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Found 4 results

  1. Phasereale

    Weird Dreams

    So, i remember having this one weird dream a very long time ago when I was in high school at the time. So this dream took place in a high school. It's not the same one I went to before, because I totally figured it out later on in the dream. I all I know is that me and my best buddy was walking and talking while we are heading to the same math class, but all of a sudden. We see zoo keepers down the hall. Releasing 2 tigers that are on leashes and letting them chase and catch students who are late to class. Their were only a few students in the halls at the time. So, after we both saw this. we sprint down the halls to our math class as fast and quick as a rabbit. We got to our math class safely, but I released when I got in and took a seat that it was Geometry, instead of basic math. To be honest, I don't know geometry at a high level. So, I just hung out in the class room. Until the time went by super quickly for our 90 minute classes. The bell has rung at last for us to go to our next class. When we got out of the class room. From all of a sudden and weird reason. My friend turned into a female, I mean 100% female. After, my friend turned into a female. A guy from our class, turned around and went walked back to us. He then, looked at my friend and gave me a weird smile and asked me "What's your name?". I thought at first he was going to flirt with my friend. So, I told him "My name is josh". That's not my real name and I basically lied to the guy in order to protect my friend from a random guy awkwardly flirting with him. After that awkward moment we had right their. All 3 of us, went our separate ways to get to our next classes before any of the 2 tigers get us. A tiger did manage to try to sneak up and pounce me, but I saw him before he could perform his attack. Me and the tiger ran a few good feet from we spotted each other. Until I turned my head to see if he was catching up and to my surprise. The tiger pounced on me and pinned me to the ground and tried to bite me, but I used my left arm in the nick of time to block the bite with. I also released that the tigers were just playing, because I somehow didn't bleed from my left arm or got hurt. One of the zoo keeper's came around the corner in order to get the tiger off of me and let it assist the 2nd tiger down the hall. Going in a different direction and turning right to get another student while the zoo keeper's chase after them. I also released this is not our high school we go to, because we are in a African safari area. Well, Ladies and Gentlecolts! I hope you enjoyed this story I told! Have a nice day or night! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more stories I submit! I would really love that if you do follow!
  2. So, this story took place back in high school of my Sophmore year. I did my daily morning routine as usual. I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, watch a youtube video, get my clothes on ( even though I already took a shower at night time ), go to the bus and get on, and just enjoy the ride to school! When I got off the school bus. My very first class in the morning is P.E ( aka Physical Education ), It's a gym class actually. I went through the doors. I then took a right turn leading into the gym hallways, took another right turn when I got down to the Basketball court area and then went up the 2 flights of stairs to the upper gym to get into the gym. Now, how the layout of the gym was set up is that their is wooden benches from the bottom of the gym to the top of the gym. Their is also steps that are made of some kind of smooth stone in each middle row of the benches from top to bottom. In the middle, is a basket ball court. Which is pretty cool to have! In the middle their is a corridor leading to the gym hallways at the bottom. Now, I know I should've taken the easier way to the gym, but the thing is that they have a gate that closes the way to the gym. Their is also 4 door ways leading to different areas in each upper corner of the gym. 2 of them lead to the cafeteria on one side of the wall. the other side of the gym is another one that leads to the pool area of the gym, but in the hallways. The one I came out of is from the basketball court hallway area. So, when I first entered the gym. I saw a freshmen female walk up to a group of guy's that were walking a few feet ahead of me and asked them "Do you guys have any change?". The group of guys then said "No, we don't" and after they answered her question. She then went towards me to ask the same question. After, she asked me the question. I then asked her myself saying "Why are you asking me if I have change?". She then said "Because I want to buy a soda". I then told her "I don't have any money with me right now, sorry" ( Now, I did have money with me at the time, but it was not enough to buy a soda drink. I know it sounded like I lied to her, but it was because I didn't know what to say to her at the and I was also tired as well and i'm still waking up. I'm a very honest person and I never lie, but only very rarely ). After, our little awkward conversation. I then went down the steps to put my