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Found 126 results

  1. My history with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic began somewhere around January 20-26, 2013. I remember I was watching a bunch of Epic Meal Time videos on Youtube when I saw the video "Epic Pie Time" by Silly Filly Studios in my suggested videos section. I'd known about the FiM fandom from seeing signatures & avatars on other sites but this is the first time I had seen it "in the wild". "Oh, why not," I thought to myself "This might be funny." so I clicked on the video and hoped for the best. I remember being shocked by the colorful language & thinking "Is this a parody of a My Little Pony or is this real!?" Now, I was on the hunt for the pilot to see if it was as over the top as the video I had just watched had led me to believe & after some searching I finally found it. As I sat down to watch the Friendship is Magic two parter a name popped up during the theme song that I recoginzed "Lauren Faust", a name I was familiar with but was also unfamiliar with at the same time. (I'm not a Powerpuff Girls or Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends fan.) Seeing Lauren Faust's name made me nervous but I kept watching hoping that maybe this wouldn't be like her husband Craig McKraken's previous cartoons that primarily focused on silly comedy. Fast forward to the end of the two part pilot where my initial reaction was "That was pretty meh." & feeling that I didn't think that I would continue watching the series. A while later, I kept thinking "I should give it another try, maybe I'm missing something." to the point where I was arguing with myself over whether or not I should watch episode 3. Finally, I gave in to my self-doubt & watched "The Ticket Master" which, I ended up enjoying a lot more than the pilot because it was a more of a slice of life/comedic story instead of an action adventure story. "The Ticket Master" was the episode that hooked me & that caused me to catch up/binge watch the entire series up until the newest episode at the time "Just For Sidekicks" ("Games Ponies Play" was just a couple of days away at that point.). And so ends my history of how I became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Thank You SO MUCH for taking the time to read this awful mess.
  2. So what is the oldest item you have?
  3. Who is your favorite and why? List in your post your favorite person of history and why you picked them. Did they inspire you or something else? I'll start. Emilie du Chatelet--mathematician and philosopher She inspired me to further myself in philosophy and venture into more principles not to mention her sight in mathematics.
  4. Make sure to not reveal any addresses or any other related information.
  5. With how much attention is directed towards times when it seems the world is 'going downhill' or towards issues it's experiencing, sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of the many ways the world has improved through time, either through some issues being removed/lessened or new helpful things being created. What I'm curious about is, what kind of changes in your lifetime, or even changes from further back than that, are you very thankful have come about? Me personally, the internet is probably one of the biggest things I'm immensely grateful exists nowadays; not only does it offer so much entertainment (so much so that I question how people got by without it in the past), it's also allowed me to interact with many lovely people, certainly more easily than I would be able to in person. I'm also very thankful we're at a point where we understand diseases and can oppose them so much better than in the past... reading about some of the horrible conditions that people had no answer to back then scares me, and while there are definitely conditions that we have much to learn about even today, I'd feel much safer with them now than if I had any even 100 years ago.
  6. I am very interested in history, and I spend quite a bit of time reading history books (Especially Horrible Histories) and watching historical television. I saw there wasn't a Topic on this so I decided to make one! So what is your favourite historical time period? It can be from any time and any place! Mine would be either Owain Glyndŵr's Welsh rebellion or Republican Rome.
  7. I believe it's because it gives us a look at what the world has gone through up until today. I think it's fun to gaze into the past, and imagine what it may have been like to live in that era. Although, I think that some of the stuff mentioned through history is kinda exaggerated, it's also really amusing. Your opinion? No bashing each other, please.
  8. If you could bring an item or specific knowledge that would have been completely foreign to the ancient world to it, what would it be? Would it make people treat you like a wizard? You also have the means to maintain and fabricate more (e.g. rubber tyres). I would bring a mountain bike.
  9. I asked this question on another forum a while back but I think it's an interesting situation so I'll ask it again here. So here's the situation: You are allowed to go to any place in the world during any past time period for a single weekend. You are given the period equivalent of $500 and you cannot take anything with you except for clothing. For me I would probably go to Toronto in the 1920's just to see all the awesome old tec that was around back then. Seeing the harbor front and the train station with all that steam equipment would also be quite the sight. Victorian London in the 1890's would also be awesome to see what the place was like back then.
