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Found 43 results

  1. I was trying to clean my room when I found things I drew in class during high school. This lead me to to remember the classes I drew them in, who I shared the class with, and some of the fond memories I have of that place known as High School. One of my favorite memories was when in a film/recording class, I accidentally pressed the record button on the Camera without realizing it. So we got a lot of footage of us walking around, primarily watching my feet walk around outside. When we got to a spot to shoot a scene, you would see me aim the camera at our classmates, and then I'd hit the record button, and everything went black as I stopped the recording.. When we finished the scene, I'd hit the record button, and record my feet walking again unknowingly. So we had to beg the teacher to give us an extension as we had nothing but walking and my feet. We showed him to prove we were not lying, and he laughed so hard when I'd stop the recording when I meant to record our scenes. So, what are some of your favorite memories?
  2. i would high school was pretty damn fun. and i wouldn't mind going back. it would be weird going back after all this time
  3. What year did you graduate high school? Class of '19 kid here!
  4. Some people see it as a waste of time and money, others see it as a necessary requirement for success, and some people just don't have the money for it, even if they wanted to go. What do you think about college? Are you planning on going to one? Do you think it's worth the investment?
  5. What was/is your high school mascot? My high school mascot was the Lincoln Way Central knight
  6. I kept reading negative answers to going back to high school in the previous thread. That made me think. What if we changed the question a little. Would we get more positive answers this time? Would you go back to high school if everyone in the school was from this very forum? The twist is that everyone (I am not stating specific members here) in the school would be from MLPForums. Even if you know them, or not, new members or old members, you might get a feeling that we are all a friendly family here. Would this chance your answer from no to yes? If you already answered yes, maybe you would answer no for some reason? Elaborate why, and you might also link to your answer in the original thread for comparison (if you like, you don't have to). Also, please don't target specific members of this forum, unless they are fine with it! The original thread from 2015 is here:
  7. Ah, High School, otherwise known as the bane of most teenager's existence. (And see that I said most, not all, I'm sure there are some out there who like or liked High School.) I've heard people say that High School years are the best years of your life, and honestly, as a Junior in High School myself, I have to disagree. High School is stressful, and I know college is going to be worse. Once you hit Junior year, you start to realize you're almost done with school, and that you're about to go live out on your own, and if you don't take action and keep your grades up and get accepted into a college, you're done for. Now I know some may have succeeded with this happening, but the School keeps bashing it into our heads over and over, it's led to what I believe in. High School is also a place of NON-STOP DRAMA! It's everywhere, and holy god in heaven is it the most annoying thing I can have going on in the already stressful environment we are in. I somehow get pulled into it all the time, hell, I even got pulled into it with my friends 3,000 miles away! And then there's the biggest problem of them all... The students. Yes, the students are the worst part if them all, not all of us are horrible, not going to go around and say EVERY student is bad, I know a lot of good students, but overall, it's breath taking. For example, last year, my sophomore year, we were having a class meeting, in which the principal told us we were, literally, the worst class out of the 4. We had the most suspensions, most disciplinary actions taken against, the most truancies, and the lowest GPA average. And you know how we reacted? We cheered. If I had a desk, I would have facedesked, hard. Us students are also jerks, from bullying (And surprisingly, I have yet to know of any bullying at our school, I'm just surprised I haven't been bullied yet) to the constant fights we get in, to the constant stupidity we have for doing drugs and underage drinking. High School ladies and gentlemen, where the majority of the students are High, drunk, and horny. Still have a year and a half left, God help me.
  8. Share some info about your high school! Name: Nickname/Mascot: Your Grade: Favorite Class: Favorite Teacher: Favorite Memory: Play(ed) Any Sports?: In Any Clubs?: Here's mine Name: De La Salle Collegiate (all-boys school >_<) Nickname/Mascot: Pilots Your Grade: Alumnus (Class of '07) Favorite Class: Computer Design (got to play around on Photoshop all class) Favorite Teacher: Mr. Karas (grumpy older man who taught AP Government and US History, he'd make sexist women jokes and carried a giant club we called the "liberty pole") Favorite Memory: To illustrate a point, Mr. Karas imitated the Jerry Springer show and flung a desk across the room at the wall. Everyone cheered. Play(ed) Any Sports?: Bowling 3 years, Track 'n Field all 4 years In Any Clubs?: Performed in the play all 4 years
  9. I personally miss being a teenager and I personally miss high school. To me, those were really great times.
  10. All right what are your opinions on high school? Well I do think it is better than middle school in terms of maturity of students. But I don't like the drama that happens or how early it starts. My school starts at 7:30 and I live quite a way from there so I have to leave at 6:40. I would prefer it if it started later and ended later. All right discuss away!
