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Found 47 results

  1. So what do you think of the spookiest holiday? I personally LOVE Halloween! Its so much fun!!! You get to dress up as anything you want and go out in public to show off your cuteness/spookiness! Whats better is that you get treats for it!!! I may be 19 but I still go out in costume and eat delicious candy! This year I will be an anthro kitty character (not my fursona). Some people think its an "evil" holiday, which it pretty silly to me. To each their own I guess. What about you?
  2. Welcome to the pumpkin show-and-tell thread! Here, we show off out little pum-pum babies! All shapes and sizes are welcome as long as they are of the squash variety. Tell us how, where and why you got them! Here are mine I just got! I won them in a singing contest a few hours ago!
  3. Today it the first day of December and we know that the holidays is coming and everyone have their own based where they come from and their culture(s). So what kind holidays and traditions do you guys celebrate in this time of year of December? And if it's not in December, feel free to share it too. If you guys don't celebrate holiday, do you have other activity that related to spending quality time with yourself (gonna spoiled yourself am I right?), friends and/or family? For me we celebrate xmas and just spending time together with pictures. Then afterward, me and some my older siblings would watch horror xmas movies. Which is the best part.
  4. Happy Boxing Day Everypony! If you're like me you enjoy the day after Christmas (...err more like Xmas for me. Cthulumas perhaps?) because most places you want to go are closed, and now your family is done demanding your presence at EVERYTHING! An entire day dedicated to family... I'll pass! So my real holiday is the day after where you can enjoy the last remaining bits of holiday spirit, enjoy your presents, and spend all that money that was dated 12/24! So I wanted to make a thread so they can discuss their Holiday, what they got, and what they plan to spend their money on. Discuss New Years plans and make New Years Resolutions we won't keep! Discuss 2012 or reminisce on 2011! I'll start... Well for Christmas I did not ask for much. All I asked for was Star Wars The Old Republic which I've been playing since the 13th so I thought I'd just shrug off the Holidays. Turns out I got a little bit more than that... I got a new Laptop case that I love! A Cooling Fan for my Laptop, The SWTOR Explorer's Guide that shows maps, hidden secrets, and gives very obvious information about the classes ("Heavy armor is for protection." "Bounty Hunters use blasters for ranged attacks" You Don't Say?) or unhelpful info ("As for the Imperial Agent it is best to use cover (if available)" I have a portable shield that works as cover that uses ZERO energy... Dafuq?) Two Xbox 360 games that my brother must've scraped off the bottom of an Indie Barrel because I never heard of them "Venetica" and "MorphX". Venetica Venetica is a game that tries to be a more family friendly version of Fable, but fails at it HORRIBLY! From the whopping 30 minutes I could stand to play (it beat WoW by 10 minutes mostly because the cutscene dragged on FOOREVER!) The story was pretty stupid as well. You are some Scarlett chick and at your wedding with whom I call Prince Charming. Your town is attacked by Marauders that are so skilled with Bows that their arrows impale people backwards feather first! You beat the shit out of them with a fireplace poker. But then Prince Unalarming get's a blade thrown at his spine that his plate armor was more than welcome to allow penetration like a desperate whore. MorphX MorphX is... well it's a Sci-Fi game where you fight aliens that make Half-Life 2 sounds. They literally ripped the Headcrab, Ammo, Health, and other sounds! Anyway you play as some random guy I call "Nikko Belick" (You know from GTAIV) And you run around the DARKEST corners of Russia beating up Aliens and Humans for no reason. As the game progresses you absorb Aliens to get bigger, and stronger, and more powers. By the third level Nikko transformed into Serious Sam! They make you play an interesting puzzle game when you want an upgrade which is pretty much this game only good point. That and the jump animation is like a dropkick 20 yards across the sky! I got shirts... some good some bleh. One of them says "That's What She Said" Oh haha! That saying never got old, especially over a year ago! I got 3 months of Xbox Live Gold Membership and 1600 Microsoft Points. I got a $25 Walmart gift card which I'll spend on absolutely fucking nothing since I don't like Walmart for items that low in price! And cash and checks total up to $140. A shocking amount! Normally I get about $50-$100. I've spent $20 so far! I got 2 games $9.99 each. I got Quake 4 because I like Quake and even if 4 sucks it comes with Quake 2 on disc so it's a buy one get one free. I also got No More Heroes (the sky is falling, I BOUGHT A WII GAME!) I love Suda51 and his wackiness! Anyway that's my holiday... for the rest of my money $80 is going to 6 Months of SWTOR. The rest is going on a Gift Card so I can spend it on the Internet. Hmm... perhaps I shall make donations! So how was your holiday and whatnot!