  10. I was thinking about creating a realistic portrayal of how language(s) would develop in Equestria. Of course you would have different language families, most likely divided by the different sentient species in their world; the equine languages, the griffin languages, the draconic languages, etc. Each would have their own unique history, dialects, grammar, phonetics, and more importantly lexicon, which would be highly influenced by their culture and way of life. Now let’s focus on the Ponies’ languages, or possibly a common Equestrian language that would have developed with the unification of the tribes. I was thinking they could develop an interesting noun classification system based on three groups; Earth/Terrequine, Sky/Pegasian, and Magic/Monocerous. This classification would not only apply to the types of ponies themselves, but reflect in how they view the world. Their names could take on the appropriate endings depending on if they were an earth pony, pegasus, or unicorn, and all nouns would get classified into one of those three groups; the ‘earth’ group for more earth-oriented things, the ‘sky’ group for sky-oriented things, and the ‘magic’ group for more abstract concepts. This could even apply to a single noun, where changing that noun’s ending or classification would change its meaning. Let’s make a word in example; perhaps la phona could mean “the tree” in earth form, then le phone could mean “the cloud” in sky form, and li phoni could mean “the pony (sentient individual; conscience)” in the magic form. (This is just for example; if I really make this language, there will be much more thought put into making it natural and have historical context with phonetic changes, irregularities, historic spelling rules, etc.) Now historically, among the three tribes, each one would’ve had their own distinct dialect of a “proto-equestrian” language, which would eventually shape the accents, dialects and colloquialisms of their modern counterparts. The unicorns’ language would’ve probably been more archaic and formed the basis for the standardisation of modern equestrian grammar; hence, people from Canterlot and aristocratic unicorns/ponies tend to speak very clearly with a distinct accent and word choice that could possibly sound ‘posh’ and ‘ritzy’ to other ponies. You could even have a similar thing to English where, after the invasion of Normandy, we took words from French, which took on a more pretentious and sophisticated feel as they were used by the aristocracy, yet we also retained the same words from Anglo-Saxon which have a lower register as they were used by the commoners or working class. So words from historic Unicorn language would sound more formal and sophisticated, while perhaps words originating from Earth Ponies would sound more simple. The earth ponies would also develop many accents and dialects of this modern Equestrian language based on their historic language(s), which could be perceived by other ponies to be very ‘country’ or ‘rustic’ (i.e. Applejack and the Apple family). Of course in modern Equestrian times these colloquialisms won’t always hold true solely based on a pony’s type; for example, Octavia is an Earth Pony who speaks kind of poshly or ‘properly’. You could also have unique accents arising in the city, for example Babs’ accent. Princess Luna, then, would speak a very archaic, unicornish form of the Equestrian language, possibly an Early Modern Equestrian language based in Canterlot (comparable to Early Modern English). If I continue through with this idea of documenting/creating a theoretical linguistic background for Equestria and constructing actual languages, I’ll probably post my progress here. Maybe one day we can have actual language courses and an entire community speaking an Equestrian language? That would be amazing. I’ll try to develop this more when I can, and hopefully I’ll have an actual speakable language underway soon. I will, however, probably have to start with an experimental Equestrian language first, before I start something serious, to kind of get an idea of how it would turn out and to get a basis for the whole thing. So what are your thoughts on all of this? Any extra ideas or Equestrian history you'd like to point out that may contribute to this?
  11. Is anyone else on here a military/uniform history buff? I really like learning about the differences between uniforms and weapons over time and how combat evolved. I actually went to Military History through the Ages last year in Jamestown, Virginia and they had presentations and re-enactors all the way from the Greek Hoplites to modern Special Forces. I've posted some links below:
  12. So, what I mean by this question is: where do you, y'know, come from? For instance, I'm mostly Scotts-Norwegian, with a bit of Turkish and Danish thrown in. From what descent are you?
  13. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  14. Almost everyone has a favourite history period, and some fictional characters (such as the Mane Six) are no exception. As a history fan myself, I wonder what periods of Earth history (such as the Hittite Empire, the Victorian era, mediaeval Japan) would each member of the Mane Six like the most?