  11. Hello! I haven't seen any talk about college football in this thread, even though IT JUST STARTED BOI! I decided to make this thread because I like football, and i love talking about it. Whats your favorite college team, NFL team, and/or high school team and why do you like them? You can debate about teams in here too, as long as you keep it peaceful. I'll discuss highlights about a game of the week weekly.
  12. I'm graduating in about a month and today was the last day to submit for the yearbook quote. my first submission was rejected for being to long but my second quote was accepted. So I'm curious, what is/was your yearbook quote?
  13. So, what is (or was) your school mascot? My high school mascot was the knights and my current college's mascot are the wolves.
  14. Hey guys! Check out this short movie my high achool digital media class had to make back in 2013. Please let me know what tou think! Feel free to be as critical as possible. Yes, I am in this! I am the character Misty.
  15. I'm making this entry, because I wanted to reflect upon it, as well as the possibility of receiving feedback. During a good majority of my years in middle school, I was timid and I did not have many friends. This led to me being a target for bullies nearly every week. It was absolute suffering, and it even progressed to high school. After graduating from high school, I thought back on my bad middle school and high school experiences. since then, it convinced me that my inability to defend myself was a sign of weakness. Skipping ahead two and a half years later, my personality has taken a major shift. I'm more of an extrovert, and I'm not afraid to retaliate when attacked verbally or physically. These changes made me feel like a stronger person, but is introversion with non-retaliation weakness? I still don't know the exact answer to that question. From the day my personality reached the climax of that shift, I forced myself to approach life differently. I relied on both a good moral compass, and my willingness to defend the defenseless came to light. If a friend was treated poorly by someone, It would be a matter of seconds for me to step in and help. If a friend simply wanted someone to talk to, I'd be there. When I summarized my newfound personality a year or so ago, I noticed that I had a hero complex. I had goals and aspirations to make at least the city that I live in a better place. I wanted to become a police officer, and I still do to this day. My confidence in myself allowed me to focus on ensuring that others felt safe, rather than myself. Overall, I'm happy with how I've changed. Sometimes I wish I changed earlier, but I keep reminding myself that I wouldn't be the same person today, if i did. Edit: I may have found the answer, regarding introversion. Sometimes, it takes more strength to simply endure and not retaliate.
  16. I find it kind of strange that the crusaders are in a high school since they are kinda young.Any ideas why/how?
  17. For those of you who are attending College what do you prefer better? College or High School? I would by far have to say that College is so much better than High School. You get to actually choose your schedule and everything. There has been much less drama in College for me than when I remember back of my years in High School. So what is it for you all? Did you like High School better or College?
