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Found 21 results

  1. Blame Crispy and Viscra; their threads drove me to do this, because It's not all about guns, bitches, and bling. Have some POS to start out with. And yes, I fully expect this to be an unpopular thread.
  2. Ok i was going to post this on the Unpopular opinions thread but i think this needs its own thread because i want people to see this and give some feedback as to why this is so common. My Input: SO many people...and i mean SOOOO many people dislike and or hate "rap" music, which in all honesty i don't get, BUT to each his own ya know? but the part that bothers me is when people say it isn't real music, or it takes no skill, that's bologna. Rap music indeed requires skill and just as much skill as any other form of vocal.....talent...usage..thingy, i would know, i write the stuff, and not the lame BS 1 word per 10 seconds kinda rap, when trying write rap with even a modest level of speed, having the words sound good, rhyme without sounding generic, sound catchy, deep at times, unusual etc etc, is not a walk in the park by any means. And not to flip the script on other forms and styles of music, but i don't see how any song writing for any other style, (Rock, ballads, R&b, Blues, even screamo) are any more skillful, they do take a different level of vocal skill to Sound good(sometimes), but not everyone sounds good rapping either, and alot of the skill in rap is like i said, writing it, writing songs is of course also a huge skill thing as well, but there is no discernible difference in skill needed when you compare writing both song songs and rap. I really don't see why people say it doesn't require skill, the beats for rap can SOMETIMES be Basic poop, and ALOT of rappers are also Poop, But the thing is, most people dislike -->Hip-hop<--, not rap, -->hip-hop<-- has changed and its subject has become dull, Repetitive and i will say to some degree skill-less. Shee rap itself is the entire style of how you put words together and say them. Not a subject or theme, its a very broad word and encompasses ALOT. Example: You may say you dislike haiku's or limericks, but you wouldn't say you dislike Poetry in general, because that is way to broad a thing to dislike. and there is always SOME piece of poetry someone likes. Another thing is i have heard rap IN non-rap songs, eg. a rock song or so with a small snippet of rap in it, yep people who supposedly dislike rap like those songs....da fuu?. SO peeps who read this, if yall really just don't like words said in a rhythmic fashion....then do what yall do, but yea that what be in my head, so please.....discuss.
  3. So I searched and couldn't find this thread, so I figured i would make it Here we post and debate about hip-hop and rap related stuff. Who's your favorite rapper or rap group? Favorite producer? Favorite song, album, discography etc... And if you haven't gotten into rap, allow me to provide you with some essentials Here is THE OFFICIAL MLP HIP-HOP CLASSICS LIST (feel free to add suggestions or comment) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) - Kanye West Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor (2006) - Lupe Fiasco Late Registration (2005) - Kanye West Be (2005) - Common The College Dropout (2004) -Kanye West The Blueprint (2001) - Jay-Z The Chronic 2001 (1999) - Dr. Dre The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) - Lauryn Hill Aquemini (1997) - OutKast Reasonable Doubt (1996) - Jay-Z All Eyez On Me (1996) - Tupac Shakur (2) Liquid Swords (1995) - GZA Resurrection (1994) - Common Ready to Die (1994) - Notorious B.I.G. Illmatic (1994) - Nas (2) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (1994) - Raekwon Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) [1993] - Wu-Tang Clan Midnight Marauders (1993) - A Tribe Called Quest Black Sunday (1993) - Cypress Hill The Chronic (1992) - Dr. Dre The Low End Theory (1991) - A Tribe Called Quest It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988) - Public Enemy Straight Outta Compton (1988) - NWA Paid In Full (1987) - Eric B. & Rakim Raising Hell (1986) - Run-D.M.C. Favorite Rappers/Producers: Eminem (2) Tupac Shakur (1) Cypress Hill (1) Favorite Songs (must have multiple mentions to count): Recommended Rappers/Albums/Songs etc Cypress Hill - Black Sunday
  4. Mainly for the few people who like hip-hop on this forum. Out of every rap song you've listened to, which one has your favorite beat? imo this one:
  5. Hamilton is a musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda about Alexander Hamilton (a.k.a the greatest person that ever lived, dammit!) I'm creating this topic so others who have an obsession with it can discuss it/just gush about it if you'd like. Have fun! (If you haven't listened to Hamilton, first of all, what the heck have you been doing? Second, a full playlist is available on SoundCloud and YouTube, it's pretty easy to find) I haven't seen the show but I've listened to it all, and it's damn amazing.