stuff down and went to go hangout with my friends in the school's halls. As I was walking up the steps, I saw that she went around the gym asking people the same question as well. AS soon as I walked out of the gym doors to the cafeteria. I told myself that ( I don't think that's a good idea to go around asking random strangers for money to buy a soda and it's also the first week of school that started as well ). The second week of school started and at the time. 1st period was being let out for passing period before 2nd period starts. Now, for passing period. We get only 10 minutes to go to our lockers and go to our next class. At the time. I was in the freshmen center, because one of my homeroom classes I have next is Basic Math. I was getting a soda at the time. when I was waiting in line to be next for the soda machine and when it was my turn to get one. I got out my wallet and as soon as I did that. The same girl from last week, came around the corner and asked me the same question. Now I was tired at the moment and didn't care about anything for a sec. Also, their were 4-7 freshmen behind me waiting and they saw how awkward the situation was. So, I gave a $1 bill and told myself ( Here is $1 to get off my tail ). After, I gave her the $1 bill. She went back around the corner where she came from and after I saw that. I told myself ( The soda machine is right here and not around the corner ). So, I bought my soda and went to my next period class. I did see her in the halls sometimes around the school, but the good thing is she never asked me again. Now, im wondering if she got into trouble for asking random strangers who she doesn't know and are not her friends. I also think the reason why I gave her a $1 bill is, because I didn't want to be mean or rude to her about it. So, I was nice to her at least. Moral of the story: Do not give people you don't know or who are not your friend money, because you don't know what they will do with it instead. I hope you Ladies and Gentlecolts enjoyed this story! Have a good day or night! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams!
  3. YOU ARE STUDENTS WHO HAS EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES AND ARE THE ULTIMATE IN SOMETHING. WHETHER YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE GAMBLER, ULTIMATE POP SENSATION, ULTIMATE BASEBALL STAR ETC.. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING THE CHANCE TO ATTEND HOPE'S PEAK HIGH SCHOOL, THE HIGH SCHOOL WHERE GRADUATES ARE GUARANTEED SUCCESS FOR LIFE! HOW-EVER, NOTHING AS IT SEEMS... Premise: As you are the ultimate whatever (baseball star, pop sensation, gambler etc..) you have been given the chance to attend Hope's Peak High School, where graduates are guaranteed success for life. How-ever, nothing as it seems, the moment you go to the main hall to meet with everyone else, you find yourself getting dizzy and then you find yourself in a class room by yourself, your head resting on a desk. When you leave the classroom, you find out that it wasn't just you that it happened to, but to all the other 14 students that were invited to attend. You are then all called to the gymnasium, where you meet Headmaster Monokuma, where he gives you the low down of what has happened, and then tells you, the only way to graduate is to kill someone else and not be caught. So, the question is.. Can you all survive in a communal life in this warped version of the academy, will you become friends and team up to try and find a way out without killing, or will you succumb to the pressure and kill a fellow student and friend in the hopes you won't get caught and graduate to freedom? Only time will tell Rules: 1. this is a murder/horror mystery, but even then, I still wish to stay on here, so keep everything to PG 13+ only (that means swearing, violence, level of gore, stuff like that)| 2. Obviously both RP section and Forum rules applies here 3. While this will be ultimately based in Equestria, it will be following the storyline of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, so it is best you brush up on your knowledge of the game and anime 4. I will be playing as my own OC, but from time to time will also act as the Headmaster Monokuma 5. Above all else have fun! Sign ups: (maximum of 14) 1. @driz has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Lorianne "Lory" Vox (as the Ultimate voice actor) 2. @Acnologia has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Clayton (as the Ultimate Smith) and Orion (as the Ultimate Strongman) 3. @Techno Universal has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Techno Universal and Glitch Universal (as the Ultimate Computer Program Designers) 4. @Drago Ryder has accepted the invitation and will be playing as their character Maia (as the Ultimate Musician) and Gale (as the Ultimate Companion)
  4. hey as you guys might have noticed lately I've been starting lots of topics after the highschool administration/meeting happend. Well at one point they were talking about clubs and one of the students mentioned the anime club and I was interested. so here I am now asking what sort of things go on in anime clubs just so I know ahead of time (kinda have an obsession with knowing whats going on next)