  15. The vast array of places we’ve visited in Equestria has grown with each new season. Now it would be impossible to cover the art of every single new culture we visited, but this panel attempts to deliver a short discussion about it all. You’ll learn about famous artists from around the world, some of which way be familiar to you, others of which won’t be. The only criteria for a style of art appearing in this panel, is that it must be by an artist who lives (or lived) in one if the places that a place in FIM is based off of.
  16. I want to know what you all thing of this story. It is a possible history and I really want to know if I can do something better or something I haven't really thought of or important parts I've missed. I would really appreciate a few compliments and critics. A Great Nation, called Girok, was ruled by 13 tribes. Each tribe had there own talents and weaknesses and they cared for each other. This alicorns listened to the council, which were the gods of Space, Time, Life and Balance. Their was Respect, Order and Safety for the ponies. But all that changed when the alicorns thought the draconequusses came to invade the city of Cindale, the capital of Hyra, a province of Girok, in the year _____ before Eq. The alicorns and the draconequusses where enemies since the war of Davilus, when the two species could not agree about who was going to stay in Cindale. The draconequusses where defeated after a long battle, but they swore revenge upon that they would claim Cindale and now they were back. 6 of the 13 tribes thought they had to attack, in order to protect their citizens and their cities, but the council didn't agree, because the council felt like this was not the right thing to do. 3 of the 6 tribes didn't listen to the council and in order to protect the citizens, they set of to attack the draconequusses. The draconequusses were ambushed. Almost all died in the battle and the ones who fled away were hunted and killed later. Their leader was the only one who was left. His name was Discord, the warrior of disharmony. He was furious and depressed. The gods had mercy with him, so they'll gave him strong magical abilities. But Discord began to use his immense power to manipulate and kill other creatures. He created a specie, which are now called dragons. They were actually a failure because of their lack of loyalty and their only desire for treasure. His power was so great that the gods couldn't bring him down. When they tried to take his power away, he set two terrible curses. He cursed a couple of unicorns who turned into windigo's, which stole joy and feed of it and with his second curse he used the shadows of those unicorns to create Umbrum's. With there spirits and shadows gone, the body's stayed behind, but because they didn't really die they began to live. They began to mutate. Their skin became darker, they became smaller and they got wings. The first changelings had been born.When the gods heard of his crimes against those ponies, they locked him up in a prison deep inside the earth, which now is called Tartarrus. He could only be freed by two Alicorns, who where actually living sacrefices, because they have to be locked away instead. He was patiencedly waiting to escape. When the tribes were back in Cindale in the year ______ before Eq, the council punished the 3 clans. The citizens of Hyra, who had killed the most draconequusses, had lost there wings, horns and a large amount of magic. Then came the citizens of Beleria, a clan which also had big problems before with the draconequusses, who were the ones who had denied the advice of the council and convinced the others to go, lost there horns and there magic. And the third tribe, who just joined without considering the concequenses, had lost there wings and much amount of magic. They were banished to the place where they killed all the draconequusses, but they were heavily jealous at each other. The earth ponies had no magic anymore and were bound to the ground, while the unicorns had magic and the pegasi could fly. The unicorns on the other hoof felt betrayed, because they thought it wasn't really there fault. The pegasi were not pleased with the behavior of the unicorn and pegasi and became angry about it and so they lived on like that for centuries. And with the lost of magic, they lived not as long as before. When the leaders past away, so did the stories of the great alicorn Civilization. There were problems in the following millenia and an alicorn, named Starswirl, was send by the gods in _______ before Eq to get rid of the jealousy. The sirens were his first task to get the trust of the ponies and he banished them. The unicorns trusted him after that and he got a student named Clover the Clever. There was finally peace between the tribes, but they still didn't trust each other. This lasted till Swarswirl was ambushed and murdered a couple years later by Lord Tirek. He had came to steal Equestrian magic and Starswirl knew it because Scorpan was confinced by Starswirl that this was not the right way. After a long