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Found 8 results

  1. Considering there is a pony version of Los Angles called Los Pegasus. Dose that mean Equastria has a film industry, in a pony version of Hollywood?
  2. Anyone feel that video games are getting too Hollywoodish these days? I'll be honest I cringe in typical Hollywood themes. You know when they try to inject humor and it's like the same joke I heard from 20 other different movies? Then they got to have that part where the hero looks at the love interest in a certain way or how it's so typical that the guy and girl that is always fighting actually like each other? I mean it's hard for me to lay out what I mean about Hollywood generic moments since it's been a while since I saw much movies (because I don't like most Hollywood movies), but you will know it when you see it. You know those random pauses and the music just stops when someone says or does something awkward? Or movie trailers that fade in and out but pretty much shows the whole movie on that trailer and it just pisses me off? And of course the generic female shallow voice, Morgan Freeman, some guy who looks like every other male lead (Adam Levine style closest I can think or Ryan Reynolds) and usually has a snarky overly confident attitude, and almost every female character is a tomboyish feminist who is at odds with Mr. Chav who just shrugs his shoulders or just another Spartan movie (though not a lot of games on this but it usually follows the demeanor of the medieval/greek games)... god just thinking about it makes me cringe. Bottomline games should stop trying to be like movies because most movies are bad and generic beyond belief.
  3. It took me sweat and hard work (almost blew my head off) to make it 20% cooler so here it is: I used many different scenes from the 3 first episodes of Season 5, and I'm happy of what it came out to be. PLEASE NOTE: the first version I made of this was messed up by the video editing program I used so I had to adjust everything back to as it was as I could, and it came out to be as good as the 1st version too, even though I had to work for another hour just because of iMovie (thanks apple). Please rate it in the comments of the video or here and tell me what would have been nice to add up to the video. Some, SOME scenes like the first ones might come unsynced but blame Apple.
  4. I'm not talking about the YouTube Video by AVByte. I was wondering if anyone saw Bronies the Musical in LA, the one that won awards from Hollywood Fringe? I want to see it SOOO Badly, but I don't think I'll be able to get down there... If anyone has seen it, was it as good as they say?
  5. I would like a list of stereotypes involving: * their behaviour * their attitude, and * the stereotypical events in their career, from start to finish.
  6. I've been thinking of Universal Studios lately, and something hit me when I read about a Transformers attraction they had: What would it be like if we brought the Ponies to Universal Studios (Hollywood, Orlando, or both)? Imagine hosting a Brony convention somewhere in the park. What do you think of a Brony convention held outside or inside of what used to be NICKELODEON STUDIOS in Orlando? Or perhaps, imagine an attraction/ride that’s themed around MLP:FiM. Imagine what it would be like if what’s left of NICKELODEON STUDIOS was somehow made into a Pony themed attraction (it has kind of an ironic feel doesn’t it). Feel free to share your thoughts.
  7. Hello everybody (and “every-pony”). First, here’s a question for all of you: Where is one of the best places to look for Stars (besides the sky)? The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one excellent place you’ll find lots of stars, and it would seem that they still have room for many more. Yes, so many well known figures in media at least many of us look up to have one or more stars on that Walk of Fame we call Hollywood : -Take Fred Rogers for example; he’ll forever be remembered as a true pioneer in children’s television and a dedicated advocate for nurturing public television. Why wouldn’t he deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: -There’s also Jack Webb; he’s best known as the producer of classic television shows including but not limited to “Adam-12”, “Emergency” and of course “Dragnet” (in which he also played the title character, “Joe Friday”; and he certainly knew how to make a statement). He carries a badge and 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1 for Radio, 1 for Television). -And of course, there’s Jim Henson and his Muppets. I think I need not say more with this one. Not only does Jim Henson himself have a star, but so does Big Bird and Kermit The Frog. -Hanna Barbera has a Star, The Rugrats have a Star, Neil Patrick Harris (from “Doogie Howser M.D.”) has a Star, even Shrek (from Dreamworks’ adaption of “Shrek!”) has a Star (hmm… perhaps Dr. De Soto should try for one too). Now here’s a very special “Star” from the historical Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, which was broadcast on TV: Now how about “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”? I’m certain many of you will agree that this franchise deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After all, MLP:FiM transformed the My Littile Pony toy line from just another average line of toys for girls into a popular, amazing and fantastic icon that is inspiring so many people. MLP:FiM also helped to launch “The Hub Network”, which we can all agree is one of the best things to happen in today’s television and is a role model for what good television should look like. The stories are robust and have "an edge" and there are eye-popping stunts (such as Twilight accidentally knocking a vase of flowers off her table in “The Ticket Master”), and yet the show is still able to be mentally healthy, moral, nurturing and informative as well as entertaining and charming to watch; in the immediate decade from before this show was aired, you would never have expected such a combination of edge and morality to work on Television. MLP:FiM has also inspired a sort of movement that no other television show has: the “Brony” movement. The Brony movement has encouraged people to further proliferate the show and the nourishing moral values and messages of Friendship, Harmony and Collective Wellbeing the show delivers; it has encouraged viewers to make suggestions and contributions to the show on a larger scale than any other show before it; the movement has encouraged artists to turn to the show for inspiration, and I am very pleased to see charming works of art such as “Snowdrop”, “Children of the Night”, plush toys and many of those “OCs” such as Lauren Faust’s self portrait of herself as an Alicorn; and it has encouraged people or organize for philanthropic purposes and help make the world a better place, “Bronies for Good” is one notable example. I also really enjoy seeing the show’s crew getting involved with the “Brony” movement and/or general fandom; and what other show’s crew gets involved with its viewers and listens to them on such as large scale? My point is that while I can understand that many might think otherwise, I think we can agree that “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is indeed a pioneering television program unlike any program before it; and I therefore think that a special star should be dedicated to it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So here’s what we should do: Anybody reading this should organize a group and this group then starts a fundraiser on Kickstarter (or something similar) and gets a movement going; this movement should even try to get the show’s crew involved. One a large movement and adequate funding is attained, the movement should begin making plans for and pushing for a special star on the walk of fame. I personally would suggest a special star that’s shaped like Twilight Sparkle’s cute mark ( and the other 5 “mane six’s” cute marks surrounding. Each star needs to be approved; so I would also suggest starting a large petition for the show’s fans and general viewers to voice their support of a Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. See this page for more details: As one more suggestion, I would suggest spreading the word online, perhaps though posts on more forums, and though Art on DeviantArt and videos on YouTube that support a Special Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame; we should probably also try to get Equestria Daily to cover the movement. Well everybody (and “every-pony”), there you have it. I look forward to see what you all might do to push for a Special Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame; you can let me know on this topic. -“Stay ‘Pony’ My Friends”
  8. So feel free to discuss any thoughts, concerns, ideas, or anything regarding a My Little Pony movie. I'd love to hear what my fellow bronies and pegasisters have to say about a movie or any other feature length film.