  5. I love cookies. I also love Christmas! Put them together and you got a happy pony! But... Which is the Best? Gingerbread or sugar cookie??? Tell us which one and why!
  6. Hello!,,, to be honest i have no idea why i added "thing" to the end of the title up there... Anywho! just to.. ya know... get into the spirit of things, What is your overall Favorite food served at the table during Thanksgiving? Personally, i like my great grandma's rolls (ahem... i'm a little hyper right now... sorry)
  7. All right I was thinking, when's the worst time of the year to have a birthday? Like what month. No this thread is not meant for bashing people who have birthdays in said months so if anyone ever mentions your birthday month or whatever, try not to feel offended. In my opinion, I always think the worst time is around Christmas that is if you celebrate it. From what I've heard, it can be either two things. Either, you get twice as many presents, or people just group your birthday with Christmas and give you one present, saying it's for your birthday and Christmas. So discuss away!
  8. So during The Best Gift Ever Special, there's gonna be a Secret Santa thing going on between the Mane Six, Spike, and maybe Starlight, so in this blog we're gonna try to guess who is gonna be who's Secret Santa? Here's mine as an example: * Twilight Sparkle --> Pinkie Pie * Pinkie Pie --> Fluttershy * Fluttershy --> Rarity * Rarity --> Rainbow Dash * Rainbow Dash --> Spike * Spike --> Applejack * Applejack --> Twilight Sparkle If adding Starlight in it then: * Rarity --> Starlight Glimmer * Starlight Glimmer --> Rainbow Dash So this is my guess! It's not very likely to all of them right, but let's see if we could get some of them right! So what's your guesses? Try to keep it random! Try to do pairings that don't interact alot because that's more likely to happen!
  9. It's the holidays! You know what that means? It means I've gotta come up with some kind of "Christmas Special" so I can get some kind of BOOST in popularity. But I digress, it's the holidays, a time to sit back, create some debt, worship the chimney-sweeping Coca-Cola dude, Santa Claus, and replay that "NINTENDO 64" meme I love so much. So let's sit back, relax, and step down to earth with our first-ever: REPUB'S 2016 HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF REPUB, KING OF REALLY BAD FANFICTION, EXTREMELY BELATED BLOG ENTRIES AND FORGETTING WHAT DAY IT IS. SERIOUSLY, IS IT LIKE . . . SUNDAY OR SOMETHING? DOES THAT MEAN SCHOOL IN THE MORNING? DARN. Monday, December 19st, 2016 We had an early Christmas, nothing more than a few presents under the tree. Reason we did it early was because the movers were coming the next morning and we had to be prepared. Now, usually I'm the last person to do so, but I really think I had the upper hand in all this. For the last three days, I'd been throwing all my old toys and such from the last 8 or 9 years (a lot of tears were shed), so my soul was prepared for anything (about 5 huge garbage bags full of junk). Unfortunately, I'm still a procrastinator and still had about two bags to take care off; I didn't sleep that night (partly because of the early Christmas) I will admit, I have a terrible gift of "The Careful Eye"; meaning, my holidays are always the most anti-climatic parts of the year. No matter how well you hide a gift, I; for some reason, always find it. So there was no surprise in my holiday gift list. I received a new laptop (AMD Quad-Core 1.6Ghz HP Notebook PC w/ 8GB RAM), the MLP Twilight Sparkle Train Conducter set (really cool, btw), and the Twilight Sparkle Holiday Ornament (Hallmark. It looks like it's one of the newer designs for the 2017 movie). Not a bad loadout for this year, so I'll take what I can get (that laptop was a very good payoff). I didn't sleep that night. No, not only because I was up all night downloading 3.2 GBs of the famed, "Blackjrxiii"'s work, but because I still had a lot to pack and throw away. Since then, I've been sleeping really late. I suppose you could call that the, "Last Sunrise I'll Ever See". TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20TH, 2016 Movers in Japan are no joke. For one, they take their jobs very seriously and will starve to finish their duties (unless it's lunchtime, which they'll ditch anything for). We in Japan like to call them the, "Ninja Movers" because if you don't specify every little thing you do not want packed, they'll take it away. If you turn your back, they'll pack your stuff in such an aggressively careful way, whatever you left will be compact in a neat little box the next time you look. I sat in the bathroom, the safest room of the whole house, and wasted away with erotic roleplay with some of the PonyCrush Community. (It got really saucy, so I'll leave it at that). Afterward, the house was pretty much empty with the exception of a few pieces of furniture later to be sold to some random people online. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21ST, 2016 Lazy day #1. We did nothing but sit around; I did a bit of late schoolwork (wow, RePub does school? What is this?) but I didn't get very far. I did, however, get to download my entire Steam library along with many other programs I needed from my "Le Brick" Windows XP computer. Y'know, I take back what I said about Windows 10. It's kinda cool once you remove: -Pre-installed programs (Includes HotalAdvisor. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FOR?) -Cortana -OneDrive -Office 360 (If I have 2007 forever, why would I pay a subscription for something marginally better?) -Microsoft Edge -Custom Toolbars -Bing -Wallpapers made by Windows -Xbox Everywhere -Xbox Live -Apps on the Start-Menu -Apps in general -Pretty much everything added in Windows 10. Other than that ^, everything's pretty cool. Best console I've ever bought. (Did I tell you it has a Numpad?) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22ND, 2016 I played CS:GO all day and scammed my friend for 9 extra skins (Plus one I got via random drop). I think it's hit me . . . the Skin Insanity. I had a conversation with another friend of mine (wow, RePub has friends?!? What is THIS?!?) about Stage Definition for many of the Skin Insanity symptoms. Here's what we came up with: Stage 1 - Want it, need it. Stage 2 - Spending all your money in CS:GO Stage 3 - Attempted Thievery Stage 4 - Scam your friends and Family Stage 5 - Investing every dying cent into that rare pair of Gloves (or knife) Yeah, Stage 4 is hitting pretty hard, but I think it's been dying down. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta shoot 600 more bots in training ('cause I suck real bad) Oh, and I think this was the day I wrote about the MLP Gameloft game. Uh . . . yeah . . . something like that. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23RD, 2016 We donated a lot of extra crap during this day; but that night, I had the honor of viewing the Assassin's Creed Movie in theater (3D, but I recommend 2D because of a lot of action). Without spoilers, it's not bad (which is a first for a video game movie). I think it needs a lot of work; there are a lot of scenes that'll cut from the middle of a conversation to look at some random plant, but that's all good when you look at it as a whole. It's got some trippy parkour (which is expected), but I think the underline message is to create a withstanding example for future video-game based movies. And with that goal in mind, I believe it succeeded. Let's hope FNAF doesn't screw it up. (Oh, I saw Rogue One a week earlier; I'll write a review on that whenever I get the time) SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24TH, 2016 Technically, this was Christmas Eve, but we didn't have anything to give so we went out for the day. It was more of a family day, so it's not much to talk about. My mother was on her usual quest to find the "perfect photo", so that left me and my father out to linger. Earlier that day, however, we had to find our little bird, Kiwi, a new home. He didn't make many appearances in this blog, but he's in the thumbnail for the entry, "HOW 2 SNORT WASABI (Part 1)". RIP Kiwi, gud burd. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2016 (Wow, that title really trumps yesterday) It's Christmas and I awoke to Windows 10 updates that've been collecting over the past week! Thank you, Microsoft for a present more forgetful than my grandmother's socks: Three hours of waiting! Now, there's a tradition here in Japan. When that holiday where you see Americans dressing up in reds and hanging lights over their door comes around, you better call KFC for a reservation. "Why?" You ask. Well, I'll tell you. When Christmas rolls around, every single Japanese person in this country runs to their nearest KFC (potentially a mile away) to collect their holiday chicken. It's true! They'll run across the island to pick up their holiday tradition of taking in the Coronal's moist chicken with the least amount of time between bites. My mother decided to jump on the band wagon this year and pushed us all out the door (and across the island) to pick up the golden-fried legs of an Ancient Japanese tradition. When we arrived, we half expected a line to be waiting outside the feeble red and white building. Much to our surprise, no one was there except two petite Japanese women; they were no older than 20. My mother tried to go inside, but the two ladies told us they were closed for the holidays and instead offered us a tiny box of $10 chicken legs. From the corner of her eye, however, a large family, no smaller than six or seven persons, barged out from the KFC with huge, black drums of chicken. My mother was furious and demanded to know why they were closed and what happened to all that chicken; I stared at the feeble box of second-rate food. The lady backed off, trying to explain that those customers had paid for a reservation one month in advance. So while we were stuck in the cold with our poor-man's turkey, everyone else was living it up with their enormous barrels of exclusive KFC. We had to settle with the low-rate 10 dollar chicken, splitting a single box between the three of us. --- We're almost at 5,000 Views, so I'll make my thank-you speech here for the holidays: Thank you all for sticking with us throughout the year! It's been quite an adventure writing these, so I sincerely hope that my disparity has given all of you a few laughs! Since coming here, I certainly hope I've made a good impression on the many of you, even if few of my conversations were a bit aggressive (I've got an inbox full of take-down notices ). We're still working on big projects and I hope this entry can make up for all of the ones I missed. I remember writing my first entry as some sort of complaint/rant about BronyMate (my, how short those entries were back then) and somehow they evolved! Now we're at 5000 Views by strangers who I don't even know! I honestly didn't think people read my work (they probably don't; it's probably me just refreshing the page a hundred times ). My, how we've all grown. Yes, I've run into a few dry patches from here to there, but life goes on and there's always new things to talk about. I know there's still a long way to go, but I hope this blog continues to grow and make its mark upon these forums; that's my only Christmas wish. Thank you all, and I'll see you in the next post, -RealityPublishing Discord: FiMFiction: DeviantArt: Youtube: "Special thanks to everyone in the Brony Fandom. Without you guys, I wouldn't be half as creative as I am today." -RePub
  10. Kind of a question that I wanted to ask if others also could confirm this, Is there no holiday or annual release for 2016 this year? I collect these ones on the side of my pony comic collection and they're kind of annoying to find for me because they seem to fall under the radar a bit when it comes to releases. They also don't seem to be released every year? I'm talking about physical comic release (not digital). But just wanted to confirm, is there no annual or holiday pony comic release for 2016?
  11. Okay, so... My church is sort of launching this challenge, to help invite the Christmas spirit into our lives. #Light the World The challenge is to perform 25 small acts of service in 25 days. One per day, like a count down. You don't have to if you don't want to, but it's a great way to get into the holiday spirit. You don't have to be a member of my church, or even a Christian. You just have to want to do something nice. If your interested, here are some links to learn more about it Happy holidays!
  12. The Summer Sun Celebration is in honor of Sunbutt defeating Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Night is, again, in honor (or horror, to be more precise) of Nightmare Moon. It's a holiday dedicated to vilifying her, yet putting her on a pedestal with well known tales of her, and sacrificial candy offerings, as if she's a god. Yet, there are no holidays that glorify Princess Luna in her reformed glory. How do people feel about this?