battle Starswirl had lost his magic and was killed. Scorpan on the other hand was alarming the unicorns. They were to late to help Starswirl, but with Tirek tired and weak, they could easily throw him in jail. They asked the gods if they could lock him up in Tartarus. They agreed and made an entrance with a safekeeper. But with a gate to Tartarus, it is easier to escape. For the first time in almost 5000 years the unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies were together talking to each other about their hero. Out of Starswirls body came a tree. This tree was made from pure starlight and friendship, which Starswirl wanted to bring to the ponies. They say that Starswirl's spirit never went to the next live, but still is looking upon his tree. But right after the death of Starswirl the clans began to argue again. And because Starswirl wasn't their to stop them, it became worse and worse, and if that wasn't bad enough, it slowly began to freeze. In the beginning no pony ever had problems with it. But after a couple of years the land became more and more a wintery landscape. The windigo's had come, giving problems and sadness. It was Clover's destiny to defeat them. Starswirl had known it and predicted it. You know the storie of Clover, so I don't going to spoil it here. It was here that Equestria was made. In the year ____ , Discord had been locked up for hundreds of years and wanted to get out to spread chaos and take his revenge on the ponies who had killed his family and friends. But he was smart. He had plans to free himself and he was in luck. In Equestria were stories about him. Scary stories and rumors that he will pop up to inslave everybody. A young unicorn named Celestia was worried about her younger sister, because she didn't eat, didn't sleep, had a lot of pain and it became worse. Nobody could or wanted to help her. Her parents had left her and she was alone without money. When Celestia heard about Discord, she immediately went to see him. Discord tried to trick her, by offering a deal. He said she and Luna would became alicorns, so Luna would survive, but in return he would be freed by her. She agreed and Luna and Celestia freed Discord and were locked up in that prison. The council knew they were tricked, so Celestia and Luna were freed. It was the councils plan to let Discord free, in order to redeem him. The gods helped Celestia and Luna recover and set them on a path to defeat Discord. The gods told the sisters that they need to look for a tree, which was planted long time ago, when the land needed to recover from a great and dark battle. It contained the elements of harmony. They found it and used it to defeat Discord, which turned him to stone. Luna and Celestia ruled the land of Equestria together. Celestia stayed in Canterlot, while Luna was mostly in her own castle on the north of Equestria. Here they kept a strong artifact, the crystal heart, but Luna became jelous of Celestia and wanted to be in Canterlot instead, because she thought she get a lot more reconition there. Amore Éros became the new mayor of the Crystal Empire. Many called her Princess Amore, but she wasn't really a princess and when Sombra was hungry for power, he turned her to stone and spread all fragments around Equestria. Each fragement was posessed by a strong dark magic. The changelings found a piece and because it was a changeling who touched it first it only allowed changeling magic. There was only one problem with it. Each fragment was to weak to really suck up magic, but all together they were very powerfull, so the changelings found all and cast a spell to make a throne out of it, which now protected their hive. Celestia and Luna came to stop Sombra. They defeated him after a heavy battle. Celestia was first strucked out of the sky and when Sombra tried to kill her, Luna came from behind and banished him in his own horn. Sombra cursed the empire and the sisters had to run for their life to escape the sinking empire. In canterlot their began to be stories about how great Celestia had fought. Luna became more and more jelous by day as her sister got more and more love from the ponies, prasing her because she was so brave and Celestia forgot to give credit to Luna. Luna wanted revenge, turned herself into Nightmare Moon and attacked, but she was banished to moon. Celestia made regrets to herself for not noticing Luna's pain and disappointment, but because she now was alone to protect Equestria, she thought of ways to keep the ponies save. She opened her school for high giveded unicorns to make stronger pony's. She searched for successers too and with her first one she was very proud. Cadence had officially became her prize pupil, but she came later then hoped. For almost 1000 year she had been hoping for Cadence and now the time was there. Cadence became the first artificial alicorn. But Celestia already was busy with a second one, but because Celestia was in a hurry, Sunset became very arrogant and selfish and when she had gone, Twilight took her place. Her goes the show further to the present.
