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Found 4 results

  1. The link: There are two people in the team right now, me and Rusty_Gears. I chose to be Pyro for some reason and Rusty hasn't decided yet. We need all classes except pyro and maybe medic (he says he's a medic main). Again, the link: You need a password to join. Add me on Steam (Lonk Chase), and msg me on the forums saying who you are. You can probably figure out why you need to add me. Thanks!
  2. So, to make a long story shot I did a thing where I had an idea for a weird crossover and took that shit as a dare. I wound up beginning to craft an AU for the Sonic games that crosses over with Highlander via Tails' adopted mom being an Immortal, which started with this fic Long story short, as a result of losing my own mother last Sunday I wound up completely putting all I had into this next monster in the same AU that wound up being a 6500 word, 20 page behemoth of a one-shot. I have to stress the fact that's 20 pages of 11pt font and NOT the 14pt most sane people set their word processor too. Basically, I expanded and re-wrote a scene from the flashbacks in the first fic where Sonic and Knuckles find out about her being immortal, it's once again posted on both major fanfic sites as well as DA, so pick your poison. I'm posting both of these as blog entries as well, so bare with me. Also, I need to fix the broke version that are my scene breaks, bear with that as well. Edit: Fixed the version, I have. Scene breaks, it now has.
  3. I just discovered comic rack and how easy "acquiring" comics to read with it is, so you might not see me for a while...
  4. Just wondering how many people on this site like Highlander. Its one of my favorite shows and I know basically nobody else who watches it. Edit: I was wondering what you guys thought would happen to the mane six if they were immortals in a "gathering" type scenario. What would happen to somepony as meek as fluttershy? Would Rainbow Dash go headhunting? This should probably be a seperate thread but I'm too lazy to make a new one.