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Found 12 results

  1. What are those special things that make you happy or calm? When I'm frustrated sad or stressed I have those certain things I can do and feel almost immediately better. It doesn't have to be something you do either it can be a smell or a sound too, just anything that gives you tranquility. Those things for me would probably overall have to be Drawing or painting, I find it very meditative and I could never be anything but happy when doing it. Also Ice cream on a hot day, And cuddling my cats.
  2. I'm just kinda curious how many of you pones can juggle! I find it to be an extremely fun thing to do when very bored or just want something to do! If so how good are you at it and what's the highest amount of objects you can juggle? I can currently juggle four balls at once and three clubs!
  3. So it's been a minute since I posted something so I thought I would ask. "What are your non pony related hobbies?" I am curious as to see how diverse the community is. (to anyone who cares) I weld, I play guitar (and violin), produce dubstep, draw, study a lot for the fun of it, make inventions (video games, fm radios, etc.), cook a large variety of foods (Soufflé's being my most hated) >.<, help people with life advice, work out, and currently I am constructing a room by myself (it sucks!). so I ask you what do you do?! I wanna know... or as robert downey jr would say. "gimme!" (a response) :3 [nothing to do with this] if you must know I burnt my pop tart right now... he was a good pop tart who deserved better more than the 2% milk I provided to swiftly end his pain... I will truly remorse him and contemplate the meaning of life from time and time again... arn't we all burnt pop tarts in a cruel world being drowned in 2% milk?... With this I wait eager to see what you do to keep your tartiness dry from the 2% milk of time...
  4. Very self explanatory, just describe your hobbies in detail, if you have one. If you don't, just list hobbies that you would love to partake in but never seem to have the adequate time for.
  5. Unless you literally just sit in one position, thinking about nothing all day, we all have hobbies, and as we all know, our hobbies can evolve and change. What interests us as young adults most likely won't interest us when we reach our middle age, the same way that our interest differ from when we were children and now. With all of this said, sometimes we just move on from hobbies, whether it's on a positive or negative note. Unfortunately... we'll be talking about one of the more negative exits here. With all of this said... have you ever burned out on a hobby of yours? One day, you were enjoying the hell out of a hobby you were participating in, but the next thing you knew... you just weren't. If anything, you were starting to hate it. For me, I ended up being burned out on video games to the point where I barely play them anymore. Sure, I might be looking forward to the next Smash game on the Switch... but other than that, I really couldn't care less about gaming as a whole anymore. I don't know why, but not too long after I bought a Nintendo Switch, I just couldn't bring myself to play many of the games. No joke: of the 10 Switch games that I own, I only finished 4 of them. Even worse, of the aforementioned 10, I haven't even played 3 of them; I literally have not touched them yet (except for one, but it barely counts). So that means that I own 10 Switch games; Super Mario Odyssey, which I beat. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I beat. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Which I beat. Skyrim, which I barely played. DOOM, which I played a little bit (great game, though; you should check it out). Sonic Forces, which I beat, but didn't like. Bayonetta 1 + 2, which I haven't touched yet. Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which I haven't touched yet. Scribblenauts Showdown, which I played for 10 minutes and nearly threw in the garbage. And Pokken Tournament, which I played a little bit. Oh, and do I need to mention the 50$ that I wasted on a Pro Controller? With my little rant out of the way, have you ever been involved in a hobby so much... and then, over the passage of time, just stopped caring? I'm honestly wondering if anyone else has gone through what I have at this point.
  6. What we know about the prim and proper students of Crystal Prep is that they are very competitive: they do not tolerate failure, and they are happy to outperform their opponents for their school's reputation. Also, in the song "What More Is Out There", they seem to be rather apathetic. Considering their formalised setting, I wonder what kinds of hobbies would be typical for the students of Crystal Prep, in contrast to CHS' colourful cliques?
  7. Just wondering if any of you play Magic: The Gathering , if so what is your favourite colour combination? I play a Green and White centaur deck =3 and i have a Derpy hooves play mat. i also am working on a Blue and white Flying deck and a Black and White extort deck. friendship is Magic What is your favourite kind of deck ? do you like certain mechanics such as Heroic, Populate, Flying, Hexproof ect.
  8. Lets say a Pony has a frying pan cutie mark, implying he/she is a cook. Is it possible to also take a side interest like say drawing as a hobby without changing their cutie mark?
  9. I am a geek girl blogger and podcaster it is what I do now professionally even though I don't get paid for it in the typical ways. I was curious if there are any other geek girl bloggers or podcasters out there? You don't have to do it professionally but if you have a blog or a podcast I would love to know so we can share stories. I love being involved in geek culture fandom it is one of my favorite things. Being able to write about it is awesome but so is being able to talk about it on my podcasts. I hope there are some more geeky ponies out there that do this stuff. Even if you don't and it interests you at all comment back I would love to chat ~Lavender Rhyme
  10. Anyone like space? Isn't it awesome? I'd like to share a great website for anyone who likes to see lots of amazing photography from hubble and other sources. NASA PIC OF THE DAY WEBSITE Does anyone here have a telescope or photography of the night sky? I own a reflector telescope. I've seen lots of things through it, like Jupiter and it's four major moons, Saturn's ring, Venus, and even a couple galaxies and nebulae. I have some photos I took of the moon with it real close up with awesome detail, but I have to find it still. Will post when I do.
  11. Bored, how could you say such a thing?!?!? I'm always eager to reveal more about myself to the good ponies of Equestria.......YEEEEEAH QUESTRIA'!!!!!!! Do you like pie, CAUSE I LIKE PIE, OH MY GOD, ONE TIME I ENTERED THIS PIE EATING CONTEST AND I WAS ALL LIKE..........
  12. Recently I've had a bunch of ideas for Everfree Forest threads, but the problem with all of them if that they were too specific to warrant a thread of their own. So... here's a thread to discuss things like that! I have limited it to things you like, though, both to ensure an optimistic attitude and to keep the thread on some sort of consistent track. I suppose I could have made it a "Post 3 things you like" kind of thread, but that would have felt too much like a forum game. Anyway, here's a couple things to get the ball rolling: Sonic Ice Yes, of all fast food ice, Sonic's is by far the best. And if you've been there, you know that you've thought the same thing. It's soft, crunchy, and pellet-shaped! PELLETS!! Vat19 An amazing gift store. Their products are equal parts unique and awesome, and they make extremely entertaining videos about each one. "Eleanor Rigby" Best Beatles song ever. Nintendo 3DS Blog The best place to get 3DS news, and the forums from which I came here. Yeah, good times...