  17. Hy its me again, Dune Gosbil ! ...and its time to reveal even more of my dark internet past today As ive said in the first part, i got bored by posting in the little inactive Forums on Forencity so i began to find bigger and more active sites. Because of my search for Videogame helping posts i found after a little search, a very big media Forum called Forumla. I had registered me right away and was so excited to finally post with other people. But after my terrible first experience with posting i made very much things wrong.A lot of things wrong. Chapter 1 - Every beginning is hard. My first name on Forumla was " Z.F. NO NAME " ( sry if this sounds familiar to you ) and was standing for " Zukünftiger Firma NO NAME " which means in english : Future Company No Name.Because i wanted to call my posts and drawing production like this...for some reason... I have chosen the name Z. F. No Name since No Name was already created. Well the first thing i did wrong was by mistake. I was trying to help people with horror game problems, but i hadnt really found that much treads about my videogames so i just answered what ive found. By doing that, i have reanimated very old topics that was made years ago, so in much cases my answer didnt made a sense at all. By that time many Users had asked me, why im response to undead topics and that i should stop that, because it annoyed people for some reason and was counted as post counter spamming. The Second thing i made wrong, was my first self created tread. Ive made a Video Game tread about Battle Arena Toshinden and posted it in the tech category...which was wrong of course Also the title said : Collest Game Ever, and it didnt even include the game title.Better yet, even in the post itself i have forgotten to mention the game and ive only posted what a surprise that game was and that ive found it better than most other games. My first response ive ever got was this : " Wow, you made everything wrong what you possibly could...i think you deserve an award! " Of course since i was a kid i got butthurt and commented back that this was my first post and that he should shut up since the game was very good, this time apologizing that ive forgot to mention the title. Of couse i didnt get that ive posted in the wrong category after all.So he commented back and told me even more, what a little kid i was and that i just should delete my posts.I just got more angry and started a comment chain with him.At some point he deleted all his posts so that it seems that i was talking to myself, a mod came to the tread and i got my first warning and my first warning points. But it didnt stop there.After that i had mentioned the Game in a Tekken 4 tread and said that Tekken looks terrible and the controls for the first game was just garbage and to difficult and said that i would prefer Battle Arena Toshinden 4 more, since in the first Battle Arena Toshinden the characters moved much faster and it was easier to play. Of course i made everything wrong again First the tread was about Tekken 4 not Tekken 1 and second, i have said that Battle Arena Toshinden for the ps1 was way better than Tekken 4 and third, i had said that Tekken 4 was shit.So, alot of people got angry at me... Users and Mods. And it got worse. I just thought that every Mod and user was against me and in my opinion back that day, their were just rude and arrogant.So i was talking some...well not so nice things.. and posted in the general talk tread.So to make it short, many people if not almost all hated me or disliked me and i got popular as a troll.Also i was muted for a few months... Of course i didnt read the rules and didnt care and simply created a second account : " Creature of the Night " also known in some Forums simply as " C.O.T.N. " ( again, im terribly sorry if the names sounds familiar ) In the next few days i even got more of a troll without noticing it.First i continued to reanimate old treads and post many foren games since i was bored. If i didnt get a answer back in one day, i had posted a second post, which was forbidden of course since it was double posting.I didnt now it was forbidden since in the market place it was allowed to push treads. To get attention i posted many answers in other forengame treads like the " what was your last drink? " and continued posting " drinking Cola " or " still drinking cola " or " wow what a surprise, i did it again! " .I guess i dont have to say that my posts were not a good thing... I got in the Chats very late at night and since most of the users were older and adults they sometimes talked about things like sex or other adult jokes which i as a kid found strange and disgusting. I even tried to report them and was telling them that they should stop. Their explained that i was only a kid and would understand it later if i would getting older.I found that this was just an insult that i might become also disgusting and continued by telling them to stop ruining the chat. By that time i had surpisingly made some friends because of my Video Game advices and the helping and that a few people liked my foren games. But that was also the time i got muted again, got alot of private mails which said not so nice things about me and almost half the stuff team from Forumla had me on their list. But after all, that was it for this post. What will happen on the next post: Both my muted accounts got back to life, the creating of more accounts and my sister joins the Forum, double fun! But some users bullied her so i got angry and a really big war was coming to the forum... Thanks for reading trough that novel ( and sry for terrible english ) Keep in mind i was a kid back then, and wasnt very smart... or nice... ( picture made by tootootaloo on deviant art called Derpy Hooves Vector : )
  18. Hey everyone,I am rather new to all of this, so I am not sure what I am doing.Anyways, I am trying to start a youtube series in which my MLP OC reviews human history ... yes I am serious.Why am I doing this ... Here is a link to my most recent episode in which I talk about the causes of the American Civil War: to say, I cover information some might find offensive.I hope you guys like my ... unorthodox series.