  6. cruising down the street in my Mercedes/tipping my fedora to all m'ladies New non-pony related track. Dedicated to the kid at my school nonchalantly wearing 2 fedoras simultaneously; the future of our generation lies in your hands.
  7. I had to rephrase this topic because I didn't like how I wrote it and I didn't want to come across as a hypocrite because admittedly I like some trap songs. I made it seem like I absolutely hate trap music which is not true so in advance sorry about the confusion and the brand new post. One my way to Glendale to visit some friends I wanted to listen to so music because I was bored due to heavy traffic on the 405. Also I didn’t bring a aux vcord with me so I couldn’t listen to music on my phone. I started listen to different radio stations until I came across Power 106, the so called station “where hip-hop lives”. Only to discover that this radio station isn’t where hip-hop lives, it’s where trap lives. A new and rising genre of hip-hop that I somewhat have a love-hate for. Trap music usually has a beat that mainly consists of synthesizers, snares, bass, and a utilization of string, brass and keyboard. Which in turn can be a muddy mess or be pretty good. Now the lyrics can be questionable, most trap songs I've heard so far talk about money, being poor, drugs, sex, street life, etc. Just your usual hip-hop topics and in turn it can either be good or bad. But the thing that strikes me most is can it really be considered hip-hop? Maybe I'm just overthinking it but the only thing hip-hop in the trap songs is the beat. What do you think is it hip-hop or not? Trap songs I consider good: Traps songs I consider horrible: So in a ending note I believe that trap music could somewhat be a promising new genre of hip-hop, what do you think post your thoughts below.
  8. Yo man, this is tha hip-hop thread of Schoolboy B. You not just listenin' to them fresh rhymes behind yo speakers no mo', this is tha real shit yo.
  9. It's an idea I had for a hip hop song. Because Pinkie Pie is best pony. Lyrics: Pinkie Pie is tha giggly pony Dat always be havin' fun yo And I be tha tough brony That peeps be seein' me as Deez homies finna get they Hood robbed by Pinkie and Schoolboy B, tha rapper From Ponyville Equestria Cuz this is how we do it My computa be broken yo And I finna get a new one Tha camera be tryin ta leave me But it be stuck in dis view Deez homiez is bronies Cuz this is how we do it, Pinkie Pie style. Are you loco in the coco? This calls for extreme measures, Pinkie Pie style! My appetite is endless I'll never be friendless I answer every call By breakin' tha fourth wall When things be falling I'm not tense Because we gots my mighty Pinkie Sense We solve every problem wit' our laughter And in tha end everypony be happily ever after Her laughs be always mad hearty We're tha life of tha party She is so random giggly pony Like when we sneak up an' yell "Whassup!" She's tha crazy giggly pony And I be tha tough brony Cuz this is how we do it, Pinkie Pie style. She's tha crazy giggly pony And I be tha tough brony Cuz this is how we do it, Pinkie Pie style. Her cutie mark be three balloons Mine iz tha lettas S an' B Her mane iz pink an' fuzzy Mine iz brown an' cool. Are you loco in the coco? This calls for extreme measures, Pinkie Pie style!
  10. sooo I make beats sometimes. they aren't much, but I'm still learning how to make use of a shitty DAW so you will have to bear with me. Anyways this is my version of the "bicycle" song from Gold and Silver. I named it "Radio" because all of my tracks have weird names that are usually one word. Tell me what you think
  11. Just something I came up with while I was thinking about Anti-bronies. This was more or less a song for general practice.
  12. I was reading Redheart fics and I came across an amazing one that needed a song. So I wrote it. Link to fic in the videos description.
  13. I wrote a rap about a discussion I had with a "friend". And I was rather happy with what I had written so I decided to make it a full song. This is the result.