  18. I was arguing with four of my friends yesterday about our favorite classes in high school. After deciding American History is best history, we started arguing about science. Anyways, I know everyone hates science and that science is stupid. But I'm a bio major atm and I have to think about this all the time. My personal favorite was astrophysics, followed by physics. HPA was okay. I know, maybe I should have majored in physics. Still have time to switch. While I'm at it, I'll just include best math class. I hate math, but I figure why not. Unfortunately, my school only offered up to Calc 3 so I had to waste a year with AP Stats, which was full of stoners. Not pleasant. Algebra 2 was my favorite, because my teacher was a boss. TL;DR Vote for your favorite
  19. I have been on this forum for about a month and I think I should bring into light a story from my past that has a big influence on my life and a whole highschool. The year was 2013, I was new to the whole brony I was a total closet brony...with that I barley talked to anybody..I kept to myself and didn't have any thought of how this fandom would forever change my life in this year and the next. As my Senior year of Highschool started I had just entered my final year of highschool with a broken heart and only like two friends...but I knew this year was going to be diffrent. See at this point in my life the fact I loved ponies was a total secret...I was afraid if anybody found out I would be shunned by everyone...that all changed after I met two guys in my class who noticed I was listening to pony music. They approched me and started talking to me telling me they were bronies as well. Oh Celestia I felt amazing I finally had two new friends that were bronies. Every day we would meet up at lunch and talk about ponies, then I brought up the idea of...hey why don't we go to a con? XD After I made that idea, we spent the whole week on my laptop at school reasearching prices for hotel,travel,and the cons around us. We ended up choosing Everfree Northwest. As we planned we faced a problem tho.....there were only 3 of us...and we were just highschoolers with no jobs..or we almost gave up. amazing idea popped up in my head, "Lets make a club!" I shouted to my two friends. Then so it was our quest started to find and unite the bronies of our highschool, and also find a teacher who would sponser a club like this. A month passed, as we rounded up 13 other bronies giving us a total of 16 members to sign to make this club offical, we only needed one more thing the teacher. Thankfully one teacher he was new..became our savior as we asked him to help us make this into a club he automaticly jumped on board :3. Everything was set in place, the members, the Teacher, and a good meaning so the school board would say yes. That meaning was friendship and how friendships and working together can get stuff done. Then of January of 2014 came The Thurston Herd was an offical club :3 and I was their founder/president. This was our logo. As the first months of our club passed we already started rasing money for our con, doing clean-up jobs or taking in cans and doing can drives. Everything was beautiful. As my school's Anti-Bullying week started, sadly also the case of Michael Morones had sprung up and was known throughout the community. The School staff had no plans for an Anti-Bullying week so they gave that duty to My club and I. You see in my 4 years of highschool I never had to face being bullied I mean some comments were said to me because I was Asian...but nothing too bad just that I knew Kung-Fu and stuff...anyways so this caused me not to really know what to do. As I read about the Michael Morones story I soon got the idea of we should put out a good message to stop bullying and also raise money for anti-bullying organizations. We soon had the ability to post a bunch of posters around my school that went against bullying (and yes they had ponies. ( I should add that My school's mascot actually was...a colt...XD so having ponies around the school was acutaly pretty was just this time it was My little ponies. XD) This is one of he posters we put around the school. and how we raised money. We ended up rasing about $120 On the final day of the Anti-bullying week I had the sole duty as leader to give a speech in front of the whole school...a 30 min speech...on anti-bullying. (I should add here...that I hated speaking in front of large crowds....and this was a whole highschool staff and all 700 students...) I went up there bit the bullet and gave an amazing speech about how I was a brony and what a brony was and what our club stood for and went on against bullying. After I was done..I was expecting to get either boo's or hate for liking ponies...but instead I got cheers from everyone as I ended my speech teaching my whole school how to Bro-hoof XD After that day I became my school's pony king, and our club was the most popular on campus. XD But I mean not everyone agreeded with the Herd or how we saw things...and I did get negative comments and hate from some people. I would never argue or yell back I would just smile. Then I graduated with the title of Princess under my belt...(and yes I am a guy...) XDD I had left my legacy at that highschool in one year I mean in one year I became a whole diffrent person. So this is why Ponies have effected my life forever. As the summer after highschool came, I went up Everfree Northwest 2014 me, my two first brony friends and my Herd as we walked into our first con, I smiled as feeling of acomplishment filled my heart. The con taught me a lot about being a brony, It also helped me find my special talent in our community, and that is getting selfies. I was given the name Selfie Pony by other bronies as I took 200 selfies at the con x333 <3. I will remember that con forever. Epiloge: Sadly, after I left the Thurston Herd....the president that took my place after I left Ressigned after a month and the new leader kinda..drove my legacy into the ground. Today, The Thurston Herd is sadly dead....but our message will always be a part of that highschool. And in my old club's ashes we ended up making something new, I am now the President of a new meet-up group named The Iron Herd, and we are the only Meet-up group in my town. We already plan on going to Everfree again, and go on many adventures. So that is my story, I hope yall enjoyed I just felt my story should be brought into light. Also Thank you for reading my long story.