  19. So, initially I wanted to create an Europa Universalis thread to discuss about the game, until I realized that it would be a bit more exciting to talk about all of Paradox's games in general (not to mention there isn't a thread about it yet, as far as I know ((If there is, please let me know below!)). Are there any Paradox Grand Strategy players here? If so, what's your playstyle? How did you get into the games? What was the craziest, best, or even worst game you've had? What are your favorite, or least desirable aspects of Paradox's games (apart from its DLC, we all know it's pretty horrid). Go ahead, don't be shy about posting how big, or small your blob is Basically, I started out by a friend buying me Europa Universalis 4 once it was on sale last year on Steam. I understood the game rather quickly, and was able to play the Ottoman Empire... sort of successfully! x3 Just recently I got Hearts of Iron 4 (never played HOI 3 or any previous installment). I didn't understand most of it, but I can't wait until I do, it really looks just as fun as EU4 does! (Still haven't gotten Stellaris, I'll get back to you on that >.<) And now, for an obligatory blob picture(s)
  20. So we know that it was a 1,000 years before episode one that Luna was banished for being Nightmare Moon, but what about all the other events. Discord rules. Celestia and Luna found Elements of Harmony. Discord encased in stone Luna/Nightmare Moon banished.. Where does Crystal Empire fit into this? How long after Discords fall did they rule before Nightmare Moon, when was Equestria set up my the Princesses. When did they become Alicorns? And do the comics count? I know some of this is covered by them, or I would assume so, but is that considered cannon or no? Basically I am trying to write a fanfic and I need to know the years between these founding events, so I dont have to retract something. I should rewatch the show and take some detailed notes. Thanks anypony for the help.
  21. What are some of the best military operation names you've come across? and what did these operations entail. There are some really creative and awesome military operation names out there and I'd like to give them some credit with this thread. I mean hats off to the guy that came up with "Operation Dragon Spear" which was basically the US Armies capabilities being demonstrated. A more bigger operation that didn't happen but was planned and devised was "Operation Downfall", which involved the US Military's invasion of the Japanese homeland. And from my understanding this would've taken place after the fall of Nazi Germany and would've involved more than just the USA. "Operation Downfall" Map Plans. Scene from "Operation Dragon Spear" Please share whatever little cool details you know about the Operation for show. I look forward to reading all the awesome stories behind all the awesome Operations you will show. There has been many, many wars throughout all of human history, many titles have been bestowed on many huge events. All this information can be found from all walks of the internet, I'll leave you to the digging for the most interesting ones you can find.
  22. If Scorpan finally appeared on the show to become a season's arc, what do you think would happen? How would he be found by the Mane Six? What is he going to do in the season, and what's his purpose? How do you think he feels about leaving Tirek imprisoned in Equestria? Who would Scorpan have a good friendship with? How would he do in the finale? And finally, who do you think would voice him? It's alot of questions, I know! I dunno if Scorpan is coming back next season or not, but I do think he'll come back before the show ends! I'll put in my theories down below if you wanna see them, but otherwise, I'd like to see your opinions! ________________________________________________________________________________ Even though these are just theories, a little bit of season 7 spoilers down below! Since next season is going to have something to do with Equestria's history, I have the feeling that Scorpan might make his debut next season! If not him, then maybe Star Swirl, I dunno, but something about Equestria's history is going to happen, as proven by the future comic issues. Now if Scorpan comes back, like if Twilight's history books lead to discovering Scorpan, I would believe he'd want to try to reform his brother, since I think he might know something about the Mane Six reforming villains all the time, and might help make peace with him, which is what I think the season arc might be about. I dunno for sure of how the Mane Six might discover Scorpan, but it might have something to do with the history books that Twilight's gotta retrieve from the villain of a future comic issue. If Scorpan comes, he's obviously going to have some sort of relationship with Twilight, but if he wants to learn how to reform Tirek, then he might want some advice from Starlight, who is a reformed villain herself, so I see them being close. The number one character I see Scorpan being close with though is Spike, mainly because in MLP G1 Spike and Scorpan were best friends, so if Scorpan were to stay at Twilight's castle, Spike might offer to take care of him since Twilight already has her princess duties, as well as giving lessons to Starlight, and the two would have a brotherly bond, like a replacement Tirek to Scorpan; and of course Tirek might use that to his advantage against Scorpan. Besides, this would give Spike a guy to hang out with in a regular bases! Of course when the finale comes, if Scorpan does become a season's arc, Tirek would obviously come back, and perhaps Chrysalis might have something to do with it. I dunno if Scorpan would be successful or not in reforming Tirek, but perhaps if not, Scorpan might just put him in a cage, but take him home, which is probably what he should've done. Imprisoning him was the right thing, but imprisoning him in a foreign land doesn't look right. Imprisoning him back in the comfort of his own home might be the right way to go. Unless he does get reformed. I don't work for the MLP staff, so I have no idea! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! A friend of my suggested Patrick Warburton being the VA for Scorpan, and I strongly support that idea! If Patrick Warburton is interested in MLP (which I dunno if he wants to or not cause him liking MLP is unconfirmed), but I think the voice might suit Scorpan well! Now all Scorpan needs is a wheelchair! XD Alright, now your ideas!