  13. Luna sat on her throne looking extra bored, her electronic game controller dangling from one hoof. Celestia studied the grumpy looking alicorn carefully before asking; "Holiday?" "A what?" stammered Luna. "What manner of thing is a 'holy day'?" Celestia chuckled. "A vacation of course. A chance to go out and do what you want to do for a whole day." Luna blew a raspberry. "Okay, I'm in." Standing up she made a royal decree; "All my staff are dismissed for the day, go have fun. Your princess is making for the seaside with all haste." With a leap from the seat of power the dark blue mare bounded out through the jewel encrusted doors and into the courtyard. Celestia's surprised expression was left far behind as Luna made for the carriage house. Looking at her chariot she soon realised her first impromptu decree of the day had left her without Royal transport. Now she could see why the clatter of her own hooves had been accompanied by so many others. Everypony in her service had clearly made for the exits before the order could be reversed. Luna sat back on her haunches with a dejected expression. Idly rolling the chariot about with her magic it began to remind her of a toy she liked as a filly. Her train of thought was broken as a cough came from behind her. "Would her highness like a picnic basket?" asked a pale blue mare. "I put many of your favourite things in it." Luna smiled, rolled the chariot over toward them and levitated the basket inside. "Thank you, that is very thoughtful of you. It's contents will be greatly appreciated today". At that moment Luna knew exactly what she wanted to do next. Everypony knew a vacation was about having fun and trying new things, right? Leaping into the chariot with a flick of her wings she detached the yolks and balanced it on its two wheels. With a determined stance and a soft purple glow of her horn she pushed it forward and out onto the palace drive. She soon had the measure of the beast and decided to wind it up to flight velocity. Speeding through the streets while honking like a goose and shouting "Make way for the princess!" Luna shot toward the main road. The gravel parts of the street were especially fun with the large golden wheels throwing up long rooster tails at every sharp turn. Once out onto the wide Inter-Equestria highway she really let the magic take them forward. Wind tugged at her mane as she sped past other road users. There had never been a need for a speed limit in a land limited by a ponies natural gait. It was a lucky detail, because Luna was now traveling well above any speed that could legitimately be called 'socially acceptable'. Fields and forests sped by as the smell of fresh air and salt began to filter through her nostrils. It was nice to travel at ground level and experience the scenery up close. She had traveled along all these roads a thousand times, but always at cloud level. This was definitely new and exciting! No sooner than Luna had brought the chariot to a halt upon the beach she began to attract the attention of sea gulls. These feathery beasts knew all about pony newcomers and how they would be offloading picnics! This was an ideal time to pounce! Although they were quite large and feathery they were no match for the princess of the night, so she simply ignored them. Digging around in the large whicker hamper she found some apple sauce sandwiches that were to her immediate liking. Unfortunately her new entourage were becoming even more persistent with every flap. Releasing a deep sigh she opened up one of the breaded delights and licked off the delightful apple contents. With a bright glow of her horn she enchanted the bready remains to act as royal guard. The slices of bread immediately took to the sky to chase off the feathery snack thieves. Luna happily rummaged around to see what else she could enjoy as squawks of protest rang out from above. The cooks produce was clearly winning and leading the battle out toward the cliffs. Luna congratulated herself on an excellent piece of magic. She was sure that Celestia would have simply fried them or teleported the beasts inside out. Her solution was way more subtle. At the bottom of the basket was a stone jug of cider (by the sniff of it). It had made a lucky escape indeed given the amount of 'air' she had got on the last hump back bridge. Pulling the cork she took her fill in very princess unlike manner and wondered what was next? After staring at the waves for a bit she remembered her prison survival kit which; was mentioned earlier in another story written by an entirely different author. Reaching into her mane she removed a brightly coloured beach ball with a giggle before inflating it with a single goddess like breath. Then she kicked it high into the air and watched it bounce on the sand further down the beach. Luna immediately galloped after the spinning yellow and red inflatable as the breeze made off with it. "Oh no you don't!" She laughed, teleporting every other stride to gain ground on the errant globe. With one last flash she was in front and gave it a mighty kick to send it back towards the chariot. She played this game for a bit, with the ball landing occasionally in the sea. Jumping from one wave crest to another as though she was light as a feather Luna felt