  20. Sooo A package came in the mail today. This was inside: Inside view: If you can't tell, on the inside it says: 20 percent cooler. I have no idea why it's so scratched up on the inside, but the rest looks AMAZING! Plus, the shipping took over 2 months so iv'e been waiting very patiently for this ring!
  21. Wow, this is long. Oops. ; I know Equestria Girls gets a lot of flak for being…well…Equestria Girls, but I really don’t think it’s as bad as people say it is. I really like the movie and my friend and I are planning on seeing the movie next weekend. Now, I know and respect that not everyone will like it, but I just don’t think it deserves all the hate that it gets. I remember one commenter on EQD had said he’d wished one of the theaters showing Rainbow Rocks would have a shooting like what happened in the one showing that Batman movie. Do people really hate this harmless movie that much that they’re willing to wish DEATH on people who go to see it? We’re not the only ones who’re going to see this movie, kids and families will be watching it, too. I swear some people act like it killed their grandmother or something. Kinda reminds me of anti-bronies and how they judge the show and its fans, only looking at the negative and ignoring the positive. I also kinda wonder if Hasbro had given us an actual pony movie first and then EqGs after would people still so hateful towards it? Cuz every time there’s new info about it, like on EQD, there’s always someone going “I still wanna pony movie”. Every. Single. Time. I believe the writers said something about it at this years’ ComicCon, and that they would like to make one if they could think of a good enough story and got the go-ahead from Hasbro. But, constantly whining about it ain’t gonna make it come. And Hasbro doesn’t owe us nothin’. Anyway, a lot of people keep saying Equestria Girls is just a boring high school flick with nothing but clichés. Really? I don’t think it’s boring, and I don’t think it’s as clichéd as people say it is. Besides, it’s not like FiM doesn’t have clichés. The clichés I see complained about most are the fact that it takes place in high school, the school dance, the battle of the bands, and, of course, Flash, or “Brad” as people call him. So, does that mean that anything that has one or more of these things is automatically considered cliché? But, how the hell is a movie taking place in high school considered cliché, it’s a setting. Are we not allowed to make high school shows/movies anymore? And just having these things alone doesn’t make it cliché; it’s what they DO with it that determines whether or not it’s cliché. If it was cliché, the first movie would’ve just had Twilight go to the high school, deal with the Mean Girl, get voted Princess with the help of her friends’ counterparts, retrieve the crown, and leave. The End. But that’s not what happened. This was Twilight’s first mission as a Princess. She didn’t just get the crown and leave, she saw that this school needed her help. She helped her human friends get back together, and then they helped her rally the school to vote for her, which resulted in all the cliques coming together and helping the girls fix up the gym. Twilight, as a leader – a Princess – brought people together, even though she didn’t know them and didn’t have to. And then there was the Fall Formal dance. Twilight could’ve just stolen the crown and left, but that wouldn’t have been very smart, especially if she got caught. So she decided to run for Princess to get her crown back, and to keep Sunset Shimmer from getting her hands on it. And yes there was a scene of the girls getting ready for the dance; I know people complained about that, how it was girly and whatnot. But, what’s wrong with that? It may be a bit girly, but so what? Why is being girly still such a bad thing? You’d think people wouldn’t dislike it so much since, you know, we watch a show that’s still pretty girly. And then of course they arrive at the dance, but it kinda gets interrupted by Sunset Shimmer turning into a she-demon, destroying part of the school and turning everyone into zombies. And she was going to take them to Equestria, where they would turn from a teenager army to a pony army, probably to get revenge at Celestia. And then Twilight and the gang defeated her with a rainbow blast, like in the pilot, and Twilight is given her crown. Last time I checked, I’ve never seen a school dance end quite like that before. I do admit that I wish they had done a little more with Flash, or they could’ve had one of the girls defend Twilight from Luna, like Rainbow Dash since she was on the soccer field with her. But, that’s just a small part and doesn’t really matter to me. I still enjoyed the rest of the movie and it tided me over until Season 4. And now in the sequel, we have a battle of the bands, which is, apparently, also