  23. Howdy all, I've been working on a little project, and need a bit of help. I'm trying to figure out which cultures those in Equestria correlate to in the real world, as this will help me with expanding the canon and creating content that is consistent with the lore (or, at least, with itself). Because, you know, there are only so many horse puns that can be used as city names. At the moment, I'm mostly concerned with the three pony tribes as seen in the Hearthswarming Eve episode. The pegasi are the most obvious, with their Greco-Roman influences, but it's the unicorns I'm having the most trouble pinning down. I'm also curious about non-pony races like the griffons and diamond dogs. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I'd be interested in hearing what other people think.
  24. I was wondering, let's say a human went to Equestria, the ponies met him, made contact with human race for the first time and the ponies particularly Twilight wanted to learn about the history of humanity. In order not to scare the ponies, should the human just tell them the bright side of humanity or the dark side of humanity as well, including all the atrocities humans have committed such as WW1 and WW2? Scaring the ponies is not something I would ever do because It will be cruel if I do.
  25. The Brave One or How Earth Ponies came into Existence by Phosphorous Dr. F. Goodblood, a worn down mechanical engineer, was sitting with his two great-grandnieces and his great-grandnephew. “Do you want to hear something interesting?” He asked the fillies and colt. “Of course.” Miss Purity, the oldest of the three cousins, replied. “Once upon a time, there were no Pegasi, no Unicorns, and no Earth ponies. Life was difficult. Ponies toiled through their days. Colorful manes and fur did not exist; everypony was a shade of drab brown or grey. Cutie marks were a term that was never heard of before. Ponies, in all of their suffering, were unkind to eachother. It wasn’t like anything anyone nowadays can imagine; the situation was worse than anything anypony can dream up in their worst nightmares. Beyond the daily aches of daily manual labour, the weak-bodied ponies were placed into conflict against eachother over trivial things such as the shade of their fur. There was no energy left for mercy. If someone had a poor harvest, they would be left starving. There were few ponies which challenged the way that things were. The ruler at that time, a cruel stallion named Ironhoof, was intolerant towards the intellectuals that toiled their minds daily, searching for solutions that would make the world a better place. The tyrant knew that his power was walking on thin ice. He was an intelligent, but evil stallion. He knew that the new technogies and ideas being developed by the intellectuals posed a risk to the current state of the world, and his own powerful seat. One of the brave ponies that stood against him was Alloy. Alloy was a student of Proffesor Openheart, the pony who pioneered a new field of enginnering that involved modifying heriditary material. His proffesor was regularly brought into question by Ironhoof’s accomplices. Labs were broken into, materials unlawfully seized, and research was destroyed. Several weeks after Alloy was granted his doctorate, Openheart gave him a box in secret. ‘I may not last much longer in this cruel, harsh world. Everyday, I am tormented and threatened by Ironhoof’s ever growing grip on society. But, deep in my heart, I know that this regime of fear and hatred will not last. All is not lost. I need you to continue the research in a safe space.’ Inside the box, there was a key and an adress. The address led to a secret, but high-tech laboratory in a remote area of Metallia. There, he continued the research, the hereditary material splicing which resulted in the creation of the first earth pony.” The little filly, Rose Copper, raised her hoof. “In school, we were told that earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns have always existed. There was never a first earth pony.” Dr. Goodblood laughed. “In school…” He adjusted his glasses. “What incentives do the teachers have to give you information that even they don’t have, information that has been supressed by Celestia.” He recalled his memories. “When I was much younger, several of my fellows