  14. Okay so before I show y'all anything, this is my first REAL post here, besides the meet n' greet. Second this is still my first day however the parodies I'm about to show you I made several months ago. I will only probably post one song I have "Ponified" so here it goes: TELL ME WHAT Y'ALL THINK! Beastie Ponies Parody The Lowdown: (Which Pony is who) King Ad-Rock is...Rainbow Dash (Or R-Dash for the nick name) MCA is.....Pinkie Pie (Just Pinkie Pie, I can’t make a abbreviation) Mike D is.....Rarity (or just Rare T, however I may change the characters around) Mix Master Mike is....Vinyl Scratch (a.k.a Mix Master Scratch) Three Ponies and One DJ Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master can come on I got the D double O, D double O style here we go again because its been awhile do me a favor don’t touch that dial I rock from Manehattan to the Equestrian Mile My names Rare T and I’m the ponies pick my ryhmes flare a sparkle like clothes with rhinestones in it Y’all gather around and hear my diamond rhymes cause when its my turn you know you’re in for a ride Cruising like a steam train on the tracks She’ll tweak the bass cannon across this map so watch ya back when she takes the stage Or she’ll blast you away to wherever you came 3 ponies and one DJ we be gettin down in Ponyville today mix master scratch whatcha gotta say Bug out/To The Mic/All the time Sweet and sour like a tangerine, fresh like a pick from a zap apple tree Running in the 90’s is my party theme mix master scratch on the scratch routine Always on track with the cassette tapes cuting the records like its a piece of cake the Bass cannon is booming from down low to up top we’re all just rappin to the hip hop Well my name is rainbow dash and I’m a pegasus don’t ask me cuz I can’t answer it I’m known to fly, I’m known to show, but don’t player hate because I got to go 3 ponies and one DJ we be gettin down in Ponyville today mix master scratch whatcha gotta say Gotta get down Mix Master cut faster Mix Master cut faster Mix Master cut faster All top secret and classified I pick the mic and let the rhymes fly Its all magical and totally ill so just take a seat and relax and chill Now we been here letting the beat drop reverberating off all the shops my rhymes are sick like the cutie pox don’t worry there is no need for shock Me and pinkie pie and rainbow dash when our rhymes drop their more like a smash To all the ponies who are happy and free with mix master scratch we’re making history 3 ponies and one DJ we be gettin down in Ponyville today mix master scratch whatcha gotta say God dang that DJ made my day I colored coated the lyrics so that identifies which pony is singing.
  15. My local station just got permission to stop censoring music, so they can get away with playing songs that cuss constantly and not get in trouble. It's selection is pretty good too. Probably would give it an 8 -10; it still needs to work on getting local artists and less popular bands (preferably international) in their lineup.
  16. I'm looking for rap/hip hop without profanity or sexual references, preferably without talk of drugs either. Also no Christian rap because that's too easy, this is supposed to be a challenge.
  17. I was looking at the Billboard Hot Black Singles charts from the '80s, and I happened to see a song called "Crack Killed Applejack" by General Kane. The single peaked at #12 on Hot Black Singles (now known as Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs) in November 1986; it didn't chart on any other major Billboard singles chart at the time. The B-side of the single was "Applejack's Theme". I found a YouTube video of "Crack Killed Applejack"; there doesn't seem to be one for "Applejack's Theme". [video=] The song has no relation to the character Applejack or My Little Pony other than the name. I just thought it was funny that there was an actual hit rap song with "Applejack" in it.
  18. Since a thread dedicated to one's music is all the rage these days, I thought I'd do one myself. I would like feedback on what I can do better. I use FL Studio 11 and Reason 6.0 with a myrad of synths, plugins, and just general cool stuff. Enjoy. Tia Pinkie The Pistol Packer The Overthinker Time's Ticked Buck 'Em Wonderbolts Lyrical Tetris The Colts That's all for now, but this thread will be updated regularly. Kick back and enjoy the tunes!
  19. Oh cool, a Fan Music section! So, let me introduce to you my very first MLP fan song So, basically, this is a demo/preview song. Why? Well, the goal of that project was to find "somepony" who want to make lyrics and sing on this song. I'm asking that because, I'm not a English (as I said when I introduced myself to that forum, well, I just learned english until highschool and also practiced by myself) and I don't want to make something with poor grammar, If you understand what I mean of course About the song: This music is more or less between hip-hop and rap style, and I also made a custom bassline in that song, to make it sound like an american rap with bass song (and also because I like car audio, and I consider myself as a basshead...SUBWOOFA POWAAAAA ) Hope you enjoy this song, and If there's someone who want to work with me on this little project, warn me on this topic of send me a PM. PS: Making music is my favorite hobby, I don't consider myself as a professional, but I hope one day I can reach the level of our best artists like The Living Tombstone. I'm not asking to be famous ... well...of course it is always good to be known,but just want to improve my level of knowledge in electronic music (music made by software) and hope that my work pleases everyone. More songs coming soon!
  20. This song has been reuploaded with better quality. I also made the vocals go better with the beat. Hope you guys enjoy and if you do subscribe to my channel, there will be much more.