several pairs of eyes gazing upon her? Turning she saw that a few young ponies had gathered on the sand to stand open mouthed at her gravity defying game. "What manner of foe are you?" She winked, walking toward them with the ball in magical tow. "You're a princess," said a small colt open mouthed. "No she's not!" said a filly. "Princesses have guards and mares in waiting. They don't play on beaches by themselves?" Luna laughed and floated over some cherry-cakewells from the basket before passing them around. "How good are those?" she asked with a smile. The foals smiled between mouthfuls. The small filly was first to comment. "She must be a real princess, these are amazing!" "Excellent," said Luna. "Let's play hoof ball." Pointing her horn at the beach ball she reduced it to a suitable size for little ponies. She magically dug out two goal pits and marked the outside of their field with a swishy tinkly noise. With shouts of glee the small ponies proceeded to chase the ball up and down the beach with Luna cheating periodically to kick the ball into each goal alternately to even the score. It was very difficult to tell who was on who's team, but this mattered not one bit! Soon it was time for little foals to go home, but not before they had insisted on seeing their princess raise the moon. They oohed and ahhed as the bright disc climbed lazily into the sky. Once they had trotted off Luna returned the beach to its former flatness with only a ripple or two in the sand. Happily she climbed back into the chariot. She would soon be missed at Night court and so decided to speed things up a little. With her horn glowing a beautiful purple the chariot took off slowly into the air. The princess pointed it towards the palace and jabbed the magical accelerator hard. Lurching forwards it was soon speeding along at just above tree top level with Luna wearing a huge grin on her face. "I wonder just how long I have to wait before I can legitimately call another holiday?" She pondered. The End Title Art by TeamIdris
  14. OK, sorry I'm a bit late to the party everypony, I just needed to absorb and process how amazing that episode was. Welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews". Today's episode is what I would describe as quintessential MLP; something that captured everything we love about the show to begin with while also doing something new (surprisingly considering this holiday, and the story they recycled, are both very well-established). It also highlighted what I love about Starlight's addition to the main cast this season, namely the fact that her presence gives them the opportunity to retread old stories or themes while making them still seem fresh and new since, obviously, she has not participated in most of the Mane 6's adventures in the past and still has a lot to learn about friendship. Without further ado, let's dive into "A Hearth's Warming Tale". So let's get this out of the way first: the only bad thing about this episode, the single worst thing about it, is the fact that it released in the middle of May. That's about as hilarious and ridiculous timing for a Christmas-themed episode as you can get, and it's completely unseasonal in every sense of the word. It's not a big deal in the slightest, it's just funny is all. Hee hee, pissed off Starlight Glimmer pleases me That out of the way, let's begin. So the story is essentially MLP's take on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" with some minor elements of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" thrown in there. It's Hearth's Warming Eve (yet again, man this show is getting inconsistent with the seasons, I cannot keep track of how they work in Equestria at this point), and everypony in Ponyville is loving it. Everypony, that is, except Starlight Glimmer. Turns out she's grown to not see the big deal in Hearth's Warming. She doesn't think most ponies care about its origins and that the stuff they really care about is superficial, so to fix that, Twilight sets out to tell her her favorite Hearth's Warming story, "A Hearth's Warming Tale". We've seen this setup for Christmas episodes in A LOT of shows, but as so often happens in MLP with similar setups like this, what made this stand out was how fantastically everything was executed. First and foremost, the fact that Twilight approaches this problem by reading Starlight a story is perfect for her! The show likes to remind us a lot that Twilight is an egghead, but usually for jokes or just to begin solving problems. An entire episode is rarely covered by her love of reading, so it's nice to see her channeling her bookishness so positively throughout an entire episode. The other way it surpasses other shows that have done a similar setup before is how it conveys the themes. There's a lot of parallels you can draw between Starlight's concern that ponies don't really care about the origins of Hearth's Warming and just stuff like presents and parties instead and both Christmas media and people in real life who fear that it's just a superficial, materialistic holiday these days where people don't really care about the more religious aspects of it. A lot of Christmas media take this approach, but the difference is what conclusion they come to and how they get there. In