cliché. Except, from the video shorts and the trailers, it looks like it’s literally gonna be a BATTLE of the bands, with the girls having to defeat The Dazzlings. I’ve never seen that before, so it’s definitely new to me. And I’ve listened to the soundtrack and the songs really aren’t that bad. I’m happy that Rainbow Dash got a solo, Awesome as I Want to Be, which is my favorite song on the album. I also love Rainbow Rocks, Let’s Have a Battle (of the Bands), Under Our Spell, Welcome to the Show, and Shine Like Rainbows. I just can’t stop listening to them, they’re really catchy. I love the Dazzlings’ songs, they could release their own album and I would totally listen to it. ;P Anyway, I know people are complaining that it’s “not rock music” and it shouldn’t be called Rainbow “Rocks”. Um, it sounds like rock music to me, it’s just pop rock. Were people expecting metal or punk or something? o.0 Just because it isn’t the kinda music you’d listen to doesn’t mean it isn’t rock. And according to the recent trailer that just came out, there’s gonna be a little slumber party scene, and it looks like some people were complaining about that, thinking it’s just another girly slumber party. One, no one has seen it yet, so we don’t know what’s gonna happen in that scene. Two, there was slumber party in Look Before You Sleep, and there were pillow fights, makeovers, and everything. And girls just love slumber parties cuz their fun. I enjoyed them cuz how often does one get to sleepover with their friends? And then there’s the whole Sunset Shimmer having a book that can send messages to Celestia, kinda like Spike. Maybe Celestia gives books like that to all her students so they can stay in touch, and Twilight already had Spike, so she didn’t need one. And maybe Shimmer brought it with her so she could use it to get information about what’s going on in Equestria. But we won’t know for sure until we see the movie. Y’know, I have faith that DHX can do good things with Equestria Girls, just like it has for FiM. They were able to take a typical girls cartoon and turn into a girls’ cartoon that’s actually good. So why can’t they do the same for a high school movie/series? I believe they can if given the chance. Think about it, with how we have demons and sirens, maybe this will allow DHX to use more human-like mythological creatures in their stories. Sounds pretty cool, if that’s the case. I was pretty much on board with Equestria Girls from the beginning, back when it was just a rumor and some concept art was floating around the web. I’m a fan of humanized ponies and always kinda wondered what it’d be like if there was a series with them, and to my surprise, it actually happened! So, while almost everyone else was moaning and groaning about it, I was all excited just waiting for more info about it. And now we might have a whole series coming up called Equestria Academy. I don’t know if it’ll be a TV series or a web series, but it sounds exciting either way. Anyway, I just felt like venting my feelings on all this. I know Equestria Girls isn’t perfect and has flaws, but I tend to look past the negative and see the positive. I try to defend the things I like when they’re getting lots of hate. Kinda like Rainbow Dash, who, I’ve noticed, has been getting quite a bit of hate lately, but that’s for another blog. tl;dr - Equestria Girls really isn’t as bad as fans say it is and I don’t think it deserves all the hate it gets.
  22. I took band for four years in high school, I played the Trumpet and later I played the Bass Drum till I graduated. I just loved traveling with the band to the football games, Especially the playoff games it was so much fun. Percussion Is Best Section!
  23. I will be writing a story revolving around the cliche'd, stereotyped "mean girl" in high school flicks as the main character. Here are the key points: * What may have turned her into such a bully? * What would you think the "average girl", who battles her all the way to the prom, "and defeats the bully", should be like (you can change her into anything you like - even a villain who is nothing against the bully's own problems) * I need the "bully" to have some events after the prom and homecoming stuff - do you want her to have a happy or sad ending (but she should always improve herself nonetheless) Now, what's important is that you need to make it as "un-cliche'd" and "realistic" as possible: while being in a cliche'd-appearing surrounding, I want my characters' events to be as uncliche'd as possible. (Note: this question is inspired by EqG's Sunset Shimmer, and Stargirl's bully)
  24. I will be writing a story about a teenage bully, inspired by Sunset Shimmer and Hillary the bully from "Stargirl" ( Can you share me as many cliches and pitfalls in EqG (and ways to correct them) to prevent my story from becoming like EqG or some cliche'd high school story?