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Found 13 results

  1. It's a concern to me that I cannot find any Bronies like myself out there who has a learning disorder like I do. For instance, I have High-Functioning Autism (HFA for short), a.k.a. Aspergers Syndrome. There has been some talk on the internet that apparently the entire show of MLP:FiM actually helps people (in general) who have autism with their social skills. And I am yet to see any studies and evidence of this being true.
  2. I love all of the voices in My Little Pony, but my favorites in particular is Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! I like Pinkie Pie's because I have a very high pitched voice, and it's very squeal-y. As in, people have told me I sound like Pinkie Pie. I also like Rainbow Dash's because it's adorable! I love the squeak in her voice sometimes! So who's your favorite voice in My Little Pony, and why?
  3. Hello =) here is my OC high hopes. she is an earth pony who's special talent is training birds she is strong, rash, passionate and understanding but can be hurtful as she isn't good at wording her opinions very well . she does have self doubts and worries but she tries no to let it show. she's an earth pony she feels sad and confused because she feels she cant fulfil her destiny properly as she cant fly along side her birds. Her friends mean a lot to her as they give her confidence in herself and her talents . here is a picture
  4. to get an idea of original colour look at my profile pic colour might be changed .... we see =). btw she's a earth pony, talent is bird training and she is a strong but emotional character note, picture isn't finished properly, needs final outlining and colouring in
  5. Well? Personally, I do online schooling and I already started my schoolwork back in June just to get a head-start. How about you all? What month and day do you all go back to school?
  6. Now to start this off, I personally do not like Justin Bieber...if you hate that fact, I am sorry, but it's your problem now. I don't like him because he gets all these girls to idolize what is so great about him? He is just a 19 year old dude who has all this 10-14 year old girls bowing to his feet. Isn't no different from other singers, so tell me from those who have this so called "Bieber Fever", what is so great about him other than the fact he is like a fracking god to you? *sigh* I decided to start this topic off with this is to reach a point. To many girls idolize this man, and I don't like it. What kind of influence is he on these poor teenage girls? Like what is the message? Point? I mean is career is already going downhill because of his decisions...his awful decisions. I am not bashing Justin Bieber because i'm one of those tagalongs, i'm bashing him because he was caught doing to many things a man his age shouldn't be doing. For Example: 1. Smoking weed. Or "holding it for a friend" is the most likely excuse. 2. Getting kicked out of clubs. 3. Lashing out at the papparazzi. 4. Getting tattoos. So tell me, WHAT THE HAY IS THIS? Has the Bieber Fever come to an abrupt halt? What do you have to say to this? I love this vrant...explains everything. It was from a few years ago, but still right on.
  7. It was 3 am, Pinkazoid had recently eaten 3 bags of candy, and a pint of ice cream, Urdnot was being Urdnot, and Twiliscael was no where to be seen. In order to join our cult of ours, you must change your avvie to Cloudia's Glorious image, along with a name change to match ours. JOIN NOW BOW DOWN TO YOUR CLOUD OVERLORD
  8. Ok, I'm going to try to make this quick because I have a football game to go to tonight. I told my "friend" that I was a brony and I love to watch MLP: FIM. He said alright, and just went on his merry way. (I told him because he asked if I liked MLP) Turns out he's been making me a laughing stock in the sister school to us. I found this out today on the bus. He started telling people that I love My Little Pony, and that escalated to people calling me bi-sexual. I told them (In a calm voice) that a majority of the fanbase is heterosexual. They didn't want to hear it. Now my "friend" has told everyone that I am bi-sexual (which I'm not). I don't like conflict so I really can't fight him, nor verbally scoff at him. I'm more along the lines of peacefully ignoring him. I found myself clenching the bus seat so hard it made imprints on it. I really don't like getting into conflicts so I just sat there listening to this happening... I'll show all of them, by wearing my MLP shirt that I'm going to get soon. ~Dusty~
  9. Well, today I found out that I have an F in world geography, with no explanation whatsoever. Ugh, teachers and me do not get along. Then I realized that I had lost my homework for English in the confusion. I tried to get it done as quick as possible, only to find that I had it stuffed inside my bag, completed. I also must say my bus driver is getting on my nerves as well... He banned electronics including music. I was getting off and he started yelling at me to take off my earphones when riding the bus. I was on there today and these kids had earphones on and they just walked right off without getting yelled at... Yeah... not a good day today. Anyways, my band is doing really well, we have a set list of 12 songs so far. I would name them off, but I kinda don't want too. Were practicing tomorrow and playing at the cities art festival this Saturday. I have to say it is fun being in a band. Oh yeah I almost forgot I have to read Moby Dick... I know I should be excited, but being forced to read a book is not that fun. Don't get me wrong I love the book, I just don't like reading two books at once.
  10. Just curious. What is, in your obviously correct and inarguable opinion, the best and worst emotion that a human may experience? For me, the worst would be dread, there is no better psychological inhibitor and dread erodes confidence like its nothing. The best would be gratitude, since it adds to your self-worth, and is indicative that you are going in the right direction. You make it as short or as long as you want, but I would advise a post cap at 4000 words, it's just an opinion, not a thesis for a psychology major.
  11. If you have an iPod or iPhone or iPad or anything like that just wondering what your high score is? Mines 358,317, yes ik its pretty bad So whats yours?