some cases you have people try to get people to abandon the materialistic aspects altogether and wholesale go back to the spiritual roots; it's rare, but sometimes happens, and those can be done well, but oftentimes aren't. The best example of this I can think of is "A Charlie Brown Christmas," which almost entirely foregoes any materialistic aspects of the holiday in favor for a very somber message. More commonly you have the compromise approach; someone tries to show how the materialistic and spiritual sides of the holiday can complement each other and are both equally important. This can be executed very well, or horribly. An example of doing it well would probably be "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"; conversely, a horrible way to do it is in Kirk Cameron's wretched and dreadful "Saving Christmas". What makes this stand out is that it's super rare that a 22 minute television episode could cover these themes as well as MLP does here. In an episode which includes setup and a conclusion before the actual meat of the episode, we get a wonderful message about how presents, parties, and celebrations with friends and family can, when approached correctly, embody as much of the spirit of a Christmas-like holiday as understanding its roots and celebrating those as well. Neither aspect is thrown under the bus; Hearth's Warming's origins are just as important as what holiday it has become, so long as they're about the celebration first and foremost. The celebration of the holiday is what's most important, embodying all the good of where it comes from and what it's led to. This is as nuanced a message as a full-length Christmas movie could be which convinces an audience that the good to be found in giving presents at Christmas is just as much what Christmas is about as celebrating the birth of Christ, as long as both come from the same place. It also works perfectly for MLP's setting considering friendship and community, we know by this point, are quite possibly the most central aspect of the most powerful magic in Equestria. Overall, it was just a wonderful handling of tried and true themes, made all the more impressive by the short amount of time they had to cover them all, and MLP writing at its best. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, these sets are GORGEOUS!!! A huge part of how they were able to execute this episode and deliver its message so well was the fact that it was a musical episode, and a delightful one at that. First of all, it's about time we got a musical Hearth's Warming Eve episode, not just with one song thrown in at the end. All of the songs did a great job of telling the story, capturing the spirit of the holiday, and just bringing the episode to life. This is Daniel Ingram at his best, and my goodness it was delightful to see him get to make music for a holiday episode finally. It also helps that they chose some of the characters with the best singing voices to carry these songs. The opening ensemble in Ponyville was fantastic, Starlight Glimmer's Snowfall Frost had yet another great villain song, Ashleigh Ball proved yet again (in my personal favorite song of the episode) that Applejack has possibly the most underrated, gorgeous singing voice on the show in her delightfully simple and nostalgia-inducing number as the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Past, Pinkie had a surprisingly touching but still incredibly bouncy number as the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Presents (HA), and Luna came out of bucking nowhere as the Spirit of Hearth's Warmings Yet to Come and, in her first number since "You'll Play Your Part" since Season 4 (and first solo ever) absolutely KILLED IT!!! Finally, the episode ended on a lovely ensemble with all the ponies celebrating. Through and through, each number was delightful and thematically seemed to cover different aspects of the holiday season, making for an excellent way to convey the episode's message and themes. The tunes themselves did not just tell the story, they told the themes, and that's quite impressive if you ask me. By far one of the most impressive musical achievements on the show in some time, I loved every minute of the music in this episode and once again have to tip my cap to the always phenomenal Daniel Ingram on an incredible job well-done. I was particularly fond of this number, but they were all phenomenal in their own ways Dang, Luna got HUGE! You been working out girl? Besides those two big points, there's not too much more to cover. It was "A Christmas Carol" MLP-style, so no reason to go over the story really, they just updated it in a few ways for the purposes of the setting. The fact that main characters yet again assumed the roles of these story characters was a nice callback to the first Hearth's Warming episode where they staged the pageant in Canterlot together. Twilight was adorable as she told the story, especially when it was suggested that she was actually singing the song numbers as she read. I would have liked to see a bit more of Starlight's reactions as the story went on, but that's forgivable considering they could only fit so much into one episode. The animation was probably the most gorgeous we've ever had for a Hearth's Warming episode; we've