found ancient artifacts of Alloy’s notes, Ironhoof’s correspondences, and etcetra. They even found Alloy’s lab by piecing together different hints found in various places. Celestia eventually caught ahold of us.” Goodblood took took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. “That tyrant! She had her cronies infiltrate our homes, seize all of the artifacts, and burn them to dust in front of our eyes.” Tears pooled up in front of his dark chocolate eyes. “I’m so sorry.” Rose said calmly. “Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. That tyrant felt that her power was threatened by the same technology that once led to the overthrow of another tyrant. Neither I, nor my fellows have visited the lab since that incident, for fear that the location might be revealed, and Celestia would order it to be demolished. Anyways, on to what happened with Alloy. Alloy was succesful at making the first Earth Pony. She was a darling that resembled most ponies back then; with a brown fur, mane, and eye combination. Her name was Steel Alloy. Dr. Alloy kept the creation of this filly a secret, but Ironhoof somehow suspected what was done. In reaction, the Ministry of Propoganda pumped out novellas and short stories ‘exposing the danger of creating a pony powerful than most’.” “Can you tell us what was in those stories?” Bronze, the colt, asked. “In one of those poorly-written, mass produced propoganda pieces, a stock character mad scientists makes a group of enhanced ponies. The enhanced ponies then destroy everything in their way, capture the world, and enslave every other pony. These stories were only made to distribute negative perspectives on pony improvement to everypony. They are not worth any merit. However, luckilly, the regime’s plan failed, for it is impossible to cover up the truth no matter how many words are published. Steel was far from the stock enhanced ponies portrayed in the dime novellas. She had a generous heart, When other ponies lacked the strength to do a task, she would aid them. I guess she had to do this, because, sooner or later, the truth about her origin would be revealed. When Ironhoof’s accomplices attempted to capture this ‘artificial freak’ by offering peasants piles of gold, the peasants refused the offer. Steel had helped them in times of need, while Ironhoof’s regime stood voluntarilly ignorant to their suffering. If it weren’t for Steel’s intuition regarding the ideal location of where to plant seeds, the labour of the peasants would have been fruitless. The peasants paid their dues by protecting Steel. They secretely snuck her and Dr. Alloy outside of the county. As he was running outside the county at the middle of the night, Dr. Alloy carried a metal box with himself. Back in the county, many peasants were slaughtered by Ironhoof’s accomplices for refusing to cooperate in the search for the ‘dangerous monster’. The two Alloys moved to and lived comfortably in a province on the opposite side of Metallia. In that other province, Steel also helped many ponies using her intuition and Earth Pony strength. Dr. Alloy offered to give many mares a foal that would have Steel’s abilities.” “Wouldn’t the stallions get angry at Alloy?” Miss Purity asked out loud. Goodblood laughed. “At first they did. But he proved himself to be a good pony. The proto-foals which were injected into the mares were stored in a frozen state within Dr. Alloy’s metal box. The foals which were born to these mares were the ancestors to all Earth Ponies. After several years, Ironhoof’s regimes caught wind of where Alloy and Steel were. The duo then fled once again, but to a place in the central region of Metallia. This time they were more inconspicuous. It was safe this way, since Steelhoof’s forces were battling a war against fellow Metallians on two fronts. The central province was a clear, safe place. Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, the Earth Ponies became mature. Suddenly, Ironhoof’s regine suffered a large blow. His forces weren’t strong or numerous enough to withstand the sheer power of a thousand of Earth Ponies stampeding upwards from the south. The tables were turned. It was time to strike. Steel herself found Ironhoof. Guess what her last words to him were.” The colt and the two fillies shrugged. “It was ‘Steel is stronger than Iron.’”