sly wink as Rainbow Dash piped up. “Hey! I’m not the unexpected visitor here, you are!” Aren laughed at this sudden flare of confidence from the blue pony. Fluttershy flinched at the noise. “Hello Aren, it’s a pleasure to meet you...” As she spoke her head sank lower and lower to the ground and her voice grew quieter. Aren looked quizzically at the two ponies standing before him, both completely different to the other. Rainbow Dash was clearly headstrong and outgoing, whereas Fluttershy was timid and nervous. The thought that two such drastic personalities could find friendship together intrigued Aren. “I assume you like animals Fluttershy?” Her ears rose at the question and her head rose slightly. “Y-yes I do like animals...” “I’ve seen lots of animals in my travels, perhaps I could tell you about them someday?”