never seen Ponyville celebrating it, and it did not disappoint, the whole town and Twilight's castle simply came to life entirely as they should for this celebration, not to mention the animators also got to play around with lovely 19th century Victorian-style animation for the "A Hearth's Warming Tale" setting in old Canterlot and other surrounding towns. That Snape-pony was kind of hilarious (seriously, who else could they possibly be referencing with that guy?), and I seriously couldn't get enough of that older setting, especially the outfits! Holy cheese, those outfits were amazing!!! My personal favorite was Applejack's and Rarity's, and for the former that's quite a testament to how great the design and animation were considering AJ was pretty much one color palette in her whole design. It just had this simple elegance to it as so many other dresses AJ has worn have had, and showed once again why I adore little things like that with her character when they just tweak her ever so slightly and have her step outside of her comfort zone and adorn things she normally wouldn't. Get rekt, m8 Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the background ponies. In the both the present and story-setting we got to see some of our favorite familiar faces from around Ponyville (I was especially pleased to see Blossomforth and Cloud Kicker get some nice screen time, those two sometimes get overlooked), and it was loads of fun getting to see all of Ponyville celebrating the holiday. My personal favorite of course (because I'm me) was Derpy becoming the best Hearth's Warming Eve star EVER, but nearly all of the major background ponies got some sort of fun appearance, and you can tell that the animators had a lot of fun playing around with them on this one. Overall, as I said earlier, this was about as quintessential MLP as we can get: it had a great message, story, pacing, animation, music, humor, and just great everything in general. It's possibly my favorite Hearth's Warming episode they've done to date, though I'll have to think about that carefully considering the Season 2 one is pretty darn amazing in its own right. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out as soon as you can; as for me, I can't wait to see it a second time as soon as possible. That's all I got for ya'll today, everypony. Until next week, this is Batbrony signing out. I'm off! *cue dramatic exit* I think we can all agree that best Hearth's Warming Tree Star was the best part of this episode
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    I'm having fun on my holiday with friends and my grandpa but there was a few days where felt down but when I remember that I'll be catching up with bronies next week it makes me happy.
  16. We all know Hearths Warming Eve is the Ponified answer to Christmas, Nightmare Night on Halloween and Hearts and Hooves Day aka the Ponified answer to Valentine's Day, but...can anypony come up with an Ponified name for an Holiday, maybe like St. Patrick's Day or April Fools perchance?
  17. Merry Christmas everyone from my house hold. I had a great time tonight, with my parents and other family members. Hope you also spend a wonderful time with your family.
  18. Merry Krampus my fellow bronies. I present my yearly holiday card for you, I hope you enjoy it. For those uninitiated to Krampus:
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    Hellooooo! This is my first blog... Ever! That's right; I've never blogged before XD I'm gonna be posting some nice pictures and GIFs I've made here, along with all my art. But for now, hello everyone and welcome to my blog.
  20. Happy fathers day to all you bronies who are dads. One if my super cool gifts was this shirt; What super cool stuff did all you dads out there get?
  21. Show your appreciation to the Lizard masterrace here.
  22. It usually suggested that you involve: 1. Muffins (eat, share) 2. Delivery (give out gifts/cards/stickers, mail letters/postcards, something mailmare related) I've also seen people say you should: 3. Make "derpy eyes" in photographs (as best you can) 4. Wear grey/yellow 5. Photograph or carry around Derpy toys Me: Last year I printed out Derpy related line-art and had a coloring day scheduled with a friend, but they got sick and had to cancel. So I colored them by myself. Plus, I only like chocolate muffins, and I'm allergic to chocolate. Any easy-to-make, tasty, oatmeal / cinnamon type muffin recipe suggestions? (not blueberry or poppy seed, yuck!) There's a page on Facebook for sharing your Derpy Day photos too - the original FB page shared by Equestria Daily was dropped (I talked to the guy), but there's one called "Derpy Day (March 1st)". It's not super active - but it's more active than an other FB pages I looked at (a year or so ago). I think Feb 29th should be Derpy day - and March 1st could be the "observed" Derpy Day!
  23. I found this obscure holiday called "whip cream day" and who will appreciate this holiday more than Pinkiepie. Link to my DeviantART
  24. ( This is the holiday card I made and sent out this year. Derpy and Doctor Whooves were drawn by me, however, the background and items are a combination of vectors, and vectors I manipulated. Thought I've give it a share